Shri Ganesha Puja: He is the manifestation of the invisible Param Chaitanya

New Delhi (India)

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Shri Ganesha Puja. Delhi (India), 5 December 1993.

[Translation from Hindi to English]

Today we are going to perform Puja to Shri Ganesha.  We are starting the tour, and it is important to begin it with a Puja to Shri Ganesha.  Especially in Delhi, Ganesha Puja is very necessary.  Though we know very little about Shri Ganesha,  in Maharashtra there are eight Ganeshas (Ashta Vinayaka), and there is Maha Ganesha in Ganapatiphule.  And that is why they worship Shri Ganesha a lot.  But what is his essential existence; and who exactly is Shri Ganesha – very few people know this.

Now, whatever I am going to tell you about Shri Ganesha, being Sahaja Yogis, you will understand.  But other people cannot understand.    The rest of the world, especially intellectuals who claim to be wise and intelligent, can perceive Sahaja Yoga, but the fact that the Gods and Goddesses are involved in actualising Sahaja Yoga, they are not prepared to accept.  Even they cannot comprehend Param Chaitanya; and try to explain it by calling it Cosmic Energy.  But whether they understand this or not; whether they accept this or not; in the beginning, even before this world came into existence, Paramatma (the God Almighty) and Adi Shakti felt that first, purity and auspiciousness should be established.  If holiness is put into the creation first, and it spreads all over the Cosmos, then only Chaitanya (vibrations) will start to flow.  For example, if Chaitanya spreads all over the creation, it will become effective only if there is holiness and purity within yourself.  If you are not holy and pure, if your thoughts are not chaste and clean; or you are only superficial and without depth, you cannot get absorbed or immersed into Sahaja Yoga.  This subtlety that you have acquired in Sahaja Yoga, has been achieved for you by Shri Ganesha.

Shri Ganesha is the embodiment of the existing reality of Param Chaitanya; or Shri Ganesha is the manifestation of the invisible Param Chaitanya.  And He establishes this perception on every chakra.  Unless and until (Nirmalta), immaculateness, exists in every chakra, only holiness shines from every chakra; rising of the Kundalini is highly improbable.  Even if She rises, She keeps falling each time.  The relationship between Kundalini and Shri Ganesha is that of Mother and Child.

You already know the story, that when Shri Parvati was getting ready for Her bath, the fragrant paste that She rubbed off Her body, which of course was full of vibrations; She used it  to form Shri Ganesha.  And She made him sit outside Her bathing chamber.  One important point should be noted, that in the making of Shri Ganesha, Shri Shiva had no part at all.  God Almighty had no hand in this.  Adi Shakti, and Adi Shakti alone, created Shri Ganesha.

In the same way, when the announcement of the birth of Jesus Christ was made to Mary by the Angel Gabriel, She was a virgin maid. For a virgin to become with child is not considered a holy state by our society.

So this most holy and auspicious child, Shri Ganesha, was created by Shri Parvati in the absence of Shri Shiva.  In the identical state of pure virginity, the most chaste Jesus Christ was created.  This fact is easily understood and accepted by Indians.  But in other countries they are unable to understand and accept, because they bring the Divine down to the human level.  They cannot rise above this.  And that is why they cannot accept this ultimate reality of Immaculate Conception.  They are still ensnared in this controversy, and their attention is immersed in this.

Now you are Sahaja Yogis and you have witnessed innumerable miracles of vibrations (Chaitanya). This has had its effect on all of you, and your vision of the Creation has changed.  And when you look at the state of the world you realise that it is all a Maya (illusion), and there is definitely a world of truth beyond this.  Only Sahaja Yogis can experience this.  They can understand that the manner in which Shri Ganesha manifested or was created, is verily the truth.

In Greece there is Athena, (Ath means Primordial), who is the incarnation of Adi Shakti.  When I went to Persepolis to see the Temple of Athena, they showed me a place outside the temple, where they said, there resides a “Child God”.  Most surprising!  They are not aware who this Child God is.  This was due to the invasion by many outsiders who came and ruined their heritage. That is the reason they don’t believe this, nor do they put their attention on it.  Fortunately this did not happen in India, and our heritage is still alive and intact.

There is another place called Delphi in Greece, where they showed us a flat round rock, and told us this is the Nabhi.  A lot of vibrations were flowing out of that stone.  And when I turned around to see where the vibrations were coming from, there was a Ganesha sitting there, made of stone. Sadly they do not know what Ganesha is. I was amazed to see this.  It was a Swayambhu! (produced by Mother Earth), and so full of vibrations. But in the absence of Sahaja Yoga it becomes difficult to talk about Shri Ganesha.

