Public Program (incomplete)


1993-05-04 Public Program, incomplete, Italy, Opt, 29'
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1993-0504 Public Program, Italy

I bow to all the seekers of truth. As you know very well that all the religions have talked of one thing that is [that] we should seek the truth. And that we have to be born again. But it is not just a certificate, or a kind of a group we form, saying that we are born again. But it is the actualization. To believe that we have found the truth, that by reading a particular scripture we are the people who are following the truth, is just taking us to darkness of fundamentalism. And that’s why when people tell Me that they are following the religion very strictly, why is it [that] physically, mentally, emotionally they are so sick? But actually, they are not following reality. They have not tried to find out the reality. Thousands of years our forefathers have been doing the same thing. There is no religion which has said [missing portion, poor audio] … But this falsehood has led us into a very big mess that we have started hating each other in the name of religion. And they have become now, all religions, very money oriented. Either they go to the right side, as told to you, or go to the left side and become possessed. The ones who follow any religion, whether Christian, Hindu, Muslim, any religion, are capable of doing any sin. There is no difference between any human being as such. They have to be truth oriented. And there is only one truth one must know [is] that we are the Spirit and that there is an all-pervading Power – the Divine Power which does all the work, all organization of all living things. As long as you have not felt that Divine Power, you have not reached reality. And unless and until that happens, how can we claim that we belong to this religion or that religion? So, this blindness has led people to fundamentalism. And I think this is the biggest problem of the world today. 

In Sahaja Yoga people get cured, no doubt, because of the internal system working it out, because it is the byproduct of your Self Realization. And once you are established as a self-realized soul then it’s very seldom you get sick. Physically you improve, no doubt. Also, you become a very relaxed personality as if you are away from the waves of turmoil, in a boat. Of course, the doctors shouldn’t have any worry that Sahaja Yoga will displace them. There are very few people who are really wise, so far [as] I have seen, who come to Sahaja Yoga. Especially the very rich always go to the doctors, to the specialists. So, what we are trying to tell you is that this system when it works, it helps the people who cannot afford to go to [a] doctor. Diagnosis is very easy because you can feel on your fingertips what is the problem on the chakras. When you want to treat a tree, if you treat the leaves, it cannot be cured. But if you really can go into the roots, reach the roots, it’s very easy to cure that tree. So, the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga is the knowledge of the roots, of [the] roots of human civilization. 

Another problem we have is of ecological problem, which we have created ourselves. Machineries are for us, and we are not for machineries. But the way we have become so materialistic that we have to have machines to produce many things for us, and all useless things like plastics and nylons. When a person gets his Self-realization, he also becomes very sensible and balanced. In the west there are so many ways by [which] the entrepreneurs are befooling the ordinary people. [missing audio] [sounds like ‘and depending mostly on hand-made things which should be limited’]. But we are crazy and there are certain norms that we try to always follow. Like, first time we went to London, we never used to offer drinks in our house in India, but [in] London they said you have to offer. So, to get six tumblers for every sort of drink, we had to spend in those days 900 pounds [sterling]. In that amount we would have got at least three dozen of silver tumblers – real silver, handmade. But for every type of wine there is a different type of a glass. And if you don’t do that way, you are not elite. So, also these norms are formed by these entrepreneurs to befool us. And they have also killed our individuality. Because, say, today is this fashion in Paris then the whole of Europe must wear the same thing. They all look the same. If they have to wear tight pants, they’ll all wear tight pants. All are the same – just like a military. So, we to also understand that how far to go to balance between machinery and hand-made things. And how many things to own. So that the piles and piles of plastics and nylons and all this horrible stuff is all over. You don’t know what to do with it. Now if the machinery output is reduced, what will happen is that ecological problem will be very much reduced. Say in India we have a very big population no doubt, but ecological problem is very little, no problem. Only [in] the cities, some cities. Because people have, say, one plate of brass – it is sufficient for their life. So, one has to be satisfied souls. But above all, once a person gets realization, he becomes a medium of this Divine Power which starts flowing through him. And that triggers the atmosphere to be cleansed out. We have experimented with trees, and we have found out that if they are given vibrated water then they survive very well despite the acid rain. We have experimented with agriculture and agriculture has improved ten times when you use vibrated water. And we don’t use also the seeds which we have to take from some organization because they are hybrid. We use nonhybrid seeds. Also, from nonhybrid animals we get milk much more, their growth much better. So many things can happen. Everything living can be improved through these vibrations, this Chitanya, this all-pervading Power. 

We spend all this money, we run about too much, we work so hard. For what? For joy. But if you see, all this is joyless pursuit. Your Spirit is the source of joy. It is the source of absolute truth. And it is the one that makes your attention so beautifully dynamic. And you become holy people, auspicious people. The marriages become auspicious, and the society improves. Now what is the culture we see in the west is that we change our wives and husbands the way we change our dresses. And the children become like orphans. All kinds of struggles and all kinds of fights come out of hatred. But when you start using the Power of Love, you are surprised how powerful you are. So, the Sahaja Yoga is not only for physical nor only for emotional or mental stability but for the stability of the whole world. So, the new race of enlightened people have to come to lead the whole world into enlightenment. So, it is a very easy method. It is very spontaneous because it is a living process. And now we are going to try that for all of you. 

Thank you very much.

If you have any questions, you can always write to us. Like you have here so many lights, and you have to just switch on and you get all the lights spontaneously. But if I have to tell you all the theories behind it and then the discovery of it and all the rest of it, you will be absolutely fed up. So, the best thing is to have your realization. And then we can talk about it. 

At the very outset I have to request you to take out your shoes because we take help of the Mother Earth. It will hardly take about ten minutes. 

Please put your left hand towards Me like this. This is suggesting that, symbolically, you want your realization. Because the left side is the power of desire. And the right hand we will have to use for the action. 

Dr Spiro will show you how to do it. [to Dr Spiro] Facing them you can show… All right.

Now, you have to put your right hand on your heart. In the heart resides the Spirit. Then you have to put your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen. On the left-hand side; we will be working only on [the] left-hand side. Then you have to put your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen. Now, the upper portion of the abdomen is the centre of your mastery. All the great prophets and masters have created this centre within. Now in the…