How to reach a higher state of awareness?

Hotel Metropole, Brussels (Belgium)

1993-07-17 How To Reach A Higher State Of Awareness? Brussel Belgium DP-RAW, 241'
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1993-0717, Public Program, Hotel Metropole

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. We have to know at the very outset that Truth is what is is. We cannot conceptualise it. We cannot change it. It has been, it is and it will be. But we have to know the absolute Truth. So far whatever we know through our human awareness is not absolute. That’s why there are so many differences, so many different ideologies. This Truth we have to know on our central nervous system. It cannot be just a sermon from me or a kind of a lecture to you. It has to be tangible. And the time has come for all of you to know the absolute Truth.

But you have to be the seekers of Truth. Now the main problem with us human beings is that we are born into some sort of a community, some sort of a religion. And we accept whatever is told to us blindfolded. But the Truth is to be know as said by everyone, that you are to be born again. It is not just our own certificate that we are born again, that you become that. But it is another dimension of our awareness by which we know the Truth on our central nervous system. Whatever we have achieved in our evolution is known to us on our central nervous system. For example, a dog cannot feel the filth and the dirt.

But human beings do. When we see so many different types of ideologies, we start wondering why, when we are all human beings, why we should have different types of ideologies. It comes because of blindness and ignorance. Artificially we cannot say that you are baptized. It is the actualization of the experience which is very important. And for that this is the best time, I call it the blossom time. Now whatever I am telling you, you need not accept blindfolded. But if you experience it then, if you are honest, you’d better accept it. Because it is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of your country, for the benevolence of the whole world. You should have an open mind of a scientist. Again I say: an open mind. The first truth about yourself is that you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, but you are the pure Spirit. And the second truth is that there is an all-pervading divine power of Love. Which does all the living work. For example you see these flowers so beautiful her.

Who runs our heart? They say it is the autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto? It’s all a miracle. There are so many questions we cannot answer in the medical science. Unless and until you reach that higher state of awareness, you cannot answer all these questions. All this power is within you. It is your own power. Greeks knew that this bone is sacred, that’s why they called it a Sacrum bone where this power is resting. But afterwards, the whole thing was treated as myth. And so many spiritual things were just buried under the ground. Everywhere it has happened. We have seen as a result what is happening in our democracies. What’s happening to our children. In America you cannot go even with a wedding ring, it is so violent. Today while coming I really saw one girl, her purse was snatched by someone, in the car I saw, I was surprised and the man was running away. Why this insecurity has come within us? If there was God’s blessings on us, then there should have been no problems. When we see all these problems around us, all kinds of violence, all kinds of diseases, drugs, we get frightened with it. Then we take to religion. But religion has reached such a state that it is just money-oriented or power-oriented. Formerly they had Inquisition when they use to brand somebody as a witch and used to torture. But what is happening in Bosnia? Christians are starving Muslims, because they are Muslims. The people who are starving them are Christians. Think they are the disciples of Christ!.

I don’t think they know Christ at all. If according to their theory, the one who suffers will go to Heaven and the one who make others suffer will go to Hell, then all these Christians will go to hell directly!. In every religion you find there’s nothing but fundamentalism. They call us as cult . Because we are not fundamentalists. Because after knowing the absolute Truth, we believe in all the religions. And we worship all the incarnations and all the prophets. Actually they were born on the same tree of life. With the fragrance of spirituality. But we have plucked the flowers and we are saying this is mine, this is mine and without the fragrance, we are talking about God. I was myself born in a Christian family. And my father told me, he was a realized soul, that the fundamental Christians will never listen to You . Because Christ has said I’ll send you the Holy Ghost . What about that? But Muslims are better. Because Koran talks about navis and walis, It talks about it. Even Christ has said those who are not against Me are with Me . Même le Christ a dit ceux qui ne sont pas contre Moi sont avec Moi . He was given hardly 3-4 years of public life. How much could He say?. He has even predicted about Mohamed Sahab. I feel the curse of Christian religion is Paul. He was persecuting Christ, he was christian, he killed disciples of Christ like Steven, such a nice disciple.

