Shri Ganesha Puja Evening Program: Sitar Concert by Prateek Chaudhuri

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

1993-09-18 Sitar Concert - Prateek Chaudhuri, Cabella, Italy, 81' Chapters: Talk
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1993-09-18 Sitar Concert – Prateek Chaudhuri, Cabella, Italy,

Both of them are still …I think not adults I don’t know …
So we have here Prateek, Prateek means a symbol…Prateek Chaudhuri, He is the son of the great renowned Sahaja yogi, Sitar player, Debu Chaudhuri. He is so young but so gifted …I must say for him to live in Delhi and to practice the sitar is an impossible situation. The boys of his age group are busy with discos and all kinds of nonsense, I know them very well. And it’s very difficult to avoid their company…But the way he has taken so seriously to this practising of Sitar, Which is a real divine instrument…in the style of his father of a special Gharana And the way he has mastered it I am really amazed. We are very lucky that on a Ganesha Puja we have such a small artist but a very great player before us to entertain. Also, I need not introduce Dhananjay who is known to you before …I think he is the youngest artist who has visited Cabella. These are prodigies I think from their past lives. In this new resurrection time When there is going to be the last judgement all these great musicians are taking birth. I have seen my self from 2 years to 10-year-old children singing so well as if some big ‘ustad’ is singing and they don’t know how they do it. I have also met some …You must have also met somebody at Ganpatipule, the one who could tell you what were the notations of anything that was played for him. Any difficult thing …He was just 8 years of age. He knew the ragas, everything. He is very surprising how they know so many things but this is coming from the past life and so many are taking birth. I hope some of you, the Sahaja yogis couple will also have children like this…to entertain us and to show to the world that such great people are born to Sahaja yogis.
Then we have Yusuf Ali khan Sahib who has been here before, and who is such a humble and a very beautiful player on tabla. He is very appreciative to Sahaja yoga and he has promised to get some Bangladeshi musicians to come to Sahaja Yoga that will be really a saving point… As I have such a desire for Bengali’s because they are worshipers of Mother since ages and they have not forgotten it. By the wisdom of these people may be Bangladesh have might come to Sahaja yoga and achieved their enlightenment which is promised in ‘Koran’.Now you have also the Mother, of Prateek Mrs Chaudhary. She is a very nice lady, and she cooks very well. My daughter is saying that she is a very good cook. I wish you could get her some nice fish and she can cook for us… She is a very talented lady. She makes poems and things and the way she has stood the strain of her husband’s work. Nowadays he is in America, and the next day he is somewhere else and she is the one who is looking after. This family I have met a long time back and since then they have been in Sahaja yoga. Debu Chaudhary is very much growing in his fame and in his talent and really some people told me that When he plays as if he enters into our heart…that’s what we feel …In London, people were describing him like that. Must be Sahaja Yoga trick must be working I am sure & They say that we have not heard any Sitar player of that quality which is something very remarkable. So all these things are happening in the Sahaja Yoga and I bless these artists that they should grow more and more in their creativity and understanding and that they produce music of a quality which will make their Kundalini rise and make them divine because this music has that quality to do it. So may God bless you
[Performance of artists starts …]