New Awareness

Yubileyny Sports Palace, St. Petersburg (Russia)

1993-08-02 Public Program and Interview, Version 0, Petersburg, Russia, 149' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization
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1993-08-02 Public Program Talk, Version 1, Petersburg, Russia, 69' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization
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1993-08-02 Before Public Program, Version 1, Petersburg, Russia, 27'
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Public Program Day 2. St Petersburg (Russia), 1 August 1993.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.
Yesterday I told you how to find the Absolute Truth. And there is already a very subtle system within us which works it out and we jump into the awareness of the Spirit. Also I [UNCLEAR conclude/told you] that the Spirit is the source of Absolute Truth, it is [UNCLEAR well] manifested in our attention, makes us innocent and our attention becomes active and it is the source of joy within ourselves. Also with this happening you develop a new awareness of thoughtless awareness. And another dimension in your awareness is that of collective consciousness. All this you feel on your central nervous system. In Sanskrit we call it as Bodha. From where the world Buddha has come. So the person who is realized soul is Buddha.
So today I think I’ll tell you actually how it works on our centers. The first center that we have is the red one as you see it. And this first center is responsible for our innocence. So, yesterday I told you that our innocence is never destroyed. And it penetrates into our attention. Thus we become innocent and in our attention there is no greed and there is no lust. We become like children. Christ has said that you have to become like children to enter into the Kingdom of God. So all the cunningness that we have picked up through our mental activities just drops off. And our innocence then protects us. It guides us. And it looks after us in such a way that we know what is right, what is wrong. In no way we try to do anything that will harm us or destroy us. We respect our chastity. And we become very powerful and self-respected. The another side that it works in a very beautiful manner is that our whole attitude towards life becomes extremely innocent. We have child like joy.

The second center that we have is called as Svadhisthana. This creativity. I see now in Russia a lot of artists, painters, sculptors, and they produce beautiful paintings out of their own creativity. But those paintings or those art works may not be of universal nature. Whatever is done by Germans may not be liked by Italians, whatever is done by Italians may not be liked by Russians. But whatever art is existing today after so many years, is the art created by the realized souls. So, say, Mona Liza, which you know of, everybody appreciates, because it has vibrations. If you go to Sistine Chapel you will find there a very beautiful Kundalini and Christ standing there beautifully and the whole thing is just absolutely fantastic. Because Michelangelo did it, he was a realized soul. But he suffered a lot. People didn’t understand him. Here you have 26 paintings of Rembrandt and from all over the world people come to see him. That’s how we have also very great musicians like Mozart. Like Strauss, he had written a very beautiful thing ‘Good bye, Petersburg’. So all these musicians were realized souls. Thus there were also great writers in your country. So many of them have written beautiful books that you can make out. In Russia we had lots of people who wrote such spiritual books where they showed the introspection of the different characters. They have told that there is the big celebration day of a great saint, who was in your country. They also said it looked like Me. It was nice to hear that today is that day. So these saints and all these people really got the Divine Creativity in their lives. And they became great prophets and seers. There are many great seers who have written about Sahaja Yoga, that this would happen. There is William Blake* in England. In India we had many people, who have predicted about Sahaja Yoga. Rabindranath Tagore also has written about Sahaja Yoga. In the ancient times there have been very clear predictions as to when Sahaja Yoga will start, when people will get their realizations, in a book called `Nadi Grantha’.
This is a center which we use very much when we think. And this thinking becomes minimum when this center is enlightened. Physically also it helps us a lot to cure so many diseases that we have. If this center is enlightened, then liver trouble, pancreas with diabetes, leukemia, constipation, kidney — all these problems are solved.
Then we have the third center or we can call it the second, because from the second the Svadhisthana comes out. So the center which I’m talking about is called as Nabhi chakra which is working out on the physical side on the solar plexus. This Nabhi chakra when it is in problem gives you all kinds of stomach problems, up to, we can say, the stomach cancer. But when it is enlightened, then you get rid of the physical problems of this chakra. Now the problems caused by taking too much of alcohol or too much of drugs which has spoiled this chakra also get all right. Some of the people suffer from too much greed of eating. And some of them just don’t want to eat.
