Public Program

Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi (India)

1993-12-03 Public Program, New Delhi, India (Hindi), 69'
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1993-12-03 India Tour: Public Program in Kidwai Nagar

[Enlgish translation from Hindi]

My greetings to all the seekers of Truth!

I’ve been told like this, that first speak in English and then speak in Hindi. Do you all agree with this?

I have to tell you this, that you are all searching for the truth. Others are not even searching. Other people just like that go to temple because they should go, they go to the mosque because they should go, go to the gurdwara because they should go. They don’t know why they are going. They tell me that as we live in the society Mother! so we have no choice we have to go to these religious places. But by going there, what are you achieving, that one has to see. In fact, you have lost something and the thing that you have lost is, like we say in the words of Guru Nanaka that, why do you go to the forest in search of God? The one who already exists everywhere and also resides insides you (काहेरेबन खोजन जाई, सदा नवासी सदा अलेपा तोहेअंग समाई)

But people will do all sorts of things and second thing is that, I have also been to Gurudwara many times, I used to see that continuous recitation of the Holy Book is on and everyone is just repeating. What a great thing he (Nanak Saheb) has done for us! Such a great book, how great is Granth Sahib and they are simply just reading the lines. That’s why Kabira said that by reading more the learned becomes foolish (पढ़ पढ़ पंडत मरखू भये) what is written inside it? That is to be understood. Nanaka has said that without knowing the self the illusions cannot be removed (कहेनानक बन आपा चीनेह मटेना म क काई)

The same is the condition of Hindus. Where it is said in the Vedas, Puranas the holy books also Krishna has said that there is only one Spirit inside everyone, then how can you create caste and creed? Why did you create caste and creed? Now you all are seeing the results of that. Still, the caste system is so much prevalent and it’s so much there that one cannot understand. Now just see, who was the person who wrote Ramayana? Valmiki! a dacoit, and that also a fisherman. Shri Rama searched for him and asked him to write Ramayana. He could not find anyone else. How could he not find a pure person and chose a dacoit?

And who wrote Geeta? The one who wrote Geeta who was he? An illegitimate child of a tribal woman. He wrote it. Tell me now what does it show? He (Shri Rama) ate leftover berries of Shabri. Why did he do all this? What was the need for him to do all this, all this drama? To show that the person who has the essence of a saint, who has achieved the principle of Brahma the God is the real saint. But who knows the God in today’s time? I can’t see anyone like that.

So, from where was this casteism created? Somebody was labeled as ‘shudra’ means person of lower caste, somebody was labeled this, somebody that. The caste system by birth was made later! It’s unbearable to see the irony in the Hindu religion and we are still doing everything according to the Hindu religion, we think we are doing a very great religious work.

There is no dearth of insidious people. In every street, there are insidious people and ‘taantriks’ (people who practice witchcraft and black magic) so many are available in your Delhi itself. So many people are also bowing at their feet. So much has been written about this, that who is the real guru. Nanak Sahab has written a whole chapter about it. Who is the real guru? The one who takes your money? Tell me! Does God understand money? Human beings have created their own swamp. Does God understand money, understand the bank? They are selling God. They are selling religion. Talking very big, telling lies, that we will show that, we will do this, that we will do that!! They tell to people, that see your father’s treasure is wrought underground there! And your enmity is with them! All talk of creating conflicts! You should see his (false guru’s) own life, that what kind of a life he has! What kind of a life does he himself has? Is there any purity, any love, any understanding, any greatness, any sacrifice in his own life? Nothing at all! And they are posing themselves as great saints!! They collect crores of rupees! This is the condition of the understanding of our Indians! Wherever everyone goes they too follow!!

Like there are old stories. Out of them, there is one in which, a father says that Look son! Wherever all people go, you also go there! He said, OK! He stood at the crossroad and started thinking about where the people are going. Everyone was heading towards the burial site and like a fool, he went after them!! The wisdom which an Indian has got, is found in very few people, very clear-headed, sharp-witted, wise, they have everything, still stupidity, they do such silly things that one cannot understand!

