Public Program

Bangalore (India)

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Public Program, 1994-0115, India

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is, you cannot change it, you cannot transform it, you cannot describe it, unfortunately at this human [UNCLEAR] which is human awareness you cannot know it. [UNCLEAR] process [UNCLEAR] because if you have known the absolute truth there would have been no quarrels no fighting no [UNCLEAR] no arguments no war. But we don’t know [UNCLEAR] and absolute truth that only we know through the last breakthrough of our evolutionary process this you have to understand. Of course I was told in Bangalore people are very ritualistic and they believe in the rituals. All these rituals are for what, why are we [UNCLEAR] going to temples going to [UNCLEAR] going to mosque and you just see, there must be some purpose but it is like the steps of this hall but if you have to come in the hall you have to give up the steps now that’s enough and sufficient in you last lives that’s why you are here. Now a special time I will call it as a blossom time is this modern times which is “ghor kalayuga” agree… And at these modern times we see such a decline into everything and we are surprised how such a [UNCLEAR] has come. All our advancement so far has been either we are [UNCLEAR] call it something very blindly or else its just a mental [UNCLEAR]. Human mind has all variations and when these mental projections are carried to far and they are not substantiated by reality it starts falling down and that’s how we find [UNCLEAR] from reality from goodness and righteousness we start wondering why this happens. So now the time has come for people to know the absolute truth… the truth. Now what is the truth? I must tell you whatever I am going to tell you you need not accept [UNCLEAR]. But you have to keep your mind open like a scientist… absolutely an open mind, and what I say is proved that has honesty [UNCLEAR] because this is the solution for yourself for your benevolence, for the benevolence of your family, benevolence of your city, benevolence of the country and benevolence of the whole world at large.

The truth is that you are not this body this mind all of you know this but i will tell you again truth is that you are not this body this mind this conditioning this ego these emotions but you are pure spirit. And the second truth is that there is a all-pervading power of divine love which is awake in subtle energy which is doing all the living work.

So the first truth is that you are the pure spirit and the second truth is that there is a all-pervading power of divine love, truth is love and love is truth. This you see the beautiful flowers here and Bangalore is known as the city of flowers, we take them for granted, we don’t even see how miraculous it is that they have come out of one seed such different varieties of [UNCLEAR] we just take them for granted. We see our heart running, who runs our heart? If you ask the Doctors they will say this is the autonomous nervous system but who is the auto, who is the driving force behind, we take all these things for granted and that is why we do not want to go in to the such find out who does all this living work, there are so many things I can tell you which nobody can explain through science, who does this? The one who does all these is this all-pervading power of divine love which we call as Brahma Chaitanya, Quran it is called as [UNCLEAR]. In every religion it is described and that you have to seek the union with that and this union is the real Yoga the Spiritual Yoga where you are connected to this all-pervading power
We are ancient people, specially in this aspect of spiritual life we have really done lot of research because you don’t know our country is so beautiful, forget the politics otherwise, it’s a beautiful country because say if I am in London if I have to get ready it takes at least half an hour to get ready to face the horrible climate and the horrible rain of [UNCLEAR]. And the way the people are, they have no sense at all of what is purity, no sense. These people were once called as a [UNCLEAR] Shalivahana one of them met Christ in Kashmir, and he asked what’s your name. Christ said my name is Esa, I come from a country where all are [UNCLEAR] so I have come here. So Shalivahana said you see why don’t you go back and improve their [UNCLEAR] what are you going to do here and when he went back he was crucified [UNCLEAR], no sense of purity believe I have been there as you know we are operating in sixty countries or so they have no sense of purity of course they are not ritualistic also, they are not blind like us, but at least whatever blindly we believe in is something which keeps us clean inside and that is why in this country people knew about Kundalini since long. I don’t know if you have read about Markendaya who [UNCLEAR] once about fourteen thousand years back in history and he has talked about Kundalini. Then we have [UNCLEAR] who were like [UNCLEAR] ghorknath ancient they have talked of Kundalini there where the ones who healed, used a separate or different type of a medicine which they called as Sahaj [UNCLEAR]. While we have other type of search like the Vedas even with Veda… Veda means to know on your central nervous system bodh also means to know on your central nervous system because whatever we know in evolutionary process we feel it on our central nervous system.

