Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Laziness

Hotel Sofitel Victoria Warszawa, Warsaw (Poland)

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19930904 Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Warsaw

Shri Mataji: Those ladies who didn’t get present should get it.

Yogi: Those ladies who didn’t get present.

Yogi: Sahaja Yoginis.

Yogi: Not new people.


Yogini: Shri Mataji, can we give them afterwards?

Shri Mataji: All right. She will give you afterwards.

How many they are?

And also for men, we have.

You can give them the rings [Inaudible]

All of you. Let them give among them.

And the chains. The chains also.

Can I have [Inaudible]

Yogi: Do you want one?

Yogi: Shri Mataji, there is a small boy here.

Shri Mataji: Everybody got the earrings?

Yogini: Yes, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Hun?

Yogini: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Yes.

Yogini: They all got. Shri Mataji here.

Shri Mataji: There was one England lady who came forward.

For the children [Inaudible]

What did you get? What did she get? That’s all?

Yogini: She got already earrings but they …

Shri Mataji: Yeah?

Yogini: She got already earrings but they broke. She said.

Shri Mataji: Broke?

Yogini: They broke. The earrings she got.

Shri Mataji: Give her another one.

Yogi: Mother, we have here also boys from Czechoslovakia, who sings so nicely.

Shri Mataji: What to do? How many they are?

Yogini: They got already in Czechoslovakia.

Yogini: She didn’t get earrings. Can I give them to her? Yes?

Shri Mataji: Did you get anything? One is behind. Only that? Give it.

Come along. You didn’t get. This lady. One for the ears and one here.

He’s got it. This lady.

Take this. You have small hair.

What about this lady? She got it?

Yogini: She got for a child, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Not, not, for her. And also, here.

Did you get?

Yogini: For the children, Shri Mataji?

Yogis: For the boys.

Shri Mataji: I am happy to see all of you here. I must tell you, yesterday we had too many people were only sick. Only four, five people came to thank me.

(Shri Mataji to the translator) If you can stand up [Inaudible]

And about three people came who just came to argue.


Last year also if you remember the same thing happened. And such a long time I work my legs started paining. Last night I couldn’t even sleep.

I never do this in any country but in Poland. Because it’s a very difficult country. It is cursed by catholic church. All of them who came had their left Vishuddhi. So, you have to ask them to put their right hand on the Vishuddhi and then ask with the left hand “Mother, are you the Holy Ghost that Christ has said?” It has to be done three times.

But the main thing is Sahaja Yogis. Matthias was very frustrated and disappointed. And he was telling me “Mother you don’t go to Poland this year. So, that the Sahaja Yogis will come up”. He told a few things about you which were very saddening to me. One of them, he said that they don’t meditate. Extremally lazy about it. They have to meditate every night and they don’t even do it for sometimes weeks together. So, they are extremally superficial in their Sahaja Yoga. He was saying about the leaders also, they have to meditate. Because they have to come to the level of other leaders.

Now see here, we have people from Switzerland to help you, we have people from Italy to help you. Also, we have people from England, English people are here. You have seen the Czech people coming to sing for you. [It] shows that you all need help. And the people like her, who is a Polish like Matthias, they really felt from their heart that they should do something for Yoga. And her husband also is here to work it out. He is a German. So, she is a Polish but how dedicated she is! Matthias was Polish, how dedicated he was! He gave his life for Poland.

Now, you should know that you are responsible for saving your country. First time, when I came to Poland I used to think, these are really great, courageous people who have resurrected their country. They were badly bombed and every street was reconstructed, not only the buildings but every street. But they, those people were much older then you and were shattered by war they were all shaking whenever they saw me.

Yogis: Close, close the door maybe.

Shri Mataji: What is it?

Yogis: There is somebody coming.

Shri Mataji: ?

Yogis: There is somebody coming from outside. Ok.

Shri Mataji: All right. So, this is why they fought and they worked it out with the nervousness that they had. But I don’t know this generation I’m told they don’t want to work. They just don’t want to work and they just want to depend on some people. I don’t know how you can reconcile yourself to that.

It’s very important time now, very, very important. You have to wake up! You all have to work, take to jobs. If you are jobless you will not be in Sahaja Yoga. In England, there is such a big unemployment, such a big, not one Sahaja Yogi is unemployed, not one. Russians are very hard-working, Bulgarians are very hard-working, Romanians are very hard-working, why not Poland? If you people really wake up, then I won’t have to work so hard here. They’ve seen you people; you are the ones who will spread the light. Why should you depend on anyone? Work yourself, earn yourself, live with self-respect.

I don’t know how you live without doing work. Look at my age. I’m seventy-one and your Mother is working so hard. And should you not work? You should work, isn’t it? If you don’t work for your jobs you cannot work even for Sahaja Yoga. Because the activity must come. Only if you have desire you cannot get anywhere, you have to act.

I was also told there are some artists, some painters. That can be part-time work. But you must earn! Otherwise Sahaja Yogis of Poland will be the poorest among all the Sahaja Yogis. If you people really work, then you will see Laxmi will be here. And then you have to go to others countries to help them.

