If you are born again you have certain powers

Berlin (Germany)

1993-07-23 If you are born again you have certain powers, Berlin, Germany, DP-RAW, 101' Chapters: Introduction with bhajans, Maha Mantras, Talk, Self-Realization
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Transcription of 1993-07-23 Public Programme, Berlin, Germany

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot understand it, we cannot change it and, unfortunately, at this human level, we cannot know it.

Whatever I am going to tell you today here, you need not take it blindfold, but you have to keep your mind open like a scientist, and whatever I say is proved, as honest people, you have to accept it because it is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of your country and for the benevolence of the whole world.

So, the Truth is that you are not this body, this mind, this ego, these conditionings but you are pure Spirit. And the second truth is that there is a all-pervading divine power of Love which does all the living work. You see beautiful flowers here and you take them for granted, we don’t even think that it’s a miracle! Who runs your heart? The doctors will say it’s an autonomous nervous system. But who is this ‘auto’? Who does all these living works? Who controls the height of these trees and these bushes? So now the time has come for us to know that this power exists and that you can feel it on your central nervous system.

So far whatever you have gained in your evolution you feel it on your central nervous system. Say, take a dog or a horse through a very smelly place, dirty place, they don’t mind. But the human beings can understand so many things more than the animals on their central nervous system.

Now the problem with us is that, so far, we thought that by going to science we will achieve some information about the reality. But, as you know, science is limited and it cannot answer many questions.

So, we go to religion and there also what we find, that the way religion is practised today is not actually what was preached. All the religions today are power-oriented or money-oriented. But none of them are Spirit oriented. Why? Because it is expected in all the religions that we should have our resurrection, that we have to know ourselves, that we have to be born again. It’s not good just certify yourself as born again, if you are born again you have certain powers.

This is a dilemma today that human beings are facing. You will see people who have big conventions for peace, harmony, they also get big awards but they have no peace within. Sometimes they are extremely hot tempered.

Also, if you see in the democratic countries, we’ll say that we have freedom. But where is the freedom? A entrepreneur makes up a dress and starts selling, advertises, everybody wears the same dress. Like they wanted to have very tight pants once upon a time and everybody was wearing only tight pants and they couldn’t even get into the buses, they had to push people! (laughter) Then they developed varicose veins, so they gave up these pants. Then they started another fad of holey pants, with the holes! In these Western countries, you know, it’s so very cold, and with the holes, what will happen! (laughter). They started also other kinds of fads you see, like we had punks. I asked these punks why do you want to do all this spending £50 for one (UNCLEAR sitting?)? So, they said what’s wrong? We are finding our identity! But I said this colour is injurious to your eyes, you’re already becoming blind. So, what’s wrong! What’s wrong if you become blind? Every type of destructive type of things we take very easily.

