The Feminine Power Within Us

National Institutes of Health, Washington D.C. (United States)

1993-10-14 The Feminine Power Within Us, Washington D.C., United States, 93' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program at National Institute of Health, Washington, D.C. (USA). 14 October 1993.

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. You cannot change it, you cannot conceptualize it, and unfortunately at this human awareness you cannot know it. Another thing, whatever I’m going to tell you today, please do not accept it blind-folded. We have accepted many things blind-folded and we have suffered. But keep your mind open as scientists and if this hypothesis is proved, then you have to accept it as honest people.

First of all, I’ll tell you what is the truth, you are all seekers, but you must know what is the truth you are seeking. The first truth is that you are not this body, this mind, this ego; these conditionings but you are the pure spirit. You always say this is “my” body, “my” conditionings, “my” mind, my… When you say “my”, who is this “I” to which all these belong? The second truth is that there is a All Pervading Power of Divine Love; which does all the living work. You see beautiful flowers and beautiful trees, they are all miracles, but we take these miracles for granted. Who runs our heart? If you ask the Doctors, they will say its “autonomous nervous system”, but who is the “auto”? Who runs our heart? Look at our eyes, which is such a wonderful camera, and this brain, which is such a perfect computer. Who has made this and who runs them? We never ask this question, we take it for granted. This is all done by this All Pervading Power of Divine Love.

We have always used the power of hatred. Any organization you find, there’s some sort of a separation from the rest, describing that “we are trying to do this kind of a work, even saving the children against something”. This is against nothing. In totality, you have to see this world, the whole universe and human way. About these centers and the chakras and this power below, you’ve been already told. This power that is in the triangular bone is in the sacrum bone, that means the Greeks knew it’s a sacred bone. Greeks knew a lot of things, like they call Athena “Athea”, “athea” means Primordial; they call her a Primordial Mother. In all the Scriptures, there’s a mention of the Primordial Mother, and if in some of them it is not, because they just didn’t want to say anything about women. This power in the triangular bone is the reflection of this Primordial Mother, which in the Christian religion they call it as Holy Ghost. They have the Father, the Son the God, and no Mother, it’s the Holy Ghost, a doe. [dove?]

Its Paul’s doings, I think he hated women, and he didn’t want to mention any feminine divinity. That has really made I’ve seen in the West women very insecure. Also in such an advanced country, of course Catholics can never accept it, but even in England where there’s not Catholic influence, up till now they’ve been struggling if the priest would be a women or not,[ I mean?] its very primitive idea. But otherwise she is considered as Shakti; as the power, and this is the feminine power within us which gives us our second birth. She’s your own power. She’s your own individual mother, and She knows everything about you, just like a tape recorder. She knows all our past, and She is extremely anxious to give you the second birth. As when your mother gave you birth, she took all the pains upon herself, this Kundalini does that job. While some people have described that Kundalini awakening means such and such thing, and nothing of the kind. I’ve being doing this job for the last 23 years; I’ve not seen anybody getting into trouble.

I came to Washington in 1972 and there were only 4 people in the hall, I am so happy to see so many of you here. After that I didn’t come I must say. Even to America I came only after 9 years, because I was so disappointed. The materialism has taken over so much that at that time people asked me very funny questions, like in Boston they were wanting to do some sort of a television show, and the first question they asked Me “How many Rolls Royce I had?” I said “I’ve none” so they said “what do you mean”, “you are not in the business?” I said, “No there’s no business, it is, but its spiritual business” then they said “we are not interested in you, if you have no business of money, we are not interested”, the television, I was so shocked. And that time I had warned about all the false people who will be coming here, and how they will cheat you, what they will do, but nobody was willing to listen to me. They said if you don’t take money you are hocus pocus. It was impossible to tell them that you can’t pay for your spirituality. It’s a living process of your evolution, the last breakthrough and this has to be achieved not by payment, you cannot. God doesn’t understand money; He doesn’t understand banking or your economics, nothing of the kind, because he doesn’t have these headaches. But I think they used to think God must be a person who is doing a lot of business, or something. It was impossible to tell them about it.