But the people who came later, and who were honestly seeking dharma and desiring that it should be established in the world, had their attention mainly on dharma (customs or laws regarded as duty in religion), and were strict about virtues, righteousness, and ways to improve and correct the people.  For example, Moses gave them the Ten Commandments so that people could prepare and improve themselves.  Even in our country we had great gurus, like Guru Nanak, who worked hard towards establishing Dharma in the people. They did this by giving them good morals and balanced principles conforming to the standards of righteous behaviour, so that when faced with right and wrong, they could make the right choice.

Shri Ganesha works in a different way. Shri Ganesha uses His own Shakti (energy) to purify.  His biggest strength is his innocence.  His head, being that of an animal shows that unlike human beings, there is no ego or superego in it.  And he is a child. And His incarnation is Jesus Christ or Issa Masih. We have subjected this divine fact to scientific scrutiny, to find proof.

As I have said before, Shri Ganesha is a Shakti, and whether you look at Him in the subtle, or in the gross, He looks like Shri Ganesha.  And if we have within us innocence, humility, chastity and simplicity, then in this state of Nirmal (pure) grace, Shri Ganesha awakens inside.  Without the presence of Shri Ganesha, Kundalini cannot rise.  Because Kundalini is Gauri, and only Shri Ganesha can be with Her at all times to guard and protect Her.  Not only this, but as Kundalini rises above one Chakra, He augments (closes) and prevents Kundalini from slipping down.

Now this Shri Ganesha is within us, seated on the Mooladhara Chakra.  In this itself people have made mistakes.  The supposition that Mooladhara Chakra is inside the triangular bone is a major mistake.  Inside the Mooladhar (triangular bone) only Kundalini resides.  And below this Mooladhar, is the Mooladhara Chakra.  And on this Mooladhara Chakra, presides Shri Ganesha.  And what his functions are, you are well aware.  You must have seen some of My photographs where Shri Ganesha is standing behind Me, or even Shri Ganesha in front of Me.  In the same way other deities have also been seen in some of My photographs.  The Shri Ganesha Shakti, which is of pure holiness, is recognised by everyone in this country as a beautiful quality that we should all possess.  This is not so in other parts of the world.  They are called mlechh, which means, tendency to immorality.  Shri Ganesha is Nirmal, pure.  All Indians have a desire to possess this quality of Nirmalta (purity).  And even if they do not, at least they make an outward show of being pure.  The advantage of this pretence is, that at least it is hidden and does not infect others in the society.  But in other countries they feel proud to openly profess immorality, as if they are responding to some call for participation and thus supporting a big cause. To accept wrong things as good, and to feel that we are undertaking some great adventure, and be fully absorbed in it, according to us is considered stupidity.

If you go to America, you will not find Shri Ganesha.  Does not exist in anyone.  Means that innocent wisdom does not exist. And now when the immoral and indecent lifestyles are showing their destructive consequences, they are saying that they should become sinless and clean.  They speak like that, but it is not having any effect now.  Without Sahaja Yoga they cannot change.

But you people have this treasure – wealth.  Of course here also there are some people who have taken to the wrong path, and do evil and wicked deeds, sometimes openly and brazenly.  We know fully well that society will not support or appreciate us, and might even ostracise us.  You will find this kind of permissive lifestyle among those who have lived abroad and returned to the home country.  They behave in a very immoral way, and take pride in their newfound freedom of expression, as if they are a special category of people.

The strength of a pure person is his innocence.  Means there is no sin or evil whatsoever within him.  He is a perfectly clean and pure person. Jesus Christ had said that “when the time comes for our resurrection you will become innocent like children.” At that time Shri Ganesha stops all his other functions, and fills you with innocence and purity, which helps you to get your realisation.

When you speak to a self-certified intelligent man, he just cannot understand why Shri Ganesha is such an important deity for us. The way to explain this is, that until you become subtle, you will not be able to recognise that all these deities exist within you.

