Adi Shakti Puja: The Fruit of Knowledge

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Shri Adi Shakti Kundalini Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 6 June 1993.

Today we are all going to worship Me – first time. It has always been the puja of an aspect of Me or a part of Me. Now, one has to know very clearly what is Adi Shakti.
As we say, it is the pure desire of God Almighty, of Sadashiva. But what is the pure desire of God Almighty? If you see your own desires, come out of what? Not out of the Divine love but out of carnal love, out of material love, out of power love. Behind all these desires there is love.
If you do not love something you will not desire it. So, these mundane types of love that you have, for which we spend so much of our time uselessly, actually they do not give you satisfaction, because that is not true love that you have. Just infatuation for the time being, and then you just get fed up with it, and from there you jump to another thing, to another thing, to another thing. So, Adi Shakti is the embodiment of God’s Divine Love, is God’s pure love, and in his love what did He desire? He desired that He should create human beings, who would be very obedient, would be sublime, would be like angels. And that was His idea: to create Adam and Eve.

So, angels have no freedom, angels are made like that. They are fixed, they don’t know why they do it. Animals also don’t know why they do certain things, they just do it because they are bound by nature, they are bound by God Almighty. They say, “Shiva is Pashupati”, means He controls all the animals. He is Pashupati. He controls all the animals. So, all the desires from animals come in, but they don’t repent, they don’t have ego, they don’t think that: “This is wrong or that is good”. They have no karma problem, because they have no ego, because they have no freedom.

At this point, Adi Shakti, which was pure love- so, think of a Father who has put all his love into one personality, then what is left in Him is nothing! He is just watching. Then what does He think? He is just watching the play of his desire, of his love. He is watching it, how it is working out. And when he is watching that, then he is very careful, because he knows that; “This personality that I have created is nothing but love and compassion”. And compassion itself is of such a noble variety that he cannot bear anybody challenging that compassion, troubling that compassion, or also in any way demeaning it, lowering it, insulting it. He is so alert on that part, and He is very watchful. So, a rift has taken place, we should say, from Him, from His own desire of love. Now this desire of love was also given a personality, means ego, and this ego has to act on its own. It became sort of a very independent personality, which was free to do whatever it liked. I mean, we cannot think, in our mundane life, that a husband and wife are absolutely free to do what they like, because there is no cohesion, there is no understanding, there is not that oneness, that rapport. But it’s like a moon and moonlight, sun and sunlight. It is such a cohesion that, whatever one does, the other enjoys.

And in that beautiful rift Adi Shakti decided to change his plans. She is known for Her “sankalpa vikalpa karoth”: anything you try to decide too much, She will make it break, like today’s eleven o’clock puja. So, when this Adam and Eve business started, She thought that “They will be just the other animals or angels; what’s the use? They must know what they are doing, they must know why they are doing it, they must have the freedom to understand what is the Knowledge. Fixed machine like life that animals are having, why should they nave?”. So, in her arbitrary power, which was considered of course, She is the one who came as a serpent, and told them that, “You taste the fruit of knowledge”. Now, for people who are not Sahaja Yogis, you cannot tell this, they’ll be shocked. But this serpent came to test them and then to tell them that, “You better taste this fruit”.

This serpent told the woman, not the man, because woman is supposed to accept things easily. She may even accept bhoots, she may even accept nonsense, but she is the one who accepts. While the man doesn’t accept easily, he argues, he discusses. That’s why he came and told the woman.
SHE came and told the woman, I should say: this Holy Ghost actually is a feminine, and so nearer to a woman. This feminine force came as a serpent and told that, “Better you taste the fruit of knowledge”. Now it was the job of the lady, Eve, to convince her husband, because women know how to do that. Sometimes they may convince them wrongly, tell them something which is very wrong, very sinister, as you know in Macbeth what happened. So, many places we are seeing women have misguided their husbands. But men could be guided, or could be emancipated if they have a proper wife.

