Public Program: Paise Ka Mul Nahin

Gurgaon (India)

1993-11-29 Public Program, Paise Ka Mul Nahin, Gurgaon, India (Hindi), 49'
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1993-1129 Public Program, Paise Ka Mul Nahin [There is no value for money], Gurgaon, India

I feel so overwhelmed. You have decorated so beautifully. You have done such a lot of work. Don’t know how much money you may have spent – A Mother gets only such thoughts. And I think, within one year how so much of change has come about in Gurgaon? And people got awakened that we should attain the truth. Everyone wants to attain the truth. Everyone thinks that we should attain truth. Because without the truth, there is no meaning of this life. In the darkness whatever we search or see, in that we go into illusions. This is the specialty of Kaliyuga. In Kaliyuga, people go into illusion. They are unable to have faith in anything. Because weird people, taking the name of God, talk of great things, talk of spirituality and put people in wrong belief.

So what is the truth? How do we know the truth? But those who are searching, they get hurt. Those who are searching from their heart, having a lot of faith, they get entangled in wrong path.

That’s why I said that in Haryana we should definitely start. Because people here are simple. It’s possible that here also they must’ve got entangled with gurus. Where there is simplicity, there gurus definitely go. They are not gurus, they are agurus [false gurus]. Some of them are bad rakshasas. They call themselves gurus and do all such work that they take as much as possible from you and spoil your Kundalini. Your get completely lost. You cannot even understand what is wrong and what is right.

There was one person, by saying some mantras, he used to give diamond, pearl etc., sometimes gold chains to people. Now people believed that probably they will also get diamond chain or get something that is very precious. People used get strayed, keep their photos in the house, do a lot of things regarding them. But all this miracles was done by cheating you, which we call mesmerism. Like that he used to mesmerize people. After mesmerizing them, whatever people see, they don’t really see, whatever they are supposed to understand, they don’t understand. After that he used to give whoever he wanted to, whatever he wanted to give. To very rich people he used to give diamond, emerald, etc. etc.

I said, “You people should think if they can give like that, then let them make our country prosperous”. Or you should also think that why are they giving it to you, you have everything, they should give it to your driver. But these words were not heeded by anyone. In the end there was a very big program where they put 4 cameras. One on top and one lower. Now camera cannot be mesmerized. People can be mesmerized but the camera clicked the photos. Everything was recorded and everywhere it was printed, ‘who is this maharaj? And how he is doing tricks and mesmerizing people’.

Like this many types of people cheat in many ways. When they have accumulated enough wealth, they open a University or build something else, start a school for kids. Build something or the other and people get carried away.

Among all these things, you should remember one thing, always, as a Mother I am telling you – you should see what did you get from this? What did you achieve from this? Whatever was gained was by the gurus. But what did you achieve? Many people are there. Some say, ‘they got peace’, some say ‘they got comfort’ – nothing like that.

People will be in such false hood. In reality you should get the Power. In you the Power should be awakened. And the dormant Power within you should be awakened and start working. It should work for you. Whatever you had, those things disappeared and you did not achieve anything. And whatever you got was insignificant. You can get that in the market. For that what is the need to do service of such gurus, keep their photo and put ‘bindi’ [round red color mark on the forehead]? They don’t have any value.

People get carried away in false hood and the reason for that is Kaliyuga. In Kaliyuga many such people have taken birth, who in the name of God and in the name of dharma [righteousness], they make up different stories and say that they are doing great work.

Here they have told you how the chakras are placed within us. What is their state? How Kundalini is awakened and how our chakras are influenced by it. And other than that how light comes in them. Our attention becomes enlightened and in that we see what all wrong we are doing. We become our own guru and we start seeing ourselves and our movements. We understand everything that we were doing this and it is taking us to our destruction, it will destroy us.

This we understand ourselves because of Kundalini awakening the Light of your Spirit comes in your attention. With that you are able to see. Now all of you are sitting here and if there is no light and if there is darkness, then you will not come to know each other also. When you walk you will bump into this person, bump into that person. Or you may start fighting. Or may trample a child.

Human being is lost in darkness of ignorance in this Kaliyuga. The main reason of losing it is that till now whatever method was followed, some people came up and started doing everything according to them and the same came to us, was imbibed by us in our culture.