So in this country Kundalini yoga was a great research work done, I have not done nothing special, I must tell you it’s all from our heritage. Only thing if I have done anything is this that I found out a method by which a mass realization can be given, a mass, but that’s nothing great I think because if you know the permutations and combinations of our various Chakras and why people suffer from it that’s very easy to achieve that thing. That’s why people think it’s very easy, Sahaj means easy “Saha” means born “Ja” means with is this right to get this… to get this. It’s your right to get it, specially in this because I can tell you that we believe in the clean life, we believe it, people may do wrong they may go astray but they know in their heart’s apart that they are doing wrong. Even you see young people, very young people these days, in India also they need to horrible things, but when come to me I ask them they said we know but we have to do it out of fashion we have to do it out of compulsion and once you start [UNCLEAR], it’s very surprising that they know but in other places if you ask any English man or American or Russian, anyone, why you take drugs, he said why, who are you to ask me, what’s wrong. They say what’s wrong, they don’t know it is wrong, even that we need to tell they do not know and what are [UNCLEAR] I don’t understand.

Because it is Indian we like everything foreign, so because it is Indian we have so far neglected such a beautiful thing what we call as self-realization, this will not only solve your problem as i told you but the whole world will come to you for this, they do they are coming, when they come to this country they will be surprised they kiss the slab… they kiss the slab and [UNCLEAR], it is very surprising that western people were never known to know Kundalini who don’t know it, Russians specially you don’t know how [UNCLEAR] they have just so much in to it why we Indians don’t. We are so much used to kind of say for example today my lecture is there there is just another surrender lecture… guru shopping going on. Nobody understands what a great treasure we have in this country and how much we can achieve by establishing this self-realization. If every… the first question is financial for Indians always they are becoming now little materialistic i must say, but even that problem is gone with Kundalini, you will be surprised in a country like [UNCLEAR] we have so many unemployed, not one single Sahaja Yogis is unemployed because your attention becomes so sharp that whole system becomes so silent and so peaceful, all the natures are used that you just become very dynamic at the same time extremely compassionate. I myself I am surprised that the change that we see, overnight people have given drugs, for you Bangalore I am told [UNCLEAR] with drugs, it’s very important for parents to bring children in Sahaja Yoga, overnight they have given up alcohol, drugs. There was a person who was known to be a rogue, they said he is a thief, he is this and that and so many [UNCLEAR] I don’t know the story about it, and this fellow is now a saint, just like one week. It’s all your own power, Kundalini is your own power she is your own mother, everybody likes this mother, individual mother, and this power is anxious to give you your second birth. I don’t do anything it’s just you can call me a catalyst or I don’t know what you should call it but if you are enlightened person you can enlighten another person, once you get your enlightenment then you can enlighten other people. First we had only one person one family who was enlightened and today we have so many Sahaja Yogis, I am moving all over the world and I come only once a year but just see how they are achieving. So your own powers get enlightenment, so what happens I must tell you because this one lecturer, I am trying to tell you explain to you what happens to you.

The first thing that happens is that you feel the Chaitanya on your fingertips as cool breeze, Adi Shankaracharya has called it “salilam salilam” by saying Shivoham you don’t [UNCLEAR] but might become when you [UNCLEAR]. Just by reading books, just by saying mantras nothing can happen. It’s the question of becoming, unless and until you are enlightened whatever you may try, Kabira has said [UNCLEAR] how come by reading people become [UNCLEAR]. I have met many they are supposed to be great masters… this… that. You talk to them they just start reciting everything nothing inside…all outside [UNCLEAR]. So the first thing you feel is the cool breeze as it… Christians would put it cool breeze of the holy ghost as in the Bible is explained. So this “salilam salilam” cool very soothing feeling you get and we call it vibrations… divine vibrations but Adi Shankaracharya has called it as [UNCLEAR] it starts cooling and then you will start feeling a complete relaxation, from your Sahastrara here is a place called “Brahma randra” which also opens out which was the “thalu” in your childhood and you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. You have to feel you don’t have to deceive yourself, it’s no question of telling me I got it, it’s question of you feeling it yourself experiencing it yourself.