So, he had all faith in his wife, believed in it and they tasted the fruit of knowledge, under the guidance of this e Holy Ghost, who was a feminine personality of God. This cannot be conceived by the people who are just getting a glimpse of Christ, or a glimpse of Mohammed Sahib, or a glimpse of Nanak Sahib; they cannot understand. We just had a glimpse of them. If they had told, people would have said “Bah! What is this?”. They wouldn’t have ever listened to it. So at that time, the way the attention was, the way the reception was, they told about dharma, about ascent.

But in India people talked about Kundalini since long ago, and [know] that she is the Adi Shakti reflected within us. Now you see she has already read it out to you that I will be in every one of them. Now understand that this Adi Shakti is the Power of love, of pure love, of compassion. There is nothing else she has: only the pure love within her heart. But this pure love is so powerful, is so powerful! That is the love She has given to this Mother Earth. Because of that, this Mother Earth, [in spite of] the amount of sins we may commit -we may do anything- is pouring out her love through these beautiful things to all us. Now, we have also this beauty expressed in every way of her love, through the galaxies you see, the stars you see. Now, if you want to see it from a scientific way, then science means… it has no love in it there’s no question of love. Even people talk of Yoga but they don’t talk of love and compassion. When there is no love and compassion, there cannot be any divine spark in that person. Everything is non completely submerged in this Divine love. Everything that is created on this earth, everything that is created in this universe, and universes, and universes, is all because of the love of the Divine Mother.

So, this Adi Shakti’s love is something so, so subtle, is so subtle. You cannot understand sometimes. I know you all love Me very much. It’s tremendous love for Me, and when I get the vibrations from you, it is like the ripples that reach the shores and again they return back and lots of little, little sparkling drops are there, on the shore also. In the same way in my heart I feel your love echoing the beauty of this divine love… which I cannot la explain to you the experience that it creates. The first thing that it creates is that tears come into my eyes, because it is the compassion which is Sandra Karuna, is Adra, it’s not dry. Like a father’s compassion could be very dry: “Alright, do this, otherwise I’ll shoot you, I’ll do this”. Mother will say, but she will not say something that will be that hurting. She will have to say, sometimes, to correct you, but her saying is very different from the father’s, because she has got Sandra Karuna, Adra, Adra is that which is not dry. And this kind of a heart she developed because of this Divine love that she was carrying. So every part of Her body, everything is created out of Divine love. Every bit of it emits nothing but Divine love, vibrations are nothing but Divine love.

Now, I have told you before also that this incarnation had to come. The time had come, it was all seen that the time had come. But there is difference between fixed time and time which is sahaj. Fixed time is such that you can say that “This train leaves at this time, it will arrive at this time”. You can say that some machinery is producing something, in such and such time it will produce so many things. But living things, which are spontaneous, which are sahaj, you cannot say that. In the same way this process of freedom. You have the maximum freedom. So one could not say what time this will happen, that people will be available to receive this subtle knowledge of divine love.

Knowledge also could be very dry. We had terrible people in India, who were busy with reading and with recitation of mantras, this, that. And they became so dry, so dry they were, just bone structures they were, just bones left; and so hot-tempered that they looked at anybody, that person would become ashes. I mean, is this the way you have come on this earth, to do all the tapasyas, everything, just to make anybody, somebody into ashes? But that is how they thought that they were very great, because they looked at somebody, that person disappears or becomes ashes, “bhasmisar” they call it. But there was no idea of benevolence in their heart.

So the first thing that is achieved through this divine love is your benevolence. Now, ‘benevolence’ itself is also a kind of a very misguided word. ‘Benevolence’ means whatever is good for your Spirit. New, as you know, the Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty. So when the Spirit in you starts reflecting itself in its full beauty, then you become the giver, you are no more a person who has to take anything, you just become the giver, you are so fulfilled!
Now this advent came at a time which was judged, what time it should come. As I said you had freedom, people were going amuck, doing all kinds of things. So, if you see that, just before this, we had a big problem of people working out their power. Like people would go to India to occupy the territory of India, or to China, or they decided and went up to Africa, and all this places. Even Americans went to – so called Americans – went to America and occupied it. So this was the time when they were using their freedom for power only. That was not the for the  Adi Shakti to be born.

