9th Day of Navaratri, Reintrospect Yourself

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Navaratri Puja. Cabella (Italy), 24 October 1993.

Today we have gathered here to do the puja of the Devi. The Devi has many forms, but is the embodiment of the Shakti. Adi Shakti gives Shakti to all these embodiments and so there are many Goddesses we have.

At different times they came on this Earth and did all that was necessary for the ascent of people who were seekers. Especially the one we know of, Jagadamba, the Durga. She was trying to protect all the seekers of Truth and to destroy all evil forces, because without the ascent of human beings they do not know the Truth, and that’s why whatever they try to do is a mental projection, and this mental projection, if it is not substantiated by Truth, by dharma, it declines. In Sanskrit they call it glani. When this glani takes  place, then incarnations are born – to solve the problem.

In all incarnation of the Goddess there have been very much incarnated the satanic forces, they had incarnated, and She had to fight with them and destroy them. But this destruction was not for the destruction’s sake that the evil forces are to be destroyed, but evil forces always try to put down the seekers, put down the Saints, try to harm them, sometimes even destroy [them]. All these destructive forces do not come at the same time, normally. At different times, is easy to handle.

But the aim of the incarnation is to save, to protect the people who are seekers because they are the most important people in the realm of spirituality. All others are nothing but dust, good for nothing, useless. If they are not seeking the Truth, in the eyes of God they are just useless lives that have come and will be finished. They have no value and they have no dignity, they have no understanding of anything.

So in the judgement of the Divine Love we have two types of people: one who are Seekers of Truth and the another who are not.   They may be good people, they may be nice people, they [may] be doing a lot of good work, social work, this work, missionary work, every sort of work they might be doing, but if they are not seeking the Truth, then they do not come to that category where God has to incarnate. So try to understand the preciousness, the importance of seekers. And that’s what you have been – seeking. Very few persons. If you take the percentage of seekers, is very, very wee bit. But it’s very important because, say a…one little part of gold is much more valuable than mounds of steel. In the same way a seeker is much more valuable in the growth of spirituality.   The whole universe was created,  whole atmosphere was built, all the evolution took place for what?  That human beings should know the Truth.

But in the modern atmosphere is a very big curse, I think the greatest evil than all the Shumba, Nishumbas and all that, the worst of all is materialism because materialism makes you gross.   In your seeking also when you are rising, subtly that materialism catches you. I’ve been noticing this! When people come to Sahaja Yoga alright, they are going deep into themselves, they are understanding what I am saying, all the inner knowledge they want to know, what is called as Atma gyan. Atma gyan means two things: the knowledge about the Spirit and knowledge about yourself. All this they find out and they know what it is.

This state is the state for which people have been doing all kinds of things, going to the Himalayas, meditating in the cold without much clothes on them, living in the caves with some fruits. All kinds of tapasyas they would do because the seeking was so deep, so urgent and they could not get out of that force of seeking. But in the modern times, materialism retards that hankering, that dedication. It’s maddening for people when they are seekers.

I’ve seen, before coming to Sahaja Yoga, people spend [a] lot of money, go to various places, go to Himalayas, go to Nepal, go to Japan, all over the places they are moving. But after coming to Sahaja Yoga, after they have become the Spirit, for the growth of your new awareness, the progress is retarded. Also one should understand that after so much of running about [when] you find something so precious, so you settle down with it, and you feel very satisfied about it. That part is alright. But what later on? Your growth should not stop and that stops, because, because of one of the main reasons is materialism. Because of materialism your faith in yourself is also less.

Now as you have seen that the Gods pray to the Goddess and She came and killed all the negative forces. The reason was the earnest desire of the Gods compelled Her to take incarnation. Such sincere desire to ascend that they could not get sometimes food even water and they worked so hard for their ascent which was disturbed by negative forces. So their call was so from the heart, so desperate and genuine and sincere that the Goddess had to take birth on this Earth to save them, to protect them, to look after them.

But as it is we see, once you have reached a destination, you feel, “Now better settle down.” Now, what do we settle down with? If, after getting realisation, you are complete, you are in Totality, you are absolutely one with Reality, there is nothing to be done – you become a saint. And a saint does not need any advertisement, does not need anything. His message spreads, people see him and know he is a great saint.