Now I am very happy to see, as I am seeing you here, so many seekers of truth are here to get their Realization. Sahaja Yoga, as you know means “Saha” is with, “ja” is born, born with you is the right to get this union with this All Pervading Divine Power. It is your right to get it. Every human being who is existing today has to get it. This is a special time, I call it “Blossom Time”, because many flowers are there who have to become the fruits, but it is also called as “Last Judgment”, it’s called as “Resurrection Time”, in the Koran it is called as “Qiyama”, and their funny ideas. I met a Muslin from Bosnia, it so happen, I asked him “why are you killing yourself, why don’t you accept whatever is available, after all, you life should be there” so he said “no, you see, if we now die in the name of resurrection, in the name of God, resurrection we’ll get”. I said “what is this idea?” The idea is that at the time of resurrection all those who are dead in the graves, will come out of the graves. Image what are the remains in the grave are, I mean should be logical, and they will get their resurrection. Even Christians believe that way; I think the Jews also believe the same way. But think that after so many years, all our forefathers who have died, dinosaurus [ should it be changed for dinosaurs] and all those will be coming out of the graves with their bones, I think, and then, we’ll have to give them resurrection.

That way, I think the Indian philosophy is the most sensible, and [unclear] also Chinese, that at this time, people will be born, the souls will take births, many souls will take their births at this time, and they will get their resurrection who are seeking the truth. That’s why we have such a population problem now, there’s such a population problem but it is to be understood in the right perspective, that this population problem has [Mother says “has”, consider changing next word to “come”] coming because all kind of souls are taking birth, and that’s why we have all kinds of such stupid people, idiotic people, violent people, all kinds of funny, queer people, who just don’t understand how are they human beings, the way they behave. They cannot understand many things which are so natural, which are so normal, and sensible. So, all such people are born today, and we get very upset I find, in Washington specially, people are very upset, that children are killing their parents, they are using all kinds of weapons, and this and that. I’m not surprised, because if these children are born out of some sort of animal instinct, or the parents are born out of some animal instinct, it’s alright, they are doing what they have been doing before, supposing a tiger is born, he has to kill human beings, but even then, all these things can be cured, all these souls can be saved, and they can all become higher people; above all these problems they can rise, through this Kundalini awakening.

Absolutely true, I tell you, because now I’ve faced all kind of people, all over the world, and I’m amazed, how this work is showing it’s results, in these horrible times, we call modern times Kali Yuga. All these have been described already, that there will be people who will be very much under illusions. This is a special time, and this is the time because they’ll get frustrated, they’ll be tired, and they will take to their resurrection. It’s already described. Only thing is, if I have done anything is this that, I have found out a way to give en-masse Realization. Formerly, it was one master could have only one disciple. Till the 12th Century, it was so even in India. We had [unclear: peace everywhere], Sufi’s were there, so many poets I have read, American poets and English poets, they were all realized souls. But, also in India, where we call it a very Spiritual country, we had very few realized souls. One master would have one disciple, chosen for this.

Thus it continued ’til the 12th century, when a very great poet called Gyaneshwara, he started in a way writing about Gita, he requested his brother who was his guru,
Avrutinath [check spelling] that please allow me to write about Kundalini because in the Gita it is not mentioned, we must write about it. So he allowed and he wrote it in the 6th chapter of that Gyaneshwari but people said, the people who were in charge of the religion that time, said “this chapter is something to be condemned”, because they didn’t know how to awaken the Kundalini, this has to be absolutely condemned, and nobody should read this one, nishida is the word, not so bad a word as condemned, nishid, is not to be read, thus all this knowledge of the inner being was kept in the darkness and this knowledge of the inner being, not known to us, created the problem.

The civilization that has grown so much as we see, is like a big tree, but you do not have the knowledge of your roots, if you do not have the knowledge of the roots, this civilization is going to be finished and that’s exactly what is happening today. Whatever we have done so far, whatever we have achieved so far, is just a mental projection. Science is amoral, it doesn’t give you answers to many questions, like a child when it is born, at a proper time, one can ask a question to a doctor “that you are not aware, are you not aware, that a foreign body was growing into this body, and a foreign body when it enters into the body immediately it is thrown out, that’s the system, but is not thrown out. Today my throat it thrown out, absolutely I have been speaking every night, and the pollution; I think Washington is full of pollution, alright. So the child is borne in the system for 9 months, it is not thrown away, and thrown away at the right time, how does it happen? How is it retained and then [thrown away] after exactly after exactly 9 months. The doctor won’t be able to answer you this question.

But science cannot answer you one question: Why are you on this earth? What is the purpose of your life? What is the goal of your life? We are now facing a problem that people say “we have no identity”. This instrument supposing is not connected to the mains, how will it have its own identity, how will it work? What’s the use without this connection? In the same way, it happens to us, when we are not connected to this power which has created us, we have no identity, we have no real purpose. We do this thing, and do that, we don’t understand. We are born here, just make some money, and die. There isn’t any purpose that we can see clearly. Only after this connection is established we can know what is the purpose of our life is. And the purpose of our life is to enter into the Kingdom of God. That is the purpose. We have become human beings, up to a stage and now, we have to enter into the Kingdom of God, where you know the absolute Truth, everybody knows the same truth, if God is one, then why should there be so many truths, somebody says “Capitalism is good”, somebody says “Socialism is good”, somebody says “Communism is good”, I mean all kinds of things, and they fight, on that point. But nobody knows the absolute Truth. And once you know the absolute Truth, then there is no discussion, no argument, no fights.

