Shri Krishna Puja: Dharma

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)


Shri Krishna Puja, Cabella Ligure (Italy), 15 August 1993

Today we have gathered here to do Shri Krishna puja. 

We have to understand clearly that Shri Krishna is a very, very important deity within us; because He is the Vishnu, who resides in the Void, in the Nabhi. He is the one who generates dharma within us.

When you got your Realisation I didn’t tell you, “Don’t do this.” “Don’t do that.” I never told you that, “This is not good.” “That is not good.” You just did, it because Shri Vishnu was awakened within you. 

He is in the Void and, if He is awakened, He brings you to the light, removes your ignorance, removes your darkness, and you start seeing that whatever you were doing was destructive for you, and that’s how the dharma is established. Of course, the dharma was established also by all the ten Gurus who came on this Earth, the prophets, who taught us about dharma.

So this combination of Shri Vishnu and the ten Gurus is to establish dharma within us. Now this dharma is taught by prophets, as you have seen everywhere. They have said, “Don’t do this. Don’t do that.” They have talked of Ten Commandments. Every prophet has talked about dharma, what is to be done, up to a point when Christ also had to talk about it and He says, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.”

But Shri Krishna is the one who says that, “I come on this Earth when there is a glani (ग्लानि),” means demise, “of dharma.” When the dharma becomes weak, then He comes on this Earth, and then He destroys the people who are responsible for bringing dharma to this level of doom. 

The second thing He says [is] that, “I protect the saints. I protect the saints and I kill all those who are devils,” or who are satanic, who are destructive. These are His promises which He gave long time back as Shri Krishna. As Vishnu we know Him only as the one who is the giver of dharma, mainly. But all His potent qualities really were expressed when He came as Shri Krishna. At the time of Shri Rama also these qualities could not be expressed in that way.

So Shri Krishna’s first half of His life He spent in Gokul and Vrindavan where He showed His beautiful expression of His character, as He made it, what He calls as leela, leeladhara: the one who said that you become a witness. You witness the whole world like a drama — sakshi swarupa. And then once you see the whole world as just a child watches, in a child-like mirth and joy, you enjoy life. That has happened to you people that you have become like citizens of Vrindavan and Gokul, the way you are enjoying yourself, enjoying each other’s company, enjoying the bliss of God. 

There He showed also by killing Kaliya, by killing Putana and other people, that if anybody tries to trouble such joyous children of God, He is the one who will definitely protect and kill all such evil forces which are troublesome.

But later on He becomes the king, and when He becomes the king He uses His powers in a different way. First of all, if you see His own uncle, His own relation, His own uncle, mother’s brother, was Kansa, and was such a bad man. So Shri Krishna didn’t spare him, He killed him. He killed so many people. Before becoming the king, He killed so many people. Now what does that mean that His own uncle He killed? One quality that He has, which Christ had or so many saints had, is forgiveness. He did not believe in forgiveness. He’s the only one who said that, “I have to punish.” We have to have somebody who should punish also. If you are like Shiva, then Shiva used to even love rakshasas and in His innocence He used to give them also blessings. But Shri Krishna did not believe in forgiveness at all because it was important that there should be somebody with a very stern mind, with such a stern understanding that a devil is a devil, and devil must be killed.

He has done in His lifetime, if you see, killing of so many people. That doesn’t mean that we have a right to kill anybody — He was Shri Krishna, we are not. We have to forgive because we are human beings. Once we forgive we transfer all our anger, all our attitude of taking revenge, to Shri Krishna — He takes over. Once you say that, “I forgive,” then He takes over, because He does not forgive. He will immediately take over from you and if it is justifiable, if it is necessary, He will punish the people who are torturing saints, who are destroying the dharma.

Now it is very surprising that, whatever is preached by the person, that area becomes just the opposite of it; is very surprising. Like we said that Christ said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” Christians are the worst as far as their eyes are concerned. In the same way, in the Hindu religion it is said that everybody has the Spirit. Still the Hindus believe in the different castes and communities and fight with each other. Everything that was preached, just the opposite of it is followed.

