Public Program Galat Guru evam paise ka chakkar

Dehradun (India)

1993-12-12 Public Program Galat Guru evam paise ka chakkar, Dehradun Hindi, 51'
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Public Program Galat Guru evam paise ka chakkar, Dehradun (India)

Date: 12 December 1993

Place: Dehradun, (India)

Type: Public Program

Speech language: English, Hindi

Sahaja Yogis in background in chorus are saying ‘Shri Mataji ki Jai’.  

Sahaja Yogi announcing in background: Now Sri Arun Goyal will offer garlands to Her Holiness Shri Mataji on behalf of all the Sahaja Yogis of the world. (Claps in the background).

Shri Mataji talking in Hindi in background: The light is so bright that it is not clearly seen. 01.06 secs (Youtube) Have you brought the water?

[English translation from Hindi]

If all of you sit down, it will be very nice. 

I bow down to all the seekers of truth. In this world we seek happiness, we seek joy and we do not know what the source of joy is. The truth is that this body, wisdom, ego, feelings and sacraments, are not all these titles. We are pure form of spirit. This is one truth, and the other truth is like what you see here is the decoration of beautiful flowers, I don’t know how many you have kept. These flowers are also a miracle that one seed you sow in this Earth such beautiful varieties of flowers bloom. We consider it as a miracle. If you ask the Doctor that ‘who works on our heart’, then he will say ‘it is an autonomous nervous system’, ‘self-driven.’ But what is this self-driven force? They cannot answer this question. You can go to a certain extent in science and that too on root things which have already been there. Whatever they discover has already been made, that they can. But science has its own limitations, and the bigger limitation it has is that they have not received only the truth and on this account, science to a certain extent is searching for it; then the second discovery will be made, then the third discovery of it and then they will disprove the first discovery, then they will disprove the second discovery.

Other that this the biggest thing is that in Science there is no provision for morality, there is no thought about morality, it is immoral. So those people who rely only on science, as long as they do not know their spirit, the progress that they have made, and the huge form like a tree that is standing, till the time they do not search for its roots, it is possible that all of these will be in vain, will get destroyed and this type of doubt is being experienced by many people. The root of this may be found in India, In India, for many thousands of years, people have reflected on their spirit and many ideologies have emerged. Finally they understood that to attain the spirit is the main aim of the human life and as long as this is not achieved, we will not have any satisfaction, there will be no happiness. So the God Almighty’s the conscious creation that this is spread in all the four directions which does all the work and which we take for granted, this creation of joy is the love of God. In this era of Science, to even talk about the God Almighty is considered as bad. But whether you believe it or not, God Almighty is there, and he only protects this world. He is the creator and all the beautiful living work is done by the God Almighty. His powers which we call as the God Almighty’s conscious energy (‘chaitanya’) is known as ‘Brahma Chaitanya’.

Till now you have not experienced all this, you still don’t know about it. Now the time has come when you all are able to know about it. In this, there is nothing special done by me. It is a matter of timely occurrence. Whatever work had to be done at those times were done by incarnations and in a similar manner many hermits (‘Sadhus’), saints (‘Sanths’) also have done it. But today, the time has come that at this time you get ‘Sahaja Yoga’. ‘Saha’ means ‘with you’ and ‘Ja’ means ‘born’, ‘Yoga’ means connecting with the God Almighty’s Brahma Shakti, becoming one with it and this is everyone’s right. This is your right which can be obtained easily because you are a human being and being a human being, you are superior to all other creations in the world like beast, animals, birds and any other creations. You are superior to all of them and you have got this greatness. Now you have to just travel a little more and you will obtain it thereafter. But India which is the land of yoga, we think that there is no other land of yoga, better than India.

We first learnt many things from British people which we should not have learnt. Today seeing their present condition in their countries, I stay in their countries, I feel surprised that these people had led such magnificence and force in our country, they are such lost (‘gaye gujre’) people. You may be surprised that in countries like England, in a week, in the city of London alone, parents kill their two children. You have not yet been affected by the filth of that country till now, it is your good luck. But in these countries there is nothing Like a Mother or a Sister, there is no morality, and they are going towards total destruction in a hurried manner. It is said that in America, in the last ten years, sixty five percent (65%) of the people have been affected with various dirty diseases.  

