Ardha Matra Volume 2 Interview


1970-01-01 Ardha Matra Volume 2 Interview, Hindi, 26'
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Ardha Matra Volume 2 Interview Translation from Hindi

Reporter: Through Kundalini awakening we can achieve our Self-realization.  In various ancient scriptures too, it has been described. The founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has given experience of self-realization through Kundalini awakening, to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. Sahaja yoga is gaining popularity in more than seven countries as of today. Ardha Matra had an exclusive meeting with Shri Mataji about the Kundalini power and Sahaja yoga. We are presenting excerpts from the same interview…

Reporter: In Ramayana TV serial, we watched Sage Valmiki giving knowledge of Kundalini power to princes Luv and Kush. Kindly tell us in details about this happening and Kundalini power.

Shri Mataji: Kundalini power does reside within us. If Valmiki told about this, then it must be true because he was a great man.  He knew that no matter how much knowledge one attains but until unless self-realisation is achieved, one remains incomplete. Now about this power… in our country many people knew about this for ages and they were called Gurus..masters [sadguru].  These people had attained this knowledge through very hard penance. A power names as Kundalini resides in our triangular bone. And we call it Kundalini because it’s sits in the shape of three and a half coil. It is very surprising it that even Greeks knew about this. Because the triangular bone where Kundalini resides, they call it “Sacrum” (means sacred) bone. It means there is this sacred bone within us. Not sure, if many of these things they adopted from us or they attained this knowledge themselves in Sahaja way. In our country, experimentations to achieve self-realisation have been going on for ages. In Maharashtra (India) there have been people belonging to Nath sect like Machinder Nath, Gorakh Nath etc. these people were all into this.

On the other hand, we were into Vedas. Studying Vedas makes one “Vid”. It means to know ultimate knowledge [param gyan], on your central nervous system. One has to be “Vid”. It is mention in very first Shloka that if one does not attain state of “Vid”, studying Vedas is of no use. There was another path called Bhakti Marg [path of devoutness], through which people used to try to please many deities through their devotion [bhakti].

But amongst all these, the middle path was that of Sahaja Kundalini Awakening and people of Nath sect [Nath panthi] used to follow this. All this knowledge is scripted in Sanskrit language and all discussions were also done in same language. On this matter, in 12th century Gyaneshwar Ji requested his elder brother (who happened to be his Guru too) for his permission to write about this power within us in his book “Gyaneshwari”, the power which gives us our self-realization. As nobody had clearly documented this before. When his Guru granted permission, he narrated about Kundalini very clearly in sixth chapter of his book.

Despite of this clear narration, later on when so called guards of religions laid their hands on this book they realized that Kundalini awakening is beyond their capability, so they prohibited this sixth chapter. This resulted in decline in awareness about Kundalini. Afterwards in 16th century there have been many saints in Maharashtra like Shri Ramdas Ji, who was the Guru of Shivaji Maharaj. Someone questioned him how Kundalini awakens? On this his response was, “It happens Spontaneously. But there has to be a deserving receiver [disciple] and an able granter [guru]”

On the same lines, Namdev ji also narrated about Kundalini in his scripts. Likewise, many saints have talked about Kundalini.

But later many people termed it as nonsense, a thing of illusion and as there is nothing like Kundalini in reality. Even today, people talk like this. Because, nowadays we are so much under influence of western countries that we want to learn and adopt things from them only.

Reporter: What is actual meaning of Yoga?

Shri Mataji: Kundalini awakening happens in Sahaja way. It’s just like a seed which has potential to grow into thousands of trees. When a seed is sowed in earth, it germinates in Sahaja way. Likewise, all these powers are there within us in potential state, which if awakened a human can become very powerful. When Kundalini awakens, it passes through 6 chakras, not 7. First chakra is placed under the Kundalini, which protects it and looks after it’s purity. A man who has lived a saintly life and even when his past life has been saintly, such a person’s Kundalini awakens very quickly. And after awakening she attains union with all pervading power of Chaitanya. This is called Yoga. Anything else, like bending your body, doing acrobat is not Yoga.

Actually, it is the only spiritual yoga through which your Kundalini attains union with all pervading divine power [brahma shakti]. When this happens, first of all, one becomes thoughtless. You are completely aware but thoughtless. When we have thoughts, we are either in past or future, and not in present. On Kundalini awakening, the thoughts which come from past or future are completely stopped or vanish. And the time elapsed between two thoughts [vilamba] stretches and there we witness state of present. We are fully aware but still thoughtless and in this state only, we achieve our spiritual ascent. But this (awakening) has to happen within you. No use of going places, studying and attaining stuff all that. Nothing helps… Kundalini awakening is an event such that this power rises above from within your triangular bone, pierces through six plexuses (chakras) and comes out from brahma randhra (hole in fontanelle bone). Until this event takes place within you, sometimes it’s fruitless to talk about Dharma [Religion]. Because talks may perhaps make you a good human being but one cannot get self-realization. Unless self-realization is achieved, all powers within us cannot be expressed. Understand that it is final and ultimate goal of our evolution. When Kundalini is awakened, it pierces the Brahma Randhra [hole in fontanelle bone] but post this connection, the Yoga has to be established. Not for too long but meditation for a short while has to be practiced every day. In olden days, tradition of one Master – one disciple was common, when they use to grant realization to one disciple only. So, there were very few realized people and if someone talked about Kundalini, would be perceived as crazy. Like Kabirdas ji has mentioned in his poetry..”How do I explain, as this whole world is blind?”