So many Saints did not even leave their houses. A very common saying in India: your ‘takiya’ you should not leave, that, the pillow on which you are resting, you should not leave. That was a criteria of a Guru. Those who have to seek should come to the Guru’s and climb up at least six, seven miles up, and then the Guru doesn’t meet anyone. He may slap you, he may hit you, he may drop you from that high mountain. He’ll take your test by so many ways, ultimately he may select one person to give Realisation. So this hankering, this desperate effort was all the time there.

Now, so we come to Sahaja Yoga in these modern times. Sometimes I feel that, not only Sahaja Yoga is very easy, also it is extremely pampering. You know that you have got Realisation, you all know that you are better than others, that you have got rid of so many problems and that now you have become master of your own. Then the responsibility that you have towards yourself and to your fellow men reduces because you feel very satisfied with yourself.

The other day some sahaja yogini rang Me up. I mean they ring Me up for everything. She said that “I went to the doctor and he put radiation and they found I was pregnant, so what should I do about the baby?” For such a small thing they will ask Me. “What should be the name our son? What is this, what is that?” I mean I have to do much more work than any priest has to. Little, little things they are worried about. Alright, that part is alright, that I have to tell you what is to be done at such a point or what should we do. If they miss the train, they will telephone Me, “Mother we have missed the train, now what to do?” So I have to tell them, “Alright, give them a bandhan.” That also I have to tell them. Or supposing their father is sick, he has a heart trouble, then they’ll telephone to Me “My father is sick, he has a heart trouble, he’s not a sahaja yogi, what can you do about it?” So Mother has to put attention to his father who is not a sahaja yogi. Small, small things they write to Me, such small things that you can’t imagine how they do not understand what I am here for? Still I’ve never said that this is a stupid thing to ask Me, you should not waste My time. Never.

But it’s to be seen now, that if you do not value yourself as realised souls, you cannot value My time also, or what is Myself. This incarnation can be wasted completely because of this materialistic attitude.   In this modern times, I don’t know what’s gone wrong with human beings because the most important thing in your life is to ascend and to grow. Take a big vision of the whole thing – why this Universe was created, why you were created as human beings, what was the need to do all these things, for what is it done. If you have a very big vision of the whole thing, then try to locate your position, “Where am I?” And then, how the Divine has selected me and now I have become a sahaja yogi. So now, ‘What is my responsibility?’ – that, one has to see.

But on the contrary, I’ve seen people who are saying “I have a transfer.” So they’ll telephone and ask “Mother, should we take our chair or not?” That shows that they have no value about themselves and no value about Me. Both ways. Because they ask in such small things, such silly things, that it is impossible to understand how could sahaja yogis ask such questions.

In the perspective we can see, of the Goddess, She comes on this Earth in different forms, at different times, to save the seekers of Truth and to work out the ascent of the seekers of Truth. Can you imagine! A very big difference in the incarnation of the Goddess before Kali Yuga. While now, it’s a very different thing, that you have come on this Earth to become the sahaja yogis. You have to have a body, a mind, feelings, everything, which is just charged with spirituality, charged with your spirituality. Should be normally. Because how many years in the past you have been seeking God? Then, that you came here, what a coincidence! Then what is it? When you have such a great advantage that you have come to Sahaja Yoga because of your seeking, and now you have found the satisfaction out of it, what is the responsibility that you have?  That the incarnation itself has come on this Earth, not only to protect you, to nourish you and to kill the demons – no! She has come on this Earth to tell you about everything that is subtler inside and to tell you what should be your relationship should be outside as well as inside.

You were never connected with Truth, you were never connected with this All-pervading Power, you were never connected with God Almighty. So one has to understand that what a great thing has happened, that out of Me only, this Kundalini has come out and She has touched these higher centres. How? This was not done before, no, they were just protected, they were just looked after. Nowhere it is written that the Goddess has given realisation to people, nowhere! She is responsible, She can give. One of Her names is that, I mean, not one but at least ten names are: that She gives you your nirvana, that She gives you your Freedom, that She introduces you to liberty. All these things are written but what’s happening now is that people have not yet been able to grasp the value of their life in the modern time.

See the way people ask questions, see the way people, the enquiry is on, the way people are worried. “Now my child is big, what should I do?” “What should you do? Child is big, put him to school, do what you like!”  “Mother, will you please tell where to put the child?” Then you put the child – “Have you seen the school Mother?” “No I haven’t!” “Then you go and inspect the school”!! Imagine Kali Mata doing that! She would have given two nice tight slaps, I tell you [for] anybody who would have said that. What do you make out of it? But to that detailed extent a Motherhood has to work out. You wouldn’t do that for your own child, I know. But when it comes to children what are they doing? Still materialistic.

