Public Program for Doctors

Moscow (Russia)

1993-08-07 Public Program for Doctors Moscow Russia DP-RAW, 44'
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Public Program for Doctors, Moscow (Russia), August 7th, 1993

[The beginning is missing]

Shri Mataji: … So, Mother must cure. And some of them are following me when I am in London, in Spain, they are after my life all around. But they missed me all the time. I said, “You’d better go to the Sahaja centre”. “But the Sahaja Yogis are not doctors. So, we don’t want to have treatment from Sahaja Yogis who are not doctors”. That’s why I’m requesting you people, because people have faith in you. They trust you. They think you are noble people. They have faith in your degrees. They think you are compassionate; you are honest. That’s why I’ve been talking to doctors.

Now at least, I hope here, in Russia, some of you will really get to the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. We need many doctors to do that. There was a spin that a hospital would be was going to give us a wing where we could start Sahaja Yoga. [To the translator]. There was a proposal that some hospital was going to give us a wing for Sahaja Yoga.
Translator: Yes.
Shri Mataji: But, last 4 years, nothing has happened. Before this, I have been telling you all about Sahaja Yoga. But today, I must tell you about doctors. I have told you why I am very anxious that doctors should take to Sahaja Yoga knowledge. Why? I also studied medicine because I had to talk to doctors. Just open your mind; it is meta-science. It’s miraculous. You enter into another realm of reality and totality. Just have confidence. You can do so much good to your people.

But tomorrow, in the history, how will doctors of modern times, of Russia, will do that taking care for their people? They didn’t bother at all to take this Sahaja Yoga to people. Because, one day, you’ll create this realm. If not in your time, it will be later definitely. Already we had thousands and thousands of Sahaja Yogis in Russia and Ukraine. They themselves can cure. But because there are no doctors, you see, it has no [4:58 Hindi?]. Why don’t you also just try to form a research and find out if what we say is true or not. If you, doctors, are not going to take any step, tomorrow people will say, “What was wrong with them?” If the whole thing is brought to you, completely open, much more effective than medical science, why should you not take to it? Still, I can’t understand doctors.

Especially, when I was studding, in our college we were only six girls. They were all very noble people. They had great ideas about doing something for the country. But till then, I have not found out Sahaja Yoga on a collective basis. And now, I am 71. And they are even older than me, they were even older. Some of them are no more and some of them are very old. That generation, we have lost, which had idealism, which had compassion, which had higher values, human values.

But if you get your Kundalini awakened, I am sure you all will find that all these great qualities are manifesting in you. You will become extremely dynamic and extremely compassionate. I am sorry I have to say these things to you. But you must feel my concern for Russian people and Ukrainian people. They are wonderful people. I can’t expect American doctors to come round. As it is, I think Americans are idiotic compared to you people. Others are egoistical. But I again appeal to your sense. Because I know since long time, I have been visiting Russia, that Russians are extremely wise people and with very large hearts. Thank you very much.
[Shri Mataji does ‘namaste’] That’s all for Russians [unsure].

Only thing is, now you must take some positive steps.

[Sahaja Yogis open the letters from the audience.]
[Cut in the video]

In America, they showed him on the television also. And ultimately, he got all of them in his ashram and burned all of them. Thousands of women, children, men.
[Shri Mataji shows a photo of a young boy.]
Now this lady is saying that 24th November, is the day when the whole world will be destroyed.

I know, I hope the doctors don’t believe that. It’s a very interesting world I have come to. So, then we can ask her, “Did she take her child to cemeteries?”
[Conversation in Russian]
Even the churches, you have cemeteries. Imagine! Which is very dangerous but they do not know anything what happens after death and how we have to protect our children. Any one of these mistakes committed, the child can get destroyed. In Sahaja Yoga, it is better to know the reason. But even if you don’t know the reason, you can cure. It’s a left-sided disease. It is a psycho- not psychosomatic – but a psychological, we can call it. Psychic case. Then we have somatic. Then all this cancer and all these incurable diseases are psychosomatic. So, this child can be easily cured. But they will not go to the center. They would like me to cure. When I am going away tomorrow morning.