So, in these modern times, so many types of problems like AIDS, like drugs, like so many incurable diseases have come up. They were never there about, say, 30 years back. So, one has to understand why these problems are cropping up. Actually, most of the world problems are because of human beings and human problems are mostly from the centres which you have within yourself. In the bible it is described as the tree of life. But in Koran it’s much more precisely given ‘the subtle system within us. Also, in India in Maharashtra there was a very great revelation of many saints about the subtle system. But this revelation was just perverted by the tantricers and mislaid people. Now today there are so many fake, horrible people who are just trying to make money out of it. Just like the religions. It is something they don’t understand that it is sinful to make money in the name of God. It is a living process of your accent and for any living process we don’t pay any money. How much money did we pay to Mother Earth for giving us these beautiful flowers? For the evolutionary process how much money did you give? So, all these things have come in these modern times only. So, I call it the Last Judgement. You have to decide whether you want the truth or falsehood. If you want to have the totality and reality then try to understand that you cannot pay for it and you cannot suffer for it. Also, this is a very strange idea, that you must suffer. Suffer to be one with God, who is your Father. He is Father of all the fathers. He is the one who is compassion. The ocean of compassion. Which father would like his son to suffer? It is absurd. This is also so much drained into our head, put into our head that we think unless and until we starve, we cannot meet God. I don’t know about the West, but in India if you want to make your mother unhappy then you don’t eat your food. Then the poor mother is crying that the child has not taken the food. So, what must be happening if you go on torturing yourself in a wrong way. You have to know that you are the epitome of evolution. Then these religions, some of them, have been really spoilt by some interested people. For example, Mr Paul who was no way (UNCLEAR…knew?) Christ, had nothing to do with Christ, took over and changed many things in the bible. He was a hater of women. He didn’t show any respect for the Mother of Christ, while in the Koran, Mohammed Saab has praised Her and said nobody should talk against Her chastity. This word ‘Madonna’ has come from the other part of religions who could not accept something without the Goddess. As a result, a woman was never given her proper place. First, I came to East Berlin when the wall was not broken, long time back and I found that the women were EXTREMELY INSECURED. They told me that we don’t want to marry because if we have children because our figures are spoilt, and our husbands will marry somebody else. I was amazed. They said we have to be always be keeping the husband in the proper trim, by dressing up in a funny way, attractive way, such insecurity. I must admit that India is no good for politics and economics, hopeless, but society is very good. If a husband tries to be funny with the wife he is not accepted in the society. Even the sister of the husband, the family of the husband would (UNCLEAR). Of course, I’m not talking about the ‘Westernised’ Indians because they have their own ideas. And if a man tries to be funny a woman doesn’t think that she should become like a prostitute. She thinks if the man is misbehaving, he is committing sins, why should I do that? All these insecurities have given us problems. If the mother is insecure the children also get insecure. I’ve seen children being very violent, being very arrogant, the reason is that the mother, herself, is extremely insecure. One side she has to keep her husband happy, on the other side her children. In these developed countries, these overdeveloped countries, these things are happening and we are not aware of it! The idea of motherhood is completely missing. Now they say there is the God Almighty, and the Son He has, but no Mother. Mother is missing! There is the Holy Ghost which is a dove. I agree dove is a good symbol because dove is the one that ascends, and purity, white, but what about the Mother? In all other religions, there is a Primordial Mother. In Greek religion there is Athena. Athena starts with the Sanskrit word Athe which means primordial. And she is, if you see, how they have depicted is that she is divided into three powers and she has a snake-like the kundalini. Now it is not a snake but it is symbolic that it an energy that moves like a snake. It’s an understanding (UNCLEAR) that there has to be a primordial mother. Why I have to tell you all this? Because this kundalini it is in the sacrum bone, is the reflection of the Primordial Mother which is the Holy Ghost. She is the feminine divine power. She is your mother; every individual’s mother. And She knows everything about you. It’s like a tape you can say, that you play in a video. The whole past of yours is known to Her. She knows your problems and She is the one who is anxious to give you the second birth.

