Shakti Puja: After Realisation we use only one power which is of Love

Tolyatti (Russia)

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Shakti Puja, Togliatti (Russia), 3 August 1993.

Today it is such a great day for Me to be with you, all again this year. It’s so very joyous and full of fragrance. Today we have decided to have a Puja of Shakti that is the Power, that is the Devi.

You know within us there are many Powers of Mahakali, Mahasaraswati, Mahalakshmi, Kundalini. All these Powers are there for us to ascent. If these Powers are properly used and understood, then your ascent can be permanent. Once you achieve your ascent and enter into the kingdom of God, all these Powers get enlightened. And these Powers which are enlightened are absolutely filled with love. Enlightenment, we have to understand that we get completely enlightened by love. So, after enlightenment, after Realisation, we use only one power which is of love.

Shri Rama had two sons: one was Lav and one was Kush. One of them, Lav, came to Russia. That’s why you are called as Slavs, means ‘with love’. So, Russian people are already quite full of their heart with love. But once you get your enlightenment, you realise that your love becomes a beautiful ocean of joy for yourself.

This love is not the same which you had before enlightenment. It’s transformed into a new dimension, into a new form. Before enlightenment you are attached to yourself, first of all, very much: to your body, to your mind, to your conditionings, to your intellect, to your ego. And that is how you develop darkness of many horrible things within yourself. If you are too much attached to your body, then you may eat too much or you may not eat at all or you may exercise too much or you may work it out for a particular form of your figure. And you will use your body for absolutely wrong things or sinful things also. But then you become enlightened and you understand that your body is the temple of God, then you keep your body clean and also you try to avoid all that is destructive for your body.

The, another attachment we have is very limited, say, for your own family, for your children, for your wife, for your husband, something like that. Despite that, a human being can be extremely selfish and could only bother about himself and first of all him, and then the rest. Also, he may spoil his children or spoil her husband or his wife in any way, just to pamper their ego. Some people might indulge into alcoholism or drugs or all kinds of things. Also, to help their families, they might drop other people because they are very self-centred and their vision is very narrow. Sometimes they discover that (for) those people for whom they are doing wrong things, are not actually bothered about them.

Then there’s an enlightenment and they see for themselves that, “Whatever I’m doing is neither good for me nor for my family, my relations”. After enlightenment you think collectively. Also, when you think about your wife and your children, your family, you think what is the right thing for them to do. Immediately you become attentive to their problems and to their destructive ways. Then this power of love changes the whole atmosphere. In the family people see how sacrificing you are and how noble you are. This nobility is seen very clearly among Sahaja Yogis. In that noble understanding of life, they try to be extremely attentioned, sweet in the family and try to bring them to the right path.

At the same time, when they are helping their families and trying to improve their understanding, they can be also very particular as to see that they do not allow overindulgence into their family. Because of the enlightenment there is detachment. And the power of detached love is the greatest that it is like the sap in these trees which rises from the Mother Earth, goes up into the smallest of leaves and then it is either evaporated or goes back to the Mother Earth. It doesn’t stay in one flower because it likes it or in one leaf because it likes it. It nourishes every part of the tree, whatever is needed, and is not attached. But supposing it gets entangled or involved in one flower or in one leaf, the tree will die and that leaf and the flower will also die. So, detached love only gives, doesn’t expect anything back. If it expects anything, it’s the complete prosperity and the goodness of the tree. In the same way a saintly person, who is a Sahaja Yogi, behaves towards his family, towards his friends, towards everything.

We have used only the power of hatred so far. In the politics, especially, one country believes that they must hate another country, they are born for that. Because hundred years back some quarrel took place or a war took place, so the children are still fighting among themselves. You’ll be amazed that when I first came to Russia, twenty-five German Sahaja Yogis rushed to help Me here. Instead of bearing that malice in their hearts, as their forefathers had killed so many of Russians, they felt it was their greatest wishes to go and do some service for the Russians. So, all the hatred changes into this powerful love.

This power of love is the greatest power and after Sahaja Yoga we have to use only our power of love. It’s the most powerful, effective weapon that we have. Because this is Divine love. We are getting our source of divine love from the All-pervading Power of God’s love.
They say that, “God is Almighty”. Then who can be more powerful than God? And if we are connected with God Almighty, who could be mightier than us? In his love, He protects us, He gives us whatever we want, He blesses us and He makes us enjoy ourselves. His government is the most efficient one and is very quick and very fast.

Today only when I was coming, one of the Sahaja Yogis came and said that, “Mother it is very cloudy, it may rain”. And when I came out after five minutes, I found the whole sky cleared out. So, all these five elements also are at the disposal of the children of God. Even the cruellest of the cruel person melts down and comes to the humble understanding of this Power. No one can harm you. And anybody who tries to harm you becomes melted away.

It’s so many miracles that in this short speech I won’t be able to tell you all of them but you’ll find it in your life itself, how this power of love, that you have within your heart, has protected you. I have seen people who are very hot tempered, who are angry type, who are all the time making other’s life miserable, become extremely beautiful, nice people. With this light of love, you love yourself in the right way. And you give up all that is wrong, all that is immoral. This love is eternal, is very powerful and gives you a confidence in the collectivity of human beings. Because it’s the Spirit which enlightens your – all the powers. And the Spirit is the source of collectivity and love for every human being in the world. Then your attention goes to all the people who are in trouble, who are suffering, who need help. And with this attention, which is so enlightened, you can solve their problems sitting down here.

With such people, there is no need to have any wars, no need to have any weapons, no needs to have any boundaries. If Russians go to India, they feel India is their country, if Indians come to Russia they think Russia is their own country. So, who will fight? There’s no one to whom you can really say, “He is my enemy” because everybody is part and parcel of your being.

These are the special times I call them the “Blossom time” when so many flowers are there who are seeking the truth. And their fragrance is their love. And they have all to become fruits now. And this is what is going to happen as these times are very, very important. In all the religions they are described. Then we don’t hate anyone because he believes in one religion or another religion. On the contrary, we believe in all the religions. This is the power by which a drop becomes the ocean and individual becomes the collective.

So, all your powers that are there are enlightened by this All-pervading Power. It transforms you and it has such a beautiful, delicate way of handling everything. The only thing that is needed is faith in this Power that only by having love for others, (and) this enlightened love is going to give you whatever you want. And that there is such a power, All-pervading Power! There is no doubt about it. And we have to just accept it with our open heart that it fills it and makes us a great personality.

So, there is no competition, there’s no ambition, there is no jealousy, nothing of the kind. The only desire is then left that, as I am enjoying myself, let others also enjoy. People go out of the way to spread Sahaja Yoga. They work very hard, travel with very little money, they try to convince people, do all kinds of things for no materail gain. But the greatest joy is when you see that you have risen the Kundalini of another person and given him a Self-realisation. That light of your faces I have seen many a times. Let this love grow more and more!

They asked Me why, of all places, I came to Togliatti. Not for Volga, not for these beautiful houses you have but for my children who are here.
May God bless you!