You have to meditate. With that you go deeper and deeper. Today I want you to give me a promise. A present to me. That you take oath that you will now take up jobs and you will meditate and become deeper Sahaja Yogis. And also, that you’ll spread Sahaja Yoga. Everyone can get thousands Sahaja Yogis. Because you do not meditate you do not have the depth to show that you are great people.

All kinds of mistakes people make here. And such an Agnya also. Because of catholic church which is against Christ, which is anti-Christ. You have to beat everyday with shoes this Catholic church. And those people who are lethargic you should just give up their company. Lethargic people are extremally hot-tempered and angry and passive.

So, I would request you now next time when I come you all should appear with very deep personalities. And as a Mother I want to give all my powers to you. But you must have the depth to take it. If you put a stone in the river Ganges how much water it can carry? You have to have a pitcher to fit it. Also, another bad point of laziness is that nothing goes in the head. They just accept themselves, nothing goes, they are just all right, all right. But that now, this emancipation has to come.

Also, there is too much immorality in Poland. They say that Warsaw has become the capital of prostitution. Can you imagine? I can quite believe because wherever this Catholic church have been, this has been the conditioning. Say, you go to Brazil, you go to Philippines, anywhere. Ireland; violence and immorality. People get just cursed. So, this is a greater enemy then Hitler. So, you have to be very great warriors to fight it. Otherwise Poland cannot rise. All other Eastern bloc countries are coming up very well.

I know that if you meditate, if you go deep all your powers will manifest. I can tell you soul of Matthias was suffering. He spent so much money, so much effort. And he was so hopeless about things. So now I’m telling you with all my love that all of you have to become very deep people and by spreading Sahaja Yoga only you become deeper also. Now these people who have come here they have spent their own money they had to take leave from their work and leave their children with some other people, with such dedication they are here. Why are they doing it? They feel so responsible. They understand how important it is to save the world; Sahaja Yoga has to be established. It’s the greatest revolution, the greatest achievement for humanity. You people are quite intelligent, not idiotic like Americans. But this laziness, I don’t know from where you have inherited it. I can’t believe because I’ve seen your older people working so hard and resurrecting this Poland; I’ve seen it.

If you have any problems, you should really tell me. Like yesterday, we had so many, so many sick people. They all could have been cured by you. Why should I have cure them? I never cure anybody in any country, except in Poland. Because you yourself are not equipped and you don’t know how to cure others. I don’t know if you at least know about the chakras and I don’t know if you know about mantras, do you know about how to raise the Kundalini, I don’t know. Also, the Romanians know the songs by heart. Very creditable.

When I was in Hungary, hundred and fifty of them came by bus. And when they started singing even the Indian Sahaja Yogis were amazed. And I asked them:  Where are you going to stay? They said: In the garden. And what about your food? We are all right. We have had everything. That’s how the dedication shows, the depth shows and love for the whole world. You should at least love your own country.

I hope, this talk of mine will not go a waste. I love your country; I love you all. You all should now understand, you can play this tape again and again, I think, this is better, that they’ll remember what they have to do. Yesterday, I saw the way they were trying to help others, they didn’t know how to do it, to give the proper bandhan, how to raise the Kundalini. Just they were doing like this. It’s not the way. You must know properly. It’s tremendous knowledge. The knowledge you must have. It’s available to you free.

I definitively care very much for Poland. People were saying, why should you go to Poland when you once go to, say, to Russia you get thousands. So, why you should waste your time in Poland? Or in India. But I think you all will now understand what I’m saying. And have full faith in yourself and establish self. Even in difficult places like England and France we have thousands of Sahaja Yogis. But one thing that they are not lazy. I can’t understand Sahaja Yogis being lazy, I can’t understand. Not possible. Once you get to it you’ll become very dynamic, you have to. The first sign is to become dynamic. I’ve even seen musicians. When they play before me suddenly they become so dynamic. Even painters, artists. Then why not you people? What is your problem you should tell me. That’s one thing. I don’t still understand why you are lethargic. But if you have any problem you should tell me. What makes you lethargic? Next time I hope to come and see very great Sahaja Yogis in Poland. You don’t have to meditate for long. About ten minutes in the night and about five minutes in the morning. That’s all. Even if that cannot be done it’s too much then. So, next time I won’t cure anybody. And next time I’ll ask you questions. How much you have done and understood Sahaja Yoga?

May God bless you.

So, should I take your leave now?

Let the children have the chocolates.

Where are the watches you brought?

Are there Romanians?

Yogini: Czechoslovakians.

Shri Mataji: Yeah?

Yogini: Czech. Czech people.

Shri Mataji: Czech people.

… come here.

Yogini: Czechoslovakians. Czech people.

Yogi: Sahaja Yogis from Czechoslovakia.

Yogi: Sahaja Yogis from Czechoslovakia please come close.

Shri Mataji: May God bless you.

[Shri Mataji talks aside to Yogini]

[Yogis sing Vishwavandita]

Shri Mataji: All of you sing!

May God bless you.

Also, they must write some poems.

Yes. He sings Jai.

Yogi: This little boy was to have the name Mother.

Shri Mataji: Yeah?

Yogi: This little boy was to have a name Mother.

Shri Mataji: What’s his name?

Yogi: Adam.

Shri Mataji: Adam?

Yogi: Adam.

Shri Mataji: What’s your name?