So the first thing is that you feel this all-pervading power, which is the mighty power which has made you a human being, which nourishes you looks after you so many things in us, it thinks, it understands and it blesses you, looks after you. So many things are there that unbelievable because we are believing in the realm of unreality but reality is so beautiful, it looks after you whatever you want it gives you [UNCLEAR] it is [UNCLEAR] such and such time will come and whatever you ask you will get it and people says that forests of realized souls all the forests will move from places to places giving realizations, it describes so clearly [UNCLEAR] I show you just now happened to all of you which is your own right to have it, you don’t have to do anything as people think that you give up your family, not necessary, give up any money, you can’t pay for it, how much did we pay to  [UNCLEAR]. The mother earth has the capacity to create and there is a [UNCLEAR] capacity to the seeker [UNCLEAR] whom are we going to pay, you can’t pay for your self-realization for your ascent. Even Mohammed Sahib described it as “Quam” means the resurrection time at this time he said your hands will speak, exactly it is what happened, I mean people are believing that all kinds of things to all these prophets and all that leaders and we will see that, these mullas, maulvis and pandits and everyone, but in reality if you see that’s what happens that your fingertips get enlightened because these are sympathetic endings and they tell you what’s wrong with which Chakra, so you get self-knowledge and know at once what is wrong with me, what is wrong with my Chakras, also you feel the center of others in collective consciousness. So your human awareness becomes collectively conscious a new dimension [UNCLEAR] you might be sitting next to a patient of cancer you would not know but if you are a realized soul sitting here you can know, you can feel the Chakras of another person.

If you see the problems of this world they are mostly caused by human beings… mostly… mostly caused by human beings, and they are because of the problems of your Chakras, your centers. Somehow if you can correct your centers and correct the centers of others all our problems can be solved, other day somebody asked me mother how big there was an earthquake in Latur, Jalagaon, that’s the one center I have never visited, in Pune all those people have problems they have the festival of sugar, they have a horrible festival when they have Shri Ganeshas, I have seen horrible things they do [UNCLEAR] women drink can you imagine and they are all in a very funny dress, they start doing disco dance and horrible dances they do before Shri Ganesha. In three public lectures I told them whats that happened to this punya patanam in the shastras this was the punya patanam, once that Rajneesh is settled down there and I don’t know who is creating this discos and things before Shri Ganesha. I told you in that Shri Ganesha is not just an mental creation it is not such artificially the [UNCLEAR] great [UNCLEAR] so be careful, you better not do this, in all these three lectures I openly said that if you do like this there will be bhukamp (earthquake) this is the word I used, I told them so nobody would listen to me, nobody would listen and now the bhukamp (earthquake) has come and more will come if you insult Shri Ganesha. Most of these troubles come because of human mistakes, now these human mistakes have gone to the last [UNCLEAR] there on the fourteenth day that on the visarjan of Shri Ganesha and they came back home drank and all of them drank… was… they disappeared in the mother earth. You will be amazed though I not been to Latur not one Sahaja Yogi even his house whatever he was living in nothing was touched and our center at least quite a lot of land was just absolutely perfect, it’s a fact, this kind of [UNCLEAR] is the collectively, there are also many many individual things we do that is… that also I would say comes from our ignorance because we follow a [UNCLEAR] false gurus. So many years back I told the names of all these gurus.. what they are.. who is the Mahishsura and who is another asura I told all their names nobody liked it, they are still following one after another. I told them this Mahishasura will give you bad eyes and it is an heart attack, but nobody would listen to me, I gave the name of sixteen such people and four of… four women also but they are very well known all those sixteen people all over the world… very well known. So we are responsible for bringing curses upon over selves by worshiping all these asuras, so we must have a correct [UNCLEAR] about our [UNCLEAR]. Guru Nanak has said “sadguru wohi jo [UNCLEAR]” the one who makes you meets the sahil otherwise others are all nonsensical making money, that sanyasi why do they need money for, taking from the house wives all their ornaments, so what we get at the time the right concept the right idea it’s not even considered [UNCLEAR] it’s a [UNCLEAR], you can make out who is the genuine who is not, you can make out from vibrations what is real what is fake, immediately you will know that this man is fraud, you don’t have to consult anybody else, you yourself know the absolute truth about [UNCLEAR]. There are some people who just get out of the jail [UNCLEAR] wear kashaya vastra and sit in the cross roads and become the gurus, I can understand this [UNCLEAR] but what about us, once we [UNCLEAR] we are not doing so [UNCLEAR] rest all of them are [UNCLEAR] that a good idea but still… still we have in every village everywhere there are gurus everywhere making money, then we have tantrikas. If you believe in such people you will have to suffer because they are not only negative but they are devils, immediately after realization you start understanding who is the guru who is the real person, who is the person who is a daemon… immediately, you are not [UNCLEAR] by a person who is a dressed up like a guru, who comes in a bhagwa vastra or who tries to show of gives big lectures, immediately you will understand he is not a guru, he is just a lecturer, he cannot give you self-realization, self-realization only can be given by a person who is an enlightened soul. I am not telling you something new is everybody knows that, I must say for example Kanchi Kamakoti this time who drive [UNCLEAR] he was the only Shankaracharya who was a realized soul, none other. I am telling you the fact when you will get your realization I don’t need to have to tell you because you will know absolute truth about your [UNCLEAR], how, because you will know their Chakras, when you know the absolute truth then there is no quarrel like one day one fellow came and said Mother what is [UNCLEAR] what about your father what about your father, why aren’t you all asking the same question, I said because the Chakra of right heart is catching that’s why they are asking, I will ask you the same question. He was amazed that everybody is asking the same question, you put ten children who are realized and put something to cover their eyes and ask them what’s wrong with this gentleman they will raise… all of them will raise the same fingers to show what is the problem, it is not subjective… it is not subjective but it is something like you are sitting before you you can see in the same way you can feel, it’s absolutely tangible absolutely tangible. If you grow in to it how you people can at the most one month you grow into it. 