But those who were real insidious people here, one or two are still left, rest have all gone abroad. It’s good because they are after money. We were saved because we don’t have so much money. It’s the grace of God because the kind of people I see there (abroad) they are falling on the road at the feet of such negative people. Such is their condition and they (false gurus) have made their brains hellish! There is one gentleman who tells, that they win the hearts of the people and control them. They take a pendulum in hand and move it. They make a person stand and say, look I am moving his pendulum and everybody is very overwhelmed!! Poor things they had never seen such a thing before! Have we taken birth to move the pendulum? Is there nothing else to do?

There is another gentleman who states that you rise three feet high!! Just see! Very big big officers here are his disciples!! What will we do by riding three feet high? Just now there was a traffic jam on the way and if these three footed people would have gone there what would have happened? Already there is a traffic jam on the road! Such silly things! How people accept them and give thousands of rupees to them?

In our country it’s different and there it’s different. They understand that these poor people here don’t know anything. Whatever you will say is okay, whatever you tell is fine for them. But you people are aware, you people know that this is filth, this is sin, this is misconduct! Those poor people (in foreign countries) don’t know this. So, those people have become so higher and we people still don’t think that we have to achieve something great! After all, why we have come into this world? Have we come here to just ruin our life?

Now all this knowledge of Sahaj which I am telling, you will see it is not my knowledge. From ancient times, this knowledge has been in this country and is prevalent. Kabir Das has talked about Ida, Pingla and Sushumna channels (इडा, पंगला, सखमनु नाडी) clearly and he talked of heart and Sahasrara (श ूय शखर पर अनहद बाजे) but nobody understands him. I’m surprised, in Bihar where he has done so much work, there people call tobacco as ‘Surati’. We address Kundalini also as ‘Surati’, (सरतीु चढ़ेकमान). See how they have changed the meaning!! Some people are very smart in making fun of things and like fools, we agree with what they say.

This country is so great and how much is it’s the greatness, this you will only understand when you’ll take to Sahaja Yoga. When these foreigner Sahaja yogis come to this country, immediately after getting down from the aeroplane they bow and kiss the mother Earth, because they experience vibrations, they know vibrations and they know that vibrations are flowing from this land. And you people also must not have done less good deeds that you are born in this land. This is also a work of great virtuous deeds. Because of these saintly deeds, you are sitting here.

Now, many people also ask questions, then mother what about our poverty? True! From where does poverty come? first, we have to think about it! Selfishness! It comes from selfishness! But when a person becomes selfless and when he comes in collective so the organized form that it will have can definitely remove poverty completely.

Now, what should I tell you, that in Sahaj yoga diseases get cured without paying a single pie? Starting from cancer all kinds of diseases have been cured. Yesterday, you must have seen that there was a lady who could not see from her eyes, she said to me, Mother! I have come from very far to see you, and I cannot see anything. So, I put a candle before her and after sometimes she started saying mother I can see everything! I didn’t do anything! I didn’t do anything, her own Kundalini was awakened and she got light in her optic lobe here and she started seeing!!

There was a girl who was dumb. She could not speak. They brought her to me. I only said Shri Krishna’s mantra in her ears and because of that mantra, she started speaking. She addressed me as Maa! and she started speaking. Now, this is not a miracle for me, it’s not a miracle! It’s a miracle for you! It’s not a miracle because when the Kundalini rises it passes through six centers, and while passing through these six centers it completely enlightens them and fills them with her energy.

Due to the problems in these chakras, you remain sick, you have problems and when this Kundalini rises then there’s nothing left to say, everything just gets alright! All the problems get solved and in this manner, thousands of people got cured.

If there is somebody who plays tricks and comes for realization, he doesn’t get cured, don’t know why, Kundalini knows everything. She is your mother. Everyone has a different mother. It’s like a tape recording, she knows everything about you, and if there is humility in you the Kundalini does all your work. So many people have got cured with Sahaj yoga, that’s a fact, but one should not come to Sahaj yoga for getting cured. Come to get your realization. Soon after getting your realization your diseases will also get cured. Various types of diseases have got cured. Those who were not having children got children. there are many incurable diseases, such diseases also got cured with Sahaja yoga.