Shri Ganesha has four arms.  I had mentioned that the Carbon Atom also has four valencies.  It also has four arms.  In nirakar, (subtle, formless state) when you look at Him from the left side, you see Him in the form of a Swastika. I had told them to photograph a carbon atom, and to take the photo from four angles. The left side showed the Swastika. When we look at it from the right side, He shows up as Omkara — many omkaras – as many omkaras as there are carbon atoms, will be seen.  If you look at it from the underside towards the top, then the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, threaded into one integrated form which are used as symbols, become visible.  Jesus Christ had said, “I am the Alpha, and I am the Omega”.  Alpha means the beginning, and Omega means the end.  How is it that these two symbols mentioned by Christ, can clearly be seen in the carbon atom!

When I said this, scientists in foreign countries immediately started researching, and found out that this was a fact.  They saw that when they took photos of the carbon atom from three different angles, they got exactly these three forms. From this it is clear that Jesus Christ became the Alpha and the Omega, and Shri Ganesha the Swastika and the Omkara.  So, it has been conclusively proved that Jesus Christ and Shri Ganesha are the same.

Even Hitler used the Swastika. He was probably told about it by the Dalai Lama and was advised to use the Swastika.  If Swastika is formed correctly, whose movement is towards the right side, that Swastika is (pragati sheel) means constructive.  It manifests innocence.  But if the Swastika takes a left sided motion, means if it is reversed, then it can herald the destruction of a person.  He can get all kinds of illness, especially incurable diseases.  For example, yesterday a man came,, whose muscles in the body had become lax, loose, and inert.  Myelitis they call it, and a whole lot of other names.  In this illness, a man’s muscles lose their elasticity and become loose and lax, and he can never be cured.  Slowly his muscles become weaker and weaker.  This happens when we act in opposition or against Shri Ganesha’s qualities.  Hitler was afflicted with this same disease.  Hitler, in an effort to make use of Shri Ganesha’s powers, made a Swastika.  He made a stencil of it.  As long as the stencil was turned in the right direction they got success in their activities.  But they turned the stencil in the reverse, and started using it to make reverse Swastikas.  It was the use of this reversed Swastika that caused Hitler to lose the war.  This is the significant importance of the Swastika.  A lot of people did not know the significance of the Swastika, and they felt that if Hitler used it, anyone can use it.  After all Shri Ganesha is innocent. But He also shows His powerful effect.

I had warned the people in Pune, three or four times, to have respect and awe for Shri Ganesha; and in His presence, do only auspicious deeds, as He does not like dirty, obscene acts.  There is a Ganesha festival which is celebrated all over Maharashtra for ten days.  This was suggested by Mr. Tilak, that Shri Ganesha should be worshipped in this way.  In Pune I was shocked to see that after completing the aarti on the final day, and while they were going in procession to immerse Shri Ganesha, they were singing all kinds of immoral and offensive songs; and doing dirty dancing in front of Shri Ganesha.  Even the women were dressed immodestly in revealing clothes, with no sense of shame.  And most of them were smoking tobacco and drunk on alcohol.  I told them to stop all this at once,  and behave with respect and reverence towards Shri Ganesha.  He is a blazing and lustrous God, and one should be cautions how you behave in His presence.  I had even warned them in many lectures that Shri Ganesha is a distillation of the Earth Element; and if they disrespected Him in this way, they will bring down the wrath of Mother Earth, in the form of an earthquake.  And that is exactly what happened.  When they returned after the immersion, in an intoxicated condition, before they realised what was happening, the earthquake struck, and there was destruction and devastation everywhere.

We see this irresponsible and sinful behaviour happening regularly in the West and they feel there is nothing wrong in it.  If we try to advise or correct them they reply, ”What’s wrong!”  And now all the worst diseases have erupted there, including the dreaded Aids.  Thousands are getting destroyed from within.  In these countries the power of destruction is acting from inside.  Sitting here we can understand the seriousness.  I had warned that by the age of 35 the people of America will become old and senile.  There is a disease called Schizophrenia in which a person becomes like mad – he gets hallucinations, abnormalities of thought, and a distorted perception of reality; and other innumerable diseases we have not even heard of.

In our country we have worms, and insects, and mosquitos; and all variety of pollution. BUT the people are clean. Ofcourse in these modern times one does not know what sins people are indulging into.  This can be termed as – going against the principles of Shri Ganesha is the same as committing sins against the Mother or going against the Holy and Virtuous Power of the Mother.

In the West a certain Mr. Freud rose up and pronounced that it was not necessary to respect the relationship between mother and son, as sacred and holy.  Observing purity and chastity in relationships with the mother is all a myth, and nothing will happen. As such there is no need to maintain pure and holy relations with the mother.  They accepted Freud instead of Jesus Christ, and worshipped him.  He of course suffered and died a horrible death from cancer.

