Public Program: Parmatma ki Science

Kurushetra (India)

1993-12-08 Public Program Hindi Kurukshetra India DP-RAW, 93'
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[Translation from Hindi to English]

Sahaja yogi (Anchor):    My first request to you that we will run the programme as long as you wish. if you say half an hour it will be half an hour. if you wish for one hour, it will be one hour or afterwards. While Shri Mataji tells about Sahaja Yoga, if it’s continuity breaks, she does not like it. 

The second request is for the brothers who have come to listen only, should sit with love. And people who have come as spectator only. Then its of no use. They will disturb others also. They are requested to go out. They may listen from outside. But, if they are standing inside the pandal, then they are requested to sit down. 

All my foreign brothers and sisters, I would like to explain little constraints  in Kurukshetra. But straight away, I beg your pardon for two small mistakes that young boys did here. One- by mistake they issued some vouchers for which I am very sorry because this was a mistake. These boys, young boys who are managing the program here, are very young. Below 24 years of age. It was the duty of the Yamunanagar and Karnal Sahaj Yogis to come and help them here but for some reason they had to go to Hathini Kund, and they could not come here. I am sure that you will excuse us for this small mistake. And I am also very sorry for the chilies in the food and I promise to you that the green chilies, the box of green chilies and red chilies have already been thrown in the dustbin by me personally. And I am sure that you will excuse me for this. And next meal would be much better than the first one. I am sure that you will excuse me for this. Thank you very much. 

(Arrival of Shri Mataji) 

Sahaja Yogi anchor- Shri Mataji! On behalf of the brothers and sisters present here, and your children, remembering you day and night From the sixty countries. They love you, you are (not clear). Whatever they are, very pure at heart. Shri Mataji! Since last two years, these thousands flowers, in front of you, are being collected and now being conferred at your lotus feet. 

On behalf of all Sahaji brothers and sisters, I request you to tell us about the Sahaja Yoga and give us self-realisation. (applause) 

(Hindi Bhajan) 

We request you Mother to grant us love (2) 

We are the children of Sahajayoga

Compassionate mother is giver of comfort(2) 

Give us comfort Mother Nirmal

Whole country is praising Mother (2) 

We are the children of Sahaja Yoga(2) 

Mother Nirmal! You are the giver of knowledge (2) 

Mother! Please grant us pure knowledge

We get up daily to sing in your praise (2) 

We are the Children of Sahaja Yoga (2) 

We request you mother to grant us love (2) 

We are the children of Sahaja Yoga (2) 

give us place at your lotus feet Mother (3) 

Raise Kundalini Mother

We are water, you are sandal wood (2) 

We are children of Sahajayoga (2) 

We request you mother to grant us love (2) 

We are children of Sahaja Yoga

Give us place at Sahasrara Mother (2) 

We love Nirmal religion (dharma) 

You are Eternal (Nitya) Mother, eternal truth

We are children of Sahaja yoga

We request you mother to grant us love (2) 

We are children of Sahaja yoga (3) 

Shri Mataji-  This is my body, these are my emotions, this is my mind, this is my hand, this is my head. Saying ‘my-my’, who am I? This only is truth. And second truth I am going to tell you. I am watching these beautiful flowers lying here and I am admiring its glory. After looking at the beauty of these flowers, this question should always come in mind that how these flowers came so simply from this Earth? Who created them? Our heart pulsates by itself. Doctors say that it is an autonomous nervous system. It is self- propelled. What is ‘self’ here? We have never learnt about ‘self’ till now. But the power that runs this ‘self’, runs this universe in active or inactive form. Which is formless, universal, and known as ‘Paramchaitanya’. We have never learned about this power till now. Learning about this power and being one with it, is Sahaja Yoga. ‘Saha’ means with you and ‘ja’ means born. This right of yours is born with you. It is the right of every human being that he should receive (feel) this all-pervading power, be one with it. This is yoga. This is the goal of human life. Till the time, it does not happens, you will never get solutions, whatever you do.