They were the people who were power oriented. Not that today we don’t have, we have, but these were seeking only power and also these territories, which is not important. So, it could not be at that time. At that time one had to fight for your freedom, for getting out of the clutches of these imperialists and people who were trying to overpower.
Now gradually it changed. It changed, and changed in such a smooth way! It’s very surprising, I saw the change coming up myself; it worked out. As you know, I myself took part in the freedom movement of India, it is important. India started, in India it started; first to have freedom from imperialism, and then gradually this freedom from imperialism started spreading in every country, people started thinking about it, they started understanding that “No use having colonies and all that, better come back to your own position”.

So, when this happened, I mean, this happened in my own lifetime, I must say. First, people who tried to have freedom in our country died, so many were killed, you know, we had people like Bhagat Singh. In every country all the revolutionaries were thrown out, were ill-treated and killed. It’s not a question of India only. But that one had to go through.
So their freedom was tested. Now they thought: “This was nonsensical thing we did, this was no freedom”. Because, after all, doing all that, then they started repenting, and developing a kind of a fear, and a fright from others, and kind of a… what you can call a very disturbed Left Vishuddhi started. They felt very guilty, that they have done very wrong, they should not have done it.

Of course, so many saints came and they talked of nobility, of forgiveness, of unity, of oneness, everything they said. Big seers were born, they also reached that point to talk about it. But still people were not prepared so much. Gradually, I think -they had teachings and all that- started working in people. But the biggest problem came with these so-called religions that they started. These religions, all religions got derailed, and they formed kind of puddles, you see: Muslims here, Christians here, Hindus there, this is this, this is this… So you really needed this River of Life to fill up all these puddles and make them One. It is complete ignorance, sheer stupidity to think that one human being is higher than another, You can only say one thing: that you are at a different state.

Some are at a different state, some are at a higher state, but in general you cannot condemn somebody that he is no good, this society is not good, that society is not good; in general. Individually you can say, in general you cannot say, But this ignorance was so dark, because it became collective, it’s a collective ignorance, collective ignorance. They all joined the hands together collectively to say that “This is the religion that is the best, we are the only ones which are the saved ones”. Another said “No, no no, no… These are absolutely condemned people. We are the best”, And under the name of religion, under the name of God Almighty, they started this nonsense.

So, now Adi Shakti had to assert, put the complete force. So, the first thing. She realized that one should know what la a family. A child grows in the family. If the children do not get the proper attention from the father or mother, we can say if they are also spoiled, or if not spoiled, if they are over-indulged, or they are neglected, then the child does not know what love is. If a child doesn’t know what love is – love does not mean that you spoil the child or you give him lots of toys to play and get rid of him; it means that all the time your attention is on your child. And that attention is not indulgence, but an attention for the benevolence of the child. So all the time you are seeing that there is benevolence. And thus I thought the family life has to be, first of all, substantiated. Very important. Because these days also, under the name of religion, they started nunneries, and then priests, and then sannyasis, and all kinds of “babas” are there. They are so dry! And they are so misleading to people that people started taking to this kind of sannyasa, getting out of their running away from their wives, their children.

So, the first point, I realized human beings cannot have love who haven’t known what love is. And this love is more effective if it is collective. You must have seen that in India people really love each other in a family. I mean, so many relations we don’t know how we are related to them. Be just call them brother, sister, this, that. We don’t know what is the relationship, whose father was who, whose sister, nothing. But we just feel “This is our brother”. And if you are asked “How is your brother?” you wouldn’t know how your brother is. The reason is we had a joined family system,

The joined family system is just like a collective family system. So nobody, knew who was a real brother, who was his step-brother, who was his cousin, nothing. They all lived together as just relations. But then this also broke, this joint family also broke, because of economic reasons and things like that, whatever it is. So now, at this time, (when, see) this very crucial time it was when the people had to know love and the family had started breaking in every country, specially, say western countries. For men and women never realized the importance of family life, they never had faith in their family life.

