Public Program

Geneva (Switzerland)

1993-07-08 Public Program Geneva, Switzerland DP-RAW, 128'
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Public Program, Geneva, Switzerland, 08-07-1993

I bow to all the seekers of truth at the very outset. One has to know that truth is what it’s, we cannot purchase it. We cannot conceptualise it. We have to feel, we have to experience it. Also, only those who are seekers of truth will find it. Those who do not want to seek the truth and are satisfied with themselves, it cannot happen. One has to be truthful seekers and honest and must have a pure desire to seek the truth. Now, whatever I’m going to tell you today, you don’t have to accept it as blindly people, but keep your mind open like a scientist and if it works out, then you have to believe as honest people because this is for the emancipation, a whole human race because it is the solution for all our problems. It is for the benevolent of human beings. It’s the fulfilment of the promises given to us by all incarnations and it is the last breakthrough of our evolution, but it cannot work out for people who are conditioned, not can it work out on people who are egotistical and an aggressive when asked to accept that we do not have the truth.

We do not have the solutions with that humility, only you can achieve this real state of awareness. It’s as you see here is a subtle centre placed. It’s a subtle system which all of you have. All of you have a right as human beings to know the truth. Now, what is the truth? The truth is you are not this body, this mind, this conditioning, this ego, but you are the pure spirit. The second truth is that there is all pervading power of divine love, which does all the living work. For example, you see in beautiful flowers, very beautiful and we take it for granted. It’s a miracle that they have come out of some simple one seed. Who runs your heart. They say autonomous nervous system. Doctors say it’s autonomous nervous system, but who is this auto? Instead of going to the moon, we have to go in ourselves, into ourselves and find out what are we. 

We have to find out why we have come on this earth. What is the purpose of the life? Is it just to follow something blindly or become some fundamentalist or a racist or fall into some sort of a group? Only way we can have our full freedom is when we know the truth. So everyone has a right to have this yoga in the union with this all pervading power of divine love. It is called by many names, one some Quran they call it Ruh and in Patanjali [UNCLEAR], they call it [UNCLEAR]. So there are different names for it. Now this is the science of the divine laws, but when we start looking at the religions, we get a shock. They talk of God and they have big, big organisations in the name of God, but they are money oriented or power oriented. They are not spirit oriented and they’re misleading people. 

They themselves are in darkness and ignorance and they’re misleading people. How can you explain a person who thinks that he’s religious is doing all these kind of things? Sometimes the Christians torture the Muslim, sometimes the Muslims torture the Christians. It’s going on like that. When we introspect ourselves, we can see for ourselves that definitely there’s something wrong. Human beings have lost their nobility. They have lost their families, their societies in the West, their children are taken to drugs, there are AIDs. You said that 65% of people in a place like America, in a country like America might become schizophrenic. So much of stress and strain on human beings and the media is taking full advantage of it. They are giving sensations to human beings, horrible gossips and horrible things. No good news anywhere. They don’t want to tell about some hopeful human beings to exist because they have to just make money, nothing else. Where does this money going to lead us? 

Money cannot give us joy. It just gives us nervousness and speedy, speedy nature, aggressiveness and it closes all human qualities of nobility, of generosity, and we become worse than animals. And they are swindlers everywhere. Swindlers, means that they want to swindle money. I hope this word for that in French. I see Italy now. What’s happening in Italy? I mean Italy, I’m amazed in these two years everybody’s in jail. Everybody’s in jail. Well, this kind of democracy, I don’t know where it’s going to end. If you go to America, you can’t even a wedding ring. I mean it’s such a violent country. So where are we going? We have to think there must be some solution. After all, God did not create this universe to be destroyed like that by our stupidity and this stupidity is coming to us through our ego. It doesn’t give us the correct idea about ourselves and the whole thing is to be understood that solution cannot come from science. Because science deals with matter and it is amoral.