We have conferences after conferences. I have known people who have got awards in Peace, I mean known very well, they’re so hot tempered, I tell you, after getting the award they become even worse, if you have to talk to them, take a barge pole in between, otherwise they is [they’re?] dangerous. These people are given awards; I don’t know why, whatever may be the reason; what happens really is this: that there is no peace within and big discussions, big arguments, quarrels, sometimes even beatings, and what comes out of it is nothing that is really the peace. Peace is within yourself. Peace is a state in which you have peace. When you are connected to this All Pervading Power, first thing that happens that you feel a Cool Breeze on your fingertips , now the 5, 6 and 7, these are 7 centers which you can feel, and 5, 6 and 7, these 7 centers you feel, on the left side that you feel is the emotional side and the right side is the side of your physical and mental, mental meaning thinking, so we have these two sides which are enlightened, actually doctors know that these are the ending of the sympathetic nervous system, but when they are enlightened, immediately you know also what’s wrong with your centers, also the Cool Breeze comes out of your fontanelle bone area, this is the actualization of your Second Birth, what you call the baptism, you can feel it, from your head it comes, you can feel it on your fingertips, you verify. It’s so absolute that even children can diagnose a person, for example they say “this finger is catching”, that means something wrong with the heart, you ask the person “Have you have any heart trouble?”, they’ll immediately ask “how do you know?” you can know it on fingertips, English language is [unclear] fingertips, we know it on our fingertips.

Thus, you know about your Chakras, your centers, and it is self-knowledge. People till they die they don’t know they are going to die with cancer, or any diseases. Once this Kundalini rises, She passes through these centers which are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. She corrects your physical side; She corrects your mental side.

It’s a fact, I tell you, we have three doctors in Delhi University, who have got their MD in Sahaja Yoga curing incurable diseases, one of them is asthma. So you cure yourself, you do the diagnosis; you know what’s the problem is, and you cure yourself. It’s so simple, that it is unbelievable that how you can cure yourself like this. Most of the global problems are because of human beings, and most of the human problems are most of them, are because of these centers going into jeopardy. If you somehow other cure these centers, you can solve physical, mental, and emotional problems. Now we’ve seen many people who suffer from all sorts of depressions, schizophrenia, all such kinds of things. They don’t have to psychiatrist, who will blame the mother or the father, nothing of the kind. You get cured, yourself, no questions are asked, nothing of the kind, and you just get cured of these troubles because this Kundalini connects you to the mains. She on her way, nourishes these centers, integrates them, and enlightens them, this is Her job, and She does it very well, only thing you have to support her, now again I say, this is your own power and it’s your own Mother.

We are all seekers, I know, they have been seekers all over, but what we have to seek is our evolution. We do not know the totality, we do not know the reality, we talk of peace, it’s not there. We are all the time thinking about the future or the past. We are jumping on the cusp of the future and the past all the time. But we cannot be in the present; I say “you be in the present”, you cannot. The thought rises and falls, another thought rises and falls, in between these thoughts, there is a little space, very little space, which is the present. Present is the reality but you cannot be in the present. So when this Kundalini rises She elongates those thoughts, by this the space of the present increases and you become thoughtlessly aware, thoughtlessly aware, you are aware, but no thought, that is the state where you are peaceful. At that time you are growing spiritually. With a disturbed mind you cannot, but with this peace you start growing spiritually.

The second state that you achieve is doubtless awareness. There’s Sanskrit names for this, one is Nirvichara Samadhi, and the second one is called as Nirvikalpa Samadhi. In the second state, some people achieve it both the states simultaneously, but some have to little bit work it out because this connection has to fixed, sometimes it is loose with people.

So, you have this second state where you have no doubts, you know you have powers to raise the Kundalini of others, you know how to cure others, your whole value system changes, here when this Kundalini rises, into the first, through this first center, or we could call the Swadishthana, it is call the second center otherwise, you become extremely creative. I’ve know people who have never known how to write any one sentence in poetry, they have become poets. There are musicians who today are famous in the whole world, they are all Sahaja Yogis, they don’t tell, they may not tell, but they are all blessed by their Kundalini. You become great painters and artists. And with the second center as you know that, you become righteous. We talk of religion, you may be Hindu, Muslin, Christians, anything, you can commit any sin, the religion is not within yourself, it’s outside, you go to church, or you go to a temple, or anywhere, but here you don’t have to go anywhere, you just become, you become a saint, you become an angel. You just don’t do wrong things, and you enjoy your virtues; you enjoy them. This happens to you automatically.