Now, it also another nonsense that people talk about with kundalini awakening you have problems, physical problems and all that. It is all nonsense. When you were born your mother took all the problems on herself. In the same way, when you get your self-realisation, is the kundalini, she works it out; very delicately, very beautifully, like a very gentle mother. So, this is beautiful machinery we have within ourselves created which has got all these centres which are the milestones of our evolution. And these centres look after our physical, emotional, and also spiritual being. So, when this kundalini rises, she passes through six centres, the seventh centre is below the kundalini. The seventh centre is the centre is the centre which looks after our excretion. That is the centre which also caters to our sex, but it is below, it is below the sacrum. So, the sex doesn’t play part in the kundalini awakening. At that time all your excretion stops and you become innocent. Christ has said, ‘you have to become like children to enter into the kingdom of God’. This is what exactly happens to you. I must tell you that innocence cannot be destroyed it is an eternal, innate quality of human beings. Matter is innocent, animals are innocent and human beings are innocent but the so-called freedom that we have by which we have gathered some clouds and have covered it. But it is all intact within you, nothing is destroyed. So, when she rises this kundalini, your innocence comes into play. While rising she nourishes all these centres. These centres are like this, left and right, but if you start exhausting them, then they become constricted. When the kundalini rises, she nourishes them, she integrates them and she puts them in proper shape. That is how, physically, you get cured. No doubt, Sahaja Yoga has cured many, many incurable diseases, no doubt. And it is so simple. When she rises, she pierces through this fontanelle bone area, and you get the actualisation of your baptism, actualisation. It is not somebody puts his hand on your head and says,’ now, you are baptised’. The first thing that happens, that you become thoughtlessly aware. In us one thought rises, another rises. We think about the future or the past. The past is finished and future doesn’t exist. In between these two thoughts, that is the present. Now, if I ask you, ‘stand in the present’, you cannot. And the present is the reality. If I say, ‘go within yourself’, you can’t. You can go to moon; you can go anywhere but you can’t go within yourself. That means you cannot take your attention inside. When the kundalini rises she separates these thoughts and within you is established this area within you which is thoughtless. That is the present. Where you can get inspirations and you can grow in spirituality. But if you want to think, you can think also. But you are not all the time bombarded with thoughts. That is the state where you feel peaceful within yourself. Now, this rises above and comes out of your fontanelle bone area and after some time you establish another state and a new dimension of what we call as doubtless awareness, where you become absolutely equipped with all the divine laws and all the working of it. And you can give realisations to others. In that enlightened state I don’t have to tell you, ‘don’t do, don’t do,’ you just don’t do it. I’ve given an example many times that, supposing I’m sitting in the dark and hold a snake, and I believe that it is a rope, and I’m obstinate, until that snake bites me, I’ll not give up, even if you tell me. But if there is a little light, I will just throw it away. This is exactly what happens. As soon as you get your enlightenment, you give up all that is destructive. And a new constructive transformed life starts, where you start understanding yourself because you have the self-knowledge on your fingertips. Because like this instrument if it is connected to the mains, it has a meaning, it has an identity. When kundalini is one with that all-pervading power, then your fingertips five, six and seven get enlightened. The right side is for the physical and mental, the left side is for emotional. So, on your fingertips you can feel your own centres, so, you get your self- knowledge, also you develop a new dimension in your human awareness where you can feel the centres of others. Sitting down here you can feel the centres of anybody who is living or dead. Now supposing you know how to correct these centres, you can cure yourself and you can cure others. Which is a very simple thing to understand. I think you all must be thinking ‘it is too fantastic to believe’! But I assure you are fantastic. I tell you; you are glories. For example, in India supposing you are in a remote village, if you take a television and say you can see all kinds of pictures, they will say, ‘what stories you are telling. How can it be. It’s just a box’. We also think that we are just a box! But once you are connected with this all-pervading power, you are amazed at yourself what you are. Not only you improve physically, mentally, emotionally but you develop so many talents. All your insecurities disappear. All your stupid hankerings disappear. Only thing is those who are stupid and idiotic this doesn’t work out. All those who are arrogant, and involved in sort of an arrogant work, aggressive work, they don’t get it. You must keep your mind open, that is all. You must have pure desire, pure desire because this kundalini is the power of pure desire. As you know in economics, that desires are never satiable, in general. But this is the only desire, whether you are aware of it or not, when it works out, then the whole life changes in a different pattern. You become a very satisfied, compassionate person, at the same time, extremely dynamic. And very energetic. Now you know my age is 71 years now, I’m going to be, I travel every day. Yesterday I was in Frankfurt, no sorry, in Hamburg, we had a programme and today I am before you. Because I don’t think I’m travelling, I’m don’t think I’m going anywhere, I’m thinking I’m here, I’m just there. Because I don’t think. This is what happens to you and this Spirit when it shines your attention, it makes it extremely this attention extremely active and effective. Now you pay attention to someone, that’s all, but after realisation, when you pay attention to that person, that person he is sick, he gets cured. Your eyes become so innocent and so powerful that you look at any person and that person can absolutely feel complete peace within themselves. So, this modern disease of stress and strain disappear, there’s no (UNCLEAR). You are absolutely relaxed. You see the whole world as a drama. If you are in the water you are afraid of getting drowned but supposing, by any chance get to a boat, then you watch all that. But in case you know how to swim, you can save so many people. That is how you grow. One enlightened light can enlighten many lights. That is the purpose of our life and the destination of your life is to enter into the kingdom of God and enjoy yourself. The Spirit is the collective being within us. You transcend all kinds of barriers that this human mind has created. Racialism and fundamentalism, and all kind of ‘isms’ are finished. These are ‘isms because they come out of our ignorance. Now this ignorance disappears in the light you see the truth and the absolute. Everybody sees the same Truth. You see I’m wearing a saree, all of you seeing the same thing, so there is no argument about it, there’s no discussion, there’s no war about it. You will find that all over the world there are lots of your brothers and sisters who live with pure love. Nobody’s wife runs away with somebody’s husband; all this nonsense is not in Sahaja Yoga. And beautiful children are born, who are realised souls, great souls. So, on your fingertips you can know the absolute knowledge. We talk of Peace, Peace, Peace, have a conference, point there and then have a war! After the war at the peaceful time, we just try to organise another war! We have not come on this world to kill each other. Even the animals don’t kill their own clans. But we are doing that. It is all because of ignorance. I’ve seen people who have been very cruel in their life, very hot-tempered in their life, completely changed. For example, I would say, they used to say that Germans are like Gestapo, they were very frightened of Germans, all over, now I find the German Sahaja Yogis are the most gentle people. They are so honest, of course they are honest, no doubt, but now you feel so comfortable with them. They are so compassionate, so gentle. This is the transformation. Coming to Germany you feel very comfortable because people have forgiven, have forgotten the past and are really, really something so angelic.