Now our country is of farmers so, I told everyone that do Sahaj yoga, use vibrated water for farming, come to Sahaj yoga by which your yield can increase up to ten times. But people do not listen. Many Agriculture University people also did big research and the news spread everywhere that such a thing can happen. Even from Austria a very famous Mr. Hameed, Dr. Hameed has come for this. He was an advisor in UNO. He also did experiments and explained to everyone but don’t know what’s the matter that this doesn’t go into the heads of people, As if their brains are not alright. Try to do farming this way and see for yourself. If you see ten farms and one farm is full of greenery then understand for sure that this is a farm of some Sahaj yogi.

In everything, also we have seen, in animal husbandry. We did experiments and were told that one cow gives up to ten litres of milk. Surprisingly, it’s about our Indian cow and even the seeds which they use are not the seeds brought from the shops or anywhere but commonly used seeds, so much was produced from that seed, but nobody is ready to listen.

In this India, if you call a newspaperman, they only notice that there was a carpet spread out at your place, there was a lamp was illuminated at your place. There is nothing beyond that. They don’t see anything beyond that. They don’t hear anything, they don’t write anything instead they write some silly things which has no meaning. We have brought such a great thing before you, at least listen to something. but they are not ready to listen to anything. Don’t know what kind of brain people have here!

Just opposite of that, if you see in Russia, there is very old, the oldest academy of Saint Petersburg (inaudible) they gave me such a big title that I was amazed I said I haven’t even done graduation in science or arts. So, they said those who discover, who search, they never go to any university. We have given this to ten people including Einstien! I said Einstein also!! They said you have done a bigger discovery than Einstein! and I was so embarrassed coming on stage that I haven’t done anything so great! This is in our country from ancient times. This is our heritage of our country. From where to where, how many years back, thirteen thousand years back Markendya has talked about it in the Sanskrit language.

This is definite that earlier one guru use to give it to one disciple. Like King Janaka gave it to one person called Nachiketa. This is the tradition. But in the twelfth century, Gyaneshwara took permission from his brother who was his Guru as well, that ‘ Please allow me to at least write about it! This much permission I need!’ and when he wrote about it, in his book Gyaneshwari in the sixth chapter he has described beautifully that due to this Kundalini only we achieve our enlightenment. He has stated it very clearly. So, at that time the religious heads said that it is all nonsense. This is forbidden, so nobody should read it, leave it and it was cut there and nowadays also we have people like that who are supposed to be in charge of religion and they think they are very intelligent.

And because it was cut (inaudible) but still one guru had only one disciple. great saints from the Naath sect did this work. Three types of work were done. One work was regarding the holy books called Vedas, then on vedant, and then related to devotion. But main work was actually done by naathpanthi (naath were the saints) who have written a great deal about Kundalini awakening.

Nanak Sahab also knew about this. He knew it very well. There was Naamdev who was a trailer. In India tailor is not considered somebody very great. Just an ordinary tailor. His maid was also very great Janabai. He went to meet one potter. His name was Gora Kumhar (potter). This potter was breaking mud with his feet. On seeing him, Naamdeva just stood transfixed. They were excellent people, excellent people. And what did he say? He said in Marathi, I came to see the formless, but you are in form. Who can say such a thing? How nice words he said, unlike other people? Normally if Indians meet each other, if they don’t use abusive words one should feel how auspicious, no quarreling!. But what does one saint says to another saint on seeing him? What does he say?’ That you are the formless standing in a form.

Then Naamdeva went to Punjab. In Punjab, Nanak saheb recognized his greatness that how great his personality he is. Guru Nanak asked Naamdeva to learn the Punjabi language and write in the Punjabi language and he wrote such a big book in the Punjabi language out of which some content is included in Guru Granth Sahib also. Now this recognition, this understanding can come only to Saints. Only saints can have this vision, this subtle vision about other saints.

