Spiritual Traditions

Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile, Paris (France)

1993-07-12 Spiritual Traditions, Paris, France, DP-RAW, 106'
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Public Program “Spiritual Traditions” Paris (France), 12 July 1993.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot conceptualize it, we cannot change it, we cannot transform it. We have to feel the truth. At this human level, we do not know the absolute truth, that’s why there are all kinds of different opinions about everything. Absolute truth is for everyone the same. So, what is the absolute truth? The first is that you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, this ego, but you are the pure spirit.

The another truth is that there is an all pervading power of Divine love, which does all the living work. We have these beautiful flowers, we see them all around. It’s a miracle, the way from little seeds, how they have come out in different colors, in their own personalities. We take it for granted. Who runs our heart? Doctors will say, it is the autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto? Who does all this job? We should, at least put our attention as to how the things are happening in this world. There are no answers given in the science, it cannot give, because science deals with dead things. It has nothing to do with the living work. Also it is immoral, it has no morality behind it. Some of the calamities that have come to us are by science only. Still, I will request you to have a very scientific attitude toward Sahaja Yoga. That is to keep your mind open, to what I am saying. In case it is proved, then you have to accept as honest people. Then you’ll be amazed, that all Divine laws are more tangible than science is. They are absolute and eternal in nature. But we have not yet felt that Divine power.

This all pervading Divine power is called by various names. Some call it as the Divine love, some call it as Ruh, and some call it as Paramchaitanya. So before being connected to it, whatever we think is only mental. And whatever we try to solve the problems are on mental level. And every mind thinks differently. They do not think absolutely. And that’s how we are astray.

When we think that science is not going to give us any answer, we turn to religion. All these great prophets and great incarnations were born on the same tree of life. On the same tree of spirituality, but people plucked it. And said, “This is my flower, this is my flower.” And they are fighting with the dead flowers. This is why we cannot find answers, and we do not find that understanding about the Divine.

But, we have to know the God Almighty who has created us, will not leave us to our stupid ideas. He will not allow us to destroy ourselves, how can it be. He has created us with such great difficulties which such delicacy, how can He completely allow us to have free hand to destroy ourselves? He is a great creator, and a great planner.

So now, I’m going to tell you about the subtle system that is within ourselves. This system was known to all these great prophets and all these great incarnations. But they had no chance to talk about it. They didn’t have people around them to whom they could talk. They were not so subtle. In that short time that they lived, under their struggle, they have good ideas, how to keep a balance. But it has not been properly understood by human beings.

Now the time has come, this is a special time, which is the time of resurrection, of Kiama. Is the special time of last judgment. Where you have to judge yourself. Even Christ didn’t have so many people who asked that, “What is the truth?” Muhammad Sahib never had so many people to support. Their lives were full of struggle, and that’s how the whole exposition of the inner being was not given.

This exposition that I’m going to give you today was known to Indians thousand of years back. They have described even Muhammad Sahib has Maha Medha. He is the greatest enlightened soul master. So to understand all these things one should not think it is coming from the East, this knowledge. In the eyes of God there is nothing like East and West, it’s just the same. Only we, human beings think this is eastern, this is western. The western civilization has grown so big, like a big tree. The tree, which is not connected with roots cannot prosper. And even if it’s prosperous he cannot exist for long. So this is the knowledge of the roots.

Within us lies this beautiful power. It’s the power of your ascent. In the triangular bone, called as sacrum. That means the Greeks knew that this bone is sacred. You can see with your naked eyes, when it starts pulsating like a heart, this bone, and this Kundalini, this power rises and pierces through your fontanel bone area. It is the actualization of baptism, it is not some priest put his hand on your head. But it’s the actualization of your baptism. That means you get connected with this all pervading power. Like this instrument (microphon), if it is not connected to the mains has no meaning, human beings have no meaning because they are not connected to the mains.

Once you are connected to the mains, you see the light, and the darkness disappears. As a result of this happening, your spirit starts manifesting. You start feeling this all pervading power on your fingertips. And that, these are, as you know in medical sense, are our sympathetic endings. So you start feeling this on your fingertips, and they become enlightened. In the Koran it is clearly said that, “At the time of your resurrection, Kyama, your hands will speak and will give witness against you”.

For example, if this finger is burning, that means you have got too much of ego in your head. Or if this finger is burning on left side, that means something’s wrong with your heart. That is how you’ll learn from this five, six and seven centers on your fingers, on your hands what’s wrong with you. Everyone knows the same thing, because it is absolute. So what is there to quarrel or what is there to argue?

