How are we to know who is the master and who is not?

Los Angeles (United States)

1993-10-11 How are we to know who is the master and who is not? Los Angeles, United States, 84' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program in Los Angeles 11-10-1993

Mother speaking in English:

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, we have to know, that truth is what it is, we cannot change it, we cannot transform it, we cannot conceptualize it, unfortunately at this human awareness, we cannot know it also. Whatever I am going to tell you today; please do not accept it blindfolded, we have harmed ourselves very much by accepting everything blindfolded. But if it is proved, then as honest people you have to accept. The truth is, that you are not this body, this mind, this ego, these conditionings, emotions, but you are a pure spirit and the second truth is, there is a all-pervading power of divine love which is called by many names which does all the living work. For example, you see these flowers here, they are so beautiful, but it’s a miracle, the way our heart runs we never ask who runs our heat, but if you ask the doctors, they will say it is autonomous nervous system, but who is this auto. We accept everything for granted. Also, if you see all the problems of this world, most of them come from human beings most of them.
So, we ask, what to do to solve these problems of human beings. All these problems come from these centres, which are placed within us, these centres, if they go into jeopardy, then we have problem of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual type. If you can put these centres into proper shapes somehow, then human problems can be solved, your problems can be solved. As you are already told that there is a power in this triangle bone called as “Sacrum”. Sacrum means sacred, that means the Greek knew about this power that existed in the triangular bone at the base of your spinal cord, which is called as Sacrum. This power is the residual power within us, it’s like a premule in the seed, and when the seed is awakened, this premule rises upward against the gravity. In the same way, this power rises through six centres not the seventh one, six centres, it goes up to the fontanel bone area and pierces through this fontanel bone area, which is the soft bone, and connects you to this all-pervading power. It’s a living process. It’s a living evolutionary process, so far, we have become human beings, but we have to still evolve to this stage of spirit where we are connected with this all-pervading power. We have heard about it but we have never felt it before, tonight is the time when we are all going to feel it and we are going to be the spirits. This evolutionary process was already predicted long time back. I know you have been seeking, you are all seekers, I respect you for that very much and I love you.
This civilisation has grown so big, we have all kinds of things, produced through our mental projections, but they are all declining, because they are just mental projections not substantiated by truth. We do not know the absolute Truth, if we know the absolute Truth, then everybody will know the same because Truth is one. You see me sitting here all of you, its accepted, I am sitting here, so everybody sees the same truth there will be no quarrel, no fight, no war, but we have not yet known the absolute truth. This is a fact, and because of that, all these problems are there. We turn to science, science is amoral, it is with matter, I am talking of spirits, not of matter. But it cannot answer many questions like; why are we on this earth? What is the purpose of our life on this earth? It does not answer this question and that’s why you are seeking, you may know, you may not know why you are seeking. You are seeking because you fall on to find out your identity, your purpose of life. Now look at this instrument, this instrument was made for a purpose, but if it is not connected to the mains, it won’t work. It has no identity it has no meaning.
(You could come here, you could, you must sit somewhere, standing for a long time)

So, we try to find our identity, I have known so many facts come in and go. I have seen people doing all kinds of things to find their identity, but these are all mental projections, you have to go beyond the mind and for that, when they tell you that you carry your body from here or you get possessed, this is not true, this doesn’t do any good to you. It’s not benevolent nor does it transform you. But as a result of this happening, what happens not only that you can feel this all-pervading power on your fingertips for the first time, but also, you feel the peace within you. A thought rises and falls down another thought rises and falls down, in between these thoughts, there is a little space. The thought comes from the future or from the past, we cannot be in the present. We jump on the cusp of these thoughts all the time. But, when Kundalini rises, she elongates those thoughts, there is a big space, that’s the space of presence, present, and at that time you become thoughtless but completely aware, thoughtlessly aware, this is described in Sanskrit language as Nirvichar Samadhi.