There is no morality about science. Any democracy without morality is useless. If money becomes the basis of everything we’ll know very soon that there’s going to be a big shock for people who believe in such things. It has already started with [UNCLEAR] and now people are thinking. Now what is the solution? The solution is that we have to know the absolute truth. We know the relative. Somebody says that this kind of government is nice. Somebody says that kind of government is all right. Now Swiss bank is making money out of the third world. Who can stop them? It’s an open [UNCLEAR], but who is going to tell them? There is one thing. One has to realise that if we do all such things, we have to repay for it. It really [UNCLEAR] on you like we call it collaborative or something because we believe that it is all right, but if you know the absolute truth, you’ll know that this is wrong and this is very, very, very wrong. Physically if you see so many people are sick and I don’t know how people are going to survive in the West, especially where the population growth is going towards minus to know the truth, you don’t have to pay for it. It’s an evolutionary process.

As we have become human beings without paying anything. The monkeys did not go to any church or temple. They became human beings. There is no need to all do all the outside artificial things. It’s inside that you have this power. This is in every human being in the triangular bone, which is called a sacred. That means the Greeks also knew. It’s a sacred bone, makes you a lot because they call the primordial Mother is Athena means in Sanskrit primordial. But everywhere what I find, all the ancient knowledge is destroyed. Destroyed and some sort of Artificial was destroyed by Paul. This Paul was a bureaucrat, was killing so many Christians. He just took over, he edited the Bible, He! With the help of Peter who was the worst disciple of Christ. Supposing I want something to be done. Will I tell somebody who the worst disciple that I have and the whole aspect of Christ’s beautiful life has changed. After knowing the truth, you’ll know that he was the son of God. It is not just blind faith about anything. It is absolutely tangible as a scientific. So what happens, this power within you rises. Passes, through six subtle centres pierces through the sixth one, which is the actualization of baptism and you feel that cold breeze coming out of your head. You can feel it clearly a cool breeze of the holy ghost coming out of your [head]. You can also on your fingertips for the first time this all pervading power. So all the things that look like some sort of a blind field become absolutely tangible. Now, when you get this on the fingertips, you can feel your subtle centres, but as this power rises within you without stopping without you giving any problems physically, mentally and emotionally, your problems are solved. 

Now there’s a doctor [UNCLEAR] from India who written a book who has proved how Sahaja Yoga can cure incurable diseases. There are seven doctors in London who are also being – I mean noting down how many people have been cured in Sahaja Yoga and scientifically you’ll understand how a person gets sick and how he’s cured without any money, without any torture to you of diagnosis because these subtle centres within us are the basis foundations of our being. All human problems come because of these centres have all world problems come because of human beings. So if these centres are pure, most of our problems will be solved as it is and you enter into a new dimension of your appearance. That is you become collectively conscious. There’s no word for awareness in French? Conceptual French language [laughter]. English is even worse because in English the spirit is a dead spirit. Spirit is an alcohol, spirit is the Atma. So you enter into a new dimension of collective consciousness in which you can feel the other person on your fingertips. You can feel their centres, talk on centres. You don’t say he is wearing a black coat or he’s having nothing of the kind. You just see the centres. If you know how to correct those centres, you can cure others, you can cure yourself because you get self knowledge. And you can correct others also because you know what’s the problem is.

Then the second dimension into which you come up is that you become one with the present. Either you live in the past or in the future, your attention is jumping on the cusp of the past or the future. But if I say come to the present, you cannot. The reason is the centre between one part and another is the present with the awakening of this power within you, the thoughts separate and your mind is stationed in that point where there is no thought. If you want to think, you can think, but if you don’t want to think you can’t stop. That is thoughtless awareness, a new dimension. You become peaceful and joyful. It’s like you are standing in the water and the waves are high so you are afraid of it. But somehow if you can come out of the waves and be in a boat, you can watch the waves and enjoy it. but supposing you know how to swim, you can jump back and save any of us. The present day stress I think is for you to come to Sahaja Yoga. That’s the only way it reduces your pressures of the present and the past.

