Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: You have come to Sahaja Yoga to ascend

National Palace of Culture, Sofia (Bulgaria)

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Shri Mahalakshmi puja. Sofia (Bulgaria), 8 September 1993.

Today is a great day when we are celebrating Mahalakshmi’s Puja. You must be knowing that today is the day of Mary, mother of Christ, who was Mahalakshmi.

Mahalakshmi’s incarnation is very important for Sahaja Yoga. First She establishes our dharma by which we become righteous, we become religious in the real sense. After the light of realisation we cannot do anything that is not dharma. As you know what is dharma is, and the maryadas, the boundaries of our behavior. This transformation takes place automatically. I don’t have to tell you, “Don’t do this, don’t do this,” like ten commandments. You, yourself, establish your dharma and you enjoy your virtues. This happens, as you know – already has happened to all of you – with the grace of Mahalakshmi. Then She starts bestowing blessings on you.

First, the blessing is of physical well-being by which your parasympathetic nervous system gets into proper shape and a balance is established, as if the Mahalakshmi principle holds the reins and you cannot cross the limits, you cannot go too much to the left or to the right. By this principle you realise what is wrong with the outside religions, you realise also that inside all the religions are born like flowers on the same of tree of spirituality. And automatically you start worshipping all the prophets right from Abraham, Moses, Confucius, Lao Tse, Mohammed Sahib, Nanak. You worship them! It is not that you have respect, but you worship, and thus you lose the barriers of fundamentalism. By the ascent, with this principle, you achieve a personality by which you become a universal being. You understand the problems of your country and of your race, and you transcend to see what’s wrong with them and how to correct them.

When the Mahalakshmi principle is awakened we realise that outside we may be different but inside we are just the same. All the masters and prophets are just the same, whatever religion they might have been born. Now this Mahalakshmi principle goes out of gear because of left or right-side movement of our attention. Even people come to Sahaja Yoga and they start going either to the left or to the right. One has to keep a proper watch, because you have come to Sahaja Yoga to ascend.

Now, if you move to the right side then you start fighting with your leader, finding faults with the leader, and, as Christ has said, you become ‘murmuring souls’ – you start talking ill about your leader. I have appointed Myself the leaders, and I know what’s wrong with them or what’s not wrong with them. They are in close contact with Me, so you don’t have to judge them, by that you are hampering the progress of Sahaja Yoga and your own.

Then there are other people who try to find out new methods. Such people are extremely difficult because their ego conditions them so much that they don’t see what’s wrong with them, and they don’t know they are doing anti-God activities. They are not creating problem for themselves but for others also. Anybody who starts like this suffers a lot, there is no joy on their face, they just try to show off and it is very, very dangerous! I have seen people who have tried all these tricks and fallen into lots of problems because Sahaja Yoga has it’s own culture, it has it’s own methods which are absolutely approved by Me. There is no need to start some new methods. If so, they should get out of Sahaja Yoga. This is the worst type of ego! And one should not have anything to do with such people. Already, everything has been researched in Sahaja Yoga. All the knowledge is already there, but this comes from a kind of a ego which doesn’t feel the vibrations very well, and then you try to push away from the Mahalakshmi principle.

The left side people, when they move, they fall into the trap of other type of gurus or other type of readings, even in Sahaja Yoga. Sometimes people who’ll get too much attached to their wives, to their children, to their family, too much attached, they become very left-sided. They have no joy and they don’t want others to enjoy. Such people also should go out of Sahaja Yoga. Till they have overcome their attachments they should not be in Sahaja Yoga. Mahalakshmi’s principle is extremely helpful, extremely nourishing and is the only way we can achieve our Realisation and enlightenment, but one has to have proper balance.

In the beginning Mahalakshmi principle incarnated on this earth as the wife of Shri Rama – Shri Sita. Then came the second incarnation at the time of Shri Krishna as Radha, ‘Ra’ is energy, ‘dha’ is the one which sustains. And then came the incarnation of Mahalakshmi, is the Mother of Christ. The Christianity has failed because they did not recognise the powers of Mary. This Paul was a hater of women and showed no respect to women. As a result of that, the women who are following so-called Christianity became very insecure. Of course in Catholic Church, as you know, a woman is not, cannot become, a priest, and also in the Protestant Church they don’t want to accept women as priests – big, big fight going on! Even in the Orthodox Church they treat women as dirt. As a result women in the West have become extremely insecure. The way they accept to be nude, to expose their body, to sell their body, because they are so insecure, they have no identity.

If supposing in India a man tries to have relationship with another woman, the wife says “All right, you go to hell, I don’t care. You are committing a sin, all right, go ahead, I have nothing to do with you,” and the whole society will support that way, but in the west the position of woman is really, really very, very low, absolutely primitive. They are mothers, they are sisters, they are grandmothers, they are daughters and wives. I didn’t understand why the women in the West are so anxious to attract the men. In India if any man looks at the woman she’ll go and slap his face.

