Shri Krishna Puja: River Yamuna and Shri Krishna’s life Yamuna Nagar (India)

Shri Krishna puja. Yamuna Nagar (India), 11 December 1993.
Today we are going to have the puja of Shri Krishna.
In Shri Krishna’s life the river Yamuna has played a very great role. Yamuna River is a very deep river and the water has a blue colour, which they say Shri Krishna also had. While the River Ganges flows faster and much shallower than this. Next year, maybe, we might go to Allahabad, might be able to see the two rivers meet. […]

Talk Before Music Programme: Enjoy the bliss of God Yamuna Nagar (India)

“Enjoy The Bliss Of God”, India Tour 1993, Yamuna Nagar, India
I am sure you are all enjoying the cold of this place! You are not missing your country at all!
I think you all have been enjoying the food. In Delhi I was enquiring and I was happy to know that you all were happy with the food and all the arrangements there. (applause)
For the second part, it’s going to be not so cold. […]