If you read even Koran, in the Koran, Mohammed Sahib has all the time said about rehmat, means compassion. But you don’t find it anywhere. He has not said about shariat, He has not said of many things which are being practiced by Muslims, just on their own. He never said that women should cover their face or cover their heads, but it is practiced and not [only] practiced but [with a] vengeance. So what it shows to us is this, that whatever is preached, just the opposite of that people try to do. And when such things happen, the dharma goes down.

Now as you know that Krishna, His country is America. He rules over America. So it is a rich country because Shri Krishna is Kubera. He is the Lord of wealth. So, He has given wealth to America. 

Then He is for jana (जना), means communication. His another quality is that He is the one who communicated. It was He who danced with gopis and gopas. It was He who transferred His powers to them. So the communication part is one of His greatest qualities that is working in America. So they are going just the opposite way that, if there is a war, say, with Saddam Hussein, so America is going. If there’s Korean War, America is going. Everywhere there is any problem, America has to go. I mean, one can ask question, “Who are you? Why are you bothered? Keep to your own country, enjoy yourself. Why are you sending troops all over? Why are you looking after everyone?”

Even the formation of UN and all that is done under the guidance of the Americans. They play a very important part in the formation of this United Nations and one world and peace and all sorts of things. But actually, if you see, the main thing that Krishna had taught, they are missing. They are all right for communication, they are all right for establishing relationships between countries, but the worst thing they have done is that there is no dharma, no idea of dharma, no morality; democracy without morality. To talk of a morality in America is something out of the blue. They cannot understand anyone who talks of morality. 

Now, of course, the pangs of their doings is really torturing them. And also they are realising, some of them, that because of immoral behaviour they have come to a point where sixty-five percent [of] people of that country who are Americans may suffer from some disease or may just die out at a very young age. When it is coming as a stark information it’s a shock. But despite that, despite all this, they are still going on with it and thinking that, “No, no, no. It’s all right. It’s not for us. What is there to worry?” 

Now His punishments have started, which they don’t realise how the punishment has started. 

Now supposing somebody is leading an immoral life and as a result he develops some disease. Now this disease is not curable. They try everything to find out the ways and methods of curing these diseases which are coming out of immoral living. They cannot. It’s an impossible task for all the medical sciences of America to find out how to cure these particular diseases which are coming out of immorality. But the worst part is that they cannot even say that immorality is wrong. They cannot even openly admit that immoral behaviour leads to these things. And this immorality is completely neglected in a country of Shri Krishna where He was born, always He says, just to establish morality.

Artificial morality, that is there, like the Islamic talk about or the Christians talk about or Hindus talk about, is artificial, where they are hypocritical: they follow one code of conduct, and another they have for themselves secretly adopted. But America is an open thing. Whatever they are doing they are not hiding it. They say, “We don’t believe in hypocrisy!” So they are not hiding it. And this has led this country, such a vast, beautiful, rich, prosperous country, into such a ditch that I do not know how it is going to recover unless and until it takes to Sahaj Yoga.

Now another thing that dharma does to a normal person: a dharmic person is one who is always introspective by nature. He tries to see: “Am I doing things all right? Is it correct?” He doesn’t allow his mind to justify wrong things. That is one of the signs of a real dharmic person. He may not be a Sahaj Yogi, but he will ask himself: “Is it right or is it wrong?” 

But that capacity is completely gone in America. They never try to introspect themselves. On the contrary, they always say, “What’s wrong?” Those people who go on like this will definitely fall into a mess of things that will have no moral conduct, moral guidance. 

It is introspection which gives you an awakened conscience, a conscience which tells you, “This is wrong.” They may be guided in one part. For example, they might say that, “We are all right in administration,” maybe, or, “We are all right for our railways, our shipping, our other things, or maybe other economic banks or whatever it is.” But all these things are extremely superficial for human beings and they are outside. The inside is all managed by the conscience and also through moral inspection of yourself. People say, “Mother, what is this conscience?” This conscience is there. It is there all the time but a person has to be conscious about it: “I have a conscience”. And this conscience has to answer. That conscience that is within us is the light of Shri Krishna within us even before Realisation.

