Unless and until we become the Truth we can never be satisfied in life

Athens (Greece)

1993-04-28 Unless and until we become the Truth we can never be satisfied in life, Athens, DP-RAW, 102' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Arrival, Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program, 1993-04-28, Greece

[Shri Mataji speaks from min 25:24]

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

At the very outset, we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot think about it, we cannot conceptualize it and we cannot have ideas about it. It was and it is and it will be, it is eternal. And Truth is Divine Love.

There is one truth about you is that you are not this body, mind, intellect, emotions, ego but you are the Spirit. And the second truth is that there is a All-Pervading Power of Divine Love which does all living work. We see these beautiful flowers but we don’t understand how they have come up. We have a heart which beats, we don’t know how it beats by itself. So we take all living work for granted. But unless and until we know the Truth, unless and until we become the Truth we can never be satisfied in life.

These modern times there are so many who are seeking the Truth. Those who are seeking will definitely find the Truth but you have to understand that Truth is something innate, your own power will find it.

He has already explained to you about what you see here in this picture, about the Kundalini. I’ve come here to tell you about your own great heritage. You know you are born in this great country of Greece where there have been great philosophers but beyond that there have been Gods and Goddesses. Out of them the one which we called as Athena by who this place is called as Athens, this city is called as Athens, is the greatest Goddess. Somehow you all have lost the heritage that you had but this Athena was the Goddess which was worshipped also in India and today also She is worshipped because we have not lost out heritage yet. The British ruled us for 300 years but we all thought their culture was very superficial and we never took them seriously. Because of our wisdom, we could see that these incarnations that we had are eternal in nature.

So “atha” in the Sanskrit language means “primordial” and “Athena” means the Goddess who was primordial, the Mother who was Primordial. We called Her “Adi Shakti” because “Adi” means also the “primordial”. Then She went into three forms, you can see on Her head three forms, you can see on Her head three forms, here also in Athena and the first form was there to give us the power of desire and then She created a child out of the Mother Earth, even in India we believe the same and you too have that Child God in this temple of Athena and also in Delphi I saw it.

The second form she took to create the universe. She created the whole universe and the earth in a special way was created. And the third form She took to give us evolutionary powers by which we evolved from the amoeba stage to the human stage. This, the middle one that you see here is the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the power of that Goddess which came for our redemption within us. This is the same which came in the form of the mother of Christ – Mary. I have not seen if in your pagan religion your worshipped Her as the Redeemer but She is the one who came as the mother of Christ so according to us mother of Christ was a Goddess but in the bible She is not even mentioned as a holy lady, they just call Her as a “woman” but because of the previous religion and the effect of the pagan religion on people they said: “We must have a Goddess” so they called Madonna, they called her. It is they who called Her Madonna in the whole of Europe which was dominated by a religion called as the “pagan”. Now in Sanskrit “pagan” means “prangan” – means “enlightened area”. So all this area of Europe was enlightened once upon a time by Athena. There are so many proofs.

They knew also about the Kundalini. In the medical science this triangular bone where this Kundalini is there is called as “sacrum”. It’s a Greek word meaning “sacred”. So the Greeks knew that it is a sacred bone, there is some sacred power in it. So this was the, we should say, the source of all the spiritual knowledge once upon a time for the whole of Europe but it got lost. But I have to tell you here that this is eternal and can never be lost whatever one may try it has to come back because this is the only knowledge that can give your ascent, your evolutionary breakthrough.

So whatever Christ has promised that you have to be born again or that whatever Islam has said that you have to be “wali”, all these religions have said the same thing that you have to be yourself. Now, this is not only talk, talk, talk. It has to be the experience of this Divine Force which is surrounding us. The disciples of Christ felt the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is also Athena, it’s the Primordial Mother. Somehow Paul never wanted to give any importance of women because he was a hater of women, he didn’t want to talk about the Mother. They talk of Trinity – God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Ghost but who is the Holy Ghost? It’s a dove. It is absurd. If there is a father and a son there has to be a mother. Because of that the whole time the motherhood has not been respected but the mother is the power behind every creation.

Now, this Kundalini is the reflection of Athena, of Adi Shakti, of the Holy Ghost. She is your individual, your own Mother and She is the one who is anxious to give you your second birth. She has been with you for so many years, for so many past years and She knows everything about you and also She loves you, loves very much and She cares for your benevolence.