This insecurity is so much that I have seen in films women becoming nude everywhere, they have all kinds of nude clubs and all that, but men never become, men never. That I’ve seen films where women will become nude and show vulgarity, everything acceptably nonsense, while men were never take out their clothes. As if the body of men is something special and the body of women is not to be respected. It is [a] very primitive idea. I can’t understand this, because it is the Adi Shakti who has created this Universe not Sadashiva. Even if women are not respected and they are not respectable the Gods cannot reside in that country.

So, we have to understand that women should have their own dignity and they should not yield to the pressures of men where they try to debase them. But at the same time they must respect their husbands, their men-folk, and they have to be extremely loving and compassionate.

Now, in the Western thinking they can’t understand a Immaculate Conception, they don’t understand God. It is God, and Divinity can do anything!

As you know Shri Ganesha was created by Parvati Herself, without Her husband, and Indians do not doubt it. After all He’s God and She is Adi Shakti. Now you see so many miracle photographs have come,  for you to see for yourself that there are miracles created, not in the photographs [only but] otherwise also you have seen so many miracles happening in Sahaja Yoga.

When I told that Ganesha is our Lord Jesus Christ, people would not believe it. So I said [that] symbolically, if you see from the right to the left, you will see Swastika on the Mooladhara, which is made of carbon atom. And if you can make a photograph of a carbon atom, and see it from right to the left, you do see the Swastika. This is the fact, is established and if you see from the left to the right it is Omkara, so thus what I’ve said is verified, scientifically. But if you see from down below upward, then what do you see is the Alpha and Omega. Now Christ has said, “I am the Alpha and I am the Omega.” I do not know even at that time [if] there was talk of alpha and omega but now it is scientifically proved.

There are many other things about soul and everything – now we have scientifically proved it. Also now they are working on genes and they have found out that a person who is evil, who is wrong, who is not normal is because of a bad gene. That is what is the bhoot.

So this how, you see, science is coming closer to Sahaja Yoga, but scientists find it very difficult to accept Me. They can’t understand that I could be the source of Divine power. Till you have vibrations, how can you feel, how can you understand?

Despite that, now Sahaja Yoga is spreading in 55 countries, but the most important thing is to keep your Mahalakshmi principle clean and open.

That is, a woman who is Mahalakshmi is a very good housewife, very good queen, Raja Lakshmi. There are ashta Lakshmis, there are eight forms of Lakshmi, and these eight forms of Lakshmi are to be expressed, manifested by a Sahaja yogini. And the men must respect this Mahalakshmi principle within them.

First of all they have to be dharmic and the basis of dharma is respect, must develop respect and dedication. If you cannot surrender and detach, you cannot enter into Mahalakshmi channel. Either you will be money-oriented or power-oriented. So, you have to be detached from money and power – then Mahalakshmi principle starts working and you become a seeker.

On every chakra Mahalakshmi gives you Her blessings, but at the Sahasrara She gives you the collective-consciousness. She makes you deft in Sahaja Yoga practice and also understanding. I have seen, gradually, sahaja yogis have become very subtle and I can talk to them on a very subtle level.

I am so happy, today, we are here to celebrate Mahalakshmi principle at the time of Mother Mary’s birthday. She passed through the greatest ordeal to see Her son being crucified but She knew what was the purpose of His crucifixion and She accepted. I can’t see a cross, if somebody is wearing a cross I said “Take out cross!”, because the message of Christ is resurrection and not crucifixion. But perhaps the Christians, specially Paul must have thought that he should use cross to make everybody feel guilty. This Paul has really done so much harm that, only after reading a treatise of ‘Nag Hammadi’, I found out that Thomas had to run away to India to tell the truth.

With this Mahalakshmi principle our attention should be on our virtues, and we must enjoy our generosity. We must enjoy our purity. We should enjoy our innocence and chastity – even men have to do that. We should enjoy our detachments. All this is already within your reach.

I’ve felt these people, when they were dancing, that they are all from Kashmir in, from, India and Adi Shakti incarnated first in Kashmir. I find Bulgarians very close to Indians. And also Romanians. Your talent in music I’ve seen, and that’s why you all can sing Indian music so easily.

I bless you, all sahaja yogis, that you develop a proper sense of balance and that you spread Sahaja Yoga all over Bulgaria, making everyone joyous and happy as you are. We have to change the world. It’s a tremendous task, is the greatest event in the history of spirituality and you are the participant of that, so you have to understand that your purity is very important and your surrendering will definitely help you to ascend, faster and faster.

So may God bless you!