Everyone is becoming hollow due to consumption of drugs and if Indians have been spared it is because of their faith within, their humility towards God and their innate sense of righteousness to discriminate that this is wrong and this is right. They (the foreigners) don’t know what is right and what is wrong, in spite of this I am surprised looking at them, the dirt in which they were stuck, I do not know from there how they stood up and today, they are glowing like beautiful lotus flower. It is a very surprising thing and Indians gets stuck a lot. I need to tell this to you clearly. Now I had gone to ‘Kurukshetra’, for the first time I had gone there. I thought that ‘Kurukshetra’ being the place of Sri Krishna, being the place of ‘Pandavas’ and here a big battle was fought, a lot of cleanliness must be there. From the whole program some 50 people came out, they were telling that ‘Mataji, what can we tell you. We have been going to false Gurus and we have caught up from them, and we are worried on account of that. How can we get vibrations now?’ I said you should keep on trying. A young person who had wrinkles all over his face as if from drinking alcohol was stricken, came sat down and said ‘Mother I have been going for the past 14 years to this ‘Radhaswami’ (a false guru) and now my state is that my hands are constantly shivering.’ I said ‘Brother why were you going there?’ He said he have him names, 5 names were given to him and he started shivering on account of that. I asked ‘If your Guru can not give you even good health, then what is the necessity of going to such gurus?’ He said ‘I have given a lot of money to him, and I have been looted.’ I asked him, ‘How did you give the money?’ he said, ‘There were number of big donation boxes (seva peti) kept and I put money in them.’ And the guru doesn’t say anything. But in this matter, people forget all Englishness, educated people, politicians, leaders, big-big surprisingly government officers go there and after being duped, they come to me. For about 14 – 15 years till they do not suffer, they do not get freed. Again somebody comes, again somebody, they are all ignorant people, they were badly affected, after seeing it, I was surprised. I asked ‘What were you doing?’ I was doing Siddhi Yoga.’ I asked ‘What is it?’ I knew it, but I wanted him to explain. He said ‘I was told that you need to stand in 3 feet water, you will remediate and then you can walk at 3 feet’. I said what was the necessity? Already there are so many motors (cars), what is the need to roam at 3 feet?   

Now in America, a person named I will tell his name, Praveen, I think it was Mehta (surname), no (it was) Chopra, Chopra. He was telling me ‘See the strength of the mind, it is such that, see this man is standing here, he has been given a pendulum. I will by the power of my mind, will move his pendulum.’ I asked, ‘Have you come to the world only for moving the pendulum? Is this what your duty is that you just go on moving the pendulum?’ There are thousands of people following this person and Indians. I understand Americans are foolish in all this, but I don’t understand why Indians want to move the pendulum?

We all know that people indulge in black magic and other things to lure and mesmerise people, everybody knows about this. Now even after knowing about all this, we Indians keep coming into this web of these Gurus, I am not able to understand this till date. All the great hermits have said, Nanak Sahib has written one whole chapter, that how to find a real Guru. This problem is there in Dehradun also, because I could understand as soon as I came here that, oh God. So much negativity will come that tomorrow where your children will go, where will you go, what will be your situation, how will your business run? You do not think anything about all this. You are just after these tantrics. As a Mother, I get scared. You all are such good people, you are born in this country as a result of your good karmas of the previous birth. And now when you are seeking, you are going to such evil people about whom you don’t know anything. That is the reason I saw a dirty person like Rajneesh thrive in this Kurukshetra, who was such a horrible person, who did not have any morals, I know how he died. He himself died of AIDS. People run after such dirty people. This is something that one needs to understand.

There have been real Gurus, like Gurunanak Sahib, he preached so many good things, and that no one paid attention at all. And there have been so many good gurus like Kabir. Even in Maharashtra, such good gurus, such great gurus, such eminent Gurus were there, you did not listen to any of them at all and you roam around such waste people who take money from you. Can you purchase God Almighty? Only on account of such things, I get frightened sometimes that India is in trouble. When such big people run after famous people (Gurus), who are famous, what will happen to this country and will this country be free of poverty? Where there is black magic, there will definitely be poverty. Now people have developed drinking habits, it is still better than this (black magic and false gurus). You can easily get rid of this habit.