So when this center is awakened a person becomes a satisfied soul. And then he starts going into new direction of seeking. He now doesn’t care so much for money or worldly things. He starts thinking there must be something beyond. Then a new category of human beings are born, which are called as seekers of truth, as you people are. So a new kind of channel what you call as the central channel gets awakened and people start seeking.
All over the world people are seeking. But in Russia people are evolved and they know what is to be sought or they are sensitive to Truth. The same way in Ukraine, Rumania, Bulgaria, Poland and also Hungary, everywhere I found people are very sensitive to Truth. Now somebody asked Me a question yesterday: “What do you think about these people singing: Hare Rama, Hare Krishna ?” I mean only stupid people can become that. You see, by saying: “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna,” how can you reach a new dimension of human awareness? Krishna in his Gita never said so. All stupid ideas or by reading Gita, by reading Koran, by reading do you think you will ascend? It is like this that supposing a doctor says that you take anacin for your headache, a prescription he gives you. And you go on reading: “Take Anacin, take Anacin.” Will your headache be over? You are to take the medicine. There is no logic in just reading, reading, reading and knowing everything by heart. Any wise person can understand this. Then Krishna never said that you should live like a beggar. Actually he is regarded as God of wealth, Kubera. And his one friend was very poor, so he made a house for him out of gold. How can anyone take the name of Shri Krishna and behave like beggars? This is just the opposite of what Krishna is.
So there are many others like that, but I think, they came here, brought some food and somebody gave a lot of money in America to them and they are spending money here. So people started going to them. But they don’t know anything about Kundalini, they don’t know anything about chakras, they don’t know how to raise the chakras, nothing. Also they were caught for keeping drugs and taking away small children in America. I really feel ashamed the way they beg on the streets in the name of Shri Krishna, who is the Lord of Wealth. So in the west many are lost like this. And I don’t know what to say about them because they have become bankrupt giving money to all these people, and absolutely like lunatics. There is another horrible thing called TM [transcendental meditation], which has not come here I hope. There they took 6 thousand pounds to make people raise their body about 3 feet over the ground. In Russia nobody would accept such a nonsense. What is the need? But by jumping like that their bottoms were broken and TM people have to compensate. So from your innocence you develop your wisdom. And you understand who is sensible and non-sensible.
Then you have another center here, which we call as the center heart, which has also got left and right side. When the center heart is in trouble, one develops insecurity, specially ladies if their center heart is in trouble, if they are insecure they develop breast cancer. If the right heart is in trouble, then you develop diseases like Asthma. And the left side when it is in trouble you develop heart troubles. But when the center heart is enlightened then you develop your security. The antibodies in your body, which fight the diseases, become very alert. Till the age of twelve years the antibodies are created below sternum, and after that they are spread in the whole body. And this sternum, like a remote control, acts to inform the antibodies to fight the attack. Because when we are frightened, suddenly our heart starts beating speedily and your sternum starts moving.
So this sense of security is built up within us when this center is enlightened. You don’t have any fear any more. You don’t aggress any one, but you become dynamic without any fear. At the same time you are extremely compassionate. Your concern moves from yourselves to others and you just feel the love for other people. And other people who were once upon a time your enemy, may be frightened of you, may be afraid of you, become great friends. Suddenly you find that all your enemies become friends. If you are aggressive, you become extremely gentle and mild.
After that, is the center what you call as a Vishuddhi. It is a very big problem of Russians and Ukrainians. So much so that I also got this problem from the collective. As a result we develop angina, spondylitis and so many lethargic organs. We become very depressed and also then we become sly. On the right side we become very aggressive. We talk very loudly and shout at people, get very angry and annoyed. Even some children could be very rude and arrogant. And they may go and ask Me question after question. All these things come from your right Vishuddhi. But when it is awakened then you become a very sweet person You become very collective. You see other Sahaja Yogis as your own. And you want to give what you have got to others. You want to communicate. You are not satisfied only by getting your Self-realization, but you think, that you should spread now. We have got such a precious thing, we must spread it.
