Public Program

Alpheusdal, Antwerp (Belgium)

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Public Program

Dr. Arun Apte, with Nirmal Sangeet Sarita and Babamama, performs a special bhajan written by Saint Namadeva ‘Nirgunache Bheti Aalo Sugunasange’ about another Saint : Gora kumbhar

Starts at 7:21
[Shri Mataji introduces the song that Arunji is going to perform.]

“This song, this song is an introduction very much, because it’s a song it was created in the sixteen century It had been written by a very famous musician – I should say very famous poet, called Namadeva. And he is the one who enter-he was himself a tailor and a Realized soul, a saint. He went to see another Realized soul who was a saint, who was a potter [Gora Kumbhar]. So when he went and saw, this potter was just trying to knead the clay for making the pot. Just seeing he said : “so this great poet stood before him, absolutely flabbergasted. And here he says this sentence: “Then I came to see the formless, nirgun, formless, but here I meet the formless in a form of forms. That is saguna [form], that is nirguna [formless] in the sagun. Only, only a saint can see the swayambhus, who is a saint. It’s only- this appreciation of the Divinity of another person – is only possible for a saint, there is no jealousy, there no bind [?] by Shri Mataji. It’s just appreciation of a saint. And he said it in that way. [?] he made this poem. A great poet he went to Punjab. And Guru Nanaka, another great saint, combined together. So his poems have the same style … [?] pandit are six, and he is one of them who contributed a lot. …and this Sikh lady also has made poems out of there… [?]
Also he has written a huge, big praise of the formless and the form, in a very elaborated and beautiful poetry in Punjabi language, That was not his mother tongue, his mother tongue is Marathi. Such remarkable things have happened in that country. But, as it is, the saints were never accepted. You know the Gnostics, after Christ, were tortured by the people who were at the helm of affairs. And so these saints also had to suffer a lot, doesn’t matter, but they have done a lot for us, in our ascent.
May God bless you.
Let us hear this song, it’s a very special one “