Radio TV Interview

St. Petersburg (Russia)

1993-08-02 Shri Mataji, TV Interview, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 35'
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1993-0801 Radio and TV Interview, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Your country had such great Saints and the blessings of the Saints are there. You can see in the Russian people, the heart. I read Tolstoy and many others and I felt its a very introspective country. When I came with My husband here I felt that the human material is of a very great quality, very evolved. Tolstoy’s novels always had the sense of introspection and also idea of resurrection that human beings can change and transform. People always introspect. When I came here, I saw the people in general were extremely sweet, beautiful and respectful.
I am surprised the way Sahaj Yoga is accepted in your country. I must thank Gorbachev for changing the country’s national policy that I could come here and talk about it. It is all Divine’s help that this country could get Sahaj Yoga. Now I find that Russians are much more spiritual than even Indians. They are very deep, not all, they have grown very fast. People in the West get Self-realization, but it takes time. They rationalize, etc. Here they just jump into it. In a way it was such a clean state. They were not materialistic. Most of them were just ready for it.
The tantrikas in India are the perverted class of people. They talk of Kundalini but do all kinds of Black Magic. It started in the 6th century. People used them for mesmerizing. Even Hitler, Dalai Lama used them to brain wash people. The main interest they had was how to make money. They said Kundalini can be awakened through sex. That goes against all religions. Christ has said that “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” The Saints were tortured in India because the kings were controlled by tantrikas. Even now a days we have lots of them in our country and abroad. A Saint can never be interested in your purse, wife or anything like that. He is only interested in the benevolence of the person, of society and this country and also the main interest of a Saint is to make people religious in the real sense of the word, not hypothetical. A Saint has to be a detached personality. He may be a king, a beggar or anything, but in his temperament, he is detached. The main course of this activity is love and compassion.
I will explain to you how by Sahaj Yoga, you can cure people affected by ecology. The principle is that we get physically, mentally, emotionally sick, when the subtle centers in our body get affected. These are energy centers. We have different plexuses in our body. On the physical side these plexuses different, though are nourished by para sympathetic and the energy of these centers is limited. The left and right sympathetic meet to form the parasympathetic. We can use the sympathetic energy if we want to. For example, if you want to increase the heartbeat, you can run. But it settles down by the parasympathetic activity. We have no control over para sympathetic activity. When we use it for sympathetic purpose we believe and we know that the left and right sympathetic systems are two different systems altogether, and also in the brain both sides are absolutely complimentary. Supposing in the brain there is paralysis of the left side, then the right side feels the paralysis. These two sympathetic nervous systems cross at the optic chiasma.
The pituitary body acts on the left side and pineal body acts on the right. Though they are placed the other way. The pituitary is the one which gives us the power of action, by which we think and take physical actions. The pineal looks after the left side which looks after our power of desire. The left side is the one which has accumulated within itself the conditioning and as a by product we develop the super ego on the right side of the conditioning. We call it Manas in Sanskrit and the power of action on the right hand side develops a system we can call it by product like a balloon called ego. Either we are on the right side or on the left side, because we can’t go to the parasympathetic. Beyond the left side is all that was created since our creation. All the part, all the virus, bacterias, which come from dead plants, dead microorgan[ism]s which have gone out of the evolutionary process. Some of the diseases that come to us like mental diseases, schizophrenia, come from the left side because we get possessed by the dead spirit. In the medical science, people don’t believe in it.
Once we get affected by this left side we develop disease which are incurable by human beings. The second center called as Swadishthan comes out of the solar plexus. It manifests in aortic plexus outside.
It nourishes our liver, pancreas, Kidneys, upper part of our intestines and also the lower part. It moves round the void. But has another important work to do that is to give energy, and replacement of our gray cells in the brain when we think. Medical science doesn’t know what replaces our gray cells. This is the most important work this center has to do. By thinking too much a person becomes futuristic, so he moves to the right. By that he starts using the right side power too much. The center becomes constructed and our liver is neglected. Liver is very important because it expels all the poison from our body, but it becomes non function able because it’s overactive. It cannot expel the heat so this heat rises upwards to the center of right Heart which looks after the lungs. This heat goes and collapses the lungs and affects that center, thus we get asthma. In Sahaja Yoga asthma is absolutely curable. Then it moves upwards and can give you a kind of a cold because the lungs are not working and the phlegm melts. Then you develop allergies, or you start sneezing too much, or you get hay fever. With the result it becomes more engrossed within brain activity. Also apart from liver your pancreas suffers, and you develop diabetes.
Only people who think too much develop diabetes, and not by sugar. People in the villages drink a lot of sugar but they don’t get diabetes, because they just work and sleep. They don’t think of the future. When it comes to the spleen, it is neglected. In modern times the life is so hectic and very speedy. The spleen is our speedometer. If there is any emergency it produces RBC [Red Blood Cells]. But with this modern life you are so hectic. In the morning you read the newspapers with horrible news. You get upset and so the spleen gets upset. Then you rush to office, you are nervous because you will be late. You are slaves of your watch. You become absolutely a hectic personality. This poor spleen doesn’t know how to react. It becomes crazy. This is the vulnerability for blood cancer. At this time if your attention moves to the left by any mishap, or accident or depression, you get a catch. Many leukemia patients have been cured by Sahaj Yoga.
The Swadishthan also looks after the kidneys, which are neglected and the heat of the liver goes there and may stop urination and may have to be put on dialysis. Nobody gets cured by dialysis. They only become bankrupt. This also gets cured when you put this center right. The heat comes down and makes the intestine stiff so the digestion is not good and you don’t feel hungry and such a person gets constipation. These are all the diseases which are very common for the modern man. The most dangerous is when too much heat goes up because of too much activity and thinking. Supposing a man is a drunkard and he spoils his liver and he plays tennis. All the heat created, goes up and affects the heart. At a very young age he gets a fatal heart attack. Another very big problem is that he can get paralysis of the right side.
As in the car we have an accelerator and also a brake. This is to give a brake. Thus we can cure with Sahaj Yoga. This Kundalini, which is the residual power rises and nourishes this center. She puts them right and connects you to the All-pervading Power and this Power all the time nourishes your centers. When you are connected with that power it works out for everyone.