Public Program Day 1

Yubileyny Sports Palace, St. Petersburg (Russia)

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1993-0731 Public Program Day 1, Saint Petersburg, Russia

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.
At the very beginning we have to know that Truth is what it is. We cannot change it or we cannot also feel it at this human awareness. The time has come for all of us to know the Absolute Truth. Unless and until we know the Absolute Truth we cannot understand the different kinds of problems that are existing on this Earth. Whatever I am going to tell you, you have to listen to Me with an open mind of a scientist. You need not blindly accept whatever I say. But if it is proved then you have to accept it because it is for your benevolence. It is for the benevolence of your country and it is for the benevolence of the whole world. We believe in many things, but we have not yet established it as Truth. For example, Christ was the Son of God, but it is not proved. So, some people can say: “How do you say, he was Son of God?”
So, the time has come to prove everything that is described in the scriptures and to understand that all the scriptures were written by great prophets, seers and incarnations. They said the same things. And once we know it as the truth, when we understand it perfectly well, then there is no difference at all. So at human awareness we still have not known’ the Absolute Truth as a fact. But our Creator, our Father, the God Almighty has made all arrangements within ourselves. There is a subtle system which is created within us in our evolutionary process. And this system is the one which gives us the absolute knowledge. The truth is that you are not this body, mind, ego or your conditionings, but you are the pure Spirit. But you are to be born again. Like a bird, it’s first an egg and then it becomes a bird. You cannot certify yourself as ‘born again’ or something that ‘you are great’ because we are all the same. When you are born again then you develop a new awareness, you develop a different state of existence. Like, an egg is nothing and the bird can fly everywhere.
So, this happening has to take place. Unless and until this happening takes place whatever we believe into is not going to convince us ultimately. So, there is a power, is your own power in your sacrum bone which is awakened and that gives you the actualization of your baptism. It is the actualization that is important, it is the becoming that is important.
Now the second Truth means that there is All-pervading Power of Divine Love which does all this living work like these flowers. You see these flowers. They are all miracles, aren’t they? Who runs your heart? The doctors will say ‘It is autonomous nervous System.’ But who is this ‘auto’? So, even science cannot answer this question. Science cannot say why are you on this Earth. It cannot give you a purpose of life. So, we have to turn inward. But if I say that you put your attention inside, you cannot. So, this happening takes place where this Kundalini awakens and passes through six centers. It nourishes all your centers. By which so many of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems are solved.
I was at Kiev and I met many Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis. Some of them told Me that they have been taking medicines for twenty five years but they have not touched it after this happening. They are here. And they also were so happy about it. Some of them have cured other people. It is not only physical problems that trouble us, also there are so many incurable diseases which no one can cure. They are also cured. Then there are people who are mentally disturbed who are mental patients, who are lunatics. There are many who suffer from epilepsy. In India three doctors have got their MD in showing how Sahaja Yoga cures patients. So, you also know everything as to what is the problem with you, also what is the problem with others. Also you know how to cure yourself and cure another person. And also you know who is a real person and who is not. Everything is open in Sahaja Yoga, which is Divine Science. And you start working it out very well knowing everything that you are doing.
The other day a boy came from somewhere and started shouting at Me. And he was completely mesmerized. He did not know what he was doing. Somebody has just mesmerized him and he was just shouting at Me. I didn’t understand what he was saying also. He was very violent. Then some people go on saying mantras. It’s all madness. They have no powers, they have no understanding, they are just like people who have been told to say things like a parrot. What a waste of human being! Actually human
rbeings are the epitomes of evolution. They are the most precious thing that God has created. But they have not known their own value. So they go to such people, give them money and get mesmerized.
When this Kundalini rises, She connects you to this All-pervading Power of Divine Love. Yoga means this connection. And Sahaja, `saha’ means ‘with’, `ja’ is ‘born’. Means she is born with you with the right to be united to this Divine Power. As soon as it happens your Spirit comes into your attention.
So, the first thing that happens to you is that you stand in your present. Generally you live in the past or in the future. But when this Kundalini rises, She creates a space in between these thoughts and there are no thoughts. You are fully aware but there are no thoughts. This is what we call as thoughtless awareness. When you become thoughtlessly aware then you find peace within your heart. You become absolutely peaceful and witness the whole world as a drama. You are out of problems. So, you can see them and you are no more frightened. And with the blessing of the Divinity you solve your problems. If you ask the Sahaja Yogis, they will tell you how many blessings they have. They used to write to Me: “Mother, I have this blessing, that blessing.” So, I told one gentleman to write about these blessings. He told Me after a month that he has already got up to his head, so many papers. “Which one should I write?” I said: “Forget it.” But the Spirit is the source of absolute knowledge. It is the reflection of God Almighty in our heart. And in every person it is the same reflection. In the light of the Spirit everybody sees the same thing. They feel the same thing. On their finger tips they can feel this All-pervading Power as Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. Also they can feel the centers, their own centers and the centers of others. So, they can also feel the Absolute knowledge. Supposing you want to ask about Christ now: “Was Christ the Son of God?” Immediately you start getting Cool Breeze in your hands. You ask about some satanic person, and immediately you start feeling the tingling or may be also sometimes blisters might come. Even you can find out about the diseases others have or the problems others have on their centers.
In the light of the Spirit your attention gets enlightened. When you see someone, normally you don’t understand the relationship between that person. But when the Kundalini rises She manifests innocence within you. Innocence within us is never lost, it is eternal. But there are some clouds created over the innocence by our mistakes. But after the manifestation of the Spirit’s light your attention becomes innocent. You don’t have lust and greed in your attention. Your temper subdues, your attachments, nonsensical attachments all drop out. All the had habits which are destroying you also drop out. Example is like this: Supposing there is darkness and I am an obstinate that holding a snake in my hand. If you tell me that there is a snake, I may not believe you till the snake bites me. But if there is a little light I can see the snake. And nobody has to tell me, I just drop it out. In the same way we understand through our wisdom that these are all destructive things and we also have power to throw it away.
Thus a human being starts transforming. His awareness widens into collective consciousness, like the microcosm becoming the macrocosm. Or we can say the drop becomes the ocean. We all feel we belong to one living organism, living body. If one finger is touched or is hurt then the whole body pays attention to it. So, you feel the whole world is your own. When I first came here, twenty five Germans Sahaja Yogis came. I’ve never called them, they came on their own. They said: “Mother, we have to do this for Russians because our forefathers have harmed them so much.” So you have brothers and sisters in love everywhere. And the relationship between each other also becomes very pure. In Sahaja Yoga we don’t have people who run away with somebody’s wife or somebody’s husband. They become like angels. The greatest thing is that you become the source of joy but also everyone who gets realization becomes a source of joy. And so the ocean of joy is created. And everybody swims in the ocean of joy. Then you don’t have to suffer for this. You have not to go to Himalayas and stand on your head. You don’t have to pay for it. How much did we pay to the Mother Earth for giving us these flowers? There is no obligation. Because it is your own power and is built in within you and you get your realization. Once you are enlightened you can enlighten so many. You get the powers yourself. The whole thing looks fantastic! If this instrument is not connected to the mains, it has no meaning. Unless and until we are connected to the mains we have no meaning, we have no identity.
So, why have we come on Earth? To enter into the Kingdom of God and enjoy all His blessings, His protection and His love. I am sure this will happen here tonight. You all will get your realization.