The civilisation that has grown soon like a big tree must find its roots. To my mind, east and west are not two areas, but one, connected to each other; like the roots are connected to the tree. So, this knowledge, if it comes from India, you should not feel like that it’s something to be shy, because this is the knowledge of the roots of the spirit, not that it is not mentioned in the bible, tree of life, “I will appear before you like tons of flames”. Its mentioned in the Quran, very nicely in the Quran is described that “At the time of resurrection, your hands will speak and they will give witness against you”. All these things have been already described and this is what we have to have because its promised. Of course, there are certain absurd things also which we don’t understand that at the time of resurrection, the dead bodies will come out of the graves, and they will get their resurrection, what is the remains in them… of the dead bodies in the graves. It’s just some bones or something the bones are not going to come out. Logically it does not fit into our minds, but it’s not true, many souls will be taking birth, many souls will be taking birth in those days of their resurrection. I call it a blossom time because many flowers have to become the fruits, they call it last judgement, Qayama. There are many names for these special times of, modern times called as Kaliyuga. At this time, it is already predicted that many seekers will be born, many souls will be born and they will get their resurrection. It’s already been predicted thousands of years back in India and the time has come today for you to achieve your realization. I have already told you it’s a living process of evolution, now we have become human beings, what did we do about it? nothing. What? How much did we pay for it? Nothing. You can’t pay for it this is one thing, today they asked me a question in television “how are we to know who is the master and who is not? It’s very simple, you just go and meet their disciples and see how are they? What are they doing? What have they achieved? What is their knowledge? And the second is don’t listen to anybody who takes money from you for their realization, because you can’t pay. This mother earth has given us these beautiful flowers. How much do we pay to that mother earth? she doesn’t understand money. In the same way, god doesn’t understand money, he doesn’t understand banking,’s a headache of human beings.
So, this is a very very simple method which works out of spontaneously, it will it was done in India by many masters but the tradition was that one master would give realization to only one disciple. Till the sixteenth twelfth century it was so, but a great poet and a great enlightened soul called Gyaneshwara, wrote the explanation of Geeta, in which the sixth chapter, he has talked about Kundalini very clearly, but the people in charge of the religion said that this chapter is condemned Nishiddh, you can’t read it because you can’t understand, because they didn’t know how to do it you see. So very good at the helm of affairs, they all made money from the very beginning and even now they are making money you see. So we turn to religion and what do we find that they are money oriented or power oriented, and we get shocked they are not spirit oriented. After that in the sixteenth century, many great saints wrote about the Kundalini, the realization, and what happens but nobody understood it because it was in poetry and they thought that it’s all some sort of a romantic song because human mind is so perverted that it cannot see things through sometimes that it is the song of the spirit. As I said the time has come to have your self-realization for which you don’t have to pay, there is no effort needed much for this.
Now, what happens, is first that you get your peace within yourself, I have met many people who have got peace awards, they are heads of peace organizations but they are so hot tempered, that if you have to approach them better take a Barch pole. I wonder how did they get this award for peace, if there is no peace within what peace are you going to establish, just by having conferences and ummm..doing some lip service. Then the second thing that happens to you, which is very remarkable is that physically you get cured, you get cured definitely I must tell you that there are 3 doctors in India who have got their MD in Sahaja Yoga. They had to take only one or two subjects, so they showed Asthma, Epilepsy, Physical fitness and all that, but they have got their MD and there are many doctors now all over the world who are practising Sahaja Yoga. In Russia we have 200 doctors who are practising Sahaja Yoga, definitely it cures. I have seen people cured of cancer, of so many psychosomatic diseases which cannot be normally cured by medicines, it’s a psychosomatic, because as you know that their specialization and in the medical science there is one doctor for one eye and another doctor for another eye, so how can they have psychosomatic, which is the combination of two systems. But, in Sahaja Yoga the cure is in totality, in totality, and thus people have been cured by that, but this is nothing, this is like a chocolate for a medicine, one talks that you can get cured so many people come for getting cured. They get cured but they are not good lights, they just come for getting cured, and after that they disappear.
So, the common sense is that, you should only look after the lights and repair lights which can give lights to others, but the compassion runs ahead of one’s wisdom. You start curing people but it’s sometimes very disappointing, the way people only are bothered about their curing which is a physical aspect. Then mentally also many people have been cured, lunatic people have been cured, schizophrenic people have been cured all kinds of mental diseases have been cured through Sahaja Yoga. It’s your own power that cures, it is nobody else’s power, but it is your own power, which is in the triangular bone, which cures you physically and mentally. There is also another side is the spiritual, you know you have been seeking and so many have been ruined by these false gurus, not only your purses, but also your Kundalini has been touched. I wouldn’t mind the purse being touched, because these days people only believe in money somehow or the other, but they have spoiled your Kundalini also, and thus they have made money no doubt but it’s a sinful thing to spoil somebodies Kundalini and that’s how you have been really tempted by people who have nice gimmicks or who might be having a nice advertisement, or paying money for a big show. It’s so much in the air because there’s a market, so many seekers are born and all these seekers are being used for the greed and the lust of this horrible false gurus.
