No death for a Yogi

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Evening program, Guru Puja, Cabella Ligure (Italy) July 2nd, 1993

You know what has happened. You know Mathias, how great he was, how much he fought for Sahaja Yoga, how much he worked for it. So generous, so surrendered and very innocent person he was.
He was such a precious son of mine. I did feel that he is having a bad time because of other activities. And I warned him twice, once individually. But he didn’t take it that seriously. Perhaps he might be thinking that Mother is always so careful about us, concerned about us. But when I called him individually and told him for half an hour, he should have understood what I was saying. Apart from a great Yogi, he was a great patriot. He was working for Poland trying to help them to improve their financial conditions in there. But for that, he has to go- he had to go to Poland many a times. I had warned you not to go anymore. But I don’t think it took me that seriously, as I told him. I don’t know how to make things look very serious.

You all have to take one lesson from this. I have to make very earnest request that if I tell you not to do something, please just listen to me. You are under my protection, no doubt, we had miracles recently of people being saved from death traps and things. But for that, if I warn you, if there’s some internal trouble, you all should take it very seriously. I will never waste my words for nothing at all ! For him, it is no loss because he’ll be born again. It’s just like changing your clothes, I know. But we’ll miss him very much. No doubt. For everything, not for work but for his love, for his compassion, for his forgiveness and extremely gentle handling of things.

There were lots of problems in Switzerland, funny type of problems, which he solved very carefully, beautifully, and many things he solved on his own, without telling me, which was really very remarkable. He never wanted to trouble me for anything.
I don’t know how to count all the good qualities he had, and how he was an expert in many things.

He had bought one watch for me as a present from Swiss people, I think, and it was known as Patek Philippe, it’s supposed to be the best. And that got spoiled. He says, “Mother, this hits the ego of these Patek Philippe people”. So rightly said! I said, “How?” He said, “They think no end of themselves, you see. They give guarantees. When I showed them, they said, “We don’t know how it is spoiled!” I had not used it even. I’ve seen it, that’s all. So, he said, “They felt very much frightened as to what had happened how their watch has been spoiled”. I said, “They need some introspection”. [Laughter]
That’s why it has happened.

There’re so many beautiful memories of him all that I’m thinking of the nice beautiful stories he told me about people. Last time, he brought a newspaper, saying that, “Mother, see what these Catholics are doing in Switzerland. Now show them”. I said, “You’d better show them. They are not bothered”. He said, “They’ll bother if you go on hitting them like this, they’ll bother. They’ll have to bother. People have to bother”.

All the time, his wisdom has helped. And very practical sense of dealing with things.
But I feel now after the death of a Sahaja Yogi, the sadness becomes collective. Also, it bothers me too much. I haven’t slept last night at all. And I’m sure his soul would be very disturbed to see that we are all very sad. And he would not like it. If I had changed the program to Switzerland, he would have blamed himself that, “Because of me, my sudden departure, it has all been changed or stopped”. So, as Sahaja Yogis, we must understand the death that there is a soul, and the soul is here, watching all of us, even me. And it wants to see that you are all very happy, that you are not feeling it within yourself. So, to give him complete peace and joy, we have to just think that he has left us, and he’ll be back very soon with us.
May God bless you all.

Normally we don’t have any programs on Fridays but they said, “We’ll have programs”. I said, “All right, have it”. But it was nice because I think, little bit, it will change. The clouds will go over.

We’ll have Guru Puja on Sunday. It’s a good day. But we should have little early, it’s important. Not very early, but little early. I hope we’ll try to do that.

Now your stage is done, everything is done. I don’t know what the corrections you want to do. Whatever it is, let us try to do the Guru Puja a little early. Normally, we start at two o’clock. It’s too much. It should start say, about twelve, if that suits you.

Another request I have to make, is that our water supply has suddenly – I don’t know what has happened to it. So, it’s best is that you go to the river to have a bath. You might find that the river is very cold but this cold water is very energy giving. You see, when you go into the river Ganges, in Haridwar, you feel as if it’s a freeze, freezing point, and your feet start freezing. But once you get out of it, you are red and feels so energetic and so happy. So, I would request you to go to the river and all of you, if you go there, it won’t be that cold also.

We had no water at all. So, I think that the consumption of water is bit too much, compared to the tanks we have. So, it’s all right. So, it’s all right, morning time, you can do anything. And also people who will be in Daglio, there’s this beautiful river there. You can go in that river.

But here is a river, there’s also swimming pool. And we have no- they have no objection for that. So, it’s a nice way to go there and have some nice time.
Thank you very much.