Shri Ganesha Puja: All people are one

Birthplace - Shrine Chhindwara, Chhindwara (India)

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Shri Ganesha Puja. Chhindwara (India), 18 December 1993.

English Talk

I’m sorry I was delayed. We’re supposed to see the collector and the  thaisindar [tax officer?] as they call him. They have done so much for us, so much they have organized, all the way in the – officially they have done so well that I had to wait for them to thank them very much. I think it’s not very much hot for you. See the wind is blowing, can you imagine and, if you see, there’s no leaves – leaves are not moving. (Applause.)

You always used to go and sit in the sun, so now here it is. You better have some of it.

I hope you all enjoyed your stay in Jabalpur and the visit to Jabalpur. It was quite interesting. Some people have not yet arrived. I’m sorry to say they haven’t been able to arrive from Bombay. I think they are more Bombayites, not from the foreign countries, but otherwise I think all of you are here.

It’s very unusual thing to happen like this, you see. This – My father built this house about eighty years back. He was very imaginative and fond of guests, so he also put up guest bedrooms and guest bathrooms, such, and it was a hill station. Now, of course, because of crowdedness , very cold and hill station, so people used to come. His friends used to come from Nagpur, so he had made arrangements for them. There were no hotels or anything, so they used to have [arrangements]. And people of this place are extremely hospitable, very hospitable.

So, it was his idea that he should have a house here where his guests would be. His brother had a big house, but it was joined and he couldn’t receive his guests, so he thought it’s better to build the house here. And behind was a huge, big compound bigger than this, which I’ve seen. I was only four years of age when we went away from here, but I remember each and every thing about this house and everything about Chhindwara. You know, My memory is unusually very, very sharp. I mean, I remember even My birth, is to that extent. (Mother laughs – applause.)

But I never knew that there will be so many saints coming to visit this place of My birth. I never expected that there would be so many people who will take to Sahaja Yoga in My lifetime because when I was born, I found people were so blind. I thought, “How will I talk about Sahaja Yoga? What will I do? How will it work out?” It’s very difficult. My father knew about My Mission and he told Me that, “You’d better find out a way by which you can give realization en masse” – that was important – “because even if you give realization, one person is of no use. Also you should not write anything because You don’t create another Bible, Gita, Koran because books also bind them. So best thing is that You should take to search of human beings, why they can’t get their en masse realization, because now You have come for that purpose.” Somehow I worked it out and really it was surprising. I was really, was not thinking to open Sahasrara, but I was literally forced into it and it worked out.

It’s working out. You can see all of you are here. It’s very amazing thing that can happen to someone like this that in the lifetime only you have come here to see this birthplace of Mine. It was such, such vibrations that My Sahasrara became completely jammed with vibrations. It’s so cold inside and outside was so hot, that I didn’t know what was happening.

So I’m happy all of you could come and see this place. And a very humble house it was, but in those days it was the most, I mean, well planned house as such and was very much appreciated by people. And after that four years I was here and then we went to Nagpur because we had -My father had a big practice in Nagpur. He had to go many times down, so they thought it is better to go. There also he had many houses and Babamama is going to take you round to see those houses. He says he’ll find out time to see wherever I have lived. But Nagpur also is very vibrated place. You can feel it. People are very quiet. It’s a very quiet place.

So this is a very novel thing. I don’t think it was happening in the lifetime of any one of the incarnations who came on this Earth. Even for Rama’s  janmabhumi [birthplace] they are fighting even today. So you can imagine. Thank God we have got this place in a way. It’s not yet ours, but in a way we are there and maybe with your good wishes we’ll own it very soon.

Today’s puja I thought was best to have Shri Ganesha Puja in a short way because the first puja here and I was born here, so is better that we should have a Ganesha Puja. It would be a nice thing to start with. And we have a doctor here. They are all Sahaja Yogis and they are going to help us to do the curing. Actually, I always thought which is the place where people will get cured, so now we’ll send all of them here to get cured.

It was a jungle here. All around was jungles, hills, but I think all that’s finished and broken now. And we used to get tigers and things. A little far away from here is a place called Tamia where they could see tigers, but now they are there, no doubt, but they are saying that nobody’s now going that side. They all go to some reserve places which you have seen yourself, also Kanha Kisli.

I hope you enjoyed. How did you enjoy Kanha Kisli?  (Applause.) And the River Narmada I was told also you enjoyed very much. I’m happy this has happened. It was a little circuitous and quite different from all the tours we have had so far but I am happy you all have enjoyed it.

I have said so many things about Shri Ganesh, I don’t know what to say now, anymore. But all of you have seen that place. Now see this breeze is coming from where? I don’t know. You are sending breeze to Me, instead of I doing it.

(End of English portion of talk.)

Translation from Hindi

I am very happy to see all the people of this place, and also from all parts of the country.  I am also happy that in My lifetime, this birthplace of Mine is being given so much importance.  I am also happy that people from outside India, from 60 countries, have come to Chhindwara.

Now, this Chhindwara of yours, is going to become a Heritage Site (Kshetra Sthan), and many more people will come here to visit, and to stay here.  These are all now saints.  They have become like saints, and their way of living has also become like sages and saints.  They can live anywhere, they can sleep anywhere, they can eat anything, without any complaints.  Whereas in their countries they live a lifestyle of comfort and luxury.  But they have no demands here.  They are happy in any situation.  In the same way a lot of yogis have come from different cities of India.  They have come from Madras, some have come from Hyderabad.  Vishakapatnam is so far away, but from there also they have come.  They have come from Mumbai, from Pune, and of course, from Delhi.  Lots of yogis have come from Delhi, from Lucknow; from every possible place.  Even from Punjab people have come.  In this way, from this country also, people have come from many places, and they have all gathered here to perform a Puja.

It is a very good thing if all the people of this country become united.  There is a lot of fighting and misunderstanding going on between all of them.  With this kind of collective gathering, we can have an end to all conflicts.  And it is very necessary for this to happen.  When you recognise your inner Dharma (religion) then you realise that all people are one.

Here there is no Mutt (monastery), or like all the big gurus, organised establishments.  We do not have all these trappings.  Nor do we have any organisation with priests, and heads, or anything.  Everything happens by itself in a very simple way.  In this whole country, if we can have a situation where everybody becomes a saint, then there will be no problem of any kind.  All the problems and troubles of our country will dissolve and disappear.

These people have no problems.  All their difficulties about jobs, money, health – both physical and mental, have all been removed.  And they are endowed with so many blessings, that they are wondering, how did all this come about.  There is nothing amazing; because the time has come for this to happen to everyone.  It has to happen in Chhindwara, and it has to happen in every other place also.  And it should be beneficial to everyone.

We have started a Center over here.  The people of Chhindwara should definitely come to this center, and become a part of the center; and they will find that it is not difficult to get their self realization.  It can happen in one moment.  All that was said by Kabir and Nanaka, all what was said by Christ and Mohammed Sahib, that will get actualized.  Because the time has come, and everyone should take advantage of the present times.  Especially since My birthplace is here.  So for you this is a special place.

I can only see vibrations, Chaitanya, all around.  The whole firmament (sky) is covered with Chaitanya.  You must try to understand this great happening, and accept it.  There is no consideration of birth, caste or clan, or creed.  Everyone is entitled to receive the joy of this blessing.

My blessings to all of you.