As you know the ascent takes place, of Kundalini, through the Sushumna which is guided by Mahalakshmi. She is the power of Shri Krishna. By listening to your conscience you develop a proper channel of Mahalakshmi within yourself. But the people who have no conscience…in a particular line it’s not so; it is [needed] in every line, in every way, otherwise, one chakra will be all right, another chakra will be in jeopardy. So the conscience has to be referred to, which is beyond rationality: it is not rationality. Something may look rational to kill somebody or to snatch somebody’s money or to grab somebody’s land, may seem. But conscience will tell you that, “This is not right.”

At a time when people invaded so many countries and tried to overpower them, it was America which was the only country, you must understand, [that] never went out of their bounds to become empires. It’s very surprising, what kept them there. Because at that time when all this nonsense was going on all over the world and that era when people didn’t mind subjecting other people, taking away their lands and becoming this thing (their rulers), America had stopped at that time. Before doing that, they had done once for all. They had occupied the area, they became the landlords, they became this. Of course they were foreigners. But after having done that, the era when the people started expanding their empire, they did not do it. Now what is the reason? Why they didn’t do it? 

We should ask a question: when others were expanding their empires why did America not do it? The reason is very simple. At that time some great people, with great conscience, were born in that country and they guided that country, like, you can say, [George] Washington was there. Of course, there were so many people, whom if I name there, there will be a big list of those people. But if you see their character, their life, the way they lived. Abraham Lincoln, if you see his life, [it was] full of conscience, full of conscience. And they didn’t allow the nation to be drifted away to the ambition of gathering other countries and making them their slaves, and this they didn’t do.  

So in the first place when, I should say, Columbus went there, conquered them, and tried to…actually he didn’t do much but Spanish and then others and then Anglo-Saxons, all of them, when they conquered that country, once they settled down there, [it was] as if that era was over for them once for all. And then they started talking about freedom, of democracy, of higher values. But the karmas of their past, the way they killed so many aboriginals, so many Red Indians, will not be forgiven by Shri Krishna unless and until now they take to Sahaj Yoga.

Despite that time, when they did not try to overpower other countries and to spread their empire and do all kinds of cruelties, like Hitler, they didn’t do that. And they always stood for something that is justice, tried to at least. Then they became hypocritical also but on the whole, on the face of it, they tried to show that they are for uniting the whole world: against racialism, against fundamentalism, all this. I mean, some sort of an idealism they propagated. But despite all that all these ideas of self-destruction started working in them. 

So I would say it is nothing but their karmas [which] are working against them. And that’s how the violence is so much rampant there: so many diseases, so many things, it is very remarkable that all these troubles have started very, very recently in America, because the exposure is coming up. 

To add to that we had lots of false gurus who went there and captured innocent, simple people who were seeking the truth. We have lost so many of them in America. Also there, I would say, in the atmosphere were these curses of the people whom they had killed, which reacted, and they took to something that was wrong. Why should they have taken to wrong things as far as their personal life is concerned? Freedom was given to them but they thought freedom is there also to ruin themselves or to make a mess out of their lives. This is a wrong idea which worked in them, then the whole idea became collective. When it became collective they found out that people like all those things that are destructive.

So, we have Hollywood there, we have all such organisations and musicians and big, big destructive forces, which have formed groups, and militant organisations which openly say that: “We are that.” For example, only in America we have satan’s organisation, devils’ organisations, then there’s witchcraft — openly! Openly, they are registered organisations in America when nowhere in the world you can have such a thing that: “This is a black magic organisation.” “This is a witchcraft organisation.” Openly they are registered there! 

So to such an extent they have gone and accepted collectively; the reason is the punishment. That’s why America is the most difficult place for us, for Sahaj Yoga.