But he was a bureaucrat so he thought it was a very good chance to jump on the platform to take over. He was epileptic and also the other day, I read in a book that he was homosexual. And the worst disciple of Christ was Peter. He denied… He denied Christ three times. And Christ said that a satan will take you over . And this is how Paul came in and he edited the life of Christ completely in a very methodical manner. The worst thing is there is no respect of the Mother of Christ. Because he was a hater of women. And this hating of women is responsible for today’s insecurity of women in the West. Paul thinks they have to all the time try to please men by showing their body, by pampering their ego. Supposing in India a husband does not care for the wife, the whole society will be on top of his head. And the woman won’t care for husband at all, she’ll say go to hell if you have committed sins . Their power is their chastity. As the chastity of the Mother of Christ. In the Bible, She is not described, not at all as Madonna. But just a woman. Just still on the cross, Christ said behold the Mother . And even in Koran, Mohamed Sahab says that all the Heavens lie at the lotus feet of the Mother . Among them, among Muslims there are Sufis… Who are realized souls and also accepted in the society. The other day I met somebody in Paris, a very high person in the Islamic world and he accepted Sahaja Yoga. He said it is described in Koran that there has to be kiama, the Ressurection, we believe in Resurrection. Also it is for Christians or Hindus, everybody, they have to be resurrected to a higher state. It is just for money and power are some people who are trying to mislead others, keeping them away from Resurrection, I must say they are committing the greatest sin against the Holy Ghost. Christ has said I’ll tolerate anything against Me, but nothing against the Holy Ghost.

After this ascent takes place, very surprisingly the Jews, the Hindus, the Muslims all worship Christ as the Son of God. They also know that He is the way and He is the Gate. I don’t have to convince anyone. It is on their central nervous system, they can ask questions. And they get absolute answers. Christ was the Son of God, it is not a blind faith, it is a fact. But if you do not allow people to know the facts, then who can save him?. Also there is another mystery created I don’t know how, Christ must have talked about Kundalini, but with this Mr Paul, it must have been gone underground… might have…. Otherwise how could He say that you are to be born again?. He said it because also in our Sanskrit language, we call a realized soul as a vijaha, means born twice. Meaning first you are born like an egg, and then you get another birth, that’s why a bird is also a vijaha . If you really want to get rid of fundamentalism and all the quarrels of fundamentalisms, the best thing is to know the Truth, the absolute Truth. Thanks to Gorbachev that communism threat has gone, but the greatest threat today is fundamentalism. Because I think they are not afraid of God. There is a book about… In the name of God which says that 10 billion dollars were counterfeited. And were distributed through Vatican Bank, what do you say to that?.

And now so many things are coming out of this about Vatican things that they are doing, how can they do it? They are not afraid of God?. We have no bank, we have no organization and they call us a cult . Specially in France, the lawyers told me that the Catholic Church’s eldest daughter is France.. You cannot expect any justice. One side is the Church, which is built inside the Palace of Justice. How can you be a secular State? You cannot be! And the other side, they follow Freud. How can you follow Freud if you are Christians?. Christ has said thou shall not have adulterous eyes . We are deceiving ourselves and deceiving others. Thousands of Muslims have come to Sahaja Yoga. And many thousands Christians, many more Hindus, now the greatest hope for me is that the communists have taken to Sahaja Yoga. It is surprising how in these communist countries Sahaja Yoga has spread in thousands and thousands like fire. Perhaps they did not have this stupid freedom, and also they did not have this blind faith. Their government was not alright, but the people were very introspective, this I noticed a long time ago when I visited Russia with My husband. Russians told me it is written, predicted that the Wisdom will come from India. Even the Chinese believed in it. We were ruled for three hundred years by these Britishers, 300 years!. India was the richest country. They took away all our diamonds, emeralds, gold, silver, clothes, everything, they cleansed us completely.

