Evening Program and Talk About Marriages

Ganapatipule (India)

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1993-12-24 India Tour: Talk About Marriages – After Music Program

I was very happy to learn that this morning the meditation was done very well collectively. My attention was there on you. We are now going to announce the marriages, the remaining ones today. Before that, I’ve to say the same thing which I’ve said many times, that there is no compulsion for anyone, not at all, to marry a particular person who we have suggested. If you want, you can say no, completely, or you can say “Mother, change it”. Whatever you say we’ll try to do. We have big problems of hights, of education, of culture, and some people say: “We don’t want to marry indians”, or “we don’t want to marry a foreigner”, like that.

Whatever it was, we have tried to comply with your desires. But of course we could not get all of you married because there were no proper matches for you, but in any case I’m sure by tomorrow we might be able to organize many more. So there is no compulsion about it, absolutely not, till the end. Till the marriages are being performed you have every right to say no, so I don’t want you to get married now and later on create problems. Whatever it is, if you think I have done anything for you, or Sahaja Yoga has done for you, then please don’t trouble us by thinking about it later on that “We don’t want to marry, we didn’t like, it was like that”, which is more with the western people, I must say. Moreover in India if you marry some indian girls, you see it’s very difficult to neutralize such marriages because the whole society will get after Sahaja Yoga, they’ll get after My life.

They have done so many thing like that, and for somebody who just gets kind of a king in the head and he decides that I will not marry this girl. This is the girl, he’s with us, he knows us very well, and then suddenly after getting married he says: “No, no, no, no. I’m in love with somebody else”, or something like that nonsensical. It’s very difficult for indians to understand this kind of character. So first, you fully understand, know the person. There are still three, four days, meet the person. If you don’t want to marry that person, please, please cancel the marriage. We have seen the vibrations, and we have seen other things also, superficial things like hight and education. But it sometimes it happens that it doesn’t match because of maybe the age or because of maybe education, so we have adjusted so many cases like that.

I must say it’s all open. You are not to accept anything again and again, I’ll tell you, and make later on somebody miserable, and hurt the person’s feelings, or trouble Me. At least you should not trouble Me, that’s all I want. You are all welcome to say no. I’m not going to feel bad, at all. It’s perfectly alright, you are being honest. But not at the last minute you start cancelling when the girl is standing with the garland in her hands. [Laughs] Ah, they have done it, even after marriages they have done it. I need not tell this to indians because they understand this. Marriage in Sahaja Yoga is not a joke. You are very, very fortunate that these marriages are taking place in My presence in Sahaja Yoga. You must have done lots of punyas to have this marriage. Apart from that, the children you’ll get, and the whole blessings you’ll get will be very unique and you’ll be surprised you’ll always feel what Mother has done for you.

Then even after marriage, some people try to torture the wife or the wife tortures the husband. This is not Sahaj. In the Sahaj state one should not torture anybody else who is a Sahaja Yogi. You are not allowed to say even a harsh word to somebody who is a Sahaja Yogi. Somebody who calls Me Mother, and later on tries to trouble Me, nothing happens to him, it goes on troubling, troubling, nothing will happen, but if he is not a sahaja yogui, inmediately this Chaitanya punishes. So I keep the maryadas of My love. In the same way, try to understand it’s a very holy thing you are doing, and don’t go about misbehaving in a manner that all the deities will be angry with you. You can never rise. But if you don’t like something, please tell Me. That’s much better because, see, there are so many conditionings you have got.

We also have done it in a great hurry the whole thing, so maybe, I don’t say that we could not have made mistakes. Could have been made some mistakes, in any case take a very, very relaxed attitude towards it. This is now what you’ll hear, the names of the people who are remaining, most of them we have announced, some who were left behind we are telling. Unfortunately always the women are more than men. I find it difficult, so one should not feel disappointed. I’m sure it will work out later on.

May God bless you.