Sometimes human think, “if I get money or political power, then I will be satisfied.” Never! Solution of satisfaction is lying within your soul. This ocean of joy flows from there only. Your soul was watching all your activities as witness till now. You have not got the light of your soul within your attention till now. That is the reason we were ignorant. That is why we were blind. That is the reason Kabirdas said, “how to explain? Whole world is blind”. Saints had faced this problem. But now the time has come when we can achieve that insight. It is very simple now. It is possible in a very simple way (Sahaja way). People have worked on Kundalini since beginning of the creation. Now what I am doing or saying is not a new thing. The only difference in present time is that it can be done collectively. But previously among Natpanthis (a community in India) , one Guru use to have only one disciple (who was taught about the Kundalini). And this was not told to anyone else. In twelfth century, Saint Gyaneshwar had taken permission from his Guru, “please allow me to write about it. What is wrong in writing?” Then he wrote in the sixth chapter of his book titled ‘Gyaneshwari’ about the Kundalini. But all the leaders of religion of that time, were not at all aware about Kundalini. So they refused to accept it and banned it’s discussions. 

Then, you all know that there were many saints born in sixteenth century. Many saints were born in Maharashtra itself. Many real gurus like Guru Nanak were born in our Indian soil. Our Indian soil is fertile soil (from spiritual point of view). And Kurukshetra is the first word of Gita. This is the place where Shri Krishna had come and this is the place where war between Dharma and Adharma took place. Dharma won the battle. But slowly everything was forgotten in our country. We kept forgetting everything till now. And we have reached so far that what all we had earned in the past is not at all visible. It is still there. You all don’t know how strong Param Chaitanya here is? I felt very happy when I was informed about the program at Kurukshetra. I know that this part of the Earth is emitting lot of vibrations. You all don’t know the fact that if you are born in India, it is a great virtue. Virtues of your earlier births have given you a chance to be born in India. And you will actually feel it right now.

You were told about the Sahaja Yoga. The power called Kundalini is inside you. When this power awakens, it pierces six chakras, six not seven. After piercing six chakras, it reaches Brahmarandhra. and  there it pierces your vertex and becomes one with the power that is present all around. It is known as yoga. Thing to understand here is that we all know that if we sow a seed on this mother Earth, then it automatically germinates. How it grows? Because that seed has the power and mother Earth also has the power and she awakens it. Shri Ramdas Swami who was guru of Shivaji, was asked by someone that how much time does it take to awaken the Kundalini. He answered ‘within a second’. Only eligible receiver and giver are required. 

I see that everywhere in India, people are religious. We cannot understand by sitting here that how bad internal condition of the people outside India is. They are empty inside. I cannot explain their poor condition in this small talk. Those poor people are very pathetic because there is no Dharma in their culture itself. No thought of God is left. No fear of God is left. They do whatever they like because they think they are free (swatantra) to do anything. Meaning of Swatantra is Swa and Tantra. Swa means one’s own soul, tantra means system. Knowing the system of one’s own soul is known as Swatantrata that is freedom. Till the time you are not aware of the system of your own soul, you are not free.

So, the reason of joy today is the arrival of so many people in Kurukshetra for Sahaja Yoga. I had thought that sometime I will have to go to Haryana. And this event took place. It is a blessing for me because attention goes again and again on a particular thing or place, till the time you work for it or get it settled accordingly. There was feeling that this state (Haryana) is still left. I need to look into it. I need to go there. It worked out today. This is the reason of joy.

There is no mind game in it. No need to think the reason behind it. Kundalini is your own mother. Everybody has his own mother. It is your individual mother. And it knows everything about you. She knows about your earlier births. She knows what you are. She knows your problems and mistakes also. And she is very eager about your rebirth (self-realisation). I do not have any personal gain in it. I am like a light which can lit another light. You will also be able to do this once you become a light. You also will be able to do the work of realising or lighting others.

You have this power. You have got many powers. You are not aware of the things you can do.

First of all, Kundalini awakening can improve your physical problems. It is true that with  Sahaja Yoga, all kind of diseases can be cured. No one can guess about it or no one else can say this.

Second thing is psychological problems and it can lead you to mental diseases. They can be cured through Sahaja Yoga. 

Thirdly, diseases which are known as psychosomatic because they cause mental and physical both problems. They also can be cured through Sahaja Yoga. There is no doubt about it that they can be cured and they should be cured. 

Because we think that whatever questions, problems, doubts exist in this world is mainly because of human being. And whatever problems are there in human beings are because of their chakra. If your chakras get cleared and cured then your questions can surely be solved. 

But, if you get collective consciousness after awakening. I mean if you feel others chakras also, then you can cure people all over the world sitting here itself. 