So now we are a poor country. But they could not take away our wisdom. For a saint there is nothing like East or West, North and South. Now we see in the West is grown so big the whole civilization. Without any spirituality. But there are so many seekers of Truth in the West who want to know their roots. Without knowing about you roots, how can you maintain this great civilization of yours?. As it is, is showing in your recession, in you family life, society, the collapse. But when you get your ascent, then a person becomes absolutely innocent. Your innocence is not lost. It is covered with some clouds, but it is all there intact. With your ascent, you see that you transcend all these barriers which are artificial between one man and another. This ascent I have seen which is really remarkable that people have given up drugs overnight. Such beautiful families are there. We seldom have divorces. There’s no quarrels between Sahaja Yogis from Russia and Sahaja Yogis from America. There’s no argument, there’s no aggression. They have become like angels, I think.

So pure. Kalis as they call it in the Arabic language. Even Guru Nanak has said there will be people who will be Kalis. The great English poet William Blake* has described that in those days people will be born who will be the God’s people. And they will have powers to make others divine. This is exactly what is happening in Sahaja Yoga. They respect their parents, they respect their country, they respect their laws. They are not materialistic, they are not dealing in hanky pankies. All the beauty that they had, all the greatness they had is now manifesting. You don’t have to pay for it. It is the last breakthrough which you all have been looking forward to. I have told you that this is your own power. The whole subtle system has been described in Koran, and also in the Bible, as the tree of life .

So we have to understand that the time has come for all of you to get to your ascent. The first thing that happens to you is that you start feeling this all-pervading power, the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. For the first time, you feel It. Second thing that happens to you that your fingers, all these 5, 6 and 7, these right and left centres of the sympathetic nervous system get enlightened. These represent your centres on left and right. Now this Kundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost in you. We have Father the God, and Son the God, but we don’t have Mother, how can that be?. In every religion, there is the Primordial Mother, even in the Greek’s, they called Her Athena, the Chinese, in every religion there is the Primordial Mother, except in Christianity, it is a dove!. Symbolically good because doves ascend… . An God Almighty Himself, there is one God, is reflected in our heart. But he has His apostles which are all placed on these centres. When you get your Realisation, on these fingertips you can feel the centers of others. As you can feel your own centres. All the world’s problems are mostly because of human beings. And all human problems are because of the centres in your body. Your physical problems, many incurable diseases have been cured definitely by Kundalini. We have proof of that. Your mental problems, many people who have been suffering mentally have been cured with Sahaja Yoga. The modern disease of stress and strain is cured by Sahaja Yoga. Also spiritual problems which are coming from following wrong paths, as there are many false gurus also. … Are cured by Sahaja Yoga. Then, the second awareness that you develop is of collective consciousness by which you can feel others. Then another awareness that comes to you is thoughtless awareness. The thoughts rise, fall, again rise, then fall, again rise and then fall. And these thoughts are coming either from the past or from the future.

Now if I say you be in the present, you cannot. In between these thoughts, there is a small space. When this Kundalini rises, She suppress these thoughts. And you are in complete silence and peace. If you want to think, you can think. But if you don’t want to think, you can be in thoughtless awareness, it is called as nirvichara samadhi in sanskrit language. At this stage, when you are thoughtless, you become the witness, witness of the whole drama going on . You are no more in the problems, you are out of it, so you can solve your problems very easily. And also there is God Almighty, you enter into His Kingdom. And the bliss of Divine Love starts looking after you, protecting you. They use to write to me about the miracles that they have had in their lives and I just felt it is too much for Me, so I asked somebody to write these miracles . Within months he wrote to me that Mother, all these miracle stories have come up to my head, so which one am I to select and write, tell me . All these miracle stories also were supported with proofs.