In Sahaja Yoga when you will achieve your spirit, you will understand how great you are, how glorious you are, you are of such high calibre. You did not know till now what you are. Now imagine you are taking a television to a jungle and you tell the people that inside this box, in this box they get to see miracles, and you can show movies in that. They will ask what sort of box have you brought and how can is this possible in the box? And as soon as the box gets connected with mains, they are able to see all the miracle in that. Similarly, when you get connected with the all-pervading power (‘Parama Chaitanya’), then you will be able to see as to what a great person (‘Kamaal’) you are, how much of power you have, and this happens in Sahaja manner. So many people of Radha Swami have issues with their heart. He himself died of heart attack and many of his followers die (of heart attack) as well. I want to say this very clearly. You should find out how many of their people dies of heart attack. Somebody should at least find this out. Many people went there with blind faith, because (thinking) that It is a very big organisation. So, I asked, ‘In that organisation what, how much money you got from that organisation? Why are you fighting for that organisation? What did you get?’ So the first thing is that you should think that any person who talks about a Guru, so Shri Nanak sahab had told very-very clearly ‘Guru is one who shows the God Almighty to you. You should meet the God Almighty.’ Means the one who helps you to meet the God Almighty is a Guru. Do not call anybody else a Guru. He had said this very-very clearly. But, it is surprising that these people earn a lot of money and based on the money, do not know how, they buy people. Like the newspaper (press) people, they have bought them. And also in the newspaper people, they do not have any kind of thought, no kindness, that they are damaging so many people. At least right something which is true. When they come to us, they will write that the carpet was laid, this was there, and that was there. But the carpet is mine, if I have a carpet, I will spread it. So what have I taken from you? And the one who gives money, he will be praised. People who bow down to money, this money which has put many countries into such trouble of recession that they are unable to stand up again.

Can this money affair ever give happiness? It can never give. Can it give pleasure? For money there are fights, squabbles, this and that. It is a wrong perception that by collecting money we will become happier. I have never see anyone (becoming happier). But in something that you will get everything, why don’t we want to attain that spirit? Every type of blessing, all types (of blessings), you cannot count it all. When this can be received by everyone, why should you not believe in it and achieve it? And the biggest thing that I see is that the sensitivity that should be there towards God Almighty, which should be there towards spirituality has reduced a lot. Humans do not have the sensitivity, they cannot feel it that who is a fraudster and who is not a fraudster. They cannot understand. This is also a very surprising thing. Everything we have here about religion, God is there. Now see Russia, whoever has come. Where nobody talked about God Almighty also, honestly I am telling you, where there is no righteousness, where they have got nothing to do with anything, it is surprising there, I do not understand how, that they drove away all the Gurus from there, nobody could remain there, and for me they had arranged for a programme in a village where there were about 20 to 22 thousand Sahaja Yogis. How was this possible? Because there is no trouble of money, there is no materialism. They did not have time to think about all this.

The opposite is with America. Now they have got money, so what should they do with it? Where to invest, what to do? Now one gentleman had gone to America. I am telling you so that you are not going to go there, even if you go there it is a wasteful place. He was a very rich person. He told me ‘Mother, please come home.’ He insisted a lot, so I agreed and I went. He started saying ‘I have got a lot of money. I have got this made, that made. He showed me all that. He said when you go to bathroom, please take care. I asked why? He said that there is a button which if you press will take you straight to the swimming pool. I said that is a bit too much, I said I do not want to use this kind of a bathroom. I want only something which is simple, I am a rural person. I do not want this. Another thing he invested money in about which he said was a cot, ‘If you want your legs will go up, head will go up.’ I asked, why, does your body not move? Why do you want such things which will make your head and leg up and down? I said I will sleep on the floor. I do not want this. This type of people invest money on all such things. Foolish, they are great fools, what to say about their foolishness? Very advanced fools. You must have heard of Elizabeth Taylor who got married 8 times. I would not like to see the face of such a woman. There were about 4 to 5 thousand people who reached there and her, they went there to see because she was going on her honeymoon to see that. She had married some poor labourer who was younger to her by 20 years. It was a very big work that she had done.. wah.. wah… wah.. So everyone reached there around 3 to 4 thousand people. And to see at the top there were 10 Helicopters roaming about, and there were people with camera coming down using a parachute. Some fell on trees, some fell on people. You will not see even 4 such fools in our place here. This much common sense we have. Common sense is a lot, but we should keep it and there is no need to learn from others. There, all the Gurus have made so much of money that don’t ask. You ask any of them, some are having 10 Crores and some have 50 crores, they have so much money. And when they died, they suffered a lot while dying. And now all their wrong doings are coming to light. Those who donated money to them, they are lying on the streets. Their children poor thing have been removed from their schools, they have nothing to eat, nothing to drink. Indian people who are there have so smart that they can fool others.