So like this instrument has to be connected to the mains, you are also to be connected to the mains. As this instrument has no meaning without this connection, we have no meaning without our connection to the Divine Power. So it is a myth if you go on taking the name of God and calling Him and nothing works out because you are not connected. Then people say:”How is it there is God? If there is God then why we are suffering?” Because you are not in His Kingdom, you are in the kingdom of this, you can say, Greek politics or Indian politics or Italian politics, so what do you expect? You have to enter into the Kingdom of God then He looks after you, then you don’t have to worry. This is what is the reason why we have to be connected with the Divine, this is the purpose of our life. Whatever we may try we can never be eternally joyous. It’s only the blissful state of Divine existence.

“Sahaja” means “is born with you”. It is spontaneous, it’s a living process like you put the seed in the mother earth it sprouts because the mother earth has the capacity to sprout and the seed has the capability to sprout. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to also sacrifice and suffer, Christ has suffered for you already, why should you suffer now? Why should we suffer to meet God? No father would like that. He is the Father of all the fathers. He is the source of compassion and love. So why should you suffer? What is the need for you to suffer? Only thing we have to awaken Christ within you so it works out and you’ll be amazed to see that you are glorious, you are great, you are not a person who is under bondage, the bondage of any habits, bondage of any destructive forces. Thus you can achieve so many things because when this Kundalini rises She passed through these six centres, She nourishes them, integrates them and also connects you to that Divine Power. You have seen on the shield of Athena there are snakes and also She has snakes on Her cover that She uses, it is symbolic of the same energy of Kundalini because that also moves like a snake. This is not that it’s a snake but the movement of any energy is like that. Also is said that Athena took her spear and tried to piece through the fontanel bone area of Zeus from inside. This is exactly what the Kundalini does to you. She does not have to pierce through because now you are at a stage where you can reach your realization very fast. Thus physically, mentally, emotionally you get completely recovered and cured. Also spiritually you know yourself.
When the Kundalini touches this All-Pervading Power which is your right, which is the yoga, you start feeling the Cool Breeze on your fingertips and you start feeling the Cool Breeze all around. This is the first time you feel the All-Pervading Power of Divine Love. As a result of that you know about your centres, seven centres on this hand (Shri Mataji shows her left hand) of the emotional side and seven centres on this hand (Shri Mataji shows her right hand) of your physical and mental side. So then you know, self-knowledge you get, you know what’s wrong with you. But the first thing that happens to you that when the Kundalini crosses through this centre it sucks in these two pouches here of your conditioning and of your ego and you become thoughtless and you are absolutely aware.

These days people are suffering from something called “stress” because too much of thinking their Ego goes up like that, like a balloon and then they think that there is a heavy load on their heads but this is all, is sucked in by Kundalini thus the stress drops down, you’re no more in tension. You don’t worry because, like a hole, the whole thing passes out – all your worries, all your guilt. Like when you’re standing in the water you’re afraid of the waves but if you get into a boat you’re not afraid. It’s a state of mind where you do not get upset but you see the whole thing as a drama. But supposedly you know how to swim then you jump out of the boat and try to save others.

So the first supraconsciousness achieved with you is called as “thoughtless awareness” and the second one you achieve when you are established fully in Sahaja yoga which we call as “doubtless awareness”. It takes hardly any time for you to do that. For traditional people, it’s not at all difficult. It works very fast. So thus you achieve a new state of consciousness and you develop a new consciousness, a new dimension that you can feel others also on your fingertips. So who is the other? You become collectively conscious. Sitting down here you can feel anybody, anybody’s vibrations. Also, Athena was called as the “Pallas”, means “vibrations” She was said. So there are so many things to prove that Athena was the Primordial Mother and Kundalini awakening also gives you “pallas” so She is the reflection, She is reflected as Kundalini within us. This can happen to everyone. This is your own power but should be a pure desire within you to have it.

Today I will try and I’m sure it’ll work for all of you but you have full confidence in yourself, you should not feel guilty for anything, past is past and finished, you leave it outside. At present, you are a human being and you want your realization. I again say, don’t feel guilty because so many people say youíre a sinner, you’ve done this wrong, that wrong and try to make you feel guilty. It’s only to make money, I tell you, to frighten you. After all you are human beings, you are not God, only human beings can make mistakes, you know. So it’s not important. So please forget everything of the past just now. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. Once this ignorance goes away you’ll be amazed to see how great you are.