After coming to Sahaj yoga so much transformation comes into people, but I won’t mention a lot of things, because half of you will leave. But I’ll tell that people give up alcohol. All great people said, don’t drink! During the time of Mohammad Saheb, he said don’t drink alcohol but cigarette smoking continued. Then Nanak Saheb told people not to smoke cigarettes. But whatever these great people say doesn’t come into practice.

If you go to London they will show what great pubs. They have pubs in their homes. Even English doesn’t do that. They also put the alcohol inside the cupboards but the Indian, they put it right in front showing their pub, if you visit them. This situation that has come because it has become very difficult for people to follow whatever they (Guru Nanak and other great people) said. Some do it, some do it secretly, some do it half and some do it fully because they do not have that power that capability (to give up alcohol and smoking), but in Sahaja Yoga you become capable.

Try to understand it in this manner. There is a snake in my hand and I am a very stubborn woman and you say that, You are very stubborn! then I will never agree. And whatever polite ways you may try and say there is a snake in your hand, please leave it! I’ll say, no this is incorrect! This is a rope. I am sitting in darkness, and I am stubbornly insisting that this is a rope, this is a rope. Ultimately when the snake will bite, then only I will know it’s a snake. But if you get a little light you leave it immediately. Immediately those things are dropped. Similarly whatever things that have settled inside to destroy us, they drop out completely. Human beings get completely purified.

Yes, I’ll tell you one more thing! (Unclear) is a very famous shehnai player. You all know Ustad Bismillah Khan Saheb! He had once come to our programme. He started watching that all the Sahaj yogis are sitting together. So, he said, Mother! You have made them pure (khaalis)! They all have been purified! Yes! I said, they have become pure ( खालस). Then I said, what Khalistaan they are making? He also asked me. I said you go and ask them, why ask me? Whose Khalistaan you are making? Khalistaan means Nirmal, pure! When you will be pure, that’s what he (Guru Nanak) has said, that you should be pure. He has worked very hard on the Sikh community.

The same is about Muslims. Muslims were told that an arrangement of a great revolution called Kiyama has been done. When Kiyama will come, your hands will speak and will give witness against you. It was clearly stated. What happened to that?

Lord Christ has said something very marvellous, ‘Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes’. What a great thing he said! And show me out of them how many have clean and pure eyes. Such people cannot be found! The reason is that they don’t think it’s wrong. The reason is that, that power is not inside. When that power comes in you you become fearless and sing (नभय नगणु) the praise of the formless God fearlessly.

All around in this country, if you see, don’t know how many (great people and saints) have done such important work! We should not follow the ways and attitude of the foreigners they have at present and also we should not run with the so-called great progress they have done. Go and see what is their condition! Actually, we should do progress in spirituality. We can achieve a great deal in this way and the whole world will fall at your feet (unclear) But we don’t know that there is such a big source within us.

Now I tell you, you all have come here. I know today you all will get your realization. No doubt about it. But even if one – eight of you people are abroad, it’s extremely difficult for me to give realization. But after joining us, after getting realization, they grow so much that I am unable to understand. On the other hand Indians, today they listen to Shri Mataji’s lecture, tomorrow they will listen to some other person’s lecture and the day after will listen to lectures of some third person, then they will offer arti at some other place, there is no conflict with anyone!!

In this country where there was, there is so much depth and we have had such great people in this country, in such a nation don’t know why people have lost their depth? This must be understood that whatever problems, dilemma, and troubles we have will all drop out.

One gentleman was telling me that we had too many troubles, so many problems, but they have all fled on their own. Troubles are in trouble now!! Now, we don’t have any problems. So, I asked, how did this happen? He said this is what I am unable to understand and have come to ask you! I said there is no need to ask me. In such a world of joy, I have to take all of you. In such a world of love, I have to take all of you, where this love is so selfless, that you have no complaints of any kind with anyone. Nirvajya meaning where we don’t ask for any interest, anything in return, we just want to love others.

Now see they (foreigners) asked me, Mother please tell us what does Indians like? We will bring it! I said, bring in a small quantity! Now they have brought it on my head please distribute them! I said, oh what should I distribute? You have brought so much stuff don’t know what all items!