So the first thing that happens to you is you reach a state which is called as Nirvachara Samadhi, Patanjali has described as [UNCLEAR], I say leave it out you just get Nirvachar, in the Nirvachar Samadhi that state just now [UNCLEAR] what happens that all the thoughts stop… become silent. What happens one thought raises and falls another thought raises and falls, we are living on the crest of this thoughts which come only from the past or from the future, we are not in the present either we live in the past or in the future but when you are in the present there is no thought and whatever comes to you is inspiration.

So the first stage is that you become absolutely Nirvachar, that is you come in the present for that this happening [UNCLEAR] supposing we are all sitting here quietly something falls down we get [UNCLEAR] to attract the attention this happening of Kundalini awakening takes place and like this I would say like my saree is the attention and the Kundalini starts rising pulling the attention upward and that breaks, these are very simple… it’s the simplest because it is so vital [UNCLEAR] we don’t have to consult [UNCLEAR] for breathing otherwise [UNCLEAR] in the same way is the great simple thing that has to take place and that takes place when you feel it, it’s not somebody has to tell you no no you must be feeling, no, you yourself yourself know it and then you understand that you have gone beyond your mind, once you are beyond your mind you start seeing your mind how it looks, you see your ego, you see everything that means you get separated from yourself become the spirit and you start seeing yourself, you see the travel of your own life then you see the whole thing as a drama you become the sakshi.

I know many questions are there in your mind which you are thinking and I have to tell you one thing that I can answer all the questions I am quite an expert now, I have been doing this I know but there are some mental acrobat [UNCLEAR] is to know yourself and to know yourself you have to get your self-realization after that the question change, after that the whole idea of spirituality changes because you really become spiritual. For example you may be a Christian, Hindu, Muslim anything one can coming in any [UNCLEAR] nothing can prohibit you from connecting yourself, but after realization you [UNCLEAR], whatever is wrong you will not do, you will stand by people who are the poor you will stand by the truth you will be extremely compassion like Christ I have nothing to do with [UNCLEAR] such a courage you get, it’s a very different area into which you go, you enter into the kingdom of god… the kingdom of good is very different from all these kingdoms that you see, it is very kind, gentle, very helpful understanding also… very intelligent very quick I mean so many things that I cannot tell you in this little lecture of mine. But believe in yourself have faith in yourself that you all have to get realization to night only that much is required.