Today especially it’s a very great day of Dashera we call it. This is the day when, as you know, Ravana was burned. Effigies of Ravana are burnt all over the place. When Shri Rama came this was done. His victory. But in His victory, it was not that He made sahaja yogis or He gave realisation – No! His victory was that He killed Ravana. That was done that time for today’s preparation, for today’s happenings. It was done long time back that these days will come when people will have a proper value system of the victory of Shri Rama. But it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen,  because this incarnation of Mataji Nirmala Devi is very different, is very illusive – Mahamaya. So you are left to yourself, do what you like. Whatever you like you can do it!

So they will ask Me “Mother, we have a problem,” I said “What?” “We don’t know which kind of chairs we should buy?” For every small thing they will refer to Mother, but for important things never. Sort of a funny use of the whole thing, has started. [That] which is so great, so important, is used for something absolutely nonsensical.

So see the difference between the incarnations. One incarnation comes on this Earth to save the people, to bring them out of the mire of Maya. But another incarnation which has come is not only just to talk about it, but to give you your Realisation and then to look after your small, small things.

So when this lady telephoned and asked Me “What should I do? Please Mother cure me.” It’s a very different attitude between the bhaktas of those days and the bhaktas of today. There is a very big difference! I said “You never asked Me when you did all that! Doesn’t matter. Now whatever you have done its better I see the child, look after the child put the child right, everything, but you come along.” But then I realised ki (that) this women is so attached to her child. And I telephoned to the leader and he said “It’s terrible attachment. It’s a terrible attachment to the child!”

So now from one nonsense to another nonsense! This incarnation has such a variety of jobs to be done. I mean, even the 64 kalas, the 64 expertise of Shri Ganesha is not sufficient to solve this. Why is it so complicated? After giving Self-realisation it should be a straight forward march towards your goal and towards your growth. But why is it that such a complicated nonsense is all the time bothering you? What do you want now? We should ask, “What do you want?” “I want a child.” After Sahaja Yoga you should not want anything. Why do you want to have a child there are so many children. You can look after them. “I want” goes away, should go away from your mind that, “I want this and I want that.”

This wanting is over now. What you wanted your Self-realisation. After that, what has happened is now, what I want is more important. I mean, [what] I want that you should become really detached from materialism. That doesn’t mean that you should become like ‘hare rama hare krishna’ [people], no, no no! They are not detached. They’re very much attached people. But detachment is a state where nothing can bind you, nothing is important, most important thing is your spiritual ascent. Nothing can attract you more than this purpose. This is what exactly is wanted today, that sahaja yogis should understand.

Compared to sahaja yogis, what people have gone through, I mean, when I read it, really I feel terrible. Here everything is convenience, convenient – come along enjoy nice food, nice company,its a festival going on! Everything is properly done. And if something is missing I’ll be the one who will tell the organisers “What is this? You should have done this, you should have done that.”

Now we come to a point where we have to understand what do we want. What’s the use of killing Shumba Nishumbas? What’s the use of killing this Catholic Church? What’s the use? Because you are static, you are glued in one place, no progress. So what’s the use of doing all these things all the time and destroying all that negativity? What is the purpose? It’s too arbitrary everybody says, “Mother, You have given them permission, You have given them license, so now they are doing the way they are.”  The other one girl came to me, her child was very sick, I asked her “Do you Meditate?” She kept quiet. I said “I can make out that you don’t meditate because I know what it is. That you don’t even meditate!”

So today’s main thing is this, is a Dashera day, when the people go cross the boundaries of their villages and bring gold for the parents. That’s the story it is, like that. Now what you have to do is to cross the limits of this materialism, this nonsensical ‘dwarfy’ force that is working on you, and you have to transcend and bring what I said gold, that is untarnishable thing, from the borders of Sahaja Yoga.

How many of you really are in the field of work? How many of you are telling about this to people? What are you doing about it? Why I’m talking to you and not to Indians this way [is] because their attitude is different, their attitude is not materialistic, it’s spiritual. They want their spiritual ascent for which they suffer a lot, they’d go out of the way to do things just to get to that state where they could be easily surrendered. This surrender state has to come.