I came here you will be surprised in the year 1972, and that time I found that the people were extremely in a different mood of seeking, even the media was very different. I went to Boston and they asked; me television people “how many rolls Royce’s you have?” I said I have no rolls Royce’s, they said what is you have no rolls Royce’s then what are you doing? I said I am giving self-realization, you have no business I said no, then they are not interested they said, if you have no business. That time if you do not pay them then it’s a hocus pocus. All the way I came from India and for them it was hocus pocus and at least in this life of mine there is no problem because I have a bonafide. My husband is a very highly placed man, I have everything, I come from a rich family from a royal family. Why should I go all over to do this kind of work, there is no need for me, but the people who came from jail from India wore those dresses. You call them Kashaya; you call them Saffron orange; whatever it is, and people started running after them. So superficial is the sensitivity, was the sensitivity to these useless people and they followed them, paid them money, became beggars, even now there are so many.
The other day I saw this TM. I know everything about this TM people don’t go near them, its marketing, in the beginning they used to sell their mantras, and for that they have three mantras “Inga Pinga Thinga”. Now you tell any Indian, they will laugh and it was very sacred, they had to pass through seven rooms to see your master and he will tell in your ear’s a mantra like Inga Pinga Thinga. And the meaning of the word Inga is not even Sanskrit, but Inga means the scorpion bite is Inga. Pinga means when the person gets possessed and goes round and round, and Thinga means when you show like this (thumb), and people paid 300 pounds for that, I mean British has some sense I thought, they paid 300 I don’t know how many you paid, and then a gentlemen who was head of their flying squad, I mean I should was called them as academy of flight, where they were going to teach people how to move 3 feet above the ground. Actually, nobody did that, they broke their bottoms, and put cases against them and some of them got money also because they had made so much money, but what’s the need. We should also understand what’s the need to move at three feet, already we have jam on the road you see, we can’t reach any place in time and this 3 feet height movement of human being. And nowadays, there is a lecture going on by one Dr. Deepak something Chawda or something, he has written books also and he made some, he says that we should use the power of the mind, it is just mesmerism, so the person takes a pendulum and with his power he moves the pendulum like that, I mean is it something great to move the pendulum? Are we here to move pendulums? Is that the value of our life? I can’t understand how could American, I mean you are only here the refills of triple halls that they said, the people are hahaha he is moving the pendulum. Here you are moving aeroplanes, trains, you are going to the moon, and here one fellow moves the pendulum. I mean I am amazed how could we take to this kind of a non-sense, is that why you are on this earth? Does it answer that question?
Nowhere in the scripture it is written, that you move halfway on the streets or you have a pendulum to be moved, all kinds of things these people have done, so you go to religion, and what is a religion now, is nothing but power and spirit-oriented, all the religions have become , sorry power and money-oriented, not spirit oriented, not spirit-oriented at all, then you have great people like evangelist which are blatantly nonsensical. No doubt! what has happened to American brains? You know whatever you accept is accepted all over the world, this is the big problem. We had in India British living there for 300 years, we never accepted their culture, but American culture has reached there, they wear all casual dresses, they live casually just like you people, they eat hamburgers, everything is same thing. Even in Russia, people want to be casual, so this is something one has to understand is absolutely a declining, negative attack of the very very negative people, who are sinister, who are evil. They have no benevolence of ours in their heart, just they want to make money, or to achieve political powers, that’s all.