First you have to find out your own problems, you can cure it. Then you find out other people’s problems and can cure them. 

Muhammad Sahib has said that when Kiyama will come. It is written in Kuran, Bible and other holy books. They have written that the time of resurrection will come. It is written in Guru Granth Sahib also that resurrection time will come. There is no holy book exist which said that time of your resurrection will not come. 

The time will come which will take you to the state of deliverance. That time has arrived now. This work is being done at this time, because it has to be done at this time only. All the works are being accomplished on its time only. 

The time of Shri Krishna was different. Time of saints  was different. Time of Christ was different and today’s time is this. At this time your deliverance is very necessary. Muhammad Sahib has said it clearly that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. Your hands will witness against you. I mean will know on your fingertips that which chakra of the other person is in bad condition. Which of your chakras are not well.

Such a wonderful thing he told. And you can understand your own defects. Your hand will speak against you. Now time has come to fulfill whatever they told you. 

Lets talk about Science. I have heard that there are many people sitting here who are highly educated and good in science. Firstly there is no place of morality in Science. There is no thought of moral values in Science. 

Secondly, things that relate with Science are very destructive. It should be called very superficial. For example electricity has come because of Science. So what? People lived without electricity also. This is not the last thing. Since the arrival of Science, people became very restless. In the places where Science has reached to very high level, they are at the verge of destruction due to restlessness. 

We have done the mistake of running behind one thing only. Now if you think of Science keep your mind open. There is Science of God beyond Science. Science is something that keeps changing.  Today somebody may certify some hypothesis correct and later he or somebody else may deny it. Science may change but Science of God does not change at all. When government of God gets activated, it is perfect. We should go in the kingdom of God. 

At present, you are sitting within a very small ambit. You have many questions in front of you. Once this ambit gets broken and mix with higher ambit. Which is known as True Court (Sachein Darabar). Then you will wonder that how glorious and important powers you have. And how important you yourself is. Once you realise what all powers you have inside then you will understand that you are not a common person. You are human. And being human you have full right to get your self-realisation. But, people all over the world will keep saying that you are a sinner this and that. But people who are saying this are sinner themselves. You are human beings not God. Human being can make mistakes. If it is God then I would have said something but you are humans. Making mistakes is the nature of humans. The all pervading power (Param Chaitanya), I am talking about, is ocean of forgiveness. What mistake you can make which cannot be dissolved completely. You cannot commit any such mistake. Whatever sins or mistakes you have inside that can be destroyed completely. People who wonder how can they get self-realisation as they are not worth due to mistakes, they had committed. Stop thinking all this. It is very wrong perception that humans think themselves as lower due to the mistakes he has done in the past. Whatever mistake done should be rectified and ignored.

Second problem of humans is lack of forgiveness. He cannot forgive. Whether you forgive or not, cannot do anything. What can you do? But if you do not forgive then you get into wrong hands. Because you will keep thinking about the person whom you have not forgiven and trouble yourself. You are not able to do anything. So its better to forgive and leave it in the hands of God. People find it very difficult. But what is difficult here. You are holding something false, Leave it.

You will be surprised that all the things that are disastrous for you gets destroyed themselves in Sahaja Yoga. If I say you should leave this and that then half of the people will get up and go away. I don’t ask you to leave anything. When you will enlighten within, you will leave yourself. For example I am holding a snake in the darkness, you will tell me that it’s a snake. But  I will say “No! It’s a cord. Understand. I will keep holding it till it bites me. But if I  get even little light there, I will immediately leave it. 

In the same way, all the wrong you have inside will be removed automatically. So many foreigners are sitting here. Many of them were addicted to drug. Too much drugs. They left taking drugs in one night. Because we are not capable of leaving anything.  We don’t have power. But all the problems get over automatically. All problems get problem themselves and run away automatically. 

It happens because you transformed as a complete capable spirit. And you are in relation with Chaitanya who does every work, who knows everything and thinks about everyone. See this rose grows from the rose plant only and rose plant grows till a particular height only. And mango tree grows till a particular height. And you also grow till a particular height. 

Who does all these works? Chaitanya, who is capable of doing such complicated and intelligent work, when flows from you and guides you then you become your own Guru. Gurus only have made their place within us. But they are not awakened till now. When they get awakened then only you will know that how much blessings they bestowed on us. These are the real Gurus. Full of vibrations.