So the Spirit starts manifesting, you get enlightened and in the light of the Spirit you know the absolute Truth. Now supposing I am holding a snake in My hand and it is all darkness. And I am a fundamentalist and I am very sure about Myself. And somebody says it is a snake in your hand, you would not believe… I would not believe, I would say no, it is not so … until it bites me. But if there is little light, I’ll just throw it away. This is how Sahaja Yoga works. It is very hard to believe for you that you are so fantastic. But I say you are!. Don’t believe in people who call you sinners. Have full faith in you. You are seekers of Truth!. And Sahaj means with you is born the right to get united with this All-pervading Divine power. But only a seeker of Truth has this right. Not those who are bound by some sort of conditionnings. This revolution has started in a very big way all over the world. Christ never had so many seekers of the Truth. And His own people crucified Him. But it was the government at that time that crucified them, not the Jews. And the way we have tortured Jews all the time saying that you have crucified Christ is also absolutely very very cruel. It is not behold for any Christian to be cruel.

So that today you all are here with this, your Kundalini ready to sprout. Have full confidence, if you want to have your realisation, yo all will get it. I cannot force on you, because I respect your freedom. Immediately we’ll know those who are not capable of knowing the Truth. All such people should leave the hall. It is not civil to disturb others if they want to have their ascent everybody has this right, legal right. If you want to miss your own ascent, you can go ahead, you can chose, the choice is yours, this is the Last Judgement. And with this Last Judgement, you have to judge yourself. In the Koran it is very clearly said at the time of Resurrection, your hands will speak and will give witness against you . There is a very big chapter on Resurrection, but the fundamentalists don’t want to look at it. They believe their religion is the best. But what would it has done to anyone? It is so much misinterpreted… So much misinterpreted. Like Christ went to a wedding, that means he supported marriages. He did not want priests and nuns and things like that. This all unnatural. And in Canada the priests are abusing children, the high priests are abusing children, can you believe it?. In Austria, the priests are having keeps and having relations with married women. Naturally, if you make human beings unnatural, they will do all these things, I mean it is natural. It has gone too far against Christ.

But His blessings are there. And Sahaja Yoga is working out very well. Those who want to have Self-realization, I’ve told you, should stay here, otherwise the rest must go . There was one gentleman who said he wanted to argue. It can be argued out, but is is all mental. This mental projections have created problems!. We have to go beyond the mental aspect of ours. If you believe that you have to do something about the solution of this disturbed workd, then please try to understand. You cannot pay for your ascent, not a single pai. How much do we pay to Mother Earth?. For giving us these flowers?. The Mother Earth has got the built-in quality to sprout and the seed has the built-in quality to sprout. That’s how you have built-in qualities to sprout.

So I give you about two minutes more, for those who do not want to have their ascent should leave the hall. It is a serious matter. And they should not force upon us. It is very easy to criticize others. But one question you should ask yourselves : what have you got so far?. What have you given to others?. What kind of world we have created?. We should introspect. Everybody will have to ask. We have to understand that Sahaja Yoga works spontaneously, no doubt. But, we have to nourish our own centres with our self-confidence. That’s all for tonight. Then once you feel this cool breeze of the Holy Ghost all around you, you must know it is the Ocean of Forgiveness. And one condition is there, that you should not feel guilty for anything whatsoever. You don’t have to confess anything, that doesn’t help. You have to know that this All-pervading power of Love and Compassion can dissolve all our mistakes. It will absolutely, completely make you free of this mythical guilt. Now if you feel guilty, then the centre here on the left handside catches; it is a fact, we have proved it. As a result you get a disease called angina . Also your organs become lethargic.

So you should not feel guilty. In my lectures if I have said something to make you feel guilty, please, please, forget it!. It is just a myth that we feel guilty; if you have done mistakes, you must face it, after all you are human beings . You are not God. To err is human. I mean to say you must have a very pleasant attitude towards yourself. First time when I went to France, they told Me: Mother, You are such a happy, joyous person, they won’t like You because they are all very miserable .