I know you all want to ask some questions, also to Me, but they have suggested that it would be better if you write the questions and send it over later on so I’ll write to you back or I’ll send them the answers.
Just now the best is to have your realization. See there are so many lights here and to put them on you have to just switch on, one switch is sufficient. But if I go on telling you everything about the discovery of this electricity and then how it was brought here in this hall you would be bored to death. Best thing is to have the lights switched. And once you have that light then you’ll be surprised that you’ll not discuss or argue, you’ll enjoy because you’ll be the Truth.

This will also explain to you why these all religions have gone askew and fighting with each other. All the people who started the religion were great people, they were born on the same tree of spiritual life, they were all incarnations of the Divine, born at different times and they have to give solution according to the time but people, later on, plugged these living flowers and are now fighting with the dead flowers. But when you innately know what is Reality then I don’t have to tell you:”don’t do this, don’t do that”, you just don’t do it.

Now should we have realization? It will hardly take ten minutes. There will be no complications, no problem, nothing. Only thing is that you have to have a pure desire. I would request all of you to be seated, there are seats here in front, here, there are seats here also, here also. Please be seated. There, sit there, there are seats here, in front also. Be comfortable.

There is one thing – you cannot force Sahaja yoga on anyone, you have to ask for self-realization because I respect your freedom, there cannot be any compulsion. So those who don’t want to have should leave the hall but those who want to have should just desire to get their self-realization, that’s all. Never say that you wouldn’t get it, you must have all the confidence. I assure you, if you desire you’ll get it. Just believe Me. Whatever I’ve told you need not accept it as the Truth, you should not have blind faith in Me, that doesn’t help but keep your minds open as scientists, take this as a hypothesis but if it turns truthful, if it is truth then you have to accept it as honest people. One thing – don’t doubt yourself, that’s all.

Another point I must tell you before I give you realization that today’s Sahaja yoga is not individualistic, formerly one master used to give realization to only one person but today it is enmass evolution, thousands get realization so it’s a collective happening so you have to come to our centres to grow, you have to respect your self-realization otherwise it’s like a seed which is sprouted and thrown away. Like the parable of seeds of Christ. Supposing my one nail falls off away from the body, it will never grow. Now we never take any money so we don’t have a palace for meditation, we have a very simple place where you all, you could come and pray, where they will tell you each and everything, every modus operandi, what happens, how do we give realization, everything. There is no secret about it. Also everything is free, you cannot pay for love and also you cannot pay for living work. So you have to come to the centres regularly and develop yourself till you yourself can give realization to others. Once you start doing that you start enjoying yourself, enjoying everyone and enjoying life. It hardly takes three, four visits and it happens. It has to be simple, it has to be easy because it is so widely to do. It’s all predicted and this is how we are going to solve the problem of the whole world.

May God bless you all!

Now I would only request you for one thing – is to take out your shoes if possible, just to take the help from the Mother Earth, from this Mother Earth of Greece.

Flowers pollen is falling on my sari, it’s alright, it’s alright, doesn’t matter. It’s alright.

Now, I’ve to again tell you that please don’t feel guilty. Why am I telling you again and again? Because when you feel guilty then this centre catches here on the left side and then you get diseases like angina, then you get diseases like all lethargic organs, you get spondylitis, you get cervical cancer. So again I tell you, don’t feel guilty because when the Kundalini is rising if there is an obstruction on this centre it won’t rise. So you should be very pleasantly placed towards yourself.

Now before we close our eyes I would like someone to show… You will show? Alright. He’ll show you how we are going to nourish our own centres on the left centres, please watch.

So please put your left hand towards Me like this, it is symbolic, be comfortable, and put both the feet apart from each other. Now just put your left hand very comfortably on your lap if you like, or like this, which is symbolic that you are desirous of your self-realization because this is the power of desire, the first form of Athena. Now the right-hand side is the power of action so we use the right hand for nourishing our centres. So now we put our right hand on our heart where resides the Spirit which is the reflection of God Almighty. Please put your hand inside the coat, left hand towards Me, left hand. In the heart resides the Spirit.

Now if you are the Spirit you become your own master because there is light and you can see yourself. So you take your right hand, we work only on the left-hand side, on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it. This is the centre of your mastery.

All of you should do it, please. Nobody should just sit down and don’t do it. If you don’t want to do it it’s better to go out. Alright.