For example, you have a problem say,you have no holidays and you want to come for puja – say for example. I’m just giving an example. Now if you want to come to puja, you just come. Not only you’ll get a job, but you might get promotion. But you have no faith in your ascent, you have no faith that you are the chosen one. This is what is missing because of materialism.

Recently in America, we have a very great sahaja yogi – Dave Dunphy. I told him “Dave you better take over as a leader for America, because this gentleman is not alright and you better take over”. Immediately he said “Alright Mother.” Now he lives in Honolulu. Our programs and everything are done through LA – Los Angeles and it was, it looked quite strange that I should ask him to come down and work there.

Now, where are we? We are the people who have been blessed with all the powers. You have been blessed. But we don’t want to practice, we don’t want to find out what powers we have. Worried about our own children, worried about what sari we are going to wear, or worried about who is the leader and what should we do about the leadership. All these things are not going to help us. You’re not here for that! Try to understand. You are here for becoming the Spirit and then to spread the light of the Spirit. Nothing [else] matters!

Once you start doing that, you’ll be amazed the faith works. It’s not blind faith,  it’s not blind faith. You don’t have to tell Me even, it just works. It’s a matter of few days, you might get many results of what you have been hankering after. I don’t say material, superficial things, you might get [those]. But the question remains. Somebody, say, wants to dedicate his life, so-called, for Sahaja Yoga, then what do you do? What do you do if you dedicate? First thing is your faith. You must know how is your faith into anything. You really believe in it or you do not? If you do believe in it, what have you done about it?

So at this stage you have to introspect. What are you doing? What are we to do? How far do we have to go? It’s a very, very important time and you are extremely important souls here sitting down, but, if you don’t value your own systems and your Self, why should God worry about you? Why should God try to give you ideas? Why should He try to take any interest even in you, persons of that kind?

So now, I have to just tell you that, on this day of this puja, it’s such a combination that its the Dashera, I am here and also you can call it the last day of the Devi Puja. We have to see within ourselves, introspect “What have I done for Sahaja Yoga? Except for looking after my children, cooking for the husband, that’s all?’ Men can also think the same way – “What have we done? What have we done for Sahaja Yoga?” Just “I want to meet politicians, just I want to meet this person, I want to meet that person.” For what? They should come and meet you! But your faith in yourself is very weak. I think that’s the main reason for all this fall, is faith in yourself. This faith is such a thing that you know it is so.

You have seen My photographs, you are convinced about it. There’s nothing to be convinced! But this faith is not one with your heart. It is not just with your being, it’s outside. “Alright Mother will do that, Mother will solve this, Mother will do this.”

But whole thing is now to Me it looks like that, I have to compulsorily tell you to do some sort of a tapasya. You ask somebody, “Do you meditate?” “No, Mother.” Very plainly! “No Mother we don’t”. “So what are you doing here?” “There’s some pain in my knees, so I have come to you,” Alright! “But I don’t meditate – I am very honest, I don’t meditate. I just have pain in the knees, please cure it, I don’t meditate.”

How many of you really meditate every night? Guido said that, “Mother, if You tell like this, they’ll say, ‘All right, in the night we’ll do but not in the morning because Mother has said do in the night.’ ‘”

There’s no earnestness, there’s no…expected any kind of a enthusiasm about it. “Alright, if not today, we’ll see tomorrow! Mother says like that, it’s not necessary, it’s not important, it’s alright!” So you satisfy yourself! But who is the loser? Not Me, I don’t need Sahaja Yoga. Do I. I’m doing all the tapasya for your Sahaja Yoga. What about you people doing some tapasya about it?

So now what I’m trying to say [is] that, you have got your Realisation, now you have reached that great state of understanding, also of the inner knowledge and also about your connection with the Spirit and with the God Almighty. All this you know now, many things you know! Despite that it is not yet what it should be from your heart, from your earnest desire.

It doesn’t help, at all, anyone, to deceive oneself – never! So I am not saying something for x, y, z. I am saying for all of you. Don’t try to cheat yourself. You are here with such a great purpose, this purpose is collective and is the freedom of our minds from all these nonsensical destructive forces and then to spread it all over, talk about it.

My own conviction is this, that, something has to happen to sahaja yogis to realise how important it is to work out something that is within us, which is potential, which is just about to bubble out. It’s this responsibility, whether you are a Jew, a Christian or anything makes no difference it is all outside.