So all these centers are for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. All world problems are mostly because of human beings, we have to admit. And most of the human problems are because of these centers. Take any incurable disease, cancer, AIDS, all kinds of disease, can be cured by awakening this power within us.

Today some Sahaja Yogi came from Australia and told Me, that one fellow is cured of AIDS, for the last eight year, he never had AIDS. This is on the physical side. Also mental side, where people are crazy, they are suffering from schizophrenia. You see what is happening now in America, 65 percent people may get schizophrenic.

All these problems can be cured, if this power could connect you to the mains. Now the emotional problems we have, we have also problems of habits. There are so many destructive habits we take to. We always take to something destructive. I’ve seen people who are dying of taking too much of drug or alcohol, but others who see them dying want to do the same. All the affluent countries especially like Switzerland and all these Scandinavian countries, the young people are competing among themselves who’s going to commit more suicides. That means there’s no happiness, there’s no joy. All the value system is absolutely finished.

This frustration comes into people who want to know what is the reason. They are the seekers of truth. William Blake has described them. A great poet from England has described them that, “Men of God will take birth at this time and they will find the Divine”. And also, “They will make others Divine”. These were great seers, who saw this clearly, this will be the future of the world, of the people who are seeking the truth. Of course it is not meant for stupid people. Also it’s not meant for frivolous. But it is meant for people who want to know the answer of what’s happening to the whole world, and why we are in a mess.

Now the nature of the spirit we have to know. The nature of the spirit is, that it is the source of absolute knowledge. There is so much knowledge within ourselves, we only know like a tip of an iceberg. This knowledge starts revealing itself, and letting us know what is the truth. Same thing is with the attention. Such a person, who gets his connection with the Divine, and the light of the spirit shines on his attention. He becomes, his attention becomes extremely active. The attention itself becomes Divine. Sitting down here you can feel the vibrations of any person, whether dead or alive.

Now if you know how to correct these problems, your own and others, then all the problems of the world can be corrected. There’s only one God, who is reflected in our heart, which is the spirit. And when the spirit is enlightened, we jump into a new awareness. Because the spirit is the collective being, we jump into a new awareness where we become collective. Not that we can feel our centers but we can feel the centers of all the rest of the people in collective consciousness.

Also you develop powers to raise this Kundalini of other people. Suddenly you develop a new type of a culture, we call it a Sahaj [Kalpa?] culture, means the spontaneous culture. You don’t have to tell them, “Don’t do this, don’t do that”, they just don’t do it. And a new race in a new age is coming up. They have no physical problem, they have no mental problem, they have no emotional problem. And such friendship, such love, such understanding.

Sahaja Yoga is working in 55 nations. And when I see this people, I’m amazed, that there’s no quarrel, there’s no fight, there’s no argument. They’re all in the ocean of love and joy. There is no state, there is no government. I don’t even have a secretary, you’ll be surprised. Don’t even have a typewriter. Everything works automatically. With very little money and no effort at all. It is so spontaneous. Because, all of them realize, how important it is today to get into this collective consciousness.

The second thing that happens to you, is very remarkable. You are all listening to Me just now, but if I say that you get into the present moment, you cannot. We either live in the future or in the past. We are jumping all the time our attention, on the crest of future or past. All the time the thoughts are coming to us. In between these two thoughts, there’s a little space. which is the present. There is no thought there. So the first thing that happens to you, is that you come to a state, higher state of thoughtless awareness. That is the state of peace.

We may talk of peace you know, I’ve known people who talk of peace, have organizations of peace and they’ve got awards of peace. But no peace within, they are so hot tempered, you know. You have to go near them with a barge pole, any time they might jump on you. And they talk of peace. The peace is within ourselves. And when this peace is established, you reach a state where, from where you see everything like a drama.

You’ve seen a wheel, which is moving, and the axis is steady. Our attention normally is on the wheel. And we get disturbed, but supposing our attention goes on to the axis, we are steady. Or else, we can see like this, when the waves of these thoughts are there and we are getting actions and reactions, we are disturbed. We are afraid that we’ll be drawn by these waves. But if by chance, if you can jump on a boat, you can see all these waves and enjoy them. But supposing, you learn swimming, you can jump in and save many of them.

This is the state that Christ has said that, “You are to be born again”. Well it’s not a certificate, I’m born again, you see, just taking a self opinionated certificate, I’m born again. But what powers have you got? You are just born again, you are this you are that, but nothing in you, you are just the same like any other human being. This is what is a Nabi or a Walhi, as called in the Koran.