And they have put so much attention as to what they should get. They said, good needles are not available here! so they brought needles! Good scissors are not available so they brought scissors! Just see so much attention, thoughtfulness, so much love, and in actual around four to five hundred people will be going for a tour. Now here where they are putting up they are living very comfortably, although they live in such good houses they have cars, they have everything. If you ask they say wow! Such great joy! In India, there is so much joy! Now see what is the reason? They want the joy of the Spirit and not of the body. While Indians will say we want an attached bathroom. They (foreigners) will not say like this.

Indians are even more wonderful. We have made an ashram for them in Ganpati pule. So, Indians say we want western bathrooms. And they (foreigners) say we want Indian bathrooms. They are very clean. Now see, how has it happened? How did these people change? How their thinking has changed? How they have started to understand everything? Because of love! And the Sahaja yogis here are also very sweet. Very nice! Just think if Indian becomes absolutely honest. Have you heard anywhere? Absolutely! 100%. And they all think it’s my money! No dear! It’s Mother’s money! Normally we are capable of stealing even our own mother’s money! But no, they are so honest! Then also they don’t tell lies!

One gentleman’s said mother I use to think that I am a lion because I use to carry a gun with me! But now I have actually become a Lion, I don’t need a gun, I don’t need anything. This is how people have changed. They have become so sweet because you all are actually sweet, very sweet but you have forgotten that as there is no self-knowledge. But now you can get it, knowledge about your inner self, which is called knowledge about the self, now you can know everything about yourself. And for this you can not pay, the first thing is this.

Indians don’t even understand this. One day somebody came and give me a twenty five paisa coin. I said I don’t take money. He said so take one rupee. They are not able to understand that any person can do such work free of cost. But how much money you will pay for this? It has no monetary value. You cannot pay money for this! It’s not that I gave a lecture for free today and later I demand money! Not at all! You must understand that is the play of Chaitanya the divine power. And in this play of Chaitanya money is not used.

No one can be a bigger thief than the person, who demands money from you in the name of God. He has no fear of God. It’s okay like they have decorated such a nice tent here, money came for it, make all the arrangements properly, but you cannot pay for self-realization. What is this money? But one gets the blessings of Goddess Laxmi as well. So many told me that Mother! Soon after coming to Sahaja yoga, we were blessed by Lakshmi. But this is an attraction. One has to go much further than this. And by going further you achieve the joy in the light of the spirit and in that joy itself all the knowledge appears right before you because it’s all inside you. The only thing it has to be awakened.

We have no (shop?) and no give and take in this. It’s your right. I am giving it. It’s your right and you achieve it! There is no need to be grateful for that but you must understand what have you achieved! (व त ुअमोल एक दनी मोरेसदगु) My sadguru my master has given me something valuable and I am not even a Guru, I am just a Mother! I did not even give. You have achieved whatever is your belonging. But do not leave such a valuable thing on the street, also do not reduce its importance. It’s very important. By this, all your problems will get sorted out. This is being said by a mother! After all, some attractive incentives have to be offered then only people are entrapped!

But actually, the fact is son, that without achieving this the peace is not going to establish within you! I tell this to everyone, that without this nobody can be peaceful inside. And this is the future of this country there are going to be numerous Sahaj yogis, a great many Sahaja yogis. And then see! Many people ask me Mother what is the future of our country? I tell them, it’s very bright! After getting your self-realization today, you all should work hard to establish it! Sometimes the connection becomes loose so correct it, for which there are meditation centres.

And the second thing you should understand that this is a collective arrangement, it’s a collective arrangement! It’s not something that you sit at home and do Sahaja Yoga. That also you have to do but you have to meet everyone. It’s like one nail is cut it doesn’t grow. If you become part and parcel of this one body which is vibrated by this organized collective consciousness, then you do not face any problems or troubles . You will be amazed at how people will help you. If somebody gets sick here then people from Germany come running. If you just inform this is the problem, they’ll say that person is their Mother, we have informed him, he knows how to do, he will come. The whole world is with you. You have your real relatives in this world.