We should worship and respect Shri Ganesha.  All psychosomatic diseases (means incurable diseases which doctors cannot handle, they can only cure physical or somatic ailments), can be cured if Shri Ganesha is awakened and fully manifesting within us.  Those who are not Sahaja Yogis cannot accept this fact.  They feel that these people are worshipping an elephant, and this doesn’t seem right.  But that is a symbol; and symbols are created when a concept cannot be described in words, nor can it be understood.  That is why symbols are created.  They also say that this is a contrived, fictitious notion, and we have succumbed to believing in a myth.  But in Sahaja Yoga it has been proved that this symbol is a reality and He does exist.  He who was only a symbol, has come before you in a form that is perceivable through your senses, and it has become apparent that he does exist.

How far can a person’s intelligence go?  It has its limitations. And it cannot comprehend some of the mysteries that have been written a long time ago.  Now, those who have difficulties in accepting these facts, should close their eyes, go within themselves, and admit that with this human awareness I am not going to be able to go into this area and fathom this mystery.  And if I desire to comprehend it, I have to go beyond, into some other, higher realm.

For this reason I felt that for the people of Delhi a Ganesha Puja is very necessary.  The relationship between Shri Ganesha and Shri Gauri is eternal.  And until and unless this Shri Ganesh principle is established in Delhi, there can be no solution, particularly to the political problems of this country. For this we need people who are holy and pure, and who are innocent like children.  Some may say, “How can people with childlike innocence undertake administration.  Lots of people can say this.  But where can we find such innocent people.  And if and when they do come into the field of administration, Shri Ganesha, who is of course already the giver of intelligence, will give a new dimension and transform this intelligence into Sat Asat Vivek Buddhi.  He also confers wisdom, reasoning, discretion, discrimination, judicious prudence, and Divine principles.

What is Sat Asat Vivek Buddhi?  This is His blessing, that a person who gets this gift will always choose the truth and will stand by it with his heart, soul, and life breath.

This thing called sin, or acts of immoral indulgence, is the main reason why people want to amass money.  Because money is required to pay for indulgence into bad habits like wine, women, gambling, and an indolent and wasteful lifestyle.  But if you are a devotee of Shri Ganesha you will never become greedy, dissatisfied, and dishonest.

When Jesus Christ incarnated, as you know in the brain, in the Agnya Chakra, He opened two windows, one in front and one at the back. From the window in the front, we can see.  It controls the movement of the eyes.  The person who does not worship Shri Ganesha, his eyes are not still.  They are constantly moving about.  Jesus Christ said something that was more subtle than what Adi Guru Moses said.  Moses gave the Ten Commandments, that you should not kill, you shall not steal, you should not covet another man’s wife, and so on…

But not Christ.  He commanded that “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes”.  That means that your eyes should not have lust, infatuation, spiritual ignorance and delusion, in which you have excessive desire to possess whatever you see.  The eyes should be absolutely pure.  Just imagine, if you go to countries in the West, you will not find many people with pure eyes. Most of them have eyes that are moving from one side to another.  This definitely has an effect on the attention.

The eyes move about for so many reasons.  For instance, some people who are walking on the road, will look at every advertisement.  And if they have missed any, they will turn around to look. Some men will look at every woman; and some women will look at every man.  Or some have the notion that they are famous or special and look around to see how many people are admiring them.  Or maybe, there is a deeper reason.  Then there are those who, whatever they see, they want in their homes, and start searching.  Worse are those who steal whatever they like to have; and get some sort of satisfaction out of it.

So, good behaviour and moral ethics, is a gift of Shri Ganesha’s power within us.  Because He has blessed us with Sat Asat Vivek Buddhi, which is Divine Discretion.  In Sanskrit there is a couplet – “The Swan is white, and the Crane is also white.  How can you distinguish between them?”

If you mix milk and water, and place it before the Swan, it will extract, and drink only the milk from the mixture.  But the Crane will drink everything.

This Divine Discretion manifests in the Hamsa Chakra, which is placed between the eyebrows, and is actually bestowed on us by Shri Ganesha.  After coming into Sahaja Yoga, this power of Divine Discretion is established within us by itself.  And this happens because the light of Shri Ganesha, who is the embodiment of the Spirit, starts manifesting within us.  And in that light we can clearly discriminate between right and wrong, and avoid all that is bad.