So we all have to become Walhi, and the time has come. In Sanskrit it’s called as a Vijaha. Is a bird is also called a Vijaha. Because the bird is first an egg and then it becomes a bird. In the same way, human beings are in the egg -shell. They have to mature, and then this shell breaks, and they are born again, as free birds. But this freedom is blessed with wisdom, with compassion, with love for everyone. It’s so much different, from every day to life… day to day life.

See for example, you see a problem, you get disturbed, but you cannot solve it. But once you get out of it, then you know how to solve the problem. But the greatest blessing of the spirit is that you enter into the ocean of joy. Joy is absolute, it is not like this happiness and unhappiness. Joy is a state which is to be experienced. Then you transcend all this [racism ?] all this fundamentalism, everything. And you are one with that all pervading power of Divine love.

So you will be surprised that in Sahaja Yoga we have Jews who worship Muhammad Sahib and vice versa. Everybody worships all theses great prophets and great scriptures. Because they understand the unity between them. They don’t have to read, they just know it is so. You can ask on your fingertips.

I said, Muhammad Sahib never said that he was a Divine person, I also said the same thing for quite sometimes. Because if you say you are Divine everybody will jump on you. But he was sent by God, he was definitely Divine and a master. Master of Divine. But this is the society, and the times are so horrifying that you cannot tell the truth to them. So, they had to use analogies, parables, you see, in a subtle way they told.

But I’m going to tell you everything frankly. In these modern times nobody can crucify Me, or give Me poison, thank God. And they were all people of a very different realm. Christ has said, “Those who are not against Me are with Me.” He has predicted about Muhammad Sahib that, “I will send Him, He will be coming on this earth”, He predicted in the Bible. But nobody wants to see this point. Everybody thinks they are the chosen ones. It’s a very sad affair, but thank God to these modern times, the situation on human level is so [extenuating ?], is so much [telling?] upon us, the tensions are so much that they have to find out the solution.

And the solution is your self, your self knowledge, your spirit. The self which is the collective being within you, and when you know that, not as a knowledge of the brain, but on your fingertips. On your central nervous system, part and parcel of your being, that you become one with that Akbar, that Virat as in Sanskrit is called. And then your realize what you are, then you are fantastic. You are glorious, you are very powerful, you are tremendous.

All these things, when you know, you are amazed, but above all, you are humble. You are humble down, Islam, Islam is to surrender. You surrender, you surrender, really you surrender. It’s not just lip service or outside. Because you can feel the reality now. All hypocrisy all nonsense drops out. This is the state everybody has to enjoy. Sahaja, “Saha” means with, “Ja” means born. Born with you is – so the, You have got the right. Born with you, is the right to get this yoga, union with the Divine. So all of you have got this right, a birth right to get this Divine ascent and this connection, yoga with the Divine.

Do not condemn yourself. You don’t have to suffer also, it’s a wrong idea. God, the almighty is the father of all the fathers. Why will He make you suffer when you are seeking God? If you are seeking God really, He will don’t have you to suffer, that’s wrong. He is just waiting for you. He is the father who is nothing but love. So please don’t suffer. If you have to suffer, suffer from something else, but not for God. Which father would like his child to suffer. It’s illogical. It just happens to you because you are just there, it’s all built in within you.

You take a seed, put it in the mother’s earth and it sprouts by itself, it’s Sahaj. How it happens? Because the mother earth has got the capacity built in to sprout and the seed also has got. So you too have this capacity. I know there are so much of falsehood, so many people came from India. Also they came out of jail and came here, became great a – I don’t know what to call them, false gurus.

The other day I saw some young people saying some mantras, chanting some mantras. By chanting like this, are you going to get connected with God? If your telephone is not connected, what’s the use of using the telephone. You have to get connected. All other things are mental problems. You cannot solve them mentally because everybody has very great big, big brains, [ego / they go? ] like this, you see.

It’s the light of the spirit which will solve all our problems. And we will bring credit, we’ll fulfill the messages of these great incarnations and prophets. Otherwise people doubt if they were really true. They were, no doubt. But for blind people what’s the use of telling about colors? Nowadays, I find people are much more open, much more alert, much more asking, and is working out in thousands. Surprisingly, in democratic country doesn’t work out that well. But in communist countries it does. Now wherever there has been the communism’s, finished.