Like Socrates was one of them, who was a Primordial Master and they have created this center. Now please take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left side. This is the centre of pure knowledge. You’ll be surprised how this pure knowledge reaches the brain. You’ll know it in the centre when you’ll go there, all this knowledge you will know.
Now please rise your right hand again on the upper portion of your abdomen, now on your heart. And now in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to the right. Now place your right hand on your forehead across like this. This is the centre where you have to forgive everyone. For example, if you forgive or you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive you play into wrong hands so to say that it’s difficult is wrong because it’s a myth.

So now please take your right hand on the back side of your head, this one is just for your satisfaction because you always feel guilty, is to ask forgiveness from this All-Pervading Power.

Now stretch your hand fully, now the last center, place your palm on the top of your fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood, now push back your fingers, bend your head and push back your fingers so there’s a good pressure on your scalp. Now move your scalp slowly clockwise seven times. That’s all you have to do. One thing I told you to press back your fingers, that’s very important.
Now please see that your feet are apart and the left hand is on your left side like this, put your right hand on your heart and here you have to close your eyes, you can take out your spectacles. Please don’t open your eyes till I tell you.

Now here you have to ask Me a fundamental question about yourself, please ask in your heart three times: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” These questions act like a computer, you know.

Now if you are the Spirit, as I told you you become your own master. Now please take your right hand to the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard. Here you ask the question, in your heart three times, very fundamental: “Mother, am I, my own master?”

I’ve told you that I respect your freedom, I cannot force pure knowledge on you, you have to ask for it. So please take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Here you have to say six times: “Mother, please give me self-realization” because this centre has six petals. Now as soon as you ask for your pure knowledge the Kundalini starts rising, you won’t feel anything till it pierces through your fontanel bone area.

So now we have to nourish the upper centres with our self-confidence. So now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it hard. Here again with self-confidence you have to say ten times: “Mother, I am my own master.”

I’ve already told you at the very outset that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions but you are Pure Spirit. So now please raise your right hand on your heart. Here with full confidence, you have to say 12 times:”Mother, I am the Pure Spirit.”

This Divine Power is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of compassion and love but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness so whatever mistakes you have done as human being are absolutely dissolved in this ocean of compassion. So please forgive yourself.

Now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your head and turn your head to the right. Here you have to say 16 times, with full confidence please say: “Mother, I am not guilty at all.”

I’ve already told you that you have to forgive everyone. Some say it is difficult but whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. Those who have harmed you are alright but you’re torturing yourself on their behalf. You don’t even have to think about it.

Now please raise your hand to your forehead and put down your head. Here you don’t have to say how many times but from your heart please say:”Mother, I forgive everyone.” Don’t think about them, say it from your heart.

Now only for your satisfaction, you have to ask forgiveness from the Divine Power. Now please take your right hand to the backside of your head and push back your head fully. Here you have to say: “Oh, Divine Power, if I’ve done any mistakes, please forgive me.” Again, say it from your heart, not how many times.

Now, please last important centre. Stretch your palm fully, put down your head please, put the centre of your palm on top of your fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now you have to push back your fingers otherwise there is no proper pressure. Here again, I cannot force self-realization on you, you have to ask for it. So now move your scalp seven times clockwise, slowly saying: “Mother, please give me my self-realization.” Bend your head, bend your head.

Now please take down your hand and slowly open your eyes. Now please put both the hands like this towards Me and stop thinking, you can, just watch Me. Now bend your head and put your right hand like this and with the left hand see if there is a cool breeze or a hot air coming out of your head, don’t keep it on your head, little away, some people get it very much away.

Now please put a left hand towards Me but bend your head, bending is important. Now see for yourself if there is a cool breeze or a hot air, with the left hand towards Me and right hand on your head see, bend your head.

Now again, once more, put a right hand towards Me and bend your head again.

Now raise both your hands upwards, push back your head and ask a question three times, any one of the questions I tell you: “Mother, is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost?”, one question, ask three times or “Mother, is this the All-Pervading power of Divine Love?” or “Mother, is this the Paramchaitanya?” Ask any one of these questions three times. Now please take down your hands. All those who have felt cool or hot, please, coming out of their hands or out of their fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands. Both the hands like this. See, the whole of Athens.

May God bless you!

I bow to you, now you’ve become saints but you have to practice and establish it. Please look after your self-realization. I’ll come next year again and if you have any problems you can write. Thank you very much.

Some people didn’t get it, doesn’t matter, they’ll also get it. You come to the centre, you all can get it. Thank you very much.

May God bless you!

Please write your questions also. Thank you!