Reporter: What is the difference between Sahaja Yoga and other Yogic practices?

Shri Mataji: You may call it modern Sahaja yoga. Its uniqueness is that we can give realization to enmass, in thousands together. In country like Russia, in a single village there are up to 21-22 thousand Sahaja Yogis.  Because they are not so materialistic like us. They are very wise people. 70% of them are very wise, rest 30% may be after petty things like us. But 70% are wise and have good understanding. Now sure, how they have such a discrimination that they did not let anyone else establish other than me, rest all were turned back. Not sure how they understand that I am working so honestly. Here in Maharashtra (India) also a lot of things happened, many Gurus arrived on this land, taught people but don’t know why situation is so deteriorated here. Here seeking has declined in people and they are more inclined towards modernization. But I am surprised and I had never thought that in North India people will grasp Sahaja yoga so well. But it’s spreading like fire and people are receiving it and getting established well. So, it is such a thing that you don’t have to talk about this, it is an event. e.g. if you sow a seed in ground, it will germinate itself. For this, you don’t have to do any acrobat. Because there is a binding force in both the seed and the earth and when these bindings work together it just happens. It’s a living process. As we are at final stage of evolution, thousands of people can experience it.

Though blossom days have arrived and these are such times that many flowers are here who have potential to become fruits but there are many others around too, who would not at all accept it, would not even try to get it. As last judgement time has come. It’s your wish to attain the Truth or leave it.

Human beings can achieve a lot from this. First achievement is that we can feel this all-pervading power [param chaitanya] on your fingers and very soothing, settle cool (not very cold) breeze flows from your fontanelle bone area. Adi Shankracharya called it “Salilam Salilam…”. The vibrations that flow through your hands, he called it “Spand”. On your palm there are 7 sympathetic nerve endings. These are all 7 plexuses [chakras] on palm, through them you know which of your plexuses [chakras] have problem. You will know it on fingers. You will also know problems of others too because you are enlightened in collective consciousness. You enter into a new dimension through which a collective consciousness is awakened within you. You can feel chakras of another person too. So now you know about your own as well other’s Chakras. If you also learn how to correct chakras, you can correct your own chakras and help others too. This is called Shuddha Vidhya (pure knowledge).

Second power that awakens with you is, you can also give self-realization to others. You can also raise other’s Kundalini. You can correct their physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual conditions too. Like this, we can help anyone whoever comes to Sahaja Yoga and wants to get self-realization. That’s how whole society can be reformed, not only this our country can be reformed, even whole world can be reformed.

Another big change that happens is sense of Righteousness [Dharma] is awakened within us, it’s within and not without. For example, any Hindi, Muslim or Christian can commit any sin or do wrong deeds, his religion has no binding upon him. But it’s such a thing that once Dharma is awakened within, you can not commit anything illicit. Compassion, mercy etc. are awakened within you and despite this you become extremely energetic and dynamic. Whatever you keep doing, you won’t feel tired. You do your work in very loving and peaceful way. With this, you attain peace with you, become absolutely peaceful. A person who has very angry temperament becomes absolutely calm. Because whatever angularities you have within, become alright. All deformities within us are due to problems in plexuses [Chakras] and once these Chakras become alright, they get alright. I have seen many people have established big organizations of peace, got big awards etc. What peace they can give to others when they don’t have it in their heart itself? So, people become absolutely peaceful within. This work is going on in 7 countries. Thousands of people get together, but never ever there is any tussle. All live-in harmony together. Yes, sometimes they do tease each other but jokingly, in a friendly manner. You would not have seen such friendships otherwise. Whether this person is from Russia, England, Japan or anywhere they build a collective love amongst themselves. Because of this when true Religion [Dharma] is awakened within, they understand that all religions are one, understand totality of all religions. You don’t criticize any religion and worship all Dharma Pravartaka [who propagated religions].

Reporter: Shri Mataji, is it true that with Sahaja Yoga once can get rid of all many physical and mental disorders?

Shri Mataji: Due to problems in Chakras, whatever Physical ailments are there e.g. Psychosomatic diseases, Cancers etc. which cannot be cured by Doctors are cured by Sahaja Yoga, there is no doubt in that. But first you must come in search of Truth not that you walk-in for treatment of all diseases. Seekers of Truth get rid of all diseases and they can help others too, but first of all one must seek. You can understand that God almighty has most wisdom, common sense. He sees that those, who are of no use and won’t give light to others even if put alright, why to treat such lamps. However even such lamps get alright… He wants to fix lamps which get enlightened and give light to others too, benefit others. That’s how Sahaja Yoga is going to spread.