Once Saint Namdev went to meet Gora Kumhar ( Kumhar means potterman). Namdev was a tailor and Gora was a potter man. They never went to any university or college. They were not able to read and write. Portman was crushing the soil at that time. As soon as Namdev reached there and saw him, he spoke spontaneously in Marathi which means “I came here to see the formless God, but God is within you in physical form.”

No human can understand other human in this way until he is not a saint. When Namdev went to Panjab, Guru Nanak Sahib understood who he is, though he was a tailor. And he understood his maid Janabai also. Guru Nanak told him to learn Panjabi Language and write in Panjabi. He wrote such a big book. Guru Granth Sahib also has many of his poems in Panjabi language. 

This kind of understanding and internal desire to make people aware of the truth is quality of a saint. They had put all their efforts and powers to work for truth in Indian soil. In the same way lot of work has been done in other parts of the world. I believe England also had a great poet called William Blake*. He opened the truth to the people. Everywhere such great poets were born who reached the state where truth and reality can be understood. They wrote clearly what to achieve. 

But humans are influenced by materialism. He is slowly decaying due to this. When we look at our children we get worried. When we look at the world we start worrying. It’s reason is that we have not yet understood our spirit till now. Once you will know the nature of your spirit, all your problems and worries will be solved. 

I want to tell you that there is a big unemployment problem in England. But not a single Sahajayogi is unemployed there. 

Everyone’s problem can be managed easily. But people don’t understand. Solution need to be established within human being. You see that so many desires are existing in this world. One desire fulfills, second starts, then third. Whatever desire gets fulfilled, his soul will never get peace. 

But one desire that is known as true desire or pure desire, whether you know or not, exists within you.  It resides within you. This is your Kundalini. It is the power of pure desire. 

Now you can know about Kundalini, your  inner self and your Chakras easily. Nothing is hidden now. Anytime you have any doubt in mind, ask me immediately. All these things shall be opened in front of you. 

First you should be awakened. Secondly, this work, as he told you, is going on in 60-62 countries. All this work is a collective organization and lively too. It is as lively as our body. It is a lively organization. 

Your brothers and sisters are sitting in the whole world. But they all are realised and awakened. If one of our nails breaks, it can not grow. But if you become part of collective you will realise that you are diving in the ocean of joy. 

There are so many people came from all over the world. Many of them are Indian also. I have never seen them fighting or abusing each other. So much love. They don’t even know the language of each other. Now I am speaking in Hindi language. I told them to excuse me because I am speaking in Hindi language. They speak English or many other language. They said language does not matter, “ we enjoy meditation”. I asked them, ‘why’? They replied “we become thoughtless”.

So, your first stage is thoughtlessness. You are in present when you are thoughtless. Normally you are either in future or in the past. You get their thoughts only. But the moment Kundalini gets awakened, you get stable at the point between these two thoughts, where present exists. 

In this thoughtlessness, you are completely aware. At that moment you grow spiritually. So, you have to do meditation. You get into meditation. While meditating you become thoughtless. At that moment you will feel peace. 

People search for peace in the whole world. They say need peace, need peace. And so many people got award for peace. But how can one give peace who has no peace inside. You achieve the state of peace inside you. 

Many things you can get in this way. You can understand the truth. You are enlighten with light of truth. You will be surprised to know that this truth is love of God. 

This is the utter truth that God loves you very much. When we become aware of this truth then we be delighted with joy. 

Our soul is called Satchidananda (truth, consciousness and joy). I hope you all will achieve this state today. And we will again establish rule of dharma in Kurukshetra. No one can become religious by doing religious rituals mechanically. 

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian or follower of any other religion can do any kind of sin but not a Sahaja Yogi. Because Dharma is awakened inside him. Internal religion should be awakened. It is awakened by the awakening of the Kundalini. 

I am hoping that after today’s awakening you all please come in the collectivity. And learn everything about the Sahaja Yoga. Firstly, you will learn about it with your mind.  But after that you will reach the state of Nirvikalpa. First you will reach the state of thoughtless (Nirvichaar) Samadhi. Then you will reach the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. 

After reaching this state you can give realisation to thousands of people. You can cure them and get solutions. Try to understand that by the time earthen lamp is not lit, it always eager to get enlightened. Even if it gets enlightened, may shake by the wind or something. But slowly it gets a state where it’s thread keeps burning. 