So it became such a shifting thing for poor children! They were on shifting grounds, and they couldn’t grow properly.
So they, created a generation of violent, horribly possessed children. This generation, then, vent into warmongering. They don’t know, they feel like fighting, I have seen children fighting with a tree. I said “Why are you fighting?”. “It’s nice to fight, you know”. But “Why are you fighting?”, they don’t know. The reason (is that) there’s no love. So everything that you see you detest; “I don’t like it, I don’t like it”. Detest everything. You try, out of your frustration, to destroy anything that you see. So a new trend started. Apart from the war, when it was over, naturally the value system dropped down. People felt: “What’s the use? You see, we had all these values, so what did we get? War, and war, what is the war for? War has just killed all our societies, they have killed our children, everybody. And what is so great about these wars also? So the mind of the people, on the whole, was that “You see, somehow or other, you must fight” Like the fittest man is the best. So the one who can dominate, the one who can come up is the best.

So the domination of these imperial style of government was over but individually it became a process of domination. With this process of domination, ego started developing. Even to children they used to give an education in such a way that children became very arrogant, very artificial, extremely arrogant and artificial. It was impossible to understand why these children were not at all controlled, were told that “This is wrong”. Because the parents also took a very, very defensive attitude. They would not face their children and tell them what is wrong. They were so attached to their idea that “These children will leave us” that they decided “All right, do what you like but stay with us”. Under these circumstances even human beings as such were dwindling between a good family life and divorces arid a funny society, which believes in sharing women or sharing men and all kinds of things.

So what a terrible situation was there for Adi Shakti to assert Herself! Then also there was a very big problem about these religions asserting themselves, their own ideas, their own conditionings on people, and absolutely blinding them. So it was a turmoil, it was a turmoil, and at this turmoil state only, Adi Shakti had to come to establish the dharma. She had to work it out, to establish the dharma. It was a very shifty place, very shifty sciences were there but, when I was born I was shocked the way people were.

At that time I do not think I met many setters. Of course I met one or two realized souls, but mostly they were worried about their insurance, their money, their this… that. And if you talked to them you would not know where you have come, into some wilderness or what. We didn’t know what to say to them: how could we start telling them about Divine Love when they were not seekers even? Then, gradually, I felt confident. First I thought “I have come a little early, I should have waited slightly more, would have been better, because here the people hate everyone and every individual is against another individual, and they are cheating each other and they are also very jealous of each other and also want to have higher positions, and this and that over others.

They want to pull everybody’s legs so maybe it’s not yet time for Sahaja Yoga to start” . But then I saw all these horrible false gurus also throwing their own charms on people are trying to control them. That made me really, really think that “Now I’d better stop worrying as to what the atmosphere is, worrying as to what sort of people there are. let’s start!”- And that’s how the first “brahmarandra chidra” [opening of the brahmarandra] took place, in India, that 5th of May. (And) 1970, 5th of May, in the morning time. Of course there were acme, also some events which made me hurry up to do it. I was quite ready, I knew what was the problem of human beings but I thought that maybe they may never accept that they can get their Self-realization.

Now, this incarnation is really a very unique type. So many incarnations came, they came, told you everything and said “This in good, this is good, this is good…”. Some people who were enamoured by them followed them, but nothing was inside their heart, whatever they heard “Alright, it’s a sermon, it’s a lecture, it’s a Gita, that’s all”. And the life of such a person did not have that spark of the Divine love, within that person. We have had lots of good people during this short time, if you see. If you see, Mahatma Gandhi was there, Martin Luther was there, all kinds of people you see all over, Abraham Lincoln was there, George Washington was there, (we have) William Blake* was there, we had Shakespeare.

All this style, you see in the literature, in every way; Lao Tse, then we had Socrates, if we start from Socrates to today, we have had lots of philosophers, lots of people who talked about a higher life. Despite that, people were thinking “These are some absurd people, there’s nothing in it, too much to understand” would read anything about, say, Guru Gita they would not. They would think, that “What’s this nonsense? What’s the use? It’s all humbug going on”, like that. With this attitude, you see, you find all around, when I looked I said “Oh, how am I to tell them what they are, and what they have to find?”. And it was really my desire that there should be some keenness in people, just a little bit. “If they give Me a little chance, this Divine love is so subtle, it will just penetrate into their hearts”. But they would not, they were just like stones. You could not talk to them, you could not tell them about anything. And they thought no end of themselves, that is the worst part of it.