But what you have to do, that you have come into a new realm of awareness, into a new realm of a higher life where you know all your inner Self, you know all about what is good and what is not. Everything, after knowing all this, also, if you do not grow, then who will you blame?

So now we come to a point to understand the importance of this Kali Yuga, where your Mother is here to help you and also to look after you very tenderly, sweetly to tell you everything. Actually I cannot get angry with anyone for more than one minute. So to explain to you sweetly what you should have done and which you can do and which you have to do. All these things I would have really, would have been telling you, all the time, I have been bringing you round very sweetly and explaining to you and telling you that this is your own power which is within you and which you have to look after and raise it, and also you have got so many books or ways of understanding that.

But this inner knowledge which you have is something like this, that, I have an inner knowledge about, say, how to build these things, but I don’t do it. It’s as simple as that. I just don’t do it! I have the inner knowledge, alright!  I am a Ph.D. but I’m mad – its like that!

So many people are mentally very well equipped in Sahaja Yoga, I know, but as far as the following of Sahaja Yoga is concerned, they are not. So I am warning you now! It’s like Christ has said, “Some seeds which are sprouted fell on the street and dried out and died.” Now the judgement is going on all the time. When I’m talking to you, it’s all the judgement is going on. So every night you have to meditate and you have to then think about what have you done tonight, today, the whole day, what have we achieved?

But so calculating they are! “Supposing that I go there at 5 o’clock then I have to be back at 7 otherwise I will miss the point. I’ll not see this person, that person.” So, everything works like that – with the time, with the importance of nonsensical things.  But what has to work is your faith that, “I am going to do things which are truthful, which are sensible, down to earth and I am going to keep myself absolutely extremely free and I’m going to look after, not only my inner being but the inner beings of others.”

Today’s special puja is really of, more of right side I would say, Dashera is a right side puja because you worship Shri Rama and his bow and everything. But think of this incarnation. Fouteen years He went to jail. For a particular reason He went there. I mean, if somebody has go even for one year its an headache. Its not a jail but its we can call a, in forest that He went it was like a jail to Him. He was a king’s son with no place to live, to sleep. Everywhere He went He had to built his own little hut.  So He went there. So He had to do that! Why did He do it? Because He had faith in Himself. He is Shri Rama and He has to jolly well do these things. He had faith in himself and He had faith in God Almighty that whatever He’s doing, He’s doing as a will of God. And that is what I have to do – finished!

“I don’t care whether I have to face Ravana or I have to face this or that. I don’t care! I am a sahaja yogi, I don’t care. My job is to spread Sahaja Yoga, alright. My job is to cleanse myself up and know myself! This is my work, my job and this is what I have to do. I’m not bothered if I get admission in the school or not. I’m not bothered if somebody has to go by plane so he gets the ticket or not.” You just won’t believe that you show your faith in yourself, you’ll get the admission, you’ll get the ticket.

Whatever you want is there. Its all there. You don’t have to strive for it, you don’t have to bother for it, it’s just there. It is, I mean, all My life it has been happening. Of course, My faith is like, solid like Gibraltar, I mean, no question, because I know what I am and I know what I am supposed to do. So for Me I have no problem. I have all the faith and I know everyone and I can say that I can make out a flying bird. [I] may not show that. Sometimes I may say “Alright, this is good,this, that.” But I know for definite what I am and what I have to do!   In the same way you have to know about yourself because it is a different category of people you are.

You are not the ones who need protection from God, who need protection from the Mother- no! You have to give protections to others. You see, you have to give light to others, you have to show them the path. So you are here for that purpose, not for getting a house or what you call income tax concession. You are not for that. All that nonsense you forget. Jolly well, they’ll have to give you concession! I live like that, absolutely.

I’m not bothered when I am traveling whether there’s a ticket or not.Whether there is a seat or not. I’m not bothered, I’m not bothered at all. Alright, I’m traveling, I don’t even think I’m traveling. I just think that I am there, that’s all. So many things I say which look so bombastic and look so ego-oriented. Like I said that this Catholic Church is about to finish. I said that…if it was somebody else they’ll say “Perhaps…maybe…”

Now, so one has to change one’s own language, the style, and our understanding should be that we are a rough people. We are rough as far as ourselves are concerned, with others we are kind, tender and sweet. But as far as we are concerned we are rough!