One must have real sympathy for them. They are now passing through the phase of punishment, because their forefathers did all kinds of wrong things and they, too, never accepted dharma as a principle of life. They thought that dharma means killing your freedom, dharma means it takes away your personal, private life into the hands of something else. 

So to establish dharma in America what can we do? I have been to America at least ten times more than I have been to Russia, and I want to really, somehow or other, bring to their notice that, “You have lost your dharma.” But this will never appeal to them because they are very egoistical. If you tell them like that then they’ll be very angry. On the contrary, those who tell them — like Rajneesh and all these people, “Oh, there’s no dharma!” — their weaknesses, their egos are pampered, then they are very happy. So it’s a difficult task in that country to make people understand that you are under punishment, that this punishment you can only overcome if you become Sahaj Yogis.

With Sahaj Yoga their dharma will be awakened and all their punishments and all their curses will be over. It is America which needs Sahaj Yoga much more than any other country. My concern for America is for the same reason. I am not saying so much about South America but more about the North America. But even in South America, what I found is that it is a kind of a nation where they have no guidance at all about dharma, no guidance. Openly they are doing carnival, this, that. I mean, how can you do it in a country, all those things? They are following the footsteps of North America. Like in North America they have that Halloween nonsense. I mean, imagine openly on the street doing Halloween nonsense! So they are following carnival. To them, “Ah, what a thing it is to go to Rio,” as if there’s a very big achievement and going into that carnival from all over the places, from Australia people are coming down. 

All this is working against them very much. Their situation is so bad in so many ways that it is not easy to explain why they are going to that limit. Like thirteen-year-old girls are made into prostitutes in Brazil, openly! All their trees are cut in Amazon, openly! Whole smuggling is done, openly. Their politicians are corrupt. There’s so much of black magic there, so much of black magic — openly that too. 

They are just following the footsteps of North America. The ‘dharma’ is like this Catholic Church is there. What is it going to teach them dharma, this Catholic Church? So they go to church, they do everything and they come back home with the same ideas that they have. 

There are countries and countries which are so very poor, so that shows that Kubera’s attention is not on that country. Normally, poor people are dharmic, normally, because money gives them these ideas to do all nonsensical things and ego. Normally, the poor people are dharmic but there it is different: they indulge into black magic too much. They were telling me that it is the black magic which came from Africa and they have accepted. But so much it is developed in South America that it’s impossible to understand that how they have accepted this nonsense so easily to curse themselves.

Now, we have to understand that these problems also exist within ourselves, on our Vishuddhi Chakra if we have to keep our Vishuddhi Chakra all right. We have two sides as you know, is the left and the right. So the right side is the Vishuddhi Chakra which is speaking, which is talking about dharma, which is on the aggressive side, we can say.

Now those people who are aggressive, who talk in an aggressive manner, who are trying to dominate others by their talks are the people who are right-sided. I have shown people, those who really do wrong things. Say, a person, a servant steals something, [if] you call him, he’ll be so rude to you that you will be amazed: “This man is so rude. How can he, how can have been able to steal something?” He’s not afraid, he’s answering you back so nicely. So those people who are right-sided can cover up any sin that they have committed, any wrong they have done, any murder they have done, by their talk. It could be a talk which is very aggressive, blatant. People might think, “Oh, how can that be? This man is telling so loudly everything,” and you are just stunned and you think: “No, it’s not possible. How can a person who says this thing?” In this way we, too, as ordinary human beings, indulge into all kinds of nonsensical things and then we try to justify it by talking, wriggling out of it. 

You know as many criminals, war criminals, have come out of it by just talking, by creating stories, by showing something like that. That also is with all human beings, they have this capacity to say something by which to hide whatever wrong you are doing. But it is never realised by them that whatever harm you have done is not going to be forgiven and will be less forgiven when you talk like this because Shri Krishna is finished. If you start justifying, rationalising all your wrong things, then you will be punished and you will be punished very badly, in so many ways, that you will not know how to get it out of it: physically, mentally, emotionally, every way you will be.