Then the most important center, Agnya, is the sixth center. It is placed on the Optic Chiasma where the optic nerves cross each other. Now when we are on the left Agnya, we are affected very much on our eyes. Our eyes can become big and may be our eyes might have a short sight. But left Agnya is crossed in the people, who are lunatics, who are mad. So this left Agnya is a suggestion that there is some sort of a possession on the person. It might be somebody through eyes can mesmerize, or may be through Svadhisthana can mesmerize, and may make you really mad. Like the other day I saw a disciple of this lady Mariya Devi Christos. The disciple was completely possessed. Very aggressive and he was saying just something which nobody understood. He ended up as mad man, that’s all. So one has to be very careful as. to what guru you have been going, what books you have been reading, because this all can cause this left Agnya and left Svadhisthana.
But if the left Agnya is enlightened then you start seeing the vibrations with the naked eyes. You also see the light on a person who is a realized soul. They have shown you the film. I think the cameras have their left Agnya enlightened. There was one man in India who was producing diamonds this, that. And the stupid people thought him to be God. He used to mesmerize people and nobody could see. About few months back very big people from the government went there. And there were four cameras. He mesmerized these big people, but he could not mesmerize the cameras. So the cameras caught him how he took the gold necklace from another man, how he brought it and how he gave it. And we have a tape of that, I have a tape. So this is how the cameras are wonderful! The films mostly I’ve seen are taken by very ordinary people, some are by children. And it cannot be explained. So with the left Agnya, you start seeing a person whether he is a saint or not. You can make out if a person is false or real. And your behavior becomes extremely majestic and decent. You don’t behave like a mad person. Your talk, everything becomes very decent. Even your music, even your jumping, even your dance, everything becomes very decent. There is no shouting, there is no acrobats, but just expression of your enjoyment. What is very penetrating is left Agnya. Small children specially know it better. I know of a child who just went to one lama and told him, “You are not a realized soul, you have no business to sit here and ask everybody to bow to you.” So immediately one can find out who is a hypocrite.
Now front Agnya is also very important. When we don’t forgive people it goes into problems. When we think too much also it brings problems. When we think too much it attacks our conscious mind. You think like mad. Over-activity of the mind. Such people feel the apathy. And now new diseases have come, where people become just reptiles, like fishes, big fishes. They can’t move their hands, they can’t move their legs, only the brain is working. They can’t walk, they are carried like big reptiles. It is very common now in America. So too much thinking, too much futuristic attitude spoils your Agnya. Then you create a very aggressive temperament. Hitler had a very had right Agnya, and right side. They say that Dalai Lama was his guru. They are very much right sided and aggressive. So when you have the right side especially the Agnya, then you become extremely rude, arrogant and egoistic. You start correcting everybody, controlling everybody and you never enjoy anything. And nothing goes into your head. Ultimately what we find is that any kind of imbalance in anyone of these chakras is extremely dangerous.
Now the last center which we call as Sahasrara. There are thousand petals as they say. In the Bible
it is written that I will appear before you like tongues of flames. So in Sahasrara when it is enlightened these nerves which are one thousand (doctors say it is nine-hundred and eighty eight, but they are one thousand) get enlightened and just like, we can say, the flames. They shine in many colors of the rainbow. But they are very soothing, they are very cooling — just the opposite of these flames. And then it starts that Kundalini enters inside it, the brain opens up like this at the fontanelle.
So the knowledge that we have is relative knowledge. Also we have very little and limited knowledge. But when this happens, because the Grace also falls on your Sahasrara, you become extremely knowledgeable. You start grasping subtle things very fast. Normally you cannot grasp subtle things. Of course you become very peaceful and joyous, your nerves start emitting vibrations and you know the Absolute Truth on your finger tips. Sahasrara was the main problem. Now it has opened. And that’s why this work of our en-masse realisation is taking place.
I have tried to tell you in short about these different centers. The quality of Sahasrara is that you know the Absolute Truth on your finger tips. And this is the great, I should say, an event in your life, that you get your Self-realization, a second birth, actually. It is not just a sermon or a lecture. You get it and you can feel it and you can work it out. So the purpose of our life is to enter into the Kingdom of God and to enjoy His blessings without thinking about it.
May God bless you!

*(about William Blake)