Talk during Marriages

Moscow (Russia)

Marriages in Moscow (Russia). 14 November 1993.

[Applause] Thank you very much. [Applause] I don’t know how to thank you, Sir, for saying such beautiful things. [Applause] We have some scientists with us but they were never very sure that scientists will ever think of Sahaja Yoga. One scientist started writing a book for the science with the quantum theory and everything. So he said without transformation the scientist will not understand Sahaja Yoga. Just on a mundane level as human beings they cannot crossover, to crossover the mind. After meeting him now I feel so confident. A gentleman of his caliber, if he can understand Sahaja Yoga and also understands the necessity of transformation, I think My job is done now. Because scientists are like Gods in every country. Especially in developing countries, they are regarded as the last word. But the way he has understood Sahaja Yoga and the necessity to have Sahaja Yoga for the betterment of the world is so remarkable, so joy giving. I have no words, you see, to tell you how I feel now.

Of course, we have very highly placed people who have accepted Sahaja Yoga. But no scientists of this caliber, and this will really give us such a help that I cannot explain. Especially people think that those who are not scientists are scatterbrains. And in India some people said that this is all blind faith. There’s nothing like Kundalini, there’s nothing like transformation. And, they threw stones at us and hurt many Sahaja Yogis. Now, we can present him before them – now see – who is a real scientist. Because he has an open mind – that’s the sign of a scientist. And this is how our problems are going to be solved because of you. [Applause] I’m going to announce about it openly in India that scientist of such a caliber has understood Sahaja Yoga. [Applause]

I feel it’s a Divine miracle. Absolutely. Because they are never convinced about anything. Such close minds.

[It seems that Russian scientist is saying, “It’s true, it’s true. Very difficult.”]

But now the picture has changed. The color has changed, everything is so much better. I would request you next time when I come here please arrange My meeting with the scientist, and also I will get the Sahaja Yogis who are scientists from all over. We have the power of love. It is not electromagnetic and it is. It has all the powers in it. And this power of love has never been used before. It was always in imbalance. But now the power of hatred is finished. [Applause] And the Divine power of love will rule the whole world. Only thing, you all must meditate and grow. You are My channels. I cannot do it Myself alone. [Applause] When they will see your beautiful life and your characters, your personalities, all the others will be enamored and surprised. This is how Sahaja Yoga will spread. Not by lecturing, sermoning – not that. But by your personality.

I bless you all who are married today especially. Please remember that these marriages are to be respected. Absolutely you must understand your responsibility. For the whole society you are the people who can transform. So, I bless you from My heart and assure you, you will get many Realized children who will give you lot of love, and when they will grow you will know what saints they are. Give them a peaceful, blissful, joyous home and respect them.

May God bless you.