I don’t tell anyone “don’t drink”, don’t nothing of the kind, it is very serious. I never tell, because if I tell half of you will go away. But only thing is that if you are enlightened then it works automatically. I’ll give a simple example. I am holding supposing a snake in my hand, it’s darkness, and I’m an obstinate, egotistical person, supposing; so somebody tells Me “Madam, there is a snake in your hand”. I won’t give up; I’ll say “no, it’s a rope”. Till it bites me I’ll not give; I’ll hold on to it. But supposing there is little light, I’ll immediately throw it away. No use telling anything to anyone. That has never worked. Best is put some light into them, and they themselves become alright, they become their own guide, they become their own masters, they become their own guru. You don’t have to tell them anything. It just works automatically. Because once it is awakened within you, it works that way.

You have this, another center, which is extremely important, which gives you sense of security and this center when disturbed, you get all kinds of troubles and diseases and I would say that, it gives you all kind of problems. This center is nourished then you have anti-bodies awakened, who are enlightened and who fight your diseases very well you don’t know how, it’s a fact.

Cancer has been cured through Sahaja Yoga. All kinds of diseases have been cured by Sahaja Yoga. Naturally, you’ll say, what about AIDS. AIDS also can be cured, but I must say, I don’t know My experience may be wrong, but there’s are only two types of AIDS patients. One are who are martyrs, you see, marching to prove that AIDS is something, I don’t know what it is. And another type are people who don’t want to live, they have decided to die, but we have got hold of some people who were in between and it has worked, it’s very difficult area; for other diseases I can tell you any kind of a psychosomatic [unclear]. “Psycho” the left sided, the “somatic” the right sided, both works out, because it is a “psycho-somatic”, doctors can’t do it, never, nor a psychologist, because as you know it’s a specialization, we have one doctor for one eye, and one doctor for another eye. Here we are talking of totality; there’s no specialization, totality. If you cure one thing, another thing comes up. It’s not like that. It’s the total balance that comes into it’s own shape and you don’t have any problems as far as your health is concerned, of course some doctors were worried, “what will happen to our practice?”; see now, simple is “how many will come to Sahaja Yoga?”.

Now in this New York City, there’s so many people, the other day I saw one person driving one car; such an affluent place with so many cars, with so many people, how many are here? How many will come to Sahaja Yoga, and out of these, how many will grow? So doctors should not worry, there will be thousands and thousands left for that, so they should have no worry about it. Now, we have this center, is this the center is your America, is this center in the Universe, and whenever I come to America I get problems with this center, because of this center is the center of collectivity and the responsibility, that’s why you will go to Somalia, you’ll go Haiti, you’ll go to Vietnam, to Korea, everywhere, they have to jolly well go. Whatever you may criticize but it is basically your responsibility; this is America.

In that way, they are very responsible I would say, but I think, because of materialism, the people have become rather superficial and coarse. The affluence has brought forth a kind of a personality which doesn’t bother about spirituality, but I think this session and so many problems might awakened them, but if you see this country is destroying itself from within, how many types of diseases are cropping up here?

Every time I come a new kind of a disease is there. How many this schizophrenia I’ve never heard in India. We’ve never heard of so many things that are done in this country, it’s very difficult why human beings take to destructive things for? Because the mental projection is there, with the mental projection it goes in a linear way up to a point, but it falls, because it is not substantiated with truth, it is not substantiated with morality, so it falls down, and that’s why you find decline, in every sphere you’ll find decline, say we had films. Well, I’m an old woman so I’ve seen very good films, American films were very much appreciated at time, but for the last 30 years I don’t know what has happened, one by one, now you can’t see them, even the language goes on “quack, quack, quack”, you don’t know what they are talking about.

They use to speak very good English and very beautiful films they had, suddenly, this decline started, started, and I don’t know which film one should see, and they get awards for doing horrible things. This appreciation of also horrible films, also is the decline of the mind. To get out of it, one has to realize the responsibility towards yourself and towards the whole society, which is not there.

That responsibility the government has to impose, but in democracy this is your private life, do what you like. If you want to shave off yourself, you can shave off, if you want to cut your nose, you can cut it. Government is not bothered, that’s your private life. But whether the private life is respected or the private parts are respected is not the point. The point is this is your private life. You do what like, if you want to go to hell, you can go. Because it is democracy. Only you have to work. That’s all. It doesn’t go further than that.