Now everyone says, “It wasn’t so during our time, now we don’t know how this is happening?” “In our time these things were not there”, because during that time the things that were told, people had fear of God. They had not achieved the truth but they feared God. They used to think our forefathers have told that ‘such a thing is wrong, it is a sin so we should not do it’.

Now that fear went away because now people are questioning whether God is there or not. Do we trust in God or not? And in place of God such agurus [false gurus] have come. Such bad people, don’t know what to say. So because of their tampering the entire atmosphere changed, we also changed. Such wrong thing started happening that should not have happened.

Human beings are mostly restricted to themselves. In their own selfishness think about themselves and he does not look towards the God. Because when you go to the Temple, go to Church, go to Mosque, wherever you go its only money. Nothing happens without money. No one understands that you need not pay in Sahaja Yoga, no one understands.

Now such beautiful flowers are here. We have purchased them, alright by paying the gardener. But did you pay Mother Earth any money? The One Who has done the work, you did not give any money. Because She doesn’t understand money. She doesn’t know what money is. She has no value for the money- that money is something big and She needs to get it. She is happy that ‘In Me there is Power because of which I can transform a seed into a beautiful tree. So why not do it?’ This action of transformation according to Her is the gift of wealth.

In the same way, you will find that Sahaja Yoga is a living process, living process. How does it happen? Someone will ask, “If you sow a seed, how does the plant grow from that?” There is no answer. In the seed there is something and in the Earth also there is something, cause of which this takes place. All these bindings have been made by God since the beginning. That is the reason the nature does so much of such work that we cannot understand. Like a flower plant will grow only to a certain height. If it’s a mango tree it will grow only to a fixed height. Apples don’t grow on mango tree. The Power which sets these boundaries is called as Paramachaitanya. That many people..

Today is Nanak Sahib’s Centenary. I bow to Him and tell you. He told so many times that this is a living process. Why do you go to the jungle? Where do you go? Achieve the God who is sitting in your heart. He himself said, “Sahaja Samadhi lao”. Samadhi meaning the way our awareness is it is Sahaja – simple. It does not mean do that, do this. You don’t have to do anything, it happens by itself. And today is a great day. It is said this place was called ‘Gurugram’ and we had to come here on Nanak Sahib’s Centenary. It is a very big coincidence.

Now the gurus have come to such a state – where were they [earlier Gurus] and where are these people [gurus nowadays]? You should use your mind and think the people who gave away Jesus Christ for money. Had he accumulated any wealth? These people accumulate wealth. They make a big castle and don’t know what all business they do? This business of accumulating money, no Godly person will do that – He doesn’t understand. Like how the Mother Earth is – He has a large heart and only knows how to give.

If you understand this way, because they told Me last year that many people had gurus who were very influential. Whatever advertisements we had put up, they tore them up. Even the photographs that were put up, everything were torn. I said, “Its alright, we’ll see next year”.

Now you need to open your eyes. Kabir Dasji has said, “”Kaise samjhaun, sab jag andhaa?”. [how to make them understand, the whole world is blind?]. Saying that he lost and gave up. All of them lost. That time the situation was not that they understood all this – that first the truth must be attained. There were few people at that time. Very few people and their state was such that like Namdev from Maharashtra and one thing significant was that even His servant, she was also a saint. He then came to Punjab, Guru Nanak Sahib recognized Him. Because only those who have achieved something can only recognize. Those who have received God’s blessings, those who are Self Realized, only they can recognize another Self Realized.

Namdev once went to a village. There was one potter; while coming here I saw many potters so I remembered him – a person named Gora potter was there. He was also a saint. So when He [Namdev] saw Him standing there, He went and saw that He was breaking the clay with His feet. As soon as He [Namdev] saw Him, Namdev stood astonished. Standing there he said in Marathi, “Nirguna cha beti alo saguna”. Meaning I had come to see the Nirgun [Formless] – to see the light spread all over, to see the Chaitanya, but He is standing in person [Form] here. That kind of recognition – only a saint can recognize a saint. One who is non saintly cannot recognize. Saying such a big thing to someone that I am seeing everything in person. This He said and you can see how Nanak Saab made Him [Namdev] stay with Him [Nanak Saab] with a lot of respect.

Then He learnt Punjabi and there is such a big book He has written in Punjabi. Namdev, Namdev was from Maharashtra but He wrote such a big book and described what ‘Nirakaar’ [Formless] is.