Thus, we reach a point to understand what we should do? what should we have? that is self-realization, which is no lecture, which is no course, no, it’s a happening, its actualisation, it is becoming, but once you become, you are completely transformed. Not only I have seen people giving up their drugs overnight, alcoholism overnight, but the greatest thing is the so called religion which we try to follow, which is not innate for a Hindu, or a Christian, or a Muslim, anybody can commit any sin, there is no binding force of the spirit, but once you become the spirit, you just don’t do wrong things, just don’t do wrong things, your attention becomes so innocent. Normally, you see, I belong to another society, where so called eliteness is there, so called. You flirt, you do all kinds of things, nothing, eyes become steady, innocent and powerful, power of divine love, even a glance of such a person can solve problems. This is what we have to achieve. We are now fed up with all that, that is what happens to us that our attention becomes devoid of greed and lust. With materialism, we have got greed, materialism at its maximum is here, in America, I think. I met one man in the beginning who was a very very rich man, I remember he was supposed to be very rich, so when I got in to the car, he told me be careful my handle is another type, it moves the other way round. I said my god, please tell me how to do it, but I said why did you do it, he said I am an individual, I want to do it the way I liked, all right, but when I went into the bathroom he told me, see you put your foot in such a manner that you don’t jump into the swimming pool. I said my god this is too much, he had buttons for everything, I said I will forget, I am sorry I will not go in this bathroom, I will go to my hotel, it’s very complicated, but he spent his money like this, he told me my tiles are different, my this is different, but he was dressed up like anybody else, I said why you are dressed up like anybody else, you could also have some individual dress, he said “No this is the fashion”. I do the fashion as far as the dress is concerned, so, in a way these entrepreneurs have made slaves out of us. If they take out a six inches of skirts all the ladies will wear six inches of skirts, when it is knowing, I will ask them how do you feel…oh…I feel heated up. This kind of mental attitude has developed through materialism. This materialism has blocked our sensitivity to spirituality. We see a person coming with a big horn and talking in a very unnatural manner, then we are very much impressed. Even in the television they will say, must make a makeup, I say don’t wear makeup and you have to, you have to put red light here and all that. So, artificiality has become the main theme of life and we live with artificiality.
Still, inside inside we are suffering, inside we are seeking because it is there, we cannot get over it, whatever you may try that’s why people take to drinking and drugs and all that, because they are not satisfied with themselves. This is how it goes on. Now, this is the power of pure desire, as you know in economics, desires are not satiable in general, today we want to have one thing, once we get it finished, we want to have another thing, another thing, another thing.
But this is the power of pure desire, by which, you get something, you feel satisfied. You are satisfied with yourself. You enjoy yourself, you are never bored, never bored. You keep good health, I hope they have told you my age is now going to be 71 years, I am travelling, going around the whole world, nothing happens to me, except for the throat I got, because perhaps all of you have some throat trouble that’s why. In the collectivity I catch, but it is so that you don’t have to go to beauty parlours to become young, you become now, and your ideas change about your personality, about your role in life. You can feel I told you all the centres within yourselves, so you have self-knowledge, also you can feel the centre of others, thus you have a new dimension in your awareness, which we call as collective consciousness. In Sanskrit, it is “Samuhik Chetana”, collective consciousness, so you can feel other’s centres also, who is the other? You become part and parcel of the whole, the microcosm becomes the macrocosm. Like one drop falls into the ocean becomes the ocean, that is how you become a collective being. All over the world now, Sahaja Yoga is working in 55 nations, whether they are Russians, whether they are Indians, Americans, from anywhere they may be, they are Sahaja yogis, they transcend all these boundaries of their countries, of their races, of their so called religions, and they all become brothers and sisters.

Such love, such attention, and enjoyment of your virtues that when you see them, you feel this is a new race that has come up. My husband always said that I am a “Avaliya”, means a great realized soul, no doubt, but I cannot make anybody else, now he sees them and he says these are angels, that’s why in this Los Angeles, we should have angels, many I am sure who are seekers. I always had this faith and first time when I came to America, I came to Los Angeles, but that time I was disappointed. I hope this time, you people will all get your realization tonight and you will grow into it, you will not just treat it in a casual manner, but in a serious manner, because this is the most important time in the history of spirituality, not that you will get your realization, but you will get powers to give realization to others. You will be amazed at your powers, how many powers you have got, you are so fantastic, because you are not connected to the mains, you don’t know what you are. I always give an example of a box of a television you take to a remote village with this no lights and electrical..electricity, who has never seen any electricity, and tell them that out of this box you can see many films, they will say this box? How can this box do it? In the same way, we think about us as boxes, we are not, we are fantastic and everything is built in within us.