I’ll say that Saint Gyneshwara has predicted that such a time is going to come, when such people will come, and such & such work will be done. In Guru Granth Saheb also there is a beautiful description regarding this. Everywhere this has been described. You all should understand and believe that this time has come, and you are one of those people who can take advantage of it!

Eternal blessings to all!

…Leave it! Let her go back I think. Better go outside a little bit otherwise she may get another attack. Slowly, slowly! She will be alright. Should not disturb everyone. Just as she is your daughter, she is my daughter as well. Now now don’t worry!

I have to tell everyone, that whatever problems whosoever has, write them now in the letter and give to me please that we have this trouble, that problem and later you come into the temple. We have our centers at different places, and all of them (Sahaja yogis) can cure you. There is no such issue. So, you all get cured and people do get cured, but if you don’t come, then how will it happen? Now at present, I am doing different work here.

Sit down! Doesn’t matter! I too feel bad! What to do? But all these troubles can finish. I am telling you all these can be over just put little effort. This disease can also be cured very easily, very easily! If the mother practices Sahaja yoga properly she herself can cure her. If the relatives practice Sahaja yoga then it’s very beneficial.

So, I’ll say again that those who want to achieve self-realization should stay and those who don’t want may please go! It’s just a matter of ten minutes! No time is required for Indians! If All of you please sit down, it will be a great favor to me. As I said on this Mother Earth, my India is the greatest of all and so many of you are sitting here! So have faith!

Now, everyone has to put their hands towards me, up like this by raising! Not too high! Normally what you can tolerate, keep your hands that way! Not like this, like this! As I have told you, these fingers five, and these two here are seven chakras! And these seven chakras on the left and right have to be awakened. Through these evocations will go then the KundalinI will rise, through these. It’s totally scientific. Doctors also accept the sympathetic system. They also accept, but they don’t know the way it has to be used, that what is to be done further! Alright? And take out your spectacles, it will be better, because it’s good for the eyes as well!

Now close your eyes! And till I say don’t open your eyes! Don’t say any mantras, do not try to stop your thoughts or to anything else Kundalini will manage everything itself, therefore sit comfortably! Totally comfortable and keep faith inside that today itself you will achieve your self-realization, today! In a humble manner, this is a pure desire and you ask for it in your heart, that Mother please give me self realization! (Unclear) Because your desire should be expressed that we want that we should get self-realization!

Now, don’t open your eyes! Please close your eyes and don’t open till I say! Remove your spectacles! Please raise the volume of this (microphone)!

Please open your eyes slowly! Now, put your left hand towards me. Bend your head and by right hand see if there is any cool or warm breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area, which is a soft bone in your head is called Talu or Fontanelle bone. Check there if a cool breeze is coming from there! A warm breeze can also come! If you are getting warm breeze then say in your heart that, Mother! I have forgiven everyone all together! It’s very easy to say, that mother I have forgiven everyone all together! Then heat will all go out! Bend your head! Bend your head! Not on your head but slightly above your head! Now, put your right hand towards me and again bend your head! And now see by left hand! Some people get it very close, some get it very far! Some get subtle and some get from very strong. In the manner, this breeze comes! You see if it is a cool or warm breeze!

Bend your head and do not doubt in any way! Now, left hand towards me! Again bend your head and see with your right hand if there are is a hot or cool breeze there! If it is hot then you have to say in your heart mother I forgive everyone! Don’t doubt yourself and don’t think that you are a great sinner! Forget all these things now, because this paramchaitnya, the divine power is the ocean of forgiveness! You can not commit any mistake which can not dissolve in it! It is the ocean of compassion, the ocean of knowledge, but above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness!

Now, raise both your hands and look towards the sky! And ask a question, Mother is this the paramchaitnya? This is the first time you are experiencing it! Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Or mother is this the divine power of love? Just put your heads upwards! Just feel on your hands or fingers! Now put down your hands! Again please put your hands towards me (unclear) the state of thoughtless awareness. Don’t think! Just don’t think!

Now those are feeling cool or warm breeze in their hands, or on fingers, or on top of their fontanelle bone area, cool or hot breeze, all such people raise both your hands! Just see, just see, see how many saints!

My loving greetings to all of you!!