Under these circumstances Sahaja Yoga started, and there I find that the powers of Adi Shakti are much greater than the problems you see. I saw it very clearly myself: because these powers are awakening the Kundalini. I knew I can awaken the Kundalini, no doubt, I knew that, and I also knew I can do (it) en-masse realization, but I could never think that people whom I awaken will come back again, because, you see, they are ignorant people. I never thought that “They’ll come back, they’ll practice Sahaja Yoga” or “They’ll go to this level”, never, never, never, never thought. If somebody had told Me I would have laughed at that person. Exactly what happened was that, when I gave the first lecture, anywhere, that hall would be finished, everything would be finished. I had nothing to do with that hall, I was staying somewhere else, the hall was taken on hire and for the follow-on of course very few. So I thought that, you see, “Doesn’t go into their heads, just goes over their heads I think, they don’t want to understand anything”.

They did not understand anything. Under the great pressure, you see, and the family problems, this ,that, It was not so Important. The most important thing was that “How to penetrate into human beings?”. So the only solution was to raise their own Kundalini, to create that little light in them, because if I go on sitting down, with the idea that “They will come round and ask He for Kundalini awakening and then I will awaken them”, was the wrong idea. I could realize that.
So en-masse realization started and this really surprised people. It was no magic, it was not story-telling but it was the Truth. They could feel it on their fingertips, they could feel it out of their fontanele bone area.

The actualization of Sahaja Toga has worked wonders. Otherwise it would have been impossible. All these wonders that you see today are because of your reaction, because of the way you reacted, the way you received it, otherwise Adi Shakti is what?
Good for nothing. If you do not accept (it) I am nothing. Actually it is again, I say, your wisdom, your sense, your seeking (that) has brought you to Sahaja Yoga. I never write letters to anybody, I never call anybody, that, you know, all gurus do that: as soon as they go to any city they write down the names of all the important people, and then they send them letters, and get about two or three at least for such programs. But without doing all that, you see how we have managed this en-masse Kundalini awakening, by which people started understanding Sahaja Yoga, it started penetrating into them.

Now for that I have to raise my own Kundalini like that: every time in a public program I raise mine also. And in my Kundalini itself I catch all your problems. It is painful, that is why after puja I become very, sort of… like a atone I should say, for a while. (The) reason is I’m absorbing all that is within you, like I have put you all in my body. You are part and parcel of my body. Every cell that I have is for you, for your abode, and you have to be that subtle to understand that if we own something or if we have something to be done about Sahaja Yoga, anything, if we want to start an ashram, or anything, immediately I know. flow do I know is because you are inside Me.

Most of the things I know very clearly, but some of these things T do not know that clearly because of one thing: the relationship between you and Me is of course very intimate, that you should be in my body. But if you people are not meditating – it is very mundane thing, I must tell you – “dhyana gamya”, if you are not meditating then I have no relationship with you. You are not my relation, you have no right to me, you have no question to be asked “Why is this happening, why is that happening?”. So, if you do not meditate – I always say “Meditate, meditate”- I have nothing to do with you, you are no more there for me. There is no connection with you, then you are like all other people.

You may be Sahaja Yogis, you might have got your Sahaja Yoga degree from your leaders, maybe, I don’t know and maybe (that) you are regarded as something very great, but if you do not do your meditation every day, evening, morning or evening, you will be really not any more in the realm of Shri Mataji. Because the connection is only through “dhyana”, through meditation. I know people who do not do meditation, then they suffer, their children suffer, then something happens, then they start coming and telling me… but I see clearly that the person is not meditating, I’ve no relationship with him, he has no right to ask me anything.

In the beginning of course meditation take some time, but once you (will) know what meditation is, how you enjoy my company, how you are one with me, how we can have a rapport with each other, there is no need to have anything else in between like writing letters or maybe some sort of a special connection, nothing of that kind. Only thing that is needed is the meditation. In meditation you grow, in that spiritually you become higher, and when that happens you start, in a way, I would say that, when you reach a state of that, I should say, maturity in Sahara Yoga, then you do not to give up your meditation, because at that time you are absolutely one with Me.