Like a seed, when you put it in the mother earth sprout by itself, because it is built-in in the seed to sprout, and because the mother earth has the power to sprout it. So, it’s all built-in within us, only thing is now we have to do is to awaken this power of Kundalini and to open it out to that all-pervading power. It’s very simple, this journey of 3 to 4 feet at the most and it takes hardly any time. No one can believe that you are so fantastic, unless and until it happens to you, you will not believe, but even after happening you should not get lost. I remember the parable of Christ, that some seeds got just sprouted and were lost. You should not be one of them, you should respect yourself, you should respect your realization and understand what powers you have. You are capable of so many things, you can cure others, you can cure yourself, always lead a very healthy life, and you create a new society, a new race of people who are realized souls, who are saints, who are angels, that’s what you are here for and I would request you all to have full self-confident about…Confidence about it. The main thing is that, inside is all the knowledge and you will know all the knowledge, everything of the inner being, we have no idea of the knowledge of the inner being. Once you know it, you will be amazed, and once you know how to use it you will be surprised. We have solved most of the problems of the society like marriages, children, and human relationships, all being solved through Sahaja Yoga, it’s very simple, because once you are transformed you are the spirit, you see the truth, the same truth and that’s how you solve your social problems. Immediately you start seeing the problems of your society also, and you start helping the society to improve yourself. It depends on the person who does that, for example, one person in Russia went to his place called Dariyati, it’s an industrial town and he got 22,000 Sahaja yogis, 22,000 Sahaja yogis. I must say one thing, the Russians didn’t have all the facilities you have as democracy thank god in a way, because with the democracy you have choices to change your handles and things like that, while their attention was localized, and they are so sensitive about spirituality none of these false gurus could prosper, your Iskcon had gone there, but they have run away I don’t know why, not a single soul you see there. So, one has to understand that because of materialism, our..this spirituality has been little bit numbed.
Now, please achieve your realization, grow into it, you can. It’s a very great nation, America, and it’s the centre, this is the centre that’s why I said my throat, when I come to America, it goes off. This is the centre of America, the North and the South America, and this centre has to be collective, it bears the responsibility of the whole body. It’s the collectivity that acts through it, the centre, the other day I heard somebody asked a question “why should America be the police of the whole world? they have to be joined well, because they are Vishuddhi chakra, is the special centre which is very important. So, the awakening will take place in no time, you will feel your thoughtless awareness and your peace in no time, you relax, but you have to come to the collective. We have centres of course; we don’t have Taj Mahal or something because we don’t make money. It’s a simple place where you have to come for your realization, and if you are realized already you have to grow, for that you have to come you don’t have to pay. Normally you see, people have introductory lecture, and after introductory lecture, payment lecture starts, it’s not like that, you don’t have to pay in any way for this knowledge, not at all. You don’t have to pay at all, it’s so simple. So, later on when this is over, you enjoy you feel very happy with yourself, all these things will happen to you, but you have to come to the centre. Supposing a nail is cut out of my finger, then it will never grow, so you have to belong to the whole, it’s a living organism and when you stay with it, you will grow spiritually and then you will be amazed. So many problems are solved, you become very creative, there are many many Indian musicians today, who are so well renowned, they have taken their realization, so many of them not one but so many. So many artists, painters, poems and poetry, people who have never written a single line of poetry start writing poems. You have, as I told you that your religion is so innately enlightened, that you don’t do wrong things, you just do the right things. But above all, you become extremely compassionate, extremely compassionate and at the same time, extremely dynamic, life becomes an enjoyment, complete enjoyment, a person is sick somewhere, all the Sahaja Yogis from all the world, their attention goes there, it’s like if my finger is hurt, the whole attention of my body goes to this, and you know the absolute truth, on your fingertips.
You see English language has certain nice things like, on your fingertips you know the Truth, now somebody comes from India or from anywhere, and you just put your hands towards that person, you will know whether he is false or not, immediately, because, if he is false, your finger will start tingling or burning, you will be amazed how it indicates on your fingertips, even the children, they are even better I should say, immediately they will say this is this, immediately they will know what is what. Your marriages improve, we have marriages, at least 100 marriages, international marriages, and seldom 1% at the most fails and they get all the, you will be surprised, children that they are born to, are all realized souls, great children, tremendous, and if you are also realized you understand that and you know how to love them and how to make them grow. So this capacity that is all dormant in you, manifests, and with that manifestation you get a new image of yourself, like in India, a realized soul is called as Dwijaha means born twice, here also they say, twice-born, but it is not a certificate, just you say I am twice-born. What is a twice-born? Like a bird is also called as Dwijaha, because it’s an egg and then it becomes a bird, completely a different thing, that’s what one has to, it has to happen and it is there, and you get it.
There are so many things that, in this short lecture I won’t be able to tell you. In this room, there are such beautiful lights, you come here you have to just put the switch on, one switch and all are enlightened. How? Because its built in, in the same way I say it is built in within you I need not tell you the theory, history of this electricity, how it came, then how it came here, and how it was put here, it’s a headache. First you have your light and in the light you see for yourself, it’s like this I have a snake in my hand, its darkness I can’t see and I am an obstinate egoistical person, suppose, then you tell me there is a snake in hand, I will say no it’s a rope, how do you know, but it’s a snake, no, till the snake bites me, I go on holding it as a rope, but if there is little light, I just throw it away. Then you don’t have to tell, in the same way I don’t have to tell you anything, I never said don’t don’t never, no ten commandments such now nothing. You just become, you just see, you become your own master. You become your own guide and you know everything by yourself, I don’t have to tell you, there’s no need for me to guide you, of course, if you write to me, I will guide you. When you go to these centres you will be surprised that within one month, at the most, you all will become masters of Sahaja yoga. You will be able to handle this pure divine energy, the complete knowledge will be your own, I am not telling you a story or something that is fantastic, it’s the fact, so may God bless you.