As you see the kundalini itself is the pure desire, she is the reflection of the Adi Shakti, the primordial mother who is the power of god almighty. In Greece they called the “Athena” “Atha” in Sanskrit you know “Atha” means the primordial from that [UNCLEAR] and this triangular bone was called as sacrum… sacrum bone, so they knew about Kundalini everything, no doubt. But afterwards this orthodox Church came and they just abolished everything and they haven’t now any… any understanding about their previous philosophies. But I went there they were amazed and I told that that this is what is the sacred bone and this is the Kundalini, actually the Athena has the Kundalini in her hand, now many people say that she is a serpent, actually Kundalini moves like this any energy moves like that, that’s why they called it a sarpa (snake) but she is not a sarpa she moves like a sarpa and penetrates through your fontanel bone area, gives you no trouble nothing. There are descriptions of this Kundalini horrible once I have read which I have never seen so far, only sometimes you do feel little heat supposing you are a liver patient or you are a patient of some heat may be the heat little bit not much, but this description that I have read is so horrifying that your Kundalini in the stomach gives you blisters I have never seen anybody on the contrary if you have any troubles [UNCLEAR]. So physically you definitely [UNCLEAR], you feel very energetic very dynamic and [UNCLEAR], apart from that so many diseases have been cured in Sahaja Yoga… so many… we have got blood cancer patients, we have got all kinds of [UNCLEAR]  disease, muscular disabilities, paralysis,  heart… heart troubles, all kinds of diseases have been cured even aids have been cured but the problem with the aids is that the people who get aids are very aggressive or else they have given up complete faith in themselves and they are lost, so it’s a difficult area. We are not here to cure people we are here to make you doctors i should say, the doctors should not feel angry with me for that because we will not touch the rich people, rich people never come normally… normally [UNCLEAR] and they can have their rich people with them we are here for the people who are seekers of truth. Christ has said that you can pass an animal through [UNCLEAR] but you cannot give realization to a rich man… he can never enter into the kingdom of God. Whatever it is I would say that some rich people will definitely come no doubt but mostly it is for people who are not materialistic and who are seeking the truth. And I was surprised also in the countries where I went very materialistic, they have got their realization very surprising they couldn’t get what they wanted [UNCLEAR]. Third thing is about science, science is [UNCLEAR] and he does the answer many questions, why are we here on this earth, what is the purpose of life, it cannot answer but Sahaja Yoga does answer because you really know all your [UNCLEAR] and you know why are you on this earth and what is the purpose of your life. It is like when you have to enlighten one light it [UNCLEAR] but once you are enlightened it gives light automatically it happens and you know the purpose of your life and idealistic of your own personality. Because we don’t know what great thing we are, what glorious thing a human being is specially in India, what we can do, its like if you take a television to a remote place somewhere in a village who have never seen a television and tell them that you will see some [UNCLEAR] in this… they say what this box… how can it give [UNCLEAR]. We do think we are all boxes they are not, when it is put to the mains then you see how fantastic it is. What I am telling you is not just a story to please you but to give the full confidence that you all can get your self-realization tonight.

This power of Kundalini is the power of pure desire, as you know [UNCLEAR] desires or wants are not satiable in general, today you want to buy a saree tomorrow you want to buy a house then a car then a helicopter then a airplane and it goes on and on. Whatever you are striving for whenever you get it you are not satisfied you are going from there to higher and higher and higher, and never satisfied, not satiable in general, because these desires are not pure that is why. But once you get your self-realization the self-satisfaction even a small flower gives the satisfaction, aesthetics of very tender and [UNCLEAR], we have had some musicians, you must have heard about Amjad Ali, was a very ordinary player he came to Sahaja Yoga today he is [UNCLEAR] so many of them they are Muslims, I know of so many Hindus, you must have heard about [UNCLEAR] so many of them who came to Sahaja Yoga have become great musicians, great artists, we have also, some people who suddenly became great poets, somebody who was a chartered accountant became a great poet in Urdu language, Urdu he doesn’t know a word, he became such a great poet. One cannot understand what powers we have within ourselves which we have never used, this brain also very few part of it we have used and we have not used the whole of it and what can we do about it, nothing, [UNCLEAR] do this do that it all becomes a joyless pursuit… a joyless pursuit.