Sahaja means Sah (with you) + Ja (born). It’s such a Sahaja Vishawa (Global) Religion. When you achieve it, all petty things in our lives like Shad-Ripus i.e. six Demons within us [Kama – Lust, Krodha – Anger, Lobha- Greed, Mada – Arrogance, Moha – Attachment, Matsarya – Jealousy], just disappear somewhere. What you achieve is only Absolute Truth. If ten people are there, they will say the same thing. e.g. if you ask them what problem a particular person has? All will have the same answer. Diagnosis is also done. Everyone knows the single Truth, so there is no question of argument, automatically everyone arrives at same opinion.

Sahaja Yoga is a great blessing. Because once you in shelter of Param Chaitanya, you are already in the court of God almighty. His government is very efficient and alert. On every step, you will see so many blessings from him that you would be surprised how all this is happening. Everyone sends letters to me asking mother, kindly tell how it has happened, this miracle has happened, that problem is solved. I amuse that you don’t even know where you are sitting.

So the horizon we are living on, is all illusion [maya] and we must step into to the depth of reality. Once we get there, we feel that everything is happening itself and we are not doing anything, we witness everything happening right before you then what’s the need of putting in your efforts? And besides your attention becomes absolutely pure. As we saw that some boys especially from foreign countries they used to complain of wobbling eyes all the time and were tired of this, it would wander around on sight of a woman or anything around. I said it’s okay, doesn’t matter. After realization, I asked them to keep eyes on mother earth for some time. They started walking with their head down, by practicing it regularly their eyes have become so pure now, absolutely innocent. So, attention becomes absolutely pure, and not just pure it becomes such that if even it goes to someone slightly for a moment [kataksha], that person is endowed with his benevolence. If he goes to a house, peace gets established there. Wherever he stands brings peace. His sight becomes so powerful and pure, as he is full of selfless love.

So, this attention acts wherever it reaches. If you want to know about someone, you would know through your vibrations. There is another Ether even more settler, that’s one which communicates all this. All these powers are there and all around us are supreme powers too. For example, if you see these beautiful flowers, you don’t even realize that it’s such a big miracle. Nobody thinks about it but it’s a living process. Just like this we have our heart. Nobody thinks about it as well that how it’s functioning. If you ask Doctors, they say it’s autonomous. Who is Auto? Science does not have answer for many things. Above all, science cannot explain why have to come in this world. You have come to enter into kingdom of almighty, enjoy and do benevolence of whole world. When they realize this, they keep engaged selflessly for no money. As you know we don’t change any money. Such a big work is going on and I don’t even have a secretary but everyone is my secretary. They do this work with full dedication, enjoy only this and keep talking about the same and nothing else. How to do good to others, how to solve other’s problems.

Third and highest of all thing is that you are drowned into bliss [ananda]. Happiness and sorrow are merely two sides of our ego, just like a coin has two sides. When your ego gets very elated, you are happy and if its gets pricked a bit you become sad. But in Sahaja state you become blissful [anandamay]. There is no duality in bliss, you just keep watching everything and enjoy it. Means that you achieve state of witness. You look at everything like a drama. That’s how all kind of tensions and stress etc. of these days just disappear. Jokingly, I tell them that now you all got a hole on your heads and these problems will stream out of you through this [laughs].

What must be understood is that all this is within us, it’s just right time, everything is going to work out in these times, you don’t have to pay for this, but still people visit all those mischievous Gurus. Now what to do, no one can change their minds. So, one must understand what do we have to achieve? We have to achieve our complete maturity. And for this you don’t have to do anything or give anything. Only you have to give time, very little time.

But when you step down in this, you find it to be ocean of knowledge, love and compassion and above of all its ocean of forgiveness. Whatever mistakes one might have committed prior to realization, everything has to be forgotten in Sahaja Yoga, no need to feel guilty and you just forgive everyone. That’s all. This works out so quickly even for thousands of people that it just surprise everyone how it’s happening for so many together. They say that recently about One Hundred Thousand people came in Pune and everyone raised their hands to confirm that they felt it. But how many continue and grow in this, is the shortcoming.

Reporter: Shri Mataji, in every public program you give experience of Kundalini awakening to thousands. Can you give same experience through this program to our viewers too?

Shri Mataji: Not a problem. We did it in Hong Kong. We visited Hong Kong and there a TV Anchor who organized it, and many people sent letters afterwards. But nobody brought them together as collective. But now there in Hong Kong all of them have got together. So definitely it is possible.

Reporter: So, can this be done now?

Shri Mataji: Now? (Smiles…) Ok so whoever is watching it now, please take off your shoes and spectacles. Shoes have to be removed because this earth element absorbs all our problems, deformities.