You see here there are two balloon-like structures built on your limbic area of your brain. So one is ego yellow one and the blue one is the super means your conditions. Once this power passes through the centre of the crossing, then these two things are sucked. So the pressure on the limbic area is sucked. So this locus of thousand petals open out and this power becomes one with all pervading power. Now this instrument is here. If it is not connected to the mains, it has no meaning. This is how we have no meaning. We do not understand the value of our life. We do not know how fantastic, how dynamic we are, how much of knowledge is within us. Whatever we know is not even a tip of an iceberg. All this is waiting there because it’s built in. I would say that in a more [UNCLEAR] of a very poor country. If you take a television and tell people that you can see films and things they won’t believe you. They would say ”this box of plastic?”, how can it? That is what we think about us, that we are just box of plastic. But you’re not. You have all the powers within yourself. You have to just know that. Through your connection with this all pervading power. It’s very simple. It should happen.

The nature of the spirit is that it is the source of absolute truth. Take about 10 children who are enlightened souls and ask them to put hands like this towards somebody and close eyes, they’ll all tell one finger, this is the finger that’s catching. That is something wrong with the throat of that gentleman, this finger means that, there. There are many people who came from India just from jail, wore a saffron coloured clothes and they became ‘great’ gurus. Superficially you see, all these dresses and all that impressed people. But they befooled all them but they cannot be full realised souls. Immediately you know on your fingertips, fingertips will start burning, giving indications about the man who is cheating. Also, the spirit is the source of joy. Joy is not happiness and unhappiness, it is absolute. When you are in joy you just witness everything like a drama, like a play. And as you are out of that you can correct it. One has to achieve this state of the spirit unless until you achieve that state of spirit, you are incomplete. I cannot say that everybody in the world will achieve it. First they are very blind conditioned and just like a bat. You don’t know bats? What do you call bats in your language, in their language? Bats? Hitting here and hitting there, they never see.

But those who really want to have can have. It’s very surprising. That Sahaja Yoga is working very well in all the eastern blocks, especially in Russia it’s spreading like fire despite the fact they have problems. In Sahaja Yoga they are just take it to eat as fish takes to water. I do not say communism is a problem [UNCLEAR I would say] democracy is a problem. But they have [UNCLEAR]. There’s no pure democracy, there’s no pure communism. But this kind of stupid freedom that we are enjoying also has taken away our sense of direction. We have lost all the wisdom that was required for democracy. Still I must say only in a free country we can have Sahaja Yoga, but I was amazed in the West also, I don’t think there’s any freedom because suddenly we have come here as agnostics and they call us cult. And they brand us with that thing. While the Catholics are I think at the stage of fundamentalist. They have weapons, they use child abuse. They have done all kinds of nonsensical sinful things. They’re not men. They brought such a shame to Christ. But they don’t even know [UNCLEAR laws ruled] by that. If you cannot freely choose your spiritual life, I think the rest of the freedom are [UNCLEAR]. I agree that there are many false gurus but also all so-called religions are all false, absolutely false! They are all money makers.

What in Italy if you see it’s the Catholic church which was dealing with all the politics throughout. Murdering people, inquisition. How can they be religious? In Bosnia, these Muslims are killed by whom? By orthodox Christians. This is orthodox also Muslims are openly fundamentalist, they’re openly stupid, but what about these who are hiding their sins and trying to show that they’re very good people. You people would belong to this country should see this what they’re up to. I was told that three, four went to our country, my country India is Switzerland owned by the Masonic horrible people. So many people are starving and dying because of these Swiss banks and who we share the sin of these greedy people. For that you people have to take to your own being make yourself, a spiritual person. Then the power of God in you will correct. One Christ cannot fight all these horrible people but if Christ is awakened in you, if Mohammed Sahib awakens in you and you all become spiritually powerful, you can fight all the evil. So one has to know that we are now in an era of great revolution where the whole world has to change, all has to be destroyed. There’s no choice. If you are supporting which is wrong and you’re not standing up, you are failing in your duty as seekers of truth.