So, I have to tell you very frankly that I respect your freedom and those who don’t want to have their realisation, I cannot force them. (BREAK IN RECORDING…)

It will hardly take 10 to 15 minutes and the journey is very little but there are some conditions.

The first one is that you should not feel guilty at all, for anything. There are people who feel guilty for something to which they are not related. I met one fellow whose grandfather had killed somebody and he was feeling guilty about it. I said,’ you are not your grandfather he is dead and gone and finished. You are a different person; you must not feel guilty for it’. Why feel guilty? If you commit some mistakes, you should face it, that’s all. After all you are human beings, you’re not God. And if human beings don’t commit mistakes, then who will commit? So just forgive yourself at this moment because this all-pervading power is the ocean of forgiveness and all your so-called mistakes can be easily dissolved by the power of this ocean of forgiveness. But you don’t know that if you feel guilty this centre here on the left-hand side catches very badly. As a result, you get a disease called angina of the heart, or else you get spondylitis or maybe lethargic organs all through the body. So why have this myth and trouble yourself? If this centre is not opened out, how will the kundalini rise? So be pleasantly placed towards yourself. After all I’ve told you already, you are the epitome of evolution. I cannot give realisation to say, chickens and rabbits! So now be pleasantly placed towards yourself, first condition.

Now the other side, you have to forgive everyone, without even thinking about them. This many say is very difficult. But logically whether you forgive or don’t forgive, what do you do? You don’t do it. If you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. And you torture yourself. While the person who must have troubled you is having a nice time and on his behalf, you are torturing yourself. Also, don’t think about them, it’s a headache but just forgive all of them in general, you can call it.