So this is the situation we find in democratic countries, I just wondered, what’s the matter with them? Like there was some thing called Punks in England, some boys came to Me, they said “we are getting blind”, I said, “Why do you put this color, is not good for your eyes”, “What’s wrong?”, “But you will get blind”, “So what’s wrong”, I said “what’s wrong, you want to get blind?” “What’s wrong?” I was surprised at their stupidity that God has given them eyes and they have no value for them.

In the same way, we have so many kinds of horrible false people coming here. Somebody says that you can move a pendulum, if you say certain mantras. People will pay any amount of money to that. Now are you here to move the pendulums? Why are you here on this earth? Or they give one stupid mantras, for that they will give any amount of money to that man. I mean even a donkey can give you a mantra, what is there to go to these people, what happens to the IQ?, why not we use that and understand what we have to achieve is the transformation within, what did you get out of it, so many people the other day, somebody was telling he’s Buddhist, but also bankrupt. I said “Why?” because I have been giving money, money, money, now I am bankrupt, and a Buddhist. Shaved his head also, like Kabira, I said “by shaving your head if you go to heaven then all the sheep who are shaved every year, should go there much faster”.

It’s like that, it’s so absurd, all the absurd, somebody says you will fly half way, three feet height you can fly, alright. So people are willing to pay £6,000; but why? There’s already jams in the roads, and these three feet high people moving, what will happen? Why do you want to fly three feet high, I can’t understand? What is the common sense? Why can’t we understand a simple thing that we don’t need all that, and they broke their bottoms and they charged them, and now they have been refunded, some people. All kinds of absurd things are marketed in America. They are very good at marketing, I know they have employed people who are very good at marketing, I know, they should find out, and then the market in America is the best place, all of them are exported, not only from India but from all over.

In America, you have evangelist also, that’s another surprise to Me, that I’ve seen it, one film is very nice, but I have seen one evangelist showing a 100 dollar note. “If you give this, release this”, he says. So that you will get many more and he gives the story of one lady, release this, so she got all the groceries in her house, and the groceries started falling from the sky, and Americans say “ahhhh”. What’s wrong, how could you believe such nonsense? It’s absurd I know, absolutely absurd, but people say “alright”, you had these suicidal squads, all kinds of things. Even so called religions are showing their teeth to now to us, and very well. You can’t believe this priests behaving like this. Is absolutely ridiculous to do such things in the name of God. It’s ridiculous. They are not afraid of God, at all. They don’t know what is the wrath of God is, and they are befooling people for money, because you have money, and they think money has a power, they are trying to extract money from you. For Sahaja Yoga, you cannot pay. You cannot purchase Sahaja Yoga. As I’ve told you already, you must know it is so invaluable that you cannot pay for it. It is to be understood, that it is not something like a shop. I belong to another society so called “elite”, and the talk is about guru-shopping. Have you meet particular guru this one? No, no, why? Oh, he is cheaper now, now on sale, you can get it cheaper value. Really, it is crazy. It is something like your supermarkets, walking into the name of God.

Now, please use your IQ which you have used so much for sending from here all these things to moon, and now another one is coming out, from somewhere else, please use your brains for going inside. What’s this of going to the Moon, what did you get? Such a lot of money was wasted? Why not getting inside and know yourself, what is inside, what’s wrong with me? But that’s not possible. For that, they won’t listen. I know in America there have been so many seekers, we have had people like Abraham Lincoln, all kinds of great people have come here and we have to know our own value system. On what foundations do we stand, firmly? We talk of family, you cannot bring in family life now anymore, because you worship Freud as Jesus Christ, now you are after so many years, you are saying, “enough”, he’s fraudulent Freud, there’s a book, then another book I’ve seen is the “Fall of Freud’s empire” but it has gone into the brain of the people, into the families, into everywhere. You go to any Freudian, he’ll tell you “something wrong with your mother” and “something relationship wrong” I mean,[ this is?] absurd things they tell you, I don’t know how you can believe it.

I met first time, a child about 12 years of age. His mother came and said “he’s taking drugs”, I felt terrible about a, 12 years’ old child, taking drugs. So I just took that child hugged him and kissed him. So he said “my mother never does it to me”, I said “she doesn’t do to you?”, “No, no she never does it to me”, I asked her “will you never hug your child and kiss?”, “No, because I will have guilt”, I couldn’t understand the philosophy at that time, a mother having a guilt if she has to hug her own child. It’s all Mr. Freud, oh, very much respected, but also he prospered in America, you’ll be surprised, not in his own place, Austria. When I talked against him they all clapped very happy, and they were saying that “he brought a bad name to us”, but how these horrible things prosper here, we should watch out.