So [in] our Right Vishuddhi, we have to have a temperament, a culture, a style, a behaviour which has got the quality of Shri Krishna, which is called as madhurya, means melodious, melodious. We should talk in such a manner that it should be melodious. The person who listens to you, listens as if he’s listening to the flute of Shri Krishna. The voice of a Sahaj Yogi should be sweet like that. When you talk to someone it should be melodious. It should not be aggressive at all, but on the contrary it should be melodious. It should not be sarcastic, it should not hurt another person. Any word that hurts others cannot be coming from the proper type of Right Vishuddhi. So in no way one should hurt. I wish all the Sahaj Yogis develop that melodious voice of Shri Krishna as their Vishuddhi is awakened — madhurya, in his behaviour, madhurya. 

While talking to someone there are so many gestures by which you can express your madhurya. For example, specially in Italy and other places, I have seen people use too much of their hands — this is also Shri Krishna’s style. So they use their hands in such a way that sometimes you don’t understand what they are meaning. And sometimes it can be quite aggressive also the way they use their hands. Now, the hands must be used in such a way that it should create madhurya.

I have seen this in Russia or specially in Eastern blocs where people [if] they have to express their love they just put [their hands on their heart] like this, good. If they have to say namaste (they do it with great reverence which Mother demonstrates). The whole expression is so sweet. And also their heart is very full when they see me, so they don’t know how to express it, so they just put their hands like this. Or if they feel shy, they do like this. Very, very sweet things they express through their hands, through their eyes. 

It is the tears that really create such clouds of very dense clouds of compassion in my heart when I see their eyes expressing their love for me.

Everything, the tears, everything that’s the face, the eyes, the hands, all these belong to Shri Krishna. So in their behaviour, in their talking, how they express themselves. 

You can use the same eyes for showing your temper and getting angry. Many people use eyes for controlling others. They’ll put their eyes like this, stare at someone, try to control. They may use their eyes also for condemning someone. Also sometimes they spit at someone or try to show the tongue to insult someone. So in the behaviour also we must have a kind of a sweetness.

Like when I went to, went to England first, I learnt English in my own way, but when I went there newly they said, “Now, if you have to say word like ‘thought’ you must say ‘thought’.” I said, “What?” (Laughter) “You must take out your tongue and say ‘thought’”.

I said, “It’s absurd. Why should you take out your tongue?” He said, “Unless and until you take out your tongue like that is not something, proper expression.” So I said, “This is English you have developed? Some nonsensical thing to show tongue at everyone?” 

Even a child when he gets angry automatically he shows his tongue. So you see all these expressions and making faces. Now, as they say that a ‘stiff upper lip’ you must have heard about that, with a nose like that, a snooty nose; or a face where you just make your faces and make a crooked face just to tease someone or to make an expression out of your nose, also — people do it like this to show as if you are sneezing at that person.

All these things, expressions, are coming out of Shri Krishna’s grace. But the power of that is madhurya, is the sweetness, the melodiousness. The rapport should be so sweet that that rapport should create tremendous joy and tremendous happiness. As you have heard the song of Babamama’s ‘on my eyes’: only I looked at him he says, with that glance, that generated that beautiful music in him.

So, as far as possible, as far as possible, try to put your eyes on the greenery — that’s the best — then it soothes down and also you develop the soothing quality of the greenery. I always tell people that, “Better see the greenery around, how it soothes your eyes.” In the same way you should try to soothe the other person when you talk to that person. The person must melt. Instead of that, if you start arguing and fighting with that person, that person will never melt. On the contrary, you’ll be adding fire, more fire to that person. 

That was the quality of Shri Krishna, is the madhurya and that is expressed in His lifetime, how He beautifully managed to say things in His own sweetness, specially in His childhood.

The another quality which Shri Krishna has, which we can express through our Right Vishuddhi, is diplomacy. But there are two types of diplomacies: one is genuine, one who is artificial. 