They have faith in me, but not in their own fellow men, Russian Sahaja Yogis. I am not Russian, after all. That’s why I say the doctors should take over.
[Conversation in Russian]

Dr Bogdan: Shri Mataji, how does the manual [unsure] therapy on the spine work on people? If they can start being cured in Sahaja Yoga? It means people when they go to [unclear] if they have already started Sahaja Yoga, then they get a [unclear; 15:03]?
Shri Mataji: Now to be careful. You must know how to protect yourself like a doctor puts the gloves, you see. So, there are certain protections which you have to take, especially in the beginning.

Dr Bogdan: Shri Mataji, we doctors, do we have to cure these people or do they have to cure themselves also? What duties then do we have, what burdens we have as doctors in Sahaja Yoga?
Shri Mataji: You have the greatest purpose, that is the purpose of life to be the instrument of the Divine.
Also in your practice, even in your practice, you will know much faster than anybody else can know about the patient. If your purpose is to cure the patients, you will. But if your purpose is just to make money, then you better not do Sahaja Yoga. Make money is all right. I have told you there are many whom you can cure. Everybody can come to Sahaja Yoga. But there also, you will be better off. Like, I have seen surgeons, they have become very successful surgeons. Because you get the knowledge of the totality of a person. So, even in your practice, you become an expert.
Of course, you should earn your living, I am not saying that. And should earn all your living. But you must accept that you know much more than others. As doctors, you become much more dynamic. Those Sahaja Yogis who are doctors are doing very well. One of the doctors who did his MB in India, has got such scholarship in America. Also, if you cure even five people without making any money, you may not have collective money but you have connected human beings. Supposing tomorrow, you fall sick, there are people who will run for you to go anywhere.

I’ll give an example of a doctor who was known for making money in India. And another doctor’s child was sick and also, ethically, he should have been kind to that person, but he was not.
Because he thought he is a doctor and, “If I treat this child, I cannot make money ethically”. So, he avoid it. Then his own daughter got sick. [To the translator] Daughter, daughter.
And the same doctor, whose doctor he had not treated the child, was the only one specialist in that disease. And when he approached that doctor, he said, “I have no time, I am very rich”. These doctors had become rich both of them, but lost their children. But when they died, there were not even four people to lift their body for cremation.

The greatest achievement in this world is not money, is human beings. You see, I don’t take any money. Luckily my husband is very rich and he sees I am doing good work, he is a noble man, he wants to spend for me. But supposing I had no money, still, I don’t have to worry at all. Everything works out. It is love which is so important. You have to know the value of collectivity. As doctors, of course, you know if there is one finger hurt, there is a reflex action on the whole body. The whole body immediately reflexes, goes to help that one finger. So, in the collective when you are, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you go to England, you have friends. If you go to America, you have friends. You go to India, you have friends. Friends so dear, they will accept you, they will look after you, they will give you money, they’ll do everything for you.

Do you know how many Germans came this time again? 35 of them, every year. Here, we have English. We have from Finland. We have from Austria coming for Russians. Anything the Russians want. They wanted a fax, all right, fax has come. They wanted a computer, all right, computer. Whatever you want, we’ll give you [unclear 25:29], because they are Sahaja Yogis, they trust each other. They can do anything for you. If you are a doctor, they will give you an employment somewhere, such a big organism is going on.

Our Indian C.C.’s son was going to America. He told me, “My son wants to go”. He is a Sahaja Yogi. [To the translator] Somebody’s son wanted to go to America and he is Commander in Chief of India, he is the top most man. Commander in chief of India.
And he has relations in America, he has so many friends in America, all drinking friends, you see, in the military. Nobody came forward to help that boy. He is such a capable one, such a capable, intelligent boy. He told his father, “Now, you have done your job, isn’t it? Now let me do it”. [To the translator] He told his father that, “You have done everything that is possible. Now I’ll do it”. And within ten days, he was in America. He got his admission. He got his house, living, food, everything. And he was surprised. His father is such a big man in India! That’s what it is.

So much this love can do, we have never known the power of love.

Some children were sent to India, some people carried them, looked after them, the children are so attached to everyone, I mean, it is something very different.