Maybe, we don’t understand freedom. And once they’ve got the freedom, they jumped onto their spiritual ascent. Of course communism was never pure communism, neither democracy is pure democracy. Everywhere some cunning people manage the rest of the [world]. But I hope people from Paris, as they are today here so many, will understand that it is very important. That you are born at a very important time. And if you do not understand the value of your own life, which is very important also, you will be a person who will be supporting the destruction of this world.

If you really want to save, and if you want to be part and parcel of that, just get your Self Realization. Of course you cannot pay for it, it’s a living process. You can never pay for it. You can pay for the hall, you can pay for electricity, but not for your Self Realization. So please, understand how important you are, and take this opportunity to get your Self Realization.

I know you have questions also in your mind. Now I’ve been working like this for the last, I think 22 years, and I’m quite an expert, I can answer all your questions nicely. I became very clever. And I know all the questions. But it’s a mental acrobat, no use doing all that. See, there are beautiful lights here all over, see so many of them. Just to get the light, you have to just switch on one switch, and then everything comes up.

But if I go on telling you about the history of electricity, how it came to Paris, how it came into this place, you’ll be tired and bored. So best thing is to have your lights. It’s already built in. It looks very fantastic. But I say, you are fantastic, you don’t know what you are. You have to know yourself. That’s what Christ had said, “know thy self”. All the time he said, “Know thy self”. But this part nobody bothers to say. Because now the religions have became money oriented and power oriented. They are not spirit oriented, they don’t talk of spirit. But it is your luck, your chance, your, I should say, your great good [deeds] that you are born in this special time. And I hope all of you will make full use of this power.

May God bless you all!

Now, please put your feet apart from each other, your hand on your left lap. Seat comfortably and put right hand on your heart. Here now, you have to – please close your eyes, please close your eyes, don’t open them. Till I tell you please don’t open them.

Here you have to ask Me a very fundamental question about yourself, three times. You may call Me Shri Mataji, or you can call Me Mother. Ask the first question three times: “Mother, am I the spirit?” I’ve told you, if you become the spirit, you become your master.

So now please, bring your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen, on the left hand side. Here, you have to ask another fundamental question three times to Me: “Mother, am I my own master?” I’ve already told you that I respect your freedom. And I cannot force Divine knowledge on you. You have to ask for pure knowledge. So now please, take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, on the left hand side please. Here you have to say six times, because this center has got six petals. Six times, you have to say: “Mother, please give me pure knowledge”.

As soon as you ask for pure knowledge, the Kundalini starts rising, you may not feel it at all. So now we have to nourish our upper centers with our self confidence. So now, please raise your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen, on the left hand side. Here you have to say with your full self confidence, ten times: “Mother, I am my own master.”

I’ve already told you that you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, this ego, but you are the pure spirit. So now, please raise your right hand on your heart again. And here you have to say, again with full confidence, full self confidence that: “Mother, I am the pure spirit”. Say it twelve times. This Divine power of love is the ocean of knowledge and compassion. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. And whatever mistakes you have committed are completely dissolved by this ocean of forgiveness. So first forgive yourself.

Now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder, and turn your head to your right. Here again with full confidence you have to say sixteen times: “Mother, I am not guilty at all”. I’ve told you logically, whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. Thus you have tortured yourself. Now, at this special moment, please forgive all of them in general, from your heart, not how many times. Please say: “Mother, I forgive all of them in general”. Say it from your heart. Not how many times.

Now, just for your satisfaction, not counting your mistakes or your guilt. Not feeling guilty at all, you have to ask forgiveness for your own satisfaction. So now, please take your right hand on your back side of your head, and push back your head. Now, here you have to say again from the heart, not how many times: “Oh Divine power, if I have down any mistake, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me.”

Now the last center is important, very important, and you have to stretch your palm fully, and put the center of your palm on top of your fontanel bone area, and put down your head. Push back your fingers, please. Now, I cannot force Self Realization on you, you have to ask for it. So please, push back your fingers, put down your head, and move your scalp with pressure, saying seven times: “Mother, please give me Self Realization”.

Please take down your hand. Please open your eyes. Now [bring/ with?] both your hands like this towards Me. Watch Me without thinking, you can do it. Now, put your right hand towards Me like this, and put your head down, and see for yourself, if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. Don’t put the hand on top of your head, little away. Some people get it very far also.

We would like to present a kawali to you in honor of a – we have got a great personality. In his honor, we want to present a kawali. It says that God is limitless, and you don’t put him in the limits. Is a beautiful kawali.

[something in Hindi]

[Kawali starts]