In the genuine diplomacy you do not have to take to a certain standard or you don’t have to read some books to know how it is diplomacy, genuinely it comes to you. The whole thing works very sweetly in such a genuine manner. I have used it many-a-times myself, and you all can use it also many times. That’s only possible if you don’t get angry with someone; not possible if you are angry.

Now, there’s a story I’ve told you about some, this Gagangiri Maharaj. I went to meet him and he was very angry because he could not stop the rain. He was supposed to stop the rain and I was all drenched. And he was so angry and he said that, “Is it my ego You are trying to control?” and like that he started little bit fighting with me. I said, “No, that’s not the reason.” He said, “Why? Why did You not allow me to stop the rain? You are all drenched.”

I said, “Because you are a sanyasi and you bought a sari for me. I would not take a sari from a sanyasi. So I had to get drenched for your sake.” The whole thing finished off. The whole anger, temper, finished off. This is how we have to melt people. 

The diplomacy is not convincing anybody with his intellect or by temper or anything but it is to melt away another person by your goodness, by your good words, by your sweet words, by your forgiving nature. 

This quality He had and He tried this on many people. It worked on some; it did not work on some. He didn’t feel it’s a failure. It’s the reaction of the another person which is important to be seen. 

So this quality of Right Vishuddhi you should have: is to talk to others and melt them away.

I hope in America people develop this quality and try to improve relations with each other. 

Actually, to talk to, they are very sweet, I must say. They get very friendly with you. You give them any number of presents, they’ll be very happy but they’ll never give you any present. You call them for dinner, anything, ten times they will come to your house for dinner but they will never call you for dinner. You see, they are very friendly as long as you are doing anything for them but when it comes to returning it, they find it difficult, they don’t do it. So the whole thing amounts to be a very sweet exploitation of another person. 

This is what is to be understood that by sweetness you are not going to exploit anyone but by sweetness you are going to melt that person and bring him to the level that he can understand what is goodness.

Now, about South America I’ve already told you that they are extremely simple and innocent people, they are very poor, simple, innocent, but what has entered them into is this black magic, and which they are now realising, luckily, that this is black magic which is troubling them. But somehow they have depended on it so much, on the Left Side. They feel very guilty about it; they feel very bad. All the time you find them absolutely guilty. Their whole behaviour is as if they have done something wrong, but they do not know how to correct themselves. So for us is important not to feel guilty about anything. We are all Sahaj Yogis. How can we have guilt after all, when we are the Spirit? Spirit cannot have the guilt. 

So this guilt has to go away. But by guilt what do we do, what we lose, is the witness power, because when there is a guilt we put it here, the guilt is there. But we cannot see, we cannot witness what’s wrong and we do not want to face our mistakes or the difficulty we have: just put it as a guilt here, finished; it’s stored up there nicely, guilt. But we do not want to face it. For example a man or a woman is very cruel by nature: then suddenly she realises that she has been cruel or whatever it is. So she puts it down there, “Oh, I’ve been very bad. I’ve been very cruel, this thing, that thing.” But she doesn’t face it. Facing means she should know, “Why was I cruel? What was the need for me? I should not have been cruel and now I will not be cruel anymore.” That finishes off. But, “I’m very guilty about it. I’m very guilty about it,” doesn’t help. On the contrary, you know, what the problems are of the guilt, and the same problems are today faced by South America.

When I went there I was surprised that in Brazil the man who was the topmost there talked to me in a manner, “Oh, we know we have lots of defects, we know we are no good,” this, that. But I was just saying, “Why doesn’t he correct?” If he knows this is the mistake, this is the thing, why shouldn’t he correct? Then he told me that, “You write to me all the things You found wrong with us.” And it was really very sweet of him. So then one journalist came and we told him. And now I think they are doing something about it, they are trying to improve it and things will improve definitely.