So, I said, “Why don’t you- [Cut in the video]

[SY fixing the mike]

… What about the men? Somebody told me, “In Russia, men don’t really want to take to Sahaja Yoga, because they’ll have to give up drinking”. But once you get to Sahaja Yoga. You are drunk already! You enjoy yourself so much. I think with all this, I am sure you almost have got it already.

[Realization starts]
Please put your hands towards me like this. And take off your shoes, because Mother Earth helps us.

Now please, raise your right hand like this, upward. And bend your head and see from your fontanelle bone area, this soft bone in your childhood, if there is a cool or a hot breeze that [unclear] is coming out. First of all, have full confidence and forget the past. Don’t feel guilty at all. Because this All-pervading Power of Divine love is an ocean of forgiveness and all your mistakes can be easily dissolved.

Have faith in yourself. Now please, put the left hand towards me like this. Now put down your head. And see for yourself again with your right hand, if there is a cool or a hot breeze like thin coming out, some air coming out of your head or your whole head. Now please, put the right hand again and see for the last time. Forgive everyone, forgive everyone. Whether you forgive or don‘t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. So, at this time, please forgive everyone. Forgive yourself also.
In the light of your Spirit, you will become your own master, you will know everything. Bend your heads, bend your heads.

Now raise your both the hands towards the sky, like this, and push back your head. And ask a question three times: Is this the All-pervading Power of Divine love that does all the living work? Please, all of you do it. Now please bring down the hands. Again, put your hands like this. Watch me and don’t think. You can do it. You are aware but you don’t think. At this stage, you are in the present and your spirituality grows.
Now all those who have felt cool or hot breeze on the finger tips or in the hand or out of their fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands. See, all the doctors have got it. May God bless you.

This Power created all these flowers. It runs our heart. Who is the auto? In the same way, she has sprouted your seed also, and you are feeling the Power. Only thing I have to request you, is to use this Power. Please join hands with Galina, doctor Galina and form something sensible, where we could send you patients, where you can study them. Even in your hospitals, everywhere, you can study your patients and write down what you have found out. Maybe in your universities, they might give you a score for doing doctorate or something. Maybe, if you all try.

We have doctor Valentina also doing so much work and we have doctor Galina. You have to join hands with her. And please write to her that you would like to join her, them. And you can do something very constructive. And you will be amazed, it will be much more satisfying than curing patients with money.

Of course, you can have your practice, as said, there is no objections, nothing like that. [To the translator] You can have your practice, there is no objection for that. Nobody has to go to the Himalayas to stand on his head; nor you have to suffer anything. Nobody has to give up his family, his children Nothing. The transformation is within. Only thing, within a month, you’ll become an expert. Then you experiment and also, record it how people have been cured.

Next year, again, I will also come and I hope by that time, I will see some organization of the doctors, working out this noble work, for which you don’t have to pay anything. In the beginning, you have to use my photograph, because it has vibrations.

Now what to do? I had to do this job. If you have photographs, you can do the job, I have no objections. But it is something bestowed on me, to be an archetype that I have to get photographs, and the photograph has the vibrations. They didn’t show you the- [To the translator] Did you show them anyone of these?
Sahaja Yogi: No.
Shri Mataji: No. They didn’t show you the films in which you’ll see how my photographs are emitting vibrations you see. Cameras are exposing me too much. But that is just to convince you. I think you’ll make it convenient for them to see the film. [To the translator] What did you show him?
Sahaja Yogi: The slides were brought.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Sahaja Yogi: The slides were brought here.
Shri Mataji: This is what English … [Laughter]. I’m sorry they didn’t bring the slides. All right, but you can always see, there is no problem, we will send you the slides and everything, the whole instruction.
Also, we have worked in 55 nations, we’ll send you all the addresses. If you have any problems, anywhere, you can write to them.

For myself, I have to ask for one thing, if you, people, can send me your photograph with your name and addresse, I’ll keep any time. So, I can see your photograph at least.
Thank you.

Sahaja Yogi: She wants to give you.
Shri Mataji: Please I have to go. I hope you will allow me to go. And go to the centers.

[End of video]