Now of course Freud has gone out, he’s no more there, but Freudians still there, and people who believe in Freud are still there, it’s gone into their brains. Now how will you create a sensible society?, only way is to get out of it, just get out of it, all these nonsensical things are there, but you have to just, somehow other get out of it and it’s only possible through your awakening, through your Realization, otherwise there’s no way out. But once the Americans get out of it, I can tell you, they are the best people, I trust them more than anybody else, but they have to get out of it, bit difficult, to get them to the program and make them sit throughout the lecture is also difficult. Now how many have gone out? You see, I didn’t count, but this is not done anywhere else except in America. ‘Cause their freedom.

In Russia you’ll be amazed, they’re so sensitive to spiritually, very sensitive, because they didn’t have this kind of a freedom. Here the freedom is there, for everything. A rich man, I went to his house, he carried me in his car, and he had the handle in a funny way and he told Me, “if you have to open the handle, you have to turn it this way”. But I said “why?” “Oh, It’s my individual invention, I’ve done it”, but anybody who doesn’t know how to get out of his car will die, if something happens to him. We got into his house, he told me “this is my bathroom, but don’t put on this switch, otherwise You will just jump into the swimming pool”. I said “My God! What is this suppose to be for?” “Oh, that’s my invention” I said “you give me some ordinary bathroom; I don’t want all this nonsense”. Then he had a bed. “You can press one button, your legs will go up, your head will come up”, I said “I don’t know which button to press, there are very clean buttons. “You just have to touch”. I said “I am not going to touch, I’ll sleep on the ground, what sort of a thing is this nonsense, nothing is going to happen to me if I sleep on the ground, but supposing I touch this here, suddenly I find … and this I find and this is how they spend their money in their free[dom]. [unclear]

I don’t know, but false gurus are also very rich people and some of them had so many of Rolls Royces and this kind of, that kind of, brainless, useless people, they were, I tell you, most of them. But, it happens, I don’t know what impress them, anybody from India, if he is released from a jail, he has no place in the society, he wears those orange dresses and comes straight to America. Settles in some square or somewhere and next year you see he has a big palace of his own. Whom are you helping? You have to help yourself. I am a Mother; I always ask them, “what did your guru do for you? Better look after yourself. Better know yourself. So thus you get your self-knowledge and also in the another dimension of your awareness, you develop collective consciousness. Collective consciousness is that you can feel others also on your fingertips. You can feel them very clearly, and you know what’s wrong with another person, if you know how to cure that person, you can cure them. You don’t have to go to the doctor; you don’t have do any diagnoses or anything. You can help that person; you can cure many people like that. There’s no fees to be paid, no hospital, nothing [unclear needed?].

Now we have our Sahaja Yogis in 55 nations. You must see when they meet. They have transcended all barriers of their countries, races, everything. Such love and such affection, such oneness, it’s like one organism they were, if somebody’s sick, somewhere, the whole body like a body of Sahaja Yoga worried about them. “They’ll write to me, telephone to me, Mother please look after that person, he’s sick”. So many relationships of this kind I’ve seen. We have always used as I said, the power of hatred, but this power of love, which is pure love, absolutely pure, you’ll be surprised there are people who are very beautiful, handsome all kind of things are there; but I have never seen anybody flirting, they don’t flirt, I have not seen them any man running away with somebody’s wife, I mean you come home and find your wife has gone away with somebody else, it’s never like that, this idea does’t comes into their head, because their attention has become pure, attention has become innocent, it is without any lust and greed, is such a beautiful thing to happen that your attention also become extremely active. After some time, you just pay attention to someone and you are in communication with that person, immediately if he’s sick, if he’s in trouble, you see, it so miraculous and the government of God, is so efficient, so quick, it is really worth knowing yourself, because you are fantastic, you are extremely beautiful inside.

You are so extraordinary that you do not know, you cannot be aware of it, unless and until you are connected to the mains; you don’t know what you are. It’s like this; if you take a small television box to some remote place in a village, they’ll say “what is this box?” say “oh, you’ll see lots of films in it”. They’ll say, “How can that believe this, this is a box?” that is how we think of ourselves, we are a box. But, once this box is connected to the mains, you’ll see, what this box is, because it is all built-in in you, like you take one seed and sprout it in the Mother Earth. You don’t do anything, what do you? Nothing. Because in the seed it is built-in that it should sprout and the Mother Earth also has quality to sprout. It’s spontaneous. Sahaj. That explains everything. This happens, Sahaj. You cannot manipulate it, or do anything about it, just works out, effortlessly, absolutely beautiful and this happening is so simple and so easy, that you’ll be amazed how you get it.