So the second thing happens to you is that, as I said first you know the absolute truth on your finger tips and then the second thing that happens to you that your attention becomes enlightened, such a person develops a very innocent [UNCLEAR], it’s much better in India but if you go to the west their eyes are always [UNCLEAR] they must see every women, man must see every women, women must see every man, it’s a mad place don’t know why they do it, its a disease [UNCLEAR] then the eyes becomes straight, not only steady but they have a light in the heart and they are so innocent and the power of innocence is so great that wherever you puts his attention [UNCLEAR], so many things that happen because it gives peace, it gives balance, it raises the Kundalini, it makes you absolutely peaceful because when you come in your present [UNCLEAR] you may be [UNCLEAR] thoughtlessly aware Nirvachar Samadhi [UNCLEAR], peace is not outside is inside. I know some people who have got peace award I know that because of my husband’s position i have met many they are one of the hottest people I have seen, if you have to approach them better take a [UNCLEAR], such horrible people have got peace award i don’t know from what angle they saw that, there is no peace with in then how come they give you peace, this peace comes to you because you attain a [UNCLEAR] we should say attain the [UNCLEAR], such a person wherever he goes [UNCLEAR] but this is not the saint where you are claim you are a saint, you are very wrong, you wear normal dresses you be normally you have a normal family everything absolutely normal the change with in you, you don’t have to give a bit, nothing, so this peaceful character creates peace. Now we have program sometimes [UNCLEAR] a seminar in Russia, I think we must have had at least six thousand people from all over, they never quarrel they never fight but of course they have… leg pulling is there, humor is there, but such love with such love [UNCLEAR] how these people from different countries, some of them don’t even know the language, how they are living here for seven eight days without any quarrel without any fight without any remorse as if this is their own and they have to enjoy it, it’s something to be seen really such angelic life they live. Of course as the door of Sahaja Yoga is open to everyone on the periphery you have to be [UNCLEAR] who may not have come to that level, but if you really desire it works very fast, you can jump into that state which we call as Nirvakalp Samadhi, where you have no vilkapas no doubts then you can take realization you can love people you can sit in peace enjoy the whole drama, it’s a very different kind of personality with in you which comes up and you are not a [UNCLEAR] apart from that you have to talk, all the time everybody writes to me mother this is a miracle i had… that miracle… so many letters that come so i told somebody that why don’t you compile them,  he said alright so he told them that if you have any miracles you write within one month she said mother already we have [UNCLEAR] now which one should I select and what should i ask, i said forget it I have no time to read and you don’t know which one to write forget it. Such miracles unbelievable because this is parama chaitanya is the power of God’s love which looks after us, we believe in God this belief is so superficial [UNCLEAR]  here you become the religious… you become righteous… its again I say is the becoming and you are amazed how I am becoming like this and to enjoy your virtues and virtues of others, i tell you a saint how he enjoys another person can seek how one of the brave beautiful couplets that Namadeva has written, Namadeva you know was a great saint was very much trained by Nanaka and he made him write in Punjabi language though he was a Maharashtrian, books… and it is big book like this full of his poems in Punjabi language. Namadeva once went to meet one [UNCLEAR] and the [UNCLEAR] was busy [UNCLEAR] so Nama deva [UNCLEAR] Maratha says “Nirguanacha [UNCLEAR] alo sagunachi” meaning I came to see Nirakara I came to see formless Nirgun means Chaitanya, but here he it is in person Sagun in form I see in you, only a saint can appreciate another saint otherwise you will go on pulling telling lies all kinds of bad stories, I mean that’s human nature, if somebody is good just [UNCLEAR] specially our media is an expert on this. But the saint how he appreciates another saint, it’s so so sweet to see human beings [UNCLEAR]

And the last but not the least is that you jump in to the ocean of joy, joy is freedom, it’s not happiness and unhappiness, if your ego is pampered you are happy, if it is hurt you are unhappy it’s not like that. Joy is a state which is singular which is described in our books like many joys are there but at the Sahastrara it is iranand you are just nothing but anand. All your demands are finished, yonu forgive just you don’t remember of [UNCLEAR], in Buddha’s place [UNCLEAR] one man came and said all kinds of [UNCLEAR] then they said with whom did you say you know it was Buddha, what have you done, my god i said [UNCLEAR] he never said a word to me on protest, so he went to another village where Lord Buddha was there, he asked him, he said sir do you please forgive me, forgive you for what, whatever i said to you yesterday, where did you say, this and this village… ohh I was [UNCLEAR] its today i am here [UNCLEAR], just automatically you forgive, you don’t have to tell yourself that I will forgive… forgive… no way you just forgive you dont just remember.

There are many other things that happens is that relationship improves, we have eighty-five this year, every year we have eighty-five to ninety marriages international, many Indians are married abroad and they are married here. Only one percent they fail [UNCLEAR] alright if you don’t like finished, but most of them are extremely successful marriage… extremely successful and they get children who are realized souls, the children are better than the parents, then when the parents sit down for meditation [UNCLEAR] sit down for meditation. So there are many great souls who want to be born, they don’t want to be born to people who are not realized souls so we are getting lots of children now who are tremendous who are beautiful, very surprising the way i said it… i am really surprised that to the eastern [UNCLEAR] at Romania [UNCLEAR], they sing Indian Marathi, Sanskrit songs, Hindi songs, they compose and you won’t make out that they are singing Hindi songs. I will give westerners [UNCLEAR] one sentence of English for [UNCLEAR] and that’s the worst, unless as somebody said that to God that [UNCLEAR] just don’t write on my forehead that I have to tell about kavitha who is the poetry to an [UNCLEAR] a person who is [UNCLEAR] don’t write that that’s ok. But I would say teach any one of our languages to the westerners [UNCLEAR] but the way they sing the way they compose, they go to Maharashtra [UNCLEAR] all those village songs and they sing exactly, you won’t be able to make out… what dialect. How is these east people who have never heard about kundalini who had no saints, we have saints and saints and saints all born in this country, of course we tortured them no doubt but now the time has come for us to become the saints, it is very surprising who are in India specially the south now not… imagine UP, Noida, this Dehradun, Haryana, Delhi is just like quiet and this Maharashtra there were so many saints were born is nothing but… i tell you [UNCLEAR] they all drink and today I told you they worship Shri Ganesha when I work so hard [UNCLEAR] I am amazed I just speak, also they are very ritualistic, they drink in the night morning again washing nicely have a bath and [UNCLEAR] go to the temple site there all this is there, there are gurus and gurus and gurus but drinking is so much in Maharashtra is no where you find in the villages they just come and like [UNCLEAR] they fall on the street.