And in our country there have been so many great people. Each one excelled, whose name to take and what to say. In 1942, I have also worked a lot, and till we got independence, we kept on fighting. And I saw everyone in my family, everybody at that time was like that. And today they are not there to see what we have done in our independence. This is connected with everything, our social life connected with that, our political life connected with that and is connected with all things. Because whatever questions are there in the World, whatever sufferings are there and all the calamities that are there, they are mainly due the people. Because if the people are alright there will be no questions, and if they get to know the one and only truth, then why will they fight? So where will be the question of a debate, argument? When everyone is seeing the same thing, now I am sitting before you, everyone is seeing it. Now will anybody fight that Mother is not there here. So when everybody is seeing the same thing with their eyes everybody with their eyes, then who will fight? But if you are seeing with your eyes one thing here and the other thing there and the third thing elsewhere, (and) start fighting. So till the time it doesn’t happen till then our fighting, squabbling will not leave us. The wars will not leave us, there will be talks about peace. I know many people who have got the peace awards, they are so hot tempered and they are such people with whom you should talk from a distance, don’t know when they will pounce upon you and catch you. It is just a thing to say that they have received the peace awards. One who does not have peace in their hearts, love in their hearts, how can that person take peace awards? But the most important thing to understand is that we are not yet capable. Many people want that this is wrong to say and should not be done, but they are unable to come out of it, because they do not have that power to stand with. Now the foreigners who are sitting here, it is good that they don’t understand our language, more than half of them were such who were badly alcoholic and used to take drugs, rich people. Whatever are the characteristic of the rich, they had. But one night, one night after getting their realisation, their lives changed. One of the examples to give is that we are a stubborn person and we have a snake in our hand and there is darkness and we think that it is a rope. And if you say to them that this is a snake and not a rope, they will not leave it, till the time it does not bite. But even if some light comes within us we will leave it immediately. This is how everything drops off, even problems drop off. All the miseries in the world. I have told you just now is because of human being and whatever questions that humans have or the difficulties they have is on account of their chakra position.     

We have said everything about Chakras, and you will be able to get this complete knowledge of the inside. I hope that you all get your self-realisation today. But you should get the full knowledge from this, and if any of your connections are loose, that should also get alright. That is the reason you should be in the collective. Now you will say I stay at home, how I can go there, it is a very small centre, then it is done. Now like if a nail gets cut, then that will not grow. Similarly if you are doing Sahaja Yoga sitting at home only, there will be no further progress in your ascent, there will be no growth. Hence it is required that you very humbly, go to any of our centres. But there also you do not have to give any money. The whole knowledge is yours which you will get. It is your own power that gets awakened what is there. What is there for me to give and take, nothing! If one light is lightened it can lighten many lamps. What is the favour the lamp has given in this? Now all you people are ready, you are seekers, it is your right to achieve it and it is very important that it should happen for you.

And it could be some people from Kurukshetra, if they have not got their realisation tonight, can go to the centres and I say that there is no one who should not get it. All of you can get your self-realisation. I would say it is like a garden (‘Phoolwari’), now the spring has come, it is blossom time. I had never expected that thousands and thousands of people this would work out. And this has been happening for eternity, it is not anything new. But in the past only one Guru used to give it to only one student. Now in Sahaja Yoga, thousands of people are getting their Realisation collectively. But, how many of them will settle down is to be seen. Like Jesus Christ said that some seeds that sprouted, but they fell in the sand, and some other seeds dried on the mountains and were finished, but some seeds fell on fertile soil and became trees. Here you have a number of forests, there are some very big trees and everything is there. I will now request you to become big trees of Sahaja Yoga and enlighten a number of people. Many people have the desire and have been meditating, need to get them on the right track and get them to know the reality, and fill them with it. I am having a lot of hope in this country, if Sahaja Yoga spreads here, all the questions will drop off. Everything, including the question of money will also drop off.