At that time Nanak Saab told Him don’t speak of ‘Sakaar’ [Form], speak of ‘Nirakaar’ [Formless]. Because once you talk about ‘Sakaar’ [Form] then people go on doing puja of idols and this and that. Even He didn’t speak of ‘Sakaar’ [Form]. If you talk about flowers – people get stuck with flowers. Then don’t talk of flowers, talk of honey – you have to attain honey. When they talk of honey, they get stuck with honey. You should have sweetness, by which you reach the essence of honey. Everyone has told this.

I am not telling you something new. There were Tukaram, Ramdas, Adi Shankaracharya or whoever who were great saints. In the 12th Century even Gyaneshwarji, He also told that without Self Realization you cannot achieve the knowledge. Even in Gita, they told that you first obtain the knowledge. Now when they said, “Get the knowledge”, people started reading and writing. Reading and writing [studies] anyone can do. By that one does not become knowledgeable.

Sometimes, I have seen that those people who are learned are so egoistical, so aggressive and think highly of themselves. That’s why Kabir Dasji said, “Padhi padhi panditha moorakh bhaye” [reading and reading, the learned became fools]. After studying, they start feeling that ‘we are great learned’. Like ‘we have written the Gita’ ‘we know all about Ramayan’, ‘we know Koran’.

In that like how a person gets intoxicated, the person can’t even see, ‘what I am thinking is knowledge – is not real knowledge’. Because knowledge is such that we come to know on our nerves. We should get the knowledge on our central nervous system.

Like there is a difference between human being and animals – many things human beings know, but the animals don’t know. He comes to know through his central nervous system. He knows through the nerves on his hands


. This is knowledge, this is awakening. This word even Budha used – bodh. Bodh meaning that within us, how our body is made of. Like this is our head and the brain is in it and other things, in all that you should have the knowledge.

Now you are sitting here, the lights are on. Now all of you are seeing and all of you know that the lights are on. No one can doubt this because you are seeing it with your eyes. It comes from our central nervous system. In the same way knowledge is something you feel within yourself. It is not through your intelligence. Not through your emotions. ‘I am all the time devoted to God. I only keep singing devotional songs’ etc. etc. There is no meaning to all this. All this is a drama.

That’s why as a Mother I tell you, ‘stay away from drama’. To achieve the truth most important thing is that you first know yourself that why you came on Earth? Science can give the answer to a lot of things – people think like that – its wrong. It cannot answer a lot of things. Most importantly it cannot answer, ‘why you have come on this Earth?’ ‘what is the meaning of you being here?’ In this we should pay attention and see what have we understood about ourselves. We haven’t understood.

We say, “We are intelligent, our brains think”. Or we say, “This is ours. This is my eyes, my hand’. But who is this ‘I’? That we have not understood – who is this ‘I’? Knowing this is Self-Realization. To know that you cannot do it through your brain. ‘It can be understood through your brains’ – it is not so. You should feel it in your nervous system. That which you can understand this way [through your nervous system], in the real knowledge. This was told by Krishna to Arjun first. When Arjun asked a question, then He said, “Alright, you do your duty and leave everything to God” – it is not possible.

Krishna, you can say was Diplomatic. He said that human brains are upside-down. By telling them simple things, nothing will enter their brains. So He twisted it and told, “You surrender all your work to God”. So now if there is a murderer also then He’ll say, “Yes I have surrendered to Krishna”. Someone does something bad and says, “I have surrendered to Krishna”. Krishna knew that these people will understand that there is something in it. It is only possible when you become Self-Realized. When you become Self-Realized then it does not occur to you that I am doing this or doing that. It’s happening, everything is happening by itself.

If a Sahaja Yogi is raising someone’s Kundalini and I ask what is happening? “It is not raising, It is not coming down. It is not happening for this person”. He will not say, “I am not doing” – will not talk like that. This is a big question that is happens by itself and human becomes effortless. Its just that Sahaja Yoga is your own. ‘Sa” meaning ‘with you’ and ‘Ja’ meaning born. This is your right. It is your right that you receive it.

In Urdu many people call dharma as ‘haq’. It means dharma is your ‘haq’ [right] – to attain dharma. Not talk of dharma. They may be a Christian, a Muslim, a Sikh or any religion – a Hindu, all talk a lot of dharma. But all bad things, anyone can do. Its not that if a person is Hindu, he can’t do it or if he is a Muslim he can’t do it – everyone can do bad things. It means that there is no dharma in that. Just by belonging to a religion people don’t become dharmic. Dharma should be awakened from within, this is the only Dharma and it is your right. Awakening Dharma within you is your right. Once this is awakened – I don’t refuse anyone from doing anything.

