Talk Before Evening Program: Enjoy the bliss of God eve of Shri Krishna Puja

Yamunanagar (India)

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“Enjoy The Bliss Of God”, India Tour 1993, Yamuna Nagar, India

I am sure you are all enjoying the cold of this place! You are not missing your country at all!

I think you all have been enjoying the food. In Delhi I was enquiring and I was happy to know that you all were happy with the food and all the arrangements there. (applause)

For the second part, it’s going to be not so cold. But in Dehradun maybe, it may be colder. Let’s see. So you can see this country has a varied type of climate, varied type of people, different languages. So many things are here and so many people have been accepted in this country: so many different cultures, so many different languages. But one thing is common is that they are dharmic people, they know what dharma is.

I always praised you in Hindi language, that you didn’t know so many things about dharma, but the way you have taken to Sahaj is very remarkable, is very, very remarkable, and cannot be really explained. Because Sahaj dharma, in a way, was known to Indians better. But the way you have taken to it and so deep you have gone into it, they themselves are surprised, “Mother, how it has been achieved?” I have only one explanation to give: that in last life you have done lots of good things, many good things, and that’s why all those punyas that you have earned, you are cashing that in. Otherwise there’s no explanation. I never had such expectations myself.

So it is a miracle as people say. For Indians it’s a miracle, the way you have taken to Sahaj life, the way you sing songs, the way you enjoy everything, and the way you are Sahaja Yogis. It’s a miracle. And this miracle when they see it, then they feel that, “Why shouldn’t we do this? Why shouldn’t we get this? Why can’t we have this? After all we have known about Sahaj, about Self-realisation so, after all, what wrong have we done that we should not get this?” It’s nothing but that they have taken everything for granted, I think. While for you it’s a new thing and so you have created this miracle.

This time I am really thankful to people, all those who have come. But it’s going to be a really interested tour, extremely interesting; not too expensive.

But in the beginning I was surprised that there was no money in the bank, and I had to take away CP’s money to come here. I went twice to London. On that point I have to request you that, next time I hope you won’t put me into trouble. Of course you don’t want me to be in trouble, but in this matter people are rather lethargic. And last minute decisions are not going to help us.

So in the beginning of the tour I am just telling you that, next time please see that money is sent in advance, telegraphically. This time it has made me a little inconvenienced, and so I have to make a request to you that don’t blame anyone, neither blame yourself, but remember that you are to be responsible. You have to be responsible now. You’ve got all the powers, everything. Now you have been given, also, a beautiful throne in the Kingdom of God. But now we have to be responsible.

You are very deep people no doubt, very deep, and you have really taken Sahaj in such a big way; but when you will be responsible, then you will really realise what powers you have, what you can do and what you have achieved. So you have to be responsible and involved in Sahaja Yoga. You should not be on the periphery: you are involved. You should see to it that this is done, that is done.

As you know, these people have been working for the last 3, 4 months to achieve all this. So [when the] only thing is to send money it’s not much great trouble I think. That could be done in time. And I am sorry I had to say this, because we were about to cancel the tour, but it’s worked out. And it’s a very simple thing to do. You don’t have to organise anything else but just to organise the money.

Another point [that] one has to understand is that Sahaja Yoga is nothing but joy.  You have to just enjoy. You have to enjoy the bliss of God. And if you have complete faith in that bliss you can achieve so many results. I have seen it now with people who have faith, who just pray to me and they achieve it, something so unbelievable.

So this faith has to be fully conferred on you. During this tour, of course I can’t say but, maybe, some people are there grudging for this and grudging for that – maybe. Or maybe that they are saying that, “This is not good. We could have had that, we could have had that.”

Now you have come to India, not because I was born in India, but [because] India is the Yoga Bhoomi. Those people who went to America from Australia have gained nothing! On the contrary I heard that, in Australia, now they are not so collective. In the ashram, they have so many ashrams, but everybody has a separate room, they have separate televisions, VCRs, and also they cook separately. Because it is cheap to be in the ashram, that’s why they are in the ashram. So I have already told Stephen [Taylor] very clearly, that unless and until they move into one collectivity I am not going to come to Australia.

What is the use of going to America? Still I don’t understand it. It’s no way a Yoga Bhoomi, it’s a horrible place. Maybe the materialism of America has touched them and within one year’s time they have changed themselves so much. It was very sad to hear, because Australia has shown such progress and we have such a nice leader like Stephen Taylor. Of course, there was some sort of misunderstanding, but for small, small things, if you can write to me [then] for such big things you should have written to me, I always feel.

So when you go back to Australia, those who are here have to tell people that, “Why didn’t you write and ask Mother whether they could go to America?” It’s one of the worst places you can go! It’s hell!  And all the Sahaja Yogis from America want to run away; while we should not have gone there. Whatever is good for us, that we should do. What will help us we should do, because now we are responsible, not [only] for ourselves, our countries, but for the whole universe! You have been chosen to do such things which are in your power, which you can do very well, you understand everything. I expect all that from you: such beautiful things. If there’s a light and it’s lost into some wilderness, what’s the use? It has to be there where it has to work out.

So this thing should be treated, this tour, as a pilgrimage, pilgrimage to enjoy, pilgrimage to understand what Divine love is. Pilgrimage also to enjoy the nature. It’s all such beautiful things [that] you can only enjoy if you know that they are Divine.

So many places where you went to they had lots of vibrations. I am sure all of you must have enjoyed them. I am also sure you must have enjoyed the people: they are very simple people and good hearted; dharmic. Though you are great Sahaja Yogis, I must say. And they are also very great Sahaja Yogis. So you have brothers and sisters in this place, so many of them, all over, and they are so happy to receive you. What they told us [is that] they feel so enamoured that they can serve these great Sahaja Yogis, such great saints who have to come to our country. I am very happy to hear that.

So what one has to pick up in this country is wisdom: wisdom that we have to grow in Sahaja Yoga. There’s no other way out. That’s how we are going to grow and we are going to save this world. This is our job. And because you are all capable I am requesting you to introspect yourself, enjoy yourself, and all the time strive to find out how you can help people, how you can help this world. We are not secluded people. We are not exclusive. But we are here to grow ourselves and then to give shade to so many, like a big tree. I hope you’ll enjoy yourself and you will really create a new world for me. I am hoping to see that in this lifetime of mine and I know you can fulfil my desires.

Thank you very much. Thank you.

Now, I never eat food, you know, before a music programme, but today I have eaten because I thought you also won’t eat! So those who have eaten the food can sit here, those who have not can go down, get their food and come down and eat here, it’s all right. It’s a very jolly well party here, going on. No restrictions, nothing! You can walk about, go and get your food, have your food here. And also you can again go back and get it. No musicians will feel bad about it. All right?

I think you should keep your heads covered, that’s better.