So I will hope at least in Bangalore, Karnataka, Sahaja Yoga will spread fast and will solve your problems, we have to first solve our problems on a public domain, then you shall not blame it rajakaran for politics, I said is you who are electing, once you are enlightened then you will know whom to elect and you will have courage to elect people who are of a right type. So far I was really amazed because only one person was here [UNCLEAR] we have ten people till last year and today we have so much Sahaja Yogis I am really surprised, something special about Bangalore. I hope you people will take your realization and not that but you will grow in it otherwise it will be like a [UNCLEAR] that so many seeds got sprouted and then thrown out on rocks, we have to respect our self-realization. Now self-realization is the collective happening it is not individual that in the house I will [UNCLEAR] nothing, of course in the house you have to meditate for about ten minutes at most to cleanse yourself, but collectively you must grow, say for example one of my nails I [UNCLEAR] it won’t grow, it’s a collective happening it’s a collective organism, all over the world you find [UNCLEAR] all over the world. 

Now as it is time and as I told you you all have some question with a short time and we not have covered all of them, but whatever it is I will say now in a [UNCLEAR] to get your self-realization which should not [UNCLEAR] but you may like to go [UNCLEAR] the main question is how to get self-realization which you don’t have to [UNCLEAR], now only limitation is this that those people who do not want self-realization I cannot force, it cannot be forced. You have been given your freedom to choose if you want to go to hell alright, if you want to go to heaven it’s your choice, it cannot be forced. Those who do not want should leave now please, all those who are just critical [UNCLEAR] should go, they think they are missing something alright [UNCLEAR] but those who really want self-realization have to humbly feel in their within themselves, pure desire to get your self-realization. If it works out I have to make another humble request that you must come to the “samuhik” to the collective and grow and master, within one month you will be masters, within one month, we don’t have [UNCLEAR] we don’t have hierarchies we don’t have pujaris nothing, you will be surprised we don’t even have any organization as such, everything is working out [UNCLEAR] it’s a living organism I have said, if something goes wrong with this hand this hand will tell [UNCLEAR], so one should not [UNCLEAR] official things at all but know that all of you are capable of taking realization.

So I would request those who don’t want to have should leave now, all you have to sit down, coming in the front… Food habits… Just now you don’t worry, see food has nothing to do with all these okay…Thank you very much [UNCLEAR]. Food habits are nothing, you see if you need proteins you have to have proteins, if you need carbohydrates you have carbohydrates. See try to understand, if you try to save say chickens… can I give them realization but nothing compulsory. I will say that Indians eat much more proteins than the westeners but you can eat any type of proteins [UNCLEAR] whatever is needed for your body to give you a balance your food, but of course you should not eat meat of bigger animals because the muscles of the bigger animals [UNCLEAR]. But there is no compulsion you yourself will judge what is good for you and you eat whatever is good, it makes no difference, see if you are born as Jain you won’t eat anything like that but you may drink, you know Jains drink a lot i have seen, they drink but they won’t eat, it’s very surprising. So it has nothing to do with “aahar” (food) but it has something to do as far as the physical body is concerned, supposing you are suffering from liver then you have to eat the food which is not harmful to your liver, which is that? We have three types of liver disease one is right sided another is left sided and one is in the center. Right sided ones are the ones who suffer from pittas and the liver troubles and the left sided ones are the ones who are suffering from you can say [UNCLEAR] and the center ones are [UNCLEAR], but despite all these whatever you eat [UNCLEAR] whatever you get, I am amazed to see people can get their realization, this is all, just to get realization and after that they themselves, because in the light you will know what [UNCLEAR] what’s not isn’t it. For example I am holding on to a snake  and I [UNCLEAR] now you tell me that there is snake in your hand, I will say no its a rope, its darkness I can’t see so I say it’s a [UNCLEAR] it’s a rope but once there is little light I will throw it away, just  like that, so all your [UNCLEAR] drops, once there is little light you become a very different person i never say let’s get the [UNCLEAR] don’t do that… don’t do that… i will never say that because half of you will leave but I [UNCLEAR] realization, once you take realization then I will see, then you yourself will give up and you will be amazed what has happened to me how i [UNCLEAR], because you have the power then, you have the light you have the insight  then you see yourself whatever is destructive for you you will give up, you understand its destructive power you just give up, I don’t have to say anything you become your own master you become your own guide, i [UNCLEAR] you anything