Now, I have to tell you that we’ll have this session today, by which you all will get your Realization. I promise you, I promise you. It will hardly take 10 minutes once you close your eyes and take your Realization. For that, only there are three conditions, very simple.

The first condition is that you should be fully self-confident that you’ll get your Self-Realization, fully self-confident; all of you. Whatever may the problem, whatever may be the past, whatever [unclear] so the second condition comes out of this. That you are not to feel guilty at all. If you have committed mistakes, it’s alright, you are human beings and you are not God. Don’t judge yourself, and if some mistake has been committed, cure it at that moment or try to face it, what you do is to when you commit some mistakes you carry that guilt and put it here in the left Vishuddhi, it is a very dangerous thinking. I know people go on worrying: “Oh, God, that day, I split some coffee” so it doesn’t matter, that fellow must have cleaned his clothes, it’s alright, it doesn’t matter, he’ll go on thinking about it all his life “I’ve split the coffee, he split the coffee”.

Our norms are so, so funny, so funny are our norms, we have made them and we go on worrying about them. So first of all you should know you are not guilty at all about anything, if you feel guilty what happens? You develop a disease called angina, which is a very serious disease of the heart. It’s a fashion also, to feel guilty, it’s a fashion you know, if it becomes fashion you can’t help it. Anything can be a fashion. They are individual as far as their bathrooms are concerned, but as far as dress is concerned and fashion is concerned, you can’t understand them. They’ll playing into the entrepreneurs. Like an entrepreneur says, “alright, six inches of skirts”, in the winter of Switzerland, you’ll find ladies with six inches of skirts, and then they get varicose veins, because that’s the fashion. In that you don’t have individuality, because the entrepreneurs have bombarded you with their advertisements and everything, they’re all inside you head . But this becomes also a fashion as I said, to feel guilty.

English language itself is full of “sorry, sorry, sorry”. We never use to say that, you know. On the phone we use to say, I mean, I’m an old woman, at that time when we rang, “I beg your pardon”, finished, instead of all the time saying “sorry, sorry”, for what? In the way, you see, this all feeling of feeling sorry or depressed is very, very wrong.

What you have to do is to face your mistakes and forget it. Otherwise you develop angina, spondylitis and lethargic organs. So what’s the use of developing this, also arthritis, so what you are doing is to feel guilty and create a problem for yourself. It’s a myth, to feel guilty is a myth, so please don’t feel the guilty, forget the past, in short you have to be pleasantly placed towards yourself, because you are human beings, you are at the epitome of evolution.

I cannot give Realization to chicken and to goats. Only human beings can be given Realization. Now the third condition is even simpler, is that you have to forgive everyone in general, don’t have to think about people whom you are to forgive. No. Please don’t remember whom you are to forgive, it’s a headache. Now, logically whether you forgive or don’t forgive, what do you do? Nothing! But when you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. See logically, the person who has troubled you or may be hurt you or whatever it is, is nicely enjoying himself, and you are sitting down here and hating him and doing all kind of cures, all this, and what you are doing is torturing yourself, for nothing at all. That’s why I said, that don’t even think about them. The worse part is that at this time, this center if it is because of guilt, has become constricted, the Kundalini won’t rise, if you do not accept that you are not guilty, it won’t rise. Then this center which is on the optic chasma, if you don’t forgive it is constricted like that, it won’t open. The Kundalini won’t rise. All your life you have tortured yourself, for not forgiving. And now again at this important moment your Kundalini won’t rise, you’ll miss the great opportunity of getting your Realization, so please forgive all of them, I request again and again, because I’ve seen in the West people take time to forgive, they say “we can’t when we want”, I are just to say you are [have?] to forgive everyone, that’s all.

So, we have to be pleasantly placed towards ourselves and respect ourselves, because we are human beings. We are not animals, above that, we are seekers of truth. These are the three conditions and another thing I must confess, that I cannot force Self Realization on you, you have to ask for it. You have to desire it, because this is the power of Pure Desire. All other desires are impure, that’s why they are not satiable in general, but this is the Pure Desire you have of which you may be aware or not, after getting this, the complete satisfaction of your being is manifested. So many things happen I must tell you, you drop down at least your 20 years of age. I’m 71 years of age, and every night I am having a program, here, there, there, there, traveling, it’s alright. In the same way you also become very dynamic and also very compassionate. Discretion, everything comes to you so beautifully, you really become so wise that you understand, you understand yourself and you try to correct yourself.

So now, we’ll take about, as I told you, a little time for that, first we’ll have to take out our shoes, because this Mother Earth is very helpful in sucking out our problems. Again, I cannot force, so those who don’t want to have [their Self Realization] should leave the hall. Just take out your shoes so the Mother Earth is touched by your feet. You can push back your shoes, I think.