But on the contrary I found that Russia is very different. In Russia they never said: “We are guilty,” or anything, nothing of the kind, they never said so. They said, “That time is over now. We are in the kingdom of God!” Finished! So that is over. “We are now in the kingdom of God. Finished it. So that is over. We are now in the Kingdom of God and we have to enjoy life.” Everything positive; never talked of their past, of their governments or this happened, or Stalin or Lenin or anyone. They were not concerned. They were above it. “So why should we worry?” They said, “Why should we worry? Let them fight. Let them do what they like.” They don’t want to know anything about their politics, about their problems or anything. They think, “Our problems are solved. We are now realised-souls and we are enjoying ourselves. Let us enjoy.” It’s a very straight-forward way of understanding Sahaj Yoga.

But I have seen people, they write to me ten pages of their confessions as if I’m a priest, Catholic priest, you see: all about their, what they have done, this they have done. And I don’t want to read it. I just throw it or I burn it off. So they try to confess. There’s no need to confess. There’s nothing to say. And not to dwell upon what wrongs you have done, but now enjoy what you have got it. It’s like this: supposing a beggar is made a king, all right? Then he should enjoy his kingdom, should behave like a king. But still he remembers his past more, so anybody who passes by he says, “Give me five rupees or five pounds.” (Laughter) It’s like that. Once you are in the Kingdom of God, know that you are in the Kingdom of God.

But this black magic business is very, very dangerous and it can act through anyone. It can act through your relations, act through your friends, act through anyone. So one has to be very careful that you do not become — because of your guilt business or whatever it is — vulnerable to black magic. It can ruin you. You can ruin your families. Even if you are a Sahaj yogi it can ruin you. 

So this guilt business has to be given up completely. You should not be guilty. Now, guilt is put into you. Somebody can say, “Oh you are so bad. You didn’t do this for me. You didn’t do that,” or something like that. They put ideas. Then you start feeling, “Oh, I should have done this for them. I should have. It was wrong on my part,” or something, and then the guilt starts. Instead of doing something for that person or instead of understanding that this all nonsense, they go on brooding on that, brooding and then suddenly they find they are in the trouble of getting possessed or being affected by black magic. So one has to forget it and get into the atmosphere where you know that you are now in the Kingdom of God.

About Shri Krishna, whatever is to be said is less than what He’s said, I always, always feel. And His main work is through our brain, that is Viraata. He works through our brain. And, as Shiva works through our heart, He works through our brain. And after Sahaj Yoga, after enlightenment, all the subtleties of the brain and the knowledge starts manifesting and expressing itself.

But the greatest thing that happens is that integration takes place in your brain. It’s not that your heart wants one thing and your brain wants another thing. The integration takes place. And when that integration takes place it’s so easy to lead a very dharmic life. Even without thinking about it, without reading about it, you just become dharmic. You are not to be told that you have to be dharmic. Innately you become dharmic because your brain, which normally is used for rationality, for justifying all that is wrong, becomes dharmic, becomes Divine.

This is the greatest thing that Shri Krishna does to you is to make your brain itself dharmic. It becomes a vehicle of understanding dharma, of leading a dharmic life and of standing firmly on dharma — it’s the brain. It is the brain which really, mostly, takes you away from dharma, apart from black magic. 

But once your Sahasrara is opened out Viraata is expressed, then you are amazed at yourself. The one who was indulging into everything thinking, “This is pleasure. This is my right. I should have done it. Who else can tell me?” and all that, suddenly you become a prophet. This is the greatest blessing of Shri Krishna that He is Viraat, and the Viraat is your brain, and the brain of God Almighty is Viraat.

So this is what one has to realise, that after Realisation a person gets ideas which are always constructive, and if they are not, then you are not yet a Sahaj yogi: constructive and dharmic. 

That is very, very important for us to understand: where is our mind going? Is it contradicting? It is telling something else than what it is? We have to just keep a watch and you’ll be amazed to see how your brain has changed its ways. The upside brain has become normal. This you can get very easily if you just meditate every day and see for yourself how the expression of your Sahasrara is penetrating into your being and is acting in your life.

Then all the powers of a Sahaj Yogi will be manifested and you don’t have to anymore doubt yourself and others will never doubt you.

May God bless you!