Now we see Shri Ganesha being worshipped with conch, and bells and lamps; but there is no good effect on those who are doing it.  The reason is that we have to worship the Shri Ganesha within ourselves. Inside. Means, the purity and innocence that are his gifts should be established and should shine within us.  Now we can ask, “Shri Mataji, how to do this?”  All you have to do is meditate on this.  By meditation and introspection, all the inner cleansing happens by itself.  This works on a level which is beyond human comprehension and understanding.

Cleansing the Left Side, pleases Shri Ganesha.  You can say that there are two kinds of sin.  One is sin against the Mother, and one is sin against the Father.  Indians fall into the second category.  They always feel that money is very important.  So they start accumulating money by cheating, and other dishonest means.  They do not realise that our Father is God Almighty, and who can have more wealth than Him.  He can support all of us very well.  So why should we misappropriate other people’s money by unfair means.  This tendency to cheat and steal comes from a sense of insecurity.  But when the blessings of Shri Ganesha flow, our attention does not go towards this amassing and hoarding.

The sins against the Mother are more serious and offensive.  We must understand that this sin destroys us from the inside.  All the left sided diseases attack us, and later psychosomatic illnesses.  All the incurable diseases that are appearing in modern times, are the direct result of actions against the Ganesh Tattwa (principle).

If you are a Sahaja Yogi, then you must meditate every day.  First from the left side, and then meditate on the right side, and then on both sides.  Diseases of the left side can be cured by using the light element – candle or lamp.  Because the light is Shri Ganesha’s element.  Removing darkness is his configuration.

Shri Ganesha’s power also looks after the intake of food and drink; its digestion, and its excretion from the body.  We pay so much attention to outside cleansing, bathing and washing.  But more than this we should pay attention to the cleansing of all the dirt and filth within our being.  Inside us.  We must look at ourselves in the mirror and ask, “What am I doing!”  We should respectfully invite Shri Ganesha – “Please come inside us and be seated on Your Throne, not only on Mooladhara, but on every Chakra in my body.”  His kingdom extends right up to Agnya.  That is why Christ said – “I am the path and I am the gate.”  This may have been translated in different ways, but at no time did He say that “I am the destination”.  Being the Spirit He could have been the destination, but He left that to Adi Shakti.  That She would manage the destination.

In every Scripture that you read, in all of them you will find that they have emphasised the importance of purity and holiness.  The same purity and chastity are the powers of Shri Ganesha.  But when human beings do not honour their own purity and that of Shri Ganesha, and don’t observe the (maryadas) boundaries and decorum; then they get into trouble, because Shri Ganesha abandons them and moves out of their lives.  And when He leaves, all His powers also leave, and then we have to face all the diseases and dangers of life alone.

Sahaja Yogis must worship and honour Shri Ganesha.  And they should be aware of His presence always.  Whenever negative thoughts attack us, His purity and holiness cleanses and neutralises it.  With this cleansing, and with His help you can reach the destination of which you are all dreaming.

So, Shri Ganesha exists.  Those who went around, saw Him by their sympathetic activity going round inside the Chakra, and mistook this for Kundalini.  And this caused a lot of confusion, which the Tantriks used in a wrong way.  So, this treasure which is in our safekeeping, which is our heritage, this purity and holiness, is a very precious thing.  We must take care of it. Marriage is the bandhan of that purity.

All those who tried to protect dharma, like the Ten Gurus whom we recognise, created an awareness about the holiness of marriages.  For example, Mohammed Sahib.  Many people question as to why he permitted marrying more than once.  This is due to (samayachar), conditions prevailing at a particular time.  During the war, most of the young men were killed, and the women had no means of support at all, as there were no jobs where they could work and earn for the family.  Job opportunities for women were just not available. What could they do.  Marriage was a state in which they could get support and protection.  So, Mohammed Sahib sanctioned multiple marriages, so that the chastity and dignity of those women could be ensured, and thus also saved them from going on a wrong path to earn money.

To understand this, we can also say that “Why did Shri Krishna have 16000 wives”.  Some people keep saying He had 16000 wives, and also 5 more.  Now, He was a man, and men get the blame and stigma.  I am a mother, and I can have many children, but no one can point a finger at Me.  And He was a man.  If He kept 16000 women with Him, (who were actually His Shaktis), people would definitely cast aspersions.  These 16000 powers of His, and these 5 Elements, had to be by His side, so He thought, best is to marry them.  Then no one will be able to have any objections.  At any age, and in any situation, men will always be judged and blamed, so He thought the best solution would be to marry them all and look after them.  These were His Powers, whom He married.  There is a need to understand these things in the right perspective.