Now, whatever we are doing now is only for tonight you don’t have to repeat. Just for tonight. After that, it will happen I know you all are going to get Realization. Who didn’t want it have already gone, so it’s alright, all the people who are going to get it are here. After this, only thing I have to say that you have to grow. You’ll feel very nice after this, you’ll feel “I’m in the seventh heaven” and all that. But still, like a sprouted seed, you’ll be left behind. If you have to grow, you have to attend our centers which are very humble and simple centers, like a nail, if it is cut out of your body, it will not grow at all, by any chance. So please remember that after this it’s a promise to Me also, you will all attend to the follow and then go to our centers where they will tell you all about it, now, in English language, at least minimum, I have given at least 4,000 lectures, minimum. In other languages, so many. So you will be able to see the knowledge, the ocean of knowledge that is within you, and they will tell you all about it, everything, again I have to tell you, you don’t have to pay anything, but you have to pay attention to your Self Realization and some respect to yourself. Please respect yourself, that’s the only thing I have to request you.

Now, we’ll tell you how you are going to nourish your own centers tonight. First of all, understand that left side is the power of desire; right side is the power of action. So please put your left hand towards Me, be comfortable, don’t strain yourself, on your left lap, please put your left hand and put both the feet apart from each other because these are two powers, that means symbolically you are desirers of Self Realization. You have to be comfortable. But that doesn’t mean slouch, little straight, you don’t have to go to Himalayas and stand on your head for nothing at all, on your seat you will get your Realization. That’s my promise and your promise should be that “Mother, we’ll grow”, grow into spirituality and try to save others, that would be very gratifying for Me.

Now with the right hand we are to nourish our centers. So please put your right hand on your heart, inside the coat would be better. Sweater is alright, sweater is alright, but coat [unclear] whatever you can do easily. Here resides the Spirit. Now, if you become the Spirit, in the light of the Spirit, you become your own guide, your own master. Please Madam, do it, or you can go, you can’t sit like that, alright please, it is not civil to do that, if you don’t want to do it you can go. What’s that? So why are you here? Alright. Please do it, I’m not going to kill you, please. It’s helpful. So you become your own master.

Please take your right hand, in the upper portion of your abdomen, on the left hand side. This is the center of your mastery, created by great prophets and great seers. You take your hand now in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side; this is the center of Pure Divine Knowledge. H yow, that we’ll tell you later on, but it is. We are working only on the left hand side. Now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen. Then on your heart, then in the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to your right. I’ve already told you about this center. Now, please take your right hand on top of your forehead, across, and please put down your head, bend your head downward, this is the center where you have to forgive everyone in general without thinking about anyone, now, take back your right hand on the back side of your head, and push back your head as far as possible. Now, please stretch your hand, stretch your palm for this last center. And push the center of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area and push back your fingers, please put down your head and move your scalp with pressure on it, seven times, clockwise, now push back your fingers, push back, with a pressure, please bend your heads, please bend your head, push back your fingers, and move it seven times clockwise, clockwise. That’s all we’ll have to do, that’s all we’ll have to do.

Now, put your both the feet apart from each other, put your left hand on your lap, right hand on your heart, you can remove your spectacles, because now you’ll have to close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you. Please don’t open them til I tell you. You can take out your spectacles; it might help your eyesight also.

Now, here in the heart resides the Spirit. So you ask Me a very fundamental question about yourself, in your heart you have to ask, you may call me Mother or Shri Mataji, whatever you like. “Mother, am I the Spirit?”, ask this question three times, “Mother am I the Spirit?” ask this question three times. Now, if you become the Spirit, you become your own master. So please take your right hand, on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard. Here you have to ask another fundamental question about yourself three times. “Mother, am I my own master?” ask this question three times.

Now please take your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard. This center has got six petals so you have to ask six times, I cannot I’m sorry, I cannot force Pure Divine Knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. So please ask six times “Mother, please give me Pure Divine Knowledge”. As soon as you ask for Pure Divine Knowledge, this Kundalini starts rising. So we have to enrich higher centers with our self confidence. Now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it. Here you have to say with full confidence, ten times, “Mother, I am my own master”, I’ve already told you that you are not this body, you are not this mind, but you are the pure Spirit. So please raise your right hand on top of your heart and here you have to say with full confidence in yourself, “Mother, I am the pure Spirit”. This All Pervading Power is the Ocean of Compassion, is the Ocean of Knowledge, is the Ocean of Bliss and Joy but above all it is the Ocean of Forgiveness, and whatever mistakes you might have committed, it can be dissolved by the power of this Ocean of Forgiveness, so please forgive yourself and raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to your right…