Like you understand, once you awaken your Kundalini, then in that light you will set yourself right – no need to tell anything. Whatever is wrong automatically drops off and the good things remain. So many blessings you get. Many people used to write to Me, “Mother this miracle happened with us, that miracle happened”, so on and so forth we got a lot of letters. I told someone, “You take these letters and whatever feel, you tell more people to write about the miracles that happened to them”. In one month he called Me, “Mother the letters have reached this high [Mother raising both Her hands]. Now you tell Me in this which should we print?” I said, “Son, I don’t have the time, whichever you think is good you print”. He says, “Every one of them is fantastic”.

What you call miracle like that many miracles can happen in your life. Those miracles are such that no one can explain how it happened, what happened. Later we understand that we have entered the Kingdom of God. And the Kingdom of God is not like Government of India, not even England Government. Kingdom of God is very effective. The minute you think of something, immediately it is attended to. It is amazing. The court of Paramachaitanya is such that it is made in such a way that anyone says anything and it takes place. Slowly, slowly everything happens that you will say that we had never even thought it will happen like this, how did it happen?

All these things I am telling you, you should not believe Me. Because then it will be blind faith. There’s no room for blind faith. I am telling you all this so that you understand what you need to achieve. That thing is your own and your right that you be in the Kingdom of God. You be under His ruling. You become its citizen, then you’ll see how you are taken care of. For this to happen its important that first your Kundalini should be awakened.

So what is the truth is that you are not all this body, mind, soul etc., but you yourself are the pure Spirit. This is the truth. Till now what you were saying as ‘mine’, ‘mine’ will become ‘I’. The other truth is that the God’s Powers that is spread all over which is the Paramachaitanya which does the living work. That same Power, when our relation is built with That, when we achieve It, It flows through us all the time and like how this connection is there [pointing to the mike], similar connection Kundalini will make with the Paramachaitanya.

Now if you try to understand this with your intellect and think, “How is it possible? Mother, people have told the awakening of Kundalini is very difficult”. Then some say, “Mother, from Kundalini awakening lot of heat is generated.” Nothing like that happens. This has not happened till now. It is just that we are Sahaji and Kundalini awakens. If the Kundalini awakens, there has to be some specialty. If It awakens then there is some specialty and you have been born in such a time.

This is special blooming time which we call as blossom time. During this time such people have taken birth that they are very eager to know God. Very enthusiastically, very diligently, they desire ‘we should achieve Truth’. But they get trapped in false hood because this is Kaliyug. They got lost in the darkness of Kaliyug. No matter what happens if they are seekers, then it is their right that they achieve it and they should get it.

For this how much money can you pay? To Earth you give money, you give anything, does She understand? Does She have that sense? What money will you give Her? And for this work how much effort will you put? If everything is built within you, everything is ready within you – like: just understand this candle is already made and if you have to light it what effort you need to put? Get a lighted candle near it, it will light up. It is very straight forward. There is no give and take in this. The most important thing is that one should love everyone. No one talks of love. Just pure love, pure love. This pure love is so sweet in you, it does such tricks that you will be surprised that what miracle has taken place in Sahaja Yoga. There is no working of your mind. Its beyond your mind, beyond your psyche, it is a state.

In this two states are achieved. First state is that which we call as ‘nirvichar samadhi’ [thoughtless awareness]. In that state, in the state of thoughtless awareness – you become thoughtless. One thought rises and stops, second thought rises and stops. We are either in the past or future. Whatever has happened in the past, we think of that or we think of future. We keep going back and forth. But we don’t think that this time i.e. the present, are not able to stay there. In this time we are unable to stay. We are not able to be in the present.

Because of Kundalini awakening this thought which rises and falls and again raises and falls, they become separate. And the place in-between these thoughts called as ‘vilamb’[gap], there your attention stays. There is no thought. But you are completely aware and attentive. Like this you attain ‘Nirvichar Samadhi’ [thoughtless awareness]. Samadhi meaning – ‘dhi’ comes from ‘budhi’ [mind], ‘sama’ meaning joined [one with].  It is state beyond thought. But understand mind becomes one. Your awareness becomes one.