In London there is so much of unemployment that don’t ask, but there is no Sahaja Yogi there who does not have a job. Whoever comes to Sahaja Yoga gets a job, because the government of the all-pervading power is very tremendous. If you come into the Kingdom of God then each and every thing of yours will be taken care of so beautifully. Even the smallest of things are made so well that one would wonder how these things have been made. People who come to Dehradun say that the people here are quite I have a thing to say about the people here that they are quite English and that is the reason they cannot come to Sahaja Yoga. Now when they have come in England, why the Englishmen here have not come? Now many big people are here is what I think, is what I feel. So many big people are here you see, how many big people are sitting here, then why will you not come? From inside the heart, you are Indians. It is a matter of great respect, the time has come, and now in this time the work should be done. There is no hoarding of the brain here. You have to go beyond the brain, beyond the wisdom. If you ask why like this, like that, there is no answer for that. Now you tell me how this flower has been made? It is a life action, how will you explain this? Many Doctors can also be shown how many diseases can be cured with Sahaja Yoga. Many, your leader also knows about it. He was suffering from Blood cancer he has become alright. I have not done it. In a similar manner, your mental condition will be alright, your physical condition will be alright, social, political and more than anything else, the spiritual, from which the source of happiness and love, compassion, affection, compassion for all, it flows, it is joy giving. Then it gives so much happiness to people. He will become very beautiful from within because you can consider him to be like an angel. All of you are capable of it and today you will attain it.

Please excuse me, this time I have come for one day only. Next time I will definitely come for you more number of days. Because last time, I was here for 3 days, but during all those days only sick people kept coming, no normal person came. I was wondering whether any person other than a sick person stays here or not. For 3 days they only had for sickness, cure this illness, cure that illness and after that they do not come in Sahaja. Now it is that there should be common sense as well that those lamps which will not lit at all, what is the use of curing them? Only those lamps which can be lit should only be cured. I wish, today I am seeing a lot of healthy people here and I am very happy that you people should achieve this and then if you people ask me what to do now, I will say now just enjoy yourselves. That is all. But you have to meditate for some time with which you will grow and what you need to do in meditation these people will tell you. As such I have given a thousands of lectures in Hindi and other languages, you will get the tapes off all those lectures. But first of all, you have to get settled. So the first state that you achieve is called ‘Nirvichar’, ‘Thoughtless Awareness’, which means you will not have any thoughts, you will be in the present. And the second stage is called as ‘Nirvikalpa’ in which you do not have any options, you know that you have the right to be self-realised, you have achieved it. Now both these states come for some people together, this is a result of their depth, depends on the good deeds of the past.

But with trying, everybody gets the state of ‘Nirvikalpa’ and after that you see how it progresses. What all should I say about what all can happen and what all has happened? You might have heard of Amjad Ali Khan. He could not play his instrument properly before. Now you see how much famous he is. There is another person with him S Sinha (name is not very clear) who had a similar condition. Many are there, be it Hindus or Muslims many people have achieved this. Sufis have obtained it and in this manner, everybody has understood that we people who feel that we are different from each other, now realise that we are part and parcel of the same God Almighty. That is the reason that whatever new feelings that are coming within you, the new dimension that comes up is called as collective consciousness, meaning you can also know others and their chakras. You can feel your own vibrations on your fingers and also that of others. If you know how to clear your chakras and of others then you can help everyone. And to do that you do not have to have a lot of time. In a short time you can become your own Guru. You will realise which is good and which is bad, I do not have to tell you anything. I do not have to talk on any wasteful things. If you talk anything wasteful, more than half the people will get up and go in today’s times. That is the reason that you achieve the awakening of the Kundalini and later see what you are. Then you will experience so much of reverence, so much pride and so much respect comes for yourself that a person will not go on the wrong path.

There is one more thing in this that you cannot force this on anybody, no force. Because God Almighty has given a lot of freedom. You can go either to hell or heaven, this is dependent on you. That I cannot give. That is the reason, there can be no forcing of any kind on this. Whosoever men or women do not want their self-realisation can please go away. They can please go from here and they need not sit and watch others. They may please go and it be of great help to us. I do not have to put a lot of effort with all of you, you will be surprised to know that. The only thing is that all of you should sit down.