What we need is the light in your being to be enlightened and in that light the whole thing will be changed. It’ll automatically change. Like when there’s light, darkness disappears by itself. You cannot destroy darkness, you have to have light. Maybe one day a country like Russia might be very powerful. People are so sensible. They see clearly what is going to happen to them if they fall a trap to the western influence. Now this kind of understanding we should all try because we live as one world. And we must all join hands together to bring the divine power on this earth. You are the instruments of this divine power. You can do all this because you have Powers within you.

It’s your own power, I’m talking about. Not only for one country or another country for the whole world, you can come round. There are now I was told 55 nations who are following Sahaja Yoga. So you are not of the whole. Once you become part and parcel of this ocean. The whole ocean is with you. The microcosm has to become the macrocosm. And that’s what happens. And I’m talking about happening about actualization, not about a lecture or a seminar, but also you have to value yourself. You have to have respect for your self realisation. You have to grow into it because your life has a purpose. It is not just you are here to live and ensure your life and die. So I’m requesting the people of Switzerland now that just to listen to my lecture is of no use. You get your realisation today. But it should not be like the parallel of Christ that the seeds who fell on the rocks. You have to decide within yourself that if you get your realisation you will grow and you’ll know about yourself and about everything else. Then I don’t have to tell you don’t do this, don’t do that. You yourself become your own masters. Just you do whatever is benevolent for you and you give up all that is destructive. This is what we have to know through absolute truth.

So now you can have the experience of the divine power, but those who do not want, I’m sorry to say I cannot force. Because I respect your freedom and those who do not want can give leave the hall. It is something very fantastic and can happen to you without any problem. I know you have some questions. I can see that if you have questions, you can write those questions and send them over and I’m sure people will be able to answer. Also, we have a very good follow on programme in which if you come, your questions can be asked. I must say that in Switzerland we have not so many Sahaja Yogis as we have anywhere else, but those we have are very great quality and very, very dynamic people. So I’m sure they can help you whatever you want too. You don’t have to pay for anything, again and again I tell you. It’s not a money making proposition.

There’s one more thing is that you cannot do it immediately at home. We are doing Sahaja Yoga [UNCLEAR]. You have to come to the collective. Like my nail supposing cut out, it won’t grow. Of course at home also you can practise, but you have to come to the collective otherwise you drop out. When you come to Sahaja Yoga, you’ll start writing to Me. Mother this miracle has taken place, that miracle taken place like that. I had asked him to collect all these miracles but too many letters and within one month he has said, it has come up to my head now. What am I to publish? So again I’ll request those who don’t want to have realisation, please leave the hall. You have to be humble about it. You have to go beyond thinking, it’s not thinking or doing anything. You just go beyond thinking.

Why don’t you sit down? All of you should sit down please, madam, please. 

At the very outset I have to tell you that there are three conditions. The first one is that you not to feel guilty for anything, especially for Catholics. You catch this centre on the left side. By feeling guilty and as a result you can get angina. You can get spondylitis or others become lethargic.

Translator: What was the last, the last?

Shri Mataji: Spondylitis and all those people who [UNCLEAR].

So why do you want to feel guilty If you are committed? Any mistake, just face it, finished. Actually feeling guilty, become a fashion now if you don’t feel guilty, the thing you are abnormal, so this is a very dangerous thing to feel guilty. After all, you’re human beings. You’re not Gods are you? Gods that you won’t do any mistakes and if you have any mistakes, this all pervading power is the ocean of forgiveness. So what’s the use of feeling guilty for nothing at all. It’s just a mental acrobatics.

Now the second condition is because if you feel guilty, the kundalini won’t rise above. Then second condition is that you have to forgive everyone in general. That means you don’t have to think about also these people who you have to forgive. Because they’re headaches just see logically whether you forgive or you don’t forgive. What do you do? You do nothing. But if you don’t forgive, then you play the wrong hands and you torture yourself for nothing at all. So don’t you think about the people who you have to forgive. You just have to forgive everyone. And the third condition is that some total of this is that you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself because you have to enter into the kingdom of God, so that’s how you should look at yourself.