Now the third condition is that you must have full confidence within yourself that all of you will get your self-realisation. I’m telling you; you are all seekers of truth and you are all going to get your realisation and connection with this divine power. Which is your resurrection. Which gives you enlightenment. One gentleman did come to me and he said I did feel the Holy Ghost around me, the all-pervading power around me, but I haven’t got enlightenment’. I said supposing I have German money, if I don’t spend it, how will I know its value? So, you see on others, you work on others. So, one has to understand that Sahaja Yoga is a collective working. It’s a collective organisation. It’s a living organism. Like if this finger feels hurt the whole body runs to look after it. If something happens, say, to a Sahaja Yogi here in Berlin, they will be from all over the world concerned. Such love, such compassion. Such understanding. I’ve never seen them quarrelling, fighting, never. Sometimes they pull each other’s’ legs humorously, that I have seen. Such humour, such joy, such understanding, such new life. This is a new age I am talking about.

There’s so much to be said because, after all it’s a very big subject. At least I must have given 5000 lectures only in the English language and in other languages which I know also, so many. You can all listen to them, no doubt. But like in this hall there are so many lights, and only one switch is sufficient to put them on. Now supposing I want to tell you the electricity, when it was discovered, when it was brought to Berlin, and then to this hall, you’ll all be fed up. Best get the light and then we talk about it. I know you have questions. Now for the last twenty-three, twenty-four years I’ve been answering questions. And I’m quite an expert at it. But it is a mental acrobatic, what I want is that you have to, yourself, feel this divine power, by which you become your own guide, you become your own guru, your master and that’s what happens. As all this is built in, it was built in you also. As it is built in the seed and in the Mother Earth, the sprout, it is built in you. So, let us now try to understand how we are going to nourish our own centres and get our self-realisation. Plus, you have to see only tonight you have to do it, not later not (UNCLEAR, want it) at all. So, we will show you how you have to nourish your centres.

First of all, if I may request you to take out your shoes, it will be a good idea because this Mother Earth helps us a lot to suck out our problems.

Now, you have to be comfortable in your seats. You don’t have to go to Himalayas and stand on your heads. In your own seat you get your Realisation.

Now, please put your left hand towards me like this. Comfortably. This is symbolic that you want to have your Self- Realisation. Because left side is the power of desire. Now we use the right side for nourishing our centres on the left-hand side. Because right side is the power of action.

Both the feet have to be apart because they are two powers.

Now, please put your right hand on your heart. (Inside the coat would be better) In the heart resides the Spirit.

Now, if you become the Spirit you become your own master. So please take you right hand on the upper portion of the abdomen on the left side; this is the centre of your mastery. This centre has been created by prophets for us to be enlightened.

Now please take your right hand on the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the centre for the divine knowledge, which is the pure knowledge.

Now raise your hand now again onto the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side.

Now, raise it again to your heart.

Now put your right hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to the right. I’ve already told you that this centre is in jeopardy when you feel guilty.

Now raise your right hand on top of your forehead and put down your head. This is the centre for you to forgive everyone in general.

Now please take your right hand to the backside of your head and push back your head. Here without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction, you have to ask forgiveness from the Divine Power.

Last centre, very important, stretch your palm, and now put the centre of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area. Now push back your fingers, very important, and put down your head. Here you have to move your scalp more, with pressure, seven times, clockwise. Please put down your heads. Push back your fingers and with the pressure on the scalp, move it seven times clockwise. That’s all we have to do. (You must push back your fingers, push back).

Now, we have to close our eyes. And not to open them until I tell you. You can even remove your glasses; is alright it improves your eyesight. Now, you put your left hand again on your left lap, your left leg, and keep both of the legs apart from each other.

Now put your right hand on your heart and please close your eyes and don’t open them till I tell you. Here you have to ask a very fundamental question about yourself, to me, three times. You can call me ‘Mother’ or ‘Shri Mataji’, whatever you like. Please ask the question three times, from your heart, ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’

I’ve told you that if you are the Spirit you become your own master. Now, take down your right hand onto the upper portion of the abdomen on the left-hand side, press it hard, and here ask another fundamental question three times. Now here you ask a question three times, ‘Mother, am I my own master?’.