So first, ‘Nirvichar Samadhi’ is attained. After that, after thoughtless awareness, you attain doubtless awareness. For many both take place at the same time.

In ‘Nirvikalpa’ [doubtless], there is no doubt. When you use this Power, you will be surprised that the Kundalini of people are awakened by your hands. Now are able to cure people, you can feel others chakras. Because you are awakened in collective consciousness, there is no other. You become the part and parcel of one body. That’s why you are feeling, you are understanding the problems of others, you feel on your fingers. When you work in that collective consciousness, when you are collectively conscious then you attain the other state which is called ‘Nirvikalpa Samadhi’. ‘Nirvikalpa’ meaning where no doubt remains. Then you understand that you have achieve the truth.

To tell this it feels extraordinary. First people don’t say such things, tell such things. Your awareness is transformed or you get a new dimension that you become collective and know everyone, understand everyone. You know about everyone’s chakras. You may not say but you will understand. Just understand because of these chakras whatever is bad, whatever is wrong within us, all that is because of these chakras.

Physical, psychological, materialistic and worldly things whatever is there, other than that spiritual, whatever is wrong is because of problems in these chakras. Once we learn to set right the chakras and learn about them, we can become alright and we can also set right the chakras of other people. All these Powers are within you, is placed. You just have to achieve them.

Just one thing is important that for this transformation, you have to have a pure desire from within. All other desires which are fulfilled don’t give satisfaction. This is the pure desire that we should be connected to the Paramchaitanya. If you have this pure desire in you then this work will take place easily. And the other thing you need to understand is that you should be devoted to yourself. You should have faith in yourself.

We are humans. Above all animals, above everything. These are flowers alright, they are fragrant but we are above them. We are humans. If we don’t respect ourselves, if we don’t understand ourselves, think ourselves to be sinners always. This is a different way, ‘you are sinners, give this much money, your sins can be washed away’. Many people do such wrong things. All this is very wrong. Or ‘do fasting’, ‘do this rituals’, ‘do those rituals’. They drive women so crazy so that I see and get surprised that why women listen to them. It should be understood that, first you understand that you are human beings. And within all of you there is Kundalini and She can be awakened. She is your Mother. She is the individual Mother of each one of you. She knows everything about you and She is eager to give you rebirth.

Its not because I am saying so, it is the truth. You first respect yourself. Don’t think of yourself as any sinner or sorrowful or wrong doer. It is very necessary to say that whatever is created in this world, above everything is the human and Indian are even higher. You don’t know that, this is a holy place. This is a sacred land, lot of auspicious deeds have been done here, many good deeds. After going out I understand that such holy people live here that they already know about sin and holiness. But they don’t realize that how fortunate we are and because of this holiness how we will be benefited. So many holy people have come today to achieve the Yoga. So don’t have any thoughts about yourself, like having doubts, “How can I achieve, I have done this, I have don’t that?”

First of all, you need to understand that this Paramachaitanya is the ocean of forgiveness. First of all. And you cannot commit any such mistakes that it cannot be forgiven. It wants that all of you achieve the Paramachaitanya and whatever has been told till now – ‘you should be reborn’, ‘you should get your Realization’. This is the special time to fulfil all that and at this time you are born in India. It is a very big thing. Understand this and know that you completely deserve the awakening of your Kundalini.

Still there is one more thing that I will tell you that when you come in Sahaja Yoga, like how the seed sprouts and even when the plant grows, still you have to nourish it. That’s why it should not happen that you people come to listen to My lecture get your Realization and you will feel that you are swimming in joy, you will feel like that and then the Kundalini will work on each and every chakra of yours. It is necessary for you that there are centres here. Good thing that best people are running the centres here and they are helping. So you should go to such centres because this work is collective work. The work of collective awareness is collective. If you talk of the entire Universe then, then all Sahaja Yogis are part and parcel of the same body. If anyone is in problem then all countries will come to know about it. If anyone experiences some problem, everyone will rush – ‘how do we help them?’ every time. Such relationship, such love you don’t get to see anywhere.

I saw that when I went to Russia, there some 7-8 thousand people came. In many countries – those who don’t even know the language – such love, such lovely talks. Looking at that a Mothers heart is very enamored. How all people had come, no conflict, nothing. Yes there is lot of happiness and fun. They are smiling always, having fun, pulling each other legs all that. But such love, such caring, such togetherness.