Can you put off the fans, first you people start doubting that this cool breeze is coming from the fans there is no fan in your head but still if the cool breeze is coming from their head [UNCLEAR].

If I ask you to remove your spectacles, I have also removed mine [UNCLEAR], i never had this glasses but the way that reflects on my head all the time for nine…nine hours [UNCLEAR]

Now please put both your hands towards me like this and those who are sitting on the chair put their feet apart from each other because as I told you these are two powers left and right. Now please put your left hand towards me on your lap [UNCLEAR], left hand towards me… and the right hand on top of your head over your Thalu… over… above, not on top of your head and now bend your head, don’t push your attention don’t tell any Mantras nothing just live it alone… Kundalini will work it out for you, some people get the cool breeze out of their fontanel bone area [UNCLEAR] but do not… please don’t put the hands on top of your head away from it, see for yourself bend your head down. Now please put the right hand towards me now bend your heads that’s important bend your heads and see with the left hand… please see with your left hand there is a cool or even a hot breeze coming out of your head… maybe there might be some hot breeze also. Now again with the left hand, put left hand towards me close your eyes and see bending your head there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head, you can move your hand if it is hot that means you have to forgive… you have to forgive everyone, please forgive everyone, now some people say it is difficult to forgive, now whether you forgive or you don’t forgive you don’t do anything, but if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands and torture yourself for nothing. So now at this moment you please forgive… please forgive everyone just say in your heart I forgive everyone in general, don’t have to think about those who have tortured you who have troubled you, just see for yourself.

Now you have to say in your heart I am the pure spirit, now please put again your hands like this, now you watch me without thinking let’s see if you can do this… without thinking… you have to forgive, that’s very important that you should forgive because this Chakra of Agya gets closed if you don’t forgive, all your life you have tortured yourself and now at this moment… very important moment… you are by not forgiving stopping the Kundalini below the Agya chakra. Now put up your hands like this, push back your head… push back your head and ask the question out of this three questions anyone of them, you can call me mother or even call me Shri Mataji whatever you feel like, one of these questions you have to ask three time, Mother is this the Brahma Chaitanya or Mother is this the power of divine love or Mother is this the rooh… push back your head, bring it down. Now the [UNCLEAR] I can feel the cool coming from you[UNCLEAR]. You can put on your glasses.

All those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their finger tips or in their hands, palms or out of their fontanel bone area… all those… honestly should raise their hands, both the hands, all those who have felt, some of those who have not felt please… now those who have not felt please raise your hands, did you… if you had some guru… alright ask this question, now if you have a kulaswamini you can ask for some question Mother are you our kulaswamini ask that question, you can ask, and to give up your guru you have say Mother now you are our own guru or I am my own guru [UNCLEAR], say I am my own guru [UNCLEAR] gurus will drop off. Now again those who have felt the cool breeze please raise your hands or hot breeze… please all of you… please… may god bless you… may god bless you… so many of them, I know some people didn’t feel may be there are some physical problems but I would request all of you to come to the follow up please we don’t have elaborate palaces  for you for anything but wherever [UNCLEAR] we have organized please do come and master it, it is your own, you have to know about yourself fully, do not waste it, respect your self-realization, unless until you spend it unless until you use it you will know what you have got… what you have, so please I know some people didn’t get doesn’t matter it will all work out please come to our center, they all can work it out for you, you have to know that these people know a lot about Sahaja Yoga don’t get angry with them if a younger person tells you something, they are very gentle they are very kind I know everything will be fine but please understand that tomorrow you will become like them also… All my blessings and love.

Once you are there then you can get my speeches and everything but we don’t want people to take tapes with the beginning because [UNCLEAR] that conditions the best thing is just to meditate and develop that, [UNCLEAR] some people gets just there to night but some need little bit fixing of the [UNCLEAR] little time so you shouldn’t mind that there is something wrong in it