We can understand that I cannot force self-realization on you, I cannot force, because I respect your freedom, the freedom is given to you, this is a question of choice, you want your realization all right, if you don’t want it, I cannot give you self-realization. So, all those who don’t want it, please should leave the hall, because some people are standing outside can be seated also, apart from that it is not civil to watch others when they are meditating, it will hardly take ten minutes once we start it. So, I would request again to people who don’t want their realization should leave the hall and should not bother other people, will be very kind of them and civil of them.
Now, we have to take out our shoes, that’s the only thing you have to do just now is to take out your shoes, because this mother earth helps us a lot, I hope you don’t mind that. You have to sit very comfortably; we don’t have to go to Himalayas for that. Don’t have to stand on your heads, just here, on your seat, be comfortable and you will get your realization here tonight. There are three conditions which are very simple: if you understand, you can easily fulfil them, the first condition is that you have to be completely self-confident, completely self-confident, that you will get your self-realization tonight, completely self-confident, all of you. So, it follows the second condition that, please don’t feel guilty at all about anything, not to feel guilty, people might have told you, you are sinners, this that they must be the sinners to say such a thing, you are human beings, and human beings only can make mistakes. You are not God, but when you do some mistakes, all right face it that moment face it off, but don’t carry it on, because if you do that, the centre on the left hand side, the Vishuddhi, South America, I should say, gets into trouble. So much so that you develop spondylitis. You may develop Angina, that’s the disease of the heart, you may develop also lethargic organs, all of them with this one centre going. This has three sides, the one side is the left, right and the centre, but the left side is ruined, then you develop all kinds of these diseases, also cervical cancer as they call it. So, at this moment, please, know that you are not guilty not guilty at all, because this all-pervading power of divine love is the ocean of forgiveness, and whatever mistakes you have committed it dissolves it completely.
So, just say in your heart I am not guilty at all, I am a human being, and which is a very great thing, because human beings are at the epitome of evolution, they are the ones who are going to get realization, not the chickens and the goats, you are the ones who are going to get your realization, so don’t estimate yourself in such a low value. You are all going to get your realization tonight, whatever may be your race, whatever may be your religion, whatever may have you have done, you all have to get your realization tonight, it’s your right, Sahaja means born with you Saha-Ja born with you is the right to have this yoga, means the union. The second one I have told you is that you should not have any guilt, because it will tie up this centre and the Kundalini won’t rise. Then the last, very important, but very easy thing is to forgive everyone, without even thinking about them, just forgive everyone, now some people say it’s very difficult, it’s very common. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything, what do you do? Nothing! It’s a myth, but when you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands and torture yourself, you torture yourself all your life, but at this time specially, the centre of Agnya, which is placed on the Optic Chiasma is like this absolutely constricted, and if you don’t forgive, it won’t open, it won’t open, it will not allow the Kundalini to penetrate, and then so far you have been torturing yourself all your life and now you will miss this great opportunity of self-realization, you don’t have to think about them, just in general you have to say “ I forgive all of them”. This is the third condition, I hope you comply with it, but a promise also in a way that you will be the lights which will be enlightened, which will give lights to others, that you will come to the collective and you will master this art and you will give lights to others. It’s a very big responsibility, because you are the first early people who will be getting this realization and you have to be the channel of this divine love, so far we only had hatred as the power, we use hatred to club people together, but this is the power of divine love, we have never used it, which is the most powerful thing. So please, I would request you to know that if you get your self-realization tonight you will go to our centres and master this even if you don’t get because of some problems, any physical, mental, emotional, maybe something, doesn’t matter, you please go to our centres and get your realization, it’s very simple. Gradually, as you will be growing you will be amazed, the ocean of knowledge that is before you. Also, I have given at least 4000, more than 4000 lectures, only in English language. So all that will be available to you but gradually, because books and reading, or even listening to lectures sometimes become a hindrance, reading too much makes a web of words and you just get lost, you have to go beyond that in the experience of this formless energy which is around us.