Now put both your hands towards me like this together drawn like this. I hope you are not wearing any shoes on your legs. Please remove your shoes. Keep both your hands straight towards me. Because these are the 5 chakras, 6 and 7 (Shri Mataji is pointing towards the fingers and the palm). This is sympathetic and para sympathetic on both the sides. And in this you need to achieve this, so keep both your hands like this (palm facing upwards). Now what you will feel, one is that from the top of your head at the fontanel bone area you will feel a cool or hot breeze. Kabirdas has said: ‘Shunya shikhar para anhad baje’ which means ‘At the Summit of Aloneness the Un-struck Anahad Sound Reverberates.’ Here wherever the kundalini throbs, the pulsation you feel on the top of the head and after it opens up you get cool-cool breeze. Sometimes it is hot as well. If you forgive everyone with your full heart then everything will be alright. If you forgive or not, you don’t do anything, but when you don’t forgive, then you start playing into negativity’s hands. You are troubling yourself from which you will get pain very easily. So you forgive everyone together. And the second is that I said that you should keep reverence towards yourself and love, and no one should not think that I am a big sinner, I have done this sin. Whoever tells you that, are themselves big sinners! You are humans, humans will only make mistakes, you are not God. But this all-pervading power is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of love, but more than anything is the ocean of forgiveness. Hence, if you have done any mistake, he will forgive it. Nothing will stop in front of this ocean. Hence you should not belittle yourself in any way and you should forgive everyone.

Now put both your hands together in the way I have shown you, drawn like this. You should have faith in yourself, this is the biggest thing. People do not have faith in themselves, so keep faith in yourself. On now keep your eyes closed.

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: Please close your eyes. Please close your eyes. Put your hands towards me like this. Please close your eyes.

Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi: Now bow down your head. Now please open your eyes.

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: Please open your eyes.

Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi: Please open your eyes. Now keep the right hand towards me.

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: Please put your hand towards me.

Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi: And bow your head and on the top of the fontanel bone area, top means it is called as slightly above the head (‘vishwadanti’), over the top. Keep your left hand over the top if the fontanel bone area. Your head should be bowed down.

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: Please put your right hand towards me and your left hand on top of the fontanel bone area.

Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi: And see that from within, from within your head, any cold or hot breeze is coming out or not. 

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: Please see that whether a hot or a cold breeze like energy is coming out of your fontanel bone area. 

Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi: Bend your heads, heads.

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: Please bend your heads, bend your heads. It is better to bend your heads.

Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi: Now put the left hand towards me. If you have gone to Gurus, there is nothing to worry, you all will also be cured. Do not worry at all. Keep your left hand towards me. Bow your heads and check with your right hand if from the fontanel bone area, again, now that area is called as ‘taalu’ if any cool breeze is coming or not.

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: Please put the left hand towards me and with your right hand please see that there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. Please don’t put your hand on the top of your head, but away from it. 

Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi: Now again keep your right hand towards me and the last time bow your head on the fontanel bone area and check if any cool or hot breeze is coming out from your head only. For some it comes very near to the head for some others it comes far away from the head. Now rotate your hands and try moving your hands up and down. Yes. Now both your hands as shown in the picture, keep your hands towards the sky and pushing your head towards the back look towards the sky and ask the question ‘Mother is this the Brahma Chaitanya? 

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: Please put both your hands towards the sky and your head also towards the sky. Now ask the question ‘Mother is this the all-pervading power of divine love? Ask this question. Three times.

Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi: Ask 3 times.

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: Ask 3 times.

Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi: Now keep your hands down.

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: Please put your hands like this.

Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi: Now look at me and don’t just think anything. As you look at me don’t think.

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: Please don’t think.

Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi: Some of you must be getting from below the palm, they could move the vibrations upwards like shown by Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji is speaking in English: Those who are getting below, put it up. It will come up like that.  

Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi: Now whoever felt in the hand or the fingers or from the fontanel bone area cold or hot vibrations, all such people should put their hands up. Wow. The people who are sitting on the chairs didn’t get it or what. Wow.. The whole Dehradun, my namaskars to all of you and eternal blessings of your Mother. Now you should increase this, increase this and now us it for the benefit of others as well. You are all very big people those of you who have come here. It is because you all have lots of responsibilities and you have got this, this is also your earned blessings. You have to increase this and have to give it to others. Hence come in the collective, enjoy the collectivity with all. My eternal blessings to you all.

Sahaja Yogis in background in chorus are saying ‘Bolo Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai’ ‘Jai’ ‘Jai’ ‘Jai’ ‘Ki Jai’ ‘Ki Jai’ ‘Ki Jai’ 

‘Bolo Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai’ 

‘Bolo Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai’ ‘Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai’.   

End of talk in Hindi

End of talk