Once it happened [that] we had a transfer, and we went into a house, very big house though, but there was nothing to sleep upon. There was one bed quite small one, my husband was sleeping [on it]. He just can’t do like that it. I said “Alright, take a challenge!” I slept on the ground. Next day, I had pain in the body. I told my body “Behave yourself! Must learn how to sleep on stones also.” And for one month I was sleeping on the ground, still.

So you have to be harsh with your body, you have to be harsh with your mind which gives you ideas of materialism or of retarding your progress in spirituality.   Now, escapes and escapes they find out.

Ultimately you come to the last point where you do not think about say material life and you don’t think of mental life or so-called these spiritual lives or anything. But you think that it’s alright, you are free from it and now you have become a very, very free person and you can do what you like. Supposing you reach a state like that, then you just sit down, “Oh, I’ve reached that state, finished.” But how are we to believe? What’s the proof that you have reached that state? You must show! It doesn’t show! But they say “Ahh! we are Mother.”

There is a myth also in Sahaja Yoga, that senior. “He is a very senior sahaja yogi.” I mean I don’t understand, what is this? How can there be seniority in Sahaja Yoga? Cannot be seniority, no question! Somebody, say, enters into the sea, some are there for ages standing near the edge of the sea holding on to the earth because they are afraid to swim, and some people who have come only yesterday might be jumping and going ahead and enjoying the sea. So how is it he’s the senior? We do not have this seniority business in Sahaja Yoga! There is no seniority. Then also there is also another myth, maybe this is an excuse, I don’t know what to say, but it is a very common thing to say that “He’s a senior sahaja yogi” or “He’safter all, he’s a senior sahaja yogi.'” [I] Can’t understand – It’s like saying, “This donkey is senior, another donkey is not.”

Then another thing that we suffer from very much, very common (laughing), is this, that “Mother said so.'” Anybody will say “Oh yeah, Mother said to me, She called me and she said it.” What did she say “Oh! You are a very great sahaja yogi, you are this, you are that you are the other.”

Now there are two possibilities. One, I might have said it just to befool him – I am Mahamaya – or maybe I must have said all this just to see that, pamper his ego so he gets to Sahaja Yoga and does something substantial than to eat my head. So “Mother said so. Such a great sahaja yogi, I’m such and such!” Very bombastic words! Very bombastic language he would use. Then people [say] “Ahh! what a sahaja yogi!”

So the judgement (laughing) of a sahaja yogi doesn’t come from what he claims but what he achieves. I’ve seen some sahaja yogis are extremely arrogant, also. Extremely arrogant. Think no end of themselves. All that is there. So many sahaja yogis I have seen of that kind, that, they are very very arrogant and that they try to make a big show out of what great people they are – Humpty Dumpties as they call it.   Alright, but what [about] a sahaja yogi, who is not like that, what is his style is? He’ll just watch, he’ll witness the whole thing, just enjoy and laugh at what is happening. “What is this man talking like this. What’s the sense of he is talking like this.” A person who is a sahaja yogi, is a gem, a gem, and gem for which you take him to anywhere, to any place, people will say “He’s a gem.”

My own style is this, that when I see a person or a sahaja yogi anywhere, first thing I go inside Myself -first thing, I don’t know if you can do that but I can. And then I see that person in a very different perspective and understand. Because all these powers are with you also. It is not My powers only, you all have these powers, but only difference between you and Me is that I have all faith in Myself and you have no faith in yourself.

So we are at a crossing roads where we have to understand who will go higher and who will go lower. We have to find out who is the one who is going to achieve something, and where am I compared to that person? It’s said that you have to suffer, you have to do this and you have to do that – nothing of the kind, by God’s grace, nothing of that kind.

So, now, what is it? What will happen to a sahaja yogi? How will you know who is a sahaja yogi? How will you know who is just putting a lip service? Only way is that you evolve, you become like a mirror and you see for yourself what sort of a person he is, and also you see yourself, what you are.

Today’s lecture is more sort of is actually, absolutely inspired lecture! And it is the one that should tell you that – all that we have done today is this – to understand our own values, about our own life. We should understand why are we on this Earth, what is our purpose and what we have to achieve.

You see this…I give you My all blessings from My heart and I want you to accept My blessings to be the great lights of God’s desire.

Try to understand what important time you are born and that you have become such good, beautiful people of God.

May God bless you!