In the same way, this instrument (our body) is of no use and value till the time connection is not established with the main ( God). Similar state is with humans. When he gets connected and become one with all pervading power surrounding him. When his all powers become one with the powers of the Almighty. And when he gets completely connected with Param Chaitanya, then this thing starts flowing from his hands. Then he becomes very powerful. This was called ‘Khalis’ (Pure) by Guru Nanak. Khalistan is made by us. Where pure people can live. How  people who are not pure, can make Khalistan. 

Similarly, may people have described it in different ways. Now, the time has come that you all get this meditative state. I wish to tell you one small thing that have respect towards yourself. I am sure that you all can get self-realisation. I can not work if you don’t believe yourself. 

Second thing is, that no one can force you. You have got the freedom to go towards hell or heaven. No one can force you and no work can be done forcefully. For example you can’t forcefully tell a seed to get sprouted. In the same way your freedom is fully respected here. And you also respect it. And understand that you can be this respectful personality. It’s very easy. Believe within yourself. 

People who don’t wish to get self-realisation. Who do not want to get awakened. They can leave now. And those who wish to get self-realisation, are being requested to sit. It is matter of ten minutes. Indians get self-realisation very quickly. I feel that they’re standing exactly at the shore if ocean and suddenly start floating in ocean of joy. Indian soil is very powerful. When these people (foreigners) come to India, they kiss it’s soil at the airport. They say, “Mother! We are able to see Chaitanya here. And we don’t know where we are”.

The day this will happen we will reach at the religion that is above all the religions. Where we will not have any dirt within us. We will not have any doubt inside us. All these misunderstandings are created by us.  And we will immediately be one. Be part of the collective and will be related to the whole world. 

(Shri Mataji speaking in English) 

It’s very kind of you to come all the way here. Sorry I am speaking the language which so many of you don’t know. Hindi language. But, there is no language for love. No need to have any language for love. Only love has vibrations that’s what I hope you are all enjoy here. There are so many brothers and sisters putting down here anxious to have self-realisation. By your good wishes, I am sure that It will work out. May God bless you. 

(Shri Mataji speaking in Hindi language) 

Now put your both hands towards me like this. Because these five, six, and seven points are at the end of the sympathetic nervous system. This seven and this seven. These seven from left and seven from right get combined to make Chakra in this way. When you are putting your hand towards me then you have opened your chakra in this way. Put little bit down. All of you. Raise your hand like this. Not very high. Which you can tolerate. All of you. Everyone do it please. 

We are sitting in the Kurukshetra, so it seems very easy. Now you all close your eyes. Everybody close your eyes. It’s better to remove your spectacles because it improves your eyesight also. Please close your eyes. Close your eyes son! Close your eyes. And remove your spectacles also if needed. (Shri Mataji blows seven times) Now don’t doubt about yourself. Please open your eyes. 

Now, keep your left hand towards me. Bent your neck towards me. And see that if there is cool or hot breeze coming from your head. Fontanel bone area, left hand towards me. Bent your neck. Right hand. Bent your head  and check  with your right hand that hot Or cool breeze coming from your fontanel bone area. Check with your right hand. Please bent your heads. I think everybody has to forgive. Please forgive. Forgive everyone. Hot breeze is coming due to this only. Forgive everyone. Please put your right hand towards me. Bent your neck. Check with your left hand whether hot or cold breeze is coming from your fontanel  bone area? Don’t keep your hand on the head. Keep it above the head. Move your hand little bit. Sometimes it comes from near or sometimes it comes from far. It may be cool or hot breeze. If it is hot don’t feel scared. Hot breeze will keep coming until you don’t forgive. Your anger will completely pacify by forgiving. 

Now left hand. Keep your left hand towards me and check with your right hand. Please put your left hand towards me and keep your right hand on top of your head. Check whether hot or cool breeze is coming. Please bend your heads. Now put your both hands towards sky. And turn your head backwards. I mean look at the sky. Please put your hands up and bend your heads backward please. Look at the sky. Now ask a question in your mind. Three times. “Mother! Is this the breeze of the Param Chaitanya? Is it power of Param Chaitanya? Is this all pervading power of divine love?” Ask three times. Ask three times. 