So I started my lecture with Les misérables . I said after every third lamp post there is a prostitute standing, and after every fifteenth lamp-post there is a pub, what else will you have?. He made water into grapejuice. I also did it. But alcohol is a rotten grape juice, rotten. It has to rot and rot. The more rotten it is, the more expensive. And I was surprised that in Vatican, they make a thing called Benedictine, which is alcohol, I was surprised. Before I start, I will tell you a nice story. I went with My husband to Russia before all these things had happened. Though they said : what do you want to see?, I said: I would like to see a church, because after all the faithfuls, simple faithfuls have built the churches in the glory of God.

So Me and My husband both went to a church of the Greek Orthodox… black, black… What do you call it?. After seeing the church, we went to see the high priest. And I was surprised that this gentleman told us that these are our fasting days and we cannot eat meat, but we can drink. And he started drinking, drinking, drinking. We were supposed to be VIPs, you see, but he forgot about us. He drank so much that he fell on the table, and we were very embarrassed, you see. Il a tellement bu qu’il est tombé sur la table, et nous étions bien sûr très gênés.

So we came back and these officers who were accompanying us, the Russians, were laughing. They had no respect for the Church, I was surprised. So they told Me the story. They said a long time back our csar wanted to have some religion here in Russia . And he sent for the Islamic people. No, no, first he sent for Catholics, I am sorry!. So the Catholics said: alright, you can have drink as much as you like, drink vodka, do what you like . But you have to have only one wife . They say it is not possible, we have to have many . So they cancelled Catholic church. Then the Islamic. The Islamic said: you can marry as much as you like, but you can’t drink . The csar said: how can we live without vodka, what are you telling us, we don’t want this religion . Then these Orthodox Christians came. They said you can drink, you can have wives, the only thing, you should pay us as well . So they said to us: we are innocent people, we don’t know what the religion is, this is what religion is!. So now those again who do not want to have realization should leave this hall, but those who really care to have realization are welcome. But Sahaja Yoga is meant for intelligent people. Not for book-worms, or people who have degrees, but who are really intelligent enough to see the point.

It is not meant for idiots. And the stupid people. It is meant for people who are simple and who see the point that we have to ascend. So we have to understand that this Mother Earth is very helpful to us, and we have to take out our shoes. She is the One who sucks in our problems. We have to put both the feet apart from each other. And we have to be comfortable. You don’t have to go to Himalayas to stand on your heads. In you own seat you will get your Realization if you are a seeker of Truth. But if you are clinging onto falsehoods, it will not work. Now you have to put your left hand on your lap, like this. Because the right hand is responsible for your desire, mundane desire. And right hand is for your action. You need not believe Me, but after Realization you can find out whatever I am saying is The Truth. There is one condition, I told you, that you have not to feel guilty at all. The second condition is… To forgive everyone, in general. Logically you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. Moreover the centre, or the gate, where Christ is, is like this… closed completely. It is placed on optic chiasma.

So it controls our ego and our superego. Through pineal body and pituary. When you forgive, it opens out like this…. But if you don’t forgive, then this centre will not open, and the Kundalini won’t rise. So I would request again and again, please forgive everyone in general. Don’t also think about them, because it is a headache to think about them. Now the third condition is that you have to be absolutely self-confident that you will get your Self-realization. But as I said if you are stupid and idiotic, and you are laughing at the whole thing, you can’t get it. Christ has said: you have to knock at the door . You have to ask for it. So it cannot be forced on you. But the condition is that you have to be absolutely totally self-confident that you will get your Self-realization. Please do not condemn yourself. But be very pleasantly placed towards yourself. You are human beings and at the epitomy of evolution. It is all arranged within yourself. But if you are arrogant and obstinate, you will miss the point. So one has to be humble. May God bless you.

*(about William Blake)