I have already told you that I cannot force the pure knowledge on you, you have to ask for it. So now please take your right hand on the lower portion of the abdomen on the left-hand side. Here you have to ask for pure knowledge. This centre has six petals so please say six times, ‘Mother, please give me pure, divine knowledge.’

Now, as soon as you ask for pure divine knowledge the kundalini starts moving upward which you may not even feel. But we have to now nourish our upper centres with our full confidence. So now, raise your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen. Here you have to say with full self-confidence ten times, ‘Mother, I am my own master.’

I have already told you in the beginning, you are not this body, this mind, this ego, this intelligence, these conditionings, but you are the pure Spirit. So now, raise your right hand on your heart and here you have to say again twelve times with full confidence, ‘Mother, I am the pure Spirit’.

This all-pervading divine power is the ocean of pure knowledge, is the ocean of absolute truth and compassion, it is the ocean of blessings and protection, but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. I’ve already told you that whatever mistakes you have made will be easily dissolved in this ocean of forgiveness. So please forgive yourselves and put your right hand on the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to the right. Here you have to say, again with full confidence, sixteen times,’ Mother, I am not guilty at all.’

I have already explained to you, that if you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t ‘do’ anything, but if you don’t forgive you play into wrong hands and torture yourself. Now the centre which we call as agnya which is on the optic chiasma is a very constricted one. And if you don’t forgive it doesn’t open at all and thus kundalini won’t rise. As it is you are have tortured yourself all your life and now you should not miss this great opportunity of getting your self-realisation, so, please forgive, forgive everyone in general. Now please take your right hand on top of your forehead and lay down your head. Here you have to say from your heart, not how many times, ‘Mother, I forgive everyone in general’.

Now take back your hand the backside of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Here you have to say, just for your satisfaction, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes,’ Oh Divine Power, if I have done anything wrong, please forgive me’. Say it from you heart, not how many times.

Now the last centre, you have to stretch your palm fully and put the centre of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area. Now stretch back your fingers and bend your head. Here again, I cannot force self-realisation on you, you have to ask for it. So now, move your right hand, seven times, clockwise, slowly saying, ‘Mother, give me my Self Realisation’.


Now, please take down your hand.

Please open your eyes.

And put both the hands towards me like this. And now, don’t think. You can do it. Keep your eyes open, watch me and don’t think.

Now, please put the right hand towards me and put down your head again and see for yourself, if there is a cool, or a hot, breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area? Now, please don’t put the hand not on top of the head but further away, some people get much away.

Now, please put the left hand towards me and see, with the right hand, if the is a cool breeze, or a hot breeze, coming out of your head? If it is hot breeze then that means you have either not forgiven yourself or you have not forgiven others. So now you do it.

Now, once more with the right hand please put the left hand towards me and see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area.

Now, just put your hands up like this towards the sky and bend your head back.

Now you can ask any one of these questions three times, any one of them three times, you can ask,’ Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?’. Then you can ask, ‘Mother is this the all-pervading Divine power of love?’ or you can ask, ‘Mother, is this the Paramchaitanya, Ru?’ All these names are of the same thing. So, ask any one of these questions,s three times. It (UNCLEAR) a computer.

Now please take down your hands. Like this.

Now, all those who have felt cool or hot breeze on the fingertips, or in the hands or on the fontanelle area, please, raise both your hands.

I bow to you all.

This is Berlin!

May God Bless You All.

Only now this is the sprouting and you have to progress in your spiritual growth. For which you have to come to our collective programmes. You don’t have to pay anything and that you must understand that this is something important that has happened to you and you must know how to use it. You have to give some time to yourself and once you have matured you can give to to so many. At the most, at the most, it will take one month for you to become the master of Sahaja Yoga. It’s as simple as that.

So, may God bless you.

Next year I will again come to Berlin. (Clapping).

If you want to you can listen some folk music from India which is related…