Sitar and Qawwali Concert, Evening Program, Eve of Shri Ganesha Puja

New Delhi (India)


1993-12-04 Sitar Concert – Debu Chaudhuri, New Delhi, India,

Shri Mataji: They are all Sahaja Yogis …
You can see that Music is something like[unclear 00:54]. It transcends all barriers, all conditionings, all these egos…And you feel that oneness. In the way the people from all over the country on Cabella of all the caste community creed and religions, and you know how to appreciate it. Not only by the musicians but also by the audience…But the musicians appreciated the audience they say they have never seen such good accord & such enjoyment. Especially Prateek one of them there, who was so many happy he has said I am feeling free, and extremely happy in this atmosphere…Ok ..And he was really very great [unclear 01:56/just play well ]. And he really plays very well …
Please tell the raga which you are playing to them as well (in Hindi to artists ).
[Shri Mataji enjoys the music and at last, appreciates the music ]
Sir C.P – Done amazing! Wah Wah!

Shri Mataji: what a passion? (Shri Mataji gave the presents to them )
Now you people also open your hands …And then see (Shri Mataji gave a lot of blessings to them)…Today people were joyous in their extremes…

Sahaj Yogi: I must confess, that whatever we have played, Its not us(who have played ) but it is the Mother (who has played …)
(Then JAyakara )
Why I am saying that …We played in Siri Fort …Sadhna didi was also there …Sadha didi has felt on yesterday that I was playing yesterday in a [unclear 1:16:13 ] I am sure she watched for me that I, was playing one-tenth of this performance and my greatest inspiration, of course, Mataji is there, and my greatest admirer in the world is our Papaji. He always encourages and gives us the moral value wherever I go to the world I mention him …He always tells me the music at its best.[unclear 1:16:58 ]But Mataji knows that we love and respect her…
About my son, I think I should n’t have[1:17:28unclear ]
I was in America and I could n’t go to Cabela so [unclear 1:17:46 ]and when I met Shri Mataji accidentally in Newyork, …[unclear 1:18:01 ]