Now put your hands down. Now see there is no breeze around. It’s only coming from your hands and head. Now see. Don’t doubt. Now, whoever is feeling cool breeze from hands, or fingers or fontanel bone area,, raise your both the hands. When people have gone to wrong gurus, they don’t get the self-realisation. But most of the people get it. My unending blessings to all. Some times it happens that some people who have gone to wrong gurus or not sound in health, or some other reason, don’t get their self-realisation. All such people should come to collectivity. 

Now, people who have not felt cool or hot breeze in hand, or fingers or head, raise your hands. (Pause) now is it felt? Now see.  Those who are feeling now, keep your hands down. It will come don’t doubt. Very small number of people are there who have not felt it. But don’t worry. Now you come this side, these foreigners will make you feel the vibrations. 

They (Shri Mataji laughing) don’t know anything about religion. People did not even heard about God in Russia. People appear more than ten times comparing here in the programs conducted there. And they get their self-realisation. Now this will be nice if they give you self-realisation and after that you go and give them self-realisation. 

People who have really not felt. Should come they will help you and work on you. By the time some songs can be played. Come come, this is something that can be availed should be availed. Who are organising the work? foreigners can come and give them realisation. All of you come here and sit in a line. Everyone should get self-realisation. Definitely should get it. (Calling) come come wow. 

You sit here. Sit here, sit here. Now, you are sitting here with authority (to get self-realisation) ( volunteers trying to settle down seekers, Shri Mataji laughingly telling to volunteers) ask them to go back. Sit-sit everybody will get. 

(Music started) (singer asks permission to sing from Sri Mataji) 

Hindi Bhajan-

“My mind is coloured in the colour of the Mother(4) 

 I am always engrossed in the rhythm of the Mother(2) 

My mind… 

Mother’s love is shadowed upon us

My mind is coloured in the colour of the mother


Temple of my mind is enlightened with light     (2) 

Power is awakened in the name of the Mother    (2) 

We have shadow of the Mother’s love      (2) 

My mind is coloured in the colour of the mother   (2) 

I am engrossed in mother’s rhythm    (2) 

Nectar is flowing from my hands (2) 

Mother has given support to the falling people (2) 

Whole life is flowing in bliss (niranand)   (2) 

My mind is coloured in the colour of the mother(2) 

I am engrossed in the mother’s rhythm     (2) 

My mind… 

Pot of my life is filled with nectar

Since I got ocean of Mother’s love(4) 

We have been purified by the sight of the mother

My mind is coloured in the colour of the mother (2) 

I am engrossed in the rhythm of the mother (2) 

Another Hindi Bhajan

People think that I am mad but I am your fan mother (2) 

I came wearing red stola which is your symbol mother

People think… .. … 

Fulfill my heartiest desire mother

I am thirsty for your sight

We pray for your victory Nirmala Maa (jai ho) (2) 

People… . 

I come… .. 

Neither I have money mother 

Nor I have any resource(2) 

Mother you are maker of my destiny

We pray for your victory Goddess Mother

I came wearing…. … 

I left the whole world 

And arrived at your door Mother(4) 

I surrender my whole life to you mother

 (Not clear) 

Enlighten the whole world Mother

You are the lamp Mother

People think… 

I came wearing… (4) 

(Shri Mataji talking to people in bacground) 

(Another Hindi Bhajan) 

Mother is lover of devotion (bhaktipriya), Mother is desireless (Nishkama), she is beyond Gunas and sins

We hail Nirmal, the creator of whole Universe 

We hail Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali

We hail Adishakti Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi

Say Jai of Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi

Jai to Mahalakshmi, Jai to Mahasaraswati Jai to Mahakali

Mother is Nishkala (indivisible-complete), Mother is Nirmala (pure) 

Shri Mataji is continuous

Hail (Jai to) Shri Adishakti Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi

We hail Malakshmi, Mahasaraswati Mahakali

Mother is untouched by various karma( Nirlepa), 

Mother is Unstained by any limitations whatsoever (Niranjana) 

We Hail… . .. 

Mother is Supreme creator of illusion and confusion ( Mahamaya) 

Mother is the mother of whole Universe

Mother is creator of auspiciousness

Mother takes away sorrows

Hail mother who holds the Universe. 

Hail the giver of self realisation spontaneously

Hail Mahalkshmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali

Hail Adi Shakti… 

*(about William Blake)