These incarnations, who are the manifestation of God Almighty, acted in ways that seemed strange and contrary to the norms of society.  But why did they do this.  Because they are incarnations.  They are partial manifestations of the Divine.  Whatever they do is not wrong or sinful. Within them Shri Ganesha is in a fully awakened state.  So, we should understand that just doing pujas to Shri Ganesha is not enough.  To sing His praises and qualities is not enough. Even giving lectures about him is not enough.  He is to be fully awakened and manifesting within us.  This awakening within all of you has already happened.  But sometimes I feel it is a bit wobbly, and as soon as it becomes wobbly, the attention also starts wavering.  And, for Sahaja Yogis who become like this, we say that they are half baked Sahaja Yogis.  They are still on the fence and have not entered Sahaja Yoga.

So, it is our responsibility to preserve this virtuous character which is within us, and not fritter it away by bad attention and unsteady eyes, and indecent exhibition.  All this is very wrong and harmful.  And this makes the attention crazy and insane.  And in this state the attention can go anywhere unchecked.  The result can be very dangerous and harmful.  So, it is very important for every Sahaja Yogi to recognise and worship Shri Ganesha from the heart.

His praises have been sung in many forms.  Even Mohammed Sahib sang the praises of Jesus Christ as Issa Masih, because he knew He was (Nishkalank) spotless and unblemished.  We should also strive to become like this.  That we will keep ourselves clean and pure, and spotless.  But when doing this we should not use our intelligence, because then it will appear like a very difficult task.  Actually it is very simple.  Just relax.  Leave everything.  Just tell yourself, your attention, not to focus on wrong things.  If you make a firm resolution that we are not going to do any wrong and sinful deeds, anything that is dirty and filthy; then no power on earth can shake you from this resolve.  That is why I tell you the easiest way is to become innocent like children.  Their way of showing love.  Their innocence, their simplicity.

I am seeing now, in the outside countries, there is an attack on the innocence of children.  I really don’t know what horrible things they are doing to destroy the innocence of the children.  This means there is some very big negative force which is at work to destroy everything that is pure and innocent.  And that is why we people in India should be wary and alert that this negativity does not creep into this country.

We have a very beautiful culture and moral discipline, and our children grow firmly into this foundation.  But it is your responsibility to be cautious and alert about yourselves and your children.  Parents have to advise and guide the children that these are wrong things, and you must not do them.  These are bad, and in Sahaja Yoga we do not do such things.  There is no harm in saying this.  The modern belief is that too many restrictions deprive the children of freedom; and in foreign countries children are free to do as they like.

Then why were children not born like fruits, hanging from trees?  Why were we given the responsibility of giving them birth.  What is your duty towards them.  What do you have to do.  You have to tell the children that I will not support you and pay for your bad habits and wrong behaviour; and you must live within the boundaries of good conduct.  If we do not do this, our society will become just like the outside countries.  We have not adopted some of their useful and progressive ideas; but all the bad habits and morally destructive lifestyle, we have quickly copied.

I hope all of you will understand how important the function of Shri Ganesha is for all of us in our lives.  Because He is the one who gives you the (Jagruti), spiritual awakening, and cleanses your chakras and makes them pure.  He puts light into the chakras’ awareness, and always turns your attention towards the light.  You have to make this a part of your being and make a firm resolve that we will never insult Shri Ganesha at any time in our lives.

I hope that after this Ganesha Puja all of you who are in Delhi, will establish a new Dharma.  The new Dharma is (Shubh) auspiciousness.  This auspiciousness should evolve and become so powerful that a single glance of yours can transform and correct another person.  Just one glance is enough.  And that glance is “Kataksh, Kataksh Nirikshan” means like a flash of Divine supervision cum correcting light. Your memory improves; all left sided problems get cured, and all this happens when you awaken the Shri Ganesha power within you.  This is not an outside happening.  It is inside.

May all of you receive this blessing. May His light enlighten you, and in this entire creation may there be an awareness of His power and energy; and may people recognise and accept Him.  This is My blessing to all of you.

Just talking about Shri Ganesha has taken Me into meditation.  The attention has been completely pulled inwards.  Look at these children who are playing here. The attention is automatically drawn towards them.  In the same way the attention is drawn inside towards Shri Ganesha.  This fondness is felt because He Himself is so lovable.  I trust all of you will also feel this loving fondness, which is His gift of innocence and purity.

Eternal Blessings to all of you.