Departure Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Istanbul (Turkey)

(Yogis sing: Mataji Mataji bolo) Shri Mataji: Inaudaible Starts at Soundcloud on TC 8:12 Yogi: Passport there giving it one minute Passport just one minute She is making this trip (to Paris?) Shri Mataji: What aobut your passort? Yogi: They are there.They are there. Yogi: (Hindi) Guido: I have the passport. I have. I have. Yogi: Ah, you have it. Please give (inaudible) Don´t worry Yogi: Ok Shri Mataji! The are all there. (Yoginis Sobbing) Shri Mataji: I am coming back. I am coming back. You must know, also there are so many baybies there also. May God belss you. Flowers are really (pleasant?) Come along. (The other one was so crying?) (inaudible) So crying. Yogini: such a amiracle, Mother. Shri Mataji: Really. I dont know their names even Yogi: (Kati?) Shri Mataji: Write to me, or to her. Airort personell: Come in side. Shri Mataji: Really! Can we? All right, Baba Yogi: Shri Mataji, I can not… Shri Mataji: I know. Yogi: Thank you so much, Mother. (Inaudible) Shri Mataji: I am sure they (inaudible) (years back)