That does not mean that for three or four hours you should do meditation. How much intensely you are with Me is important, now, it is not how much time you are with Me. Then I am responsible for you, for your children, for everyone. I am responsible for your ascent, for your protection, to save you from all your negativity. So it’s not like a father who will directly punish you. It is not that, but it is just “Alright, you are not my relation, I am out”. That is the only thing that can happen- If you ace not meditating, alright, I cannot force you, I have nothing to do with you.

You may have other relationships outside, outward, but this inner relationship by which you get your benevolence you cannot have without meditation. I have been telling all of you “Please meditate, please meditate every day”. But I think people also do not understand the importance of what I am saying, because they tell me “Mother, we don’t meditate”. “Why?” “Now we are realized souls, so why should we meditate?’’. Now this instrument is fully made, but if it is not all the time connected to the mains, what’s the use of having it? In that meditation you will feel the love, the Divine love, the beauty of that Divine love.

A complete panorama changes, A meditative person has a very different attitude, a very different temperament, a very different life, and he lives always In complete satisfaction with himself.
So today, as being the first day, as you say, of the Advent, (say) we can say that it is the first day when the Advent took place, as we are worshipping today. Of course it was not today, but still, we can say that it that is so, if it has happened, it has been helpful to you, it has been a great blessing to you, then you must know how to preserve it, must know how to enhance it, must know how to enjoy it. You should not just get satisfied with one, we can say, one nice drama, one this thing, one that, but you should have a full oneness with the Divine, full oneness, and that is possible only if you really meditate, which is quite an easy thing to do, to meditate.

Some people say “Mother, we cannot get overtime”, “We are all the time thinking something”, or “At that time we want to see the watch”. In the beginning you may have a little, little problem, I am not saying you may not have, you may have, but that’s only in the beginning. But gradually you will be alright, gradually you will master it, gradually you will know it so well that you would not like to have anything else of a cheaper type, you wouldn’t care for such things. You see, so to get to your beauty, to get to your glory, to get to your own great personality, which is now exposed, the only thing you have to do really, religiously is to meditate. That is not that “Tonight I came very late so I did not meditate, tomorrow, you see, I have to go for work so I cannot meditate”. Nobody wants to know the excuses, it is between you and yourself. It is your gain, nobody else’s. It is for your gain everything is happening.

Now one has to know that we have achieved a certain height of evolution, and from this height you might go up to here, up to here, up to here. I am not saying it is not possible to do that, but, the first and foremost thing is that whatever you may be, you may consider yourself to be a very high-class Sahara Yogi, you have to be humble about meditation. This meditative quality even when I am talking to you I am just getting into it, it is so joy-giving, you just jump into the ocean of joy. First It will be difficult, but after some time you will know that this connection that you have with Shri Mataji is the only connection that you are looking for.

Also there is another point people get lost with, which I have seen very common with some people who get lost. They meditate individually very much, it is very correct. Individually they will meditate. And they will sit down, meditate, will do puja but collectively they will not meditate. So, this is another point one has to remember, that you have to be collectively meditating, because I am a collective being of all (of you), and when you meditate collectively you are really very close to He. So even if you have a program or something, you must do some meditation: always have meditation as the priority for any program. You sing the songs. It is over, everything is done, then you meditate. If I’m insisting on something you must know that this must be the truth I am telling you, absolutely the basis of it, though it looks rather mundane, but it is very important.

Now for us to worship Adi Shakti.

I don’t know also because there have been no prayers or anything about Adi Shakti. Up to Bhagavati they have gone, but beyond Bhagavati they have not gone, so I do not know what sort of puja we will have, but let’s try something. Maybe, I think the meditation is the best way we can really achieve something.

So, we can go into meditation for about five minutes.
Can you increase the volume?
Please close your eyes.

[Shri Mataji blows into the microphone]

Eleven Rudras are awakened and they will destroy all that is negative. [Not on video] Now ignorance is the greatest negative force. And I am sure they will destroy this ignorance of people. May God bless you.

[Aside:] Could we have the puja now?

May God bless you all.

*(about William Blake)