They are all like that in the hangar, nothing, no requirements of any type. Everyone is enjoying. This kind of a [form?] is prepared. This [form?] we can say is Sahaja Dharm. You can recognize them immediately, their speech, how they behave, how they speak, everything about them.

I want that all of you who are from Gurgaon, yesterday I made a mistake, I thought I have gone to Gurgaon. They said Gurgaon people are very sweet, many nice people were sitting. So I said, “This is only Gurgaon”. Then I came to know Gurgaon is another place and its name was Gurugram. I said ‘you people are very sweet like guru’, so I told them only, “You are from Gurgaon”.

Whatever it is, today is very auspicious. On this day these people – saints have given so much of blood, said so many things, talked so much, worked so hard. But we are unable move on that path because we are not yet capable. Because in us we still don’t have the light. In the light you will see that you will float in the ocean of joy. Today Mother just told you, I usually don’t tell so in the beginning but don’t know why today because of Gurunanakji’s centenary; from the heart, whatever He has told, whatever Kabir Dasji also has told about the future all that will happen and there is no doubt in that.

So all those who want Realization, you are most welcome to sit here. But those who don’t want, one should not force them. Because God has given you your freedom whether you want to go to hell or you want to go to heaven, God has left that to you. That’s why no one can force you. Those who want to get their Realization please be seated and those who don’t want please leave, it will be a big help. I will definitely tell you that how much ever speech one gives, do anything, it doesn’t make a difference.

Awakening happens so quickly in India that even I Myself am surprised. Outside, My hands starts paining cause of hard work. Need to work on each and every one, do that and this. And here you people are worshipers and you achieve so well that I get surprised. Yesterday in Gurugram they said that 100% all people were awakened. Its amazing. After it takes place it should not be that you are shaky. You should establish yourself. The power to establish is less in Indians but more in foreigners. Foreigners establish themselves because they understand that they have got such a thing that they cannot get anywhere. They toil a lot. But for Indians – today here, then tomorrow one more guru baba and so on. They go guru shopping.

For this you should have a lot of faith, towards one self, faith towards oneself. This is our Self Realization which we have to grow. That’s why I tell you again and again have faith towards oneself. With that faith you establish. First know yourself then others.

Now don’t try to understand Me, it very difficult. First you understand yourself and with that you establish yourself. Establish that truth within. Then you will understand what you are. I am telling you, ‘you are dignified’, I will prove it. But later don’t become shaky, but be firm.

Its told that wherever you get some water, you have to dig a well there. What is the use of digging at 10 places? But this is the habit of Indians that till they don’t go to ten places, till they don’t get cheated at ten places, till then they cannot establish.  But I wish that first all of you establish then live your life in comfort and joy.

What is the benefit of this? I don’t have the time to tell but you yourself come to know and tell Me that ‘Mother we got benefited like this, benefited like that’. This is very joy giving.

This means all of you want that you should get your Realization. Alright. Indians don’t have to do a lot of work, this is a big blessing for you people.

Keep your hands like this [Shri Mataji opening both Her palm]. Just keep it like this. Now close your eyes. If you wish you can remove the spectacles also. Because your eyesight also become alright with this. Close your eyes.

[Shri Mataji blows Chaitanya]. Now open your eyes. Keep this hand [left] towards Me. And placing this hand on top of your head, right hand place it above your head like this; above the fontanel bone area and check if cool or hot air is coming out. At first it can be hot also. Move your hand and check – right hand, right hand, keep it above not touching. Keep the hand slightly above, then you can make out. Hmm

Now place your right hand towards Me and feel with your left hand. Bend your head, bend your head. Move it [hand] and feel. For some it can be felt much above the head and for some closer to the head. First bend your head.

Now left hand, place your left hand towards Me. And right hand [Shri Mataji moves the right hand above the head]. Now place both your hands towards the sky. Tilt your head backwards and ask the question, “Mother is this Paramachaitanya?” Ask the question three times. Ask in your heart, “Mother is this Paramachaitanya?”

Please ask the question, “Mother is this the Paramachaitanya?” three times. Now bring your hands down. In everyone’s hands or fingers or on the fontanel bone area cool or hot, any type of air they are feeling – all those people, please raise your hands.

All of you got your Realization, all of you. You got your Realization. I bow to all the Realized persons. First you were seekers now you are saints. My salute and many blessings.

I only wish that you take this further and by spreading you grow into a large trees that many other people also are awakened.