Talk To Sahaja Yogis

Madras (India)

1994-01-17 Talk to yogis, Madras, India, 45'
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Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Madras 17-01-1994

[Transcript Scanned from Divine Cool Breeze]

I’m so very happy that there are so many people that are interested in Sahaja Yoga in Madras. I’ve been coming here quite often and I felt that if people from Madras once understand Sahaj Yog they will realise that all these years whatever they have been seeking, whatever they have been doing, in the name of God, in the name of religion, now is the time for them to get the results. The people in Madras I know are very religious, but they are religious in a way that’s just as Adi Shankaracharya has said it Shabad Jalam. That we are lost in Shabad Jalam.

We say mantras, we read books, there are Shaivaites and also there are people who are Vaishnavities. All these things to us have been important also because we thought by following these methods, we will achieve our moksha, we’ll achieve our last goal. This way I must say that Indians are very alert and basically spiritually minded. They also know what is wrong and what is good. They also know what is dharma and what is not Dharma They will do wrong things. They may take to things which are absolutely against their spiritual life, but in their heart of hearts they all know that this is wrong, but they can’t help it.

Now we have to understand that we are specially blessed by people who were our forefathers who were great seers, saints and incarnations and who gave so much time for the emancipation of our spiritual life. To them material life was not so important. Specially in the South I feel that people are deeply rooted into Dharma. I read about Shalivahana who met Christ once in Kashmir and Christ told him that ‘I come from the Country of Malekshas. (Mal-iccha) [Tape seems to skip here or is corrupted] means desire for filth. Their desire is towards (matter) not towards purity and I have come here because you people are absolutely Nirmal – Pure. Shalivahan told him ‘Why do you want to come here. You should go and work for those people who are malekshas’. We are different type of people even today Even in this Ghor kaliyuga at least 70 percent people believe in God, have faith and fear of God.

All this that we have is nothing but a kind of awe. A fear of the unknown. We don’t know that God almighty is the ocean of compassion and love. We human beings have to achieve a state to know Him. We don’t know God. We don’t know ourselves. First, we have to know ourselves. Once we know ourselves, then only we will know God. 

[Tape resumes here] I have seen ritualistic behaviour in the South very much. I was surprised how people were doing everything with their heart, but they did not know why they were doing it. They have such Bhakti but such a blind Bhakti that it will lead them nowhere. I used to think that when will I be able to tell them to be beyond this. You have to have Shraddha and Shraddha is enlightened Bhakti. Unless and until you have your enlightenment, the Bhakti has no meaning. Like this mike if it is not connected to the mains it has no meaning. Unless and until you connect it to this all-pervading power of Divine Love which we call as Brahm-Chaitanya Our Bhakti has no meaning because there is no connection like telephoning to someone without the connection. The simple thing is that this connection, this Yoga has to take place.

 You might have read lots of books or may know so many things like Vedas. So what? It’s like you have a headache and the doctor suggests a medicine He writes the name of the medicine. You are reading the name of the medicine but are not taking the medicine. When are you going to take it? Unless and until you take that you are not going to achieve by any chance whatever is promised to you because it is such a deep ignorance about all these ideas we have learnt and has penetrated into us. Such a lot of ignorance. That ignorance is really like a ditch of no return. I have seen people who have read books after books. There are people who do one lakh mantras, fasting and reach nowhere. They are the most hot-tempered people or they have no joy in their heart. They leave their families come out of it and think that they have done a great sacrifice. God does not want all this non-sense. Why will God who is your father who is so compassionate and loving personality want you to suffer?

Why should you suffer? By suffering how will you gain moksha is beyond me. If you take it the other way as Kabir has said. ‘By starving if you are going to achieve your moksha then already there are many people who are starving in this country so they will all get their mokshas. He says if by shaving your head you are going to get moksha then the sheep which is shaved every year should be there before you are there’. They all have made fun of them. They have all said all kinds of things for you to know that all these outside things are of no help. Of course you do it genuinely, because you want to have your liberation, your enlightenment. As a mother, I tell you, you don’t have to do all this. Please don’t do it. First of all, if you want to upset your mother you always say I will not have any food. So why do you want to do it. There is no need. So much importance is given to food. You get up at 4 am and go on chanting something and the whole house is up. (8.58)

Somebody might have slept at 1 0’clock, your doing your (…..) and making noise, and everybody is fast asleep, disturbing everybody. Then also the food part, you won’t eat, you will eat this/that. Once we had a lady, a friend, supposed to be, who was a vegetarian, So she said I’m coming to your house for 15 days and I will stay with you but I will not eat my food cooked in your utensils, you’ll have to get me utensils. So we got the new utensils. She said the cook has to be a Brahmin, so I got one Brahmin. We all stopped eating because with this we were going to hotels and eating. This lady was (…) then she said no, I do not take this water which has come from the tap, I’ll take it from the well. So, the well was in a far-fetched place, everyday the driver used to go and get the water. Then she said no, it should be brought by (completely drenched, we call it ….? Completely drenched) The driver has to be all right, this cook has to be completely drenched with water. We said all right, this lady is staying 15 days, let us manage.

So, we sent the cook, who was completely drenched, who had to take water with a drenched body and within 3 days he got pneumonia and fourth day he died. I said now how many Brahmins is this lady going to kill? But she could never understand, she said I do the same when I am there, maybe there are possibilities first, you have facilities you should do. Like that she was torturing us for 15 days. My children went to one of my friends house, they were staying there, from there they were going to college. This lady would get up at 4 o’clock, I don’t know what sort of thing she used to do. She had brought all her deities, everything and she said I have to do pujas of all these things but she had no realisation. Ultimately she died of cancer.

Now I told her that I can treat you, she said no I cannot take water from your hand. Alright she will not take water from my hand, she said no, at the most you can blow into it, but you don’t touch it, if you touch it with hand I will not. So, I didn’t know how to vibrate it and I could not give her realisation, I could not cure her of cancer, nothing. But she was so busy with all this orthodoxy. So stupidly busy that my husband said I’m going to the station now, if this lady is going to stay. Now only myself and husband left, everybody else, my children were staying with somebody. We don’t know how we spent these 15 days with this great lady and ultimately, she died of cancer.

Her children were also, poor things they came to my house they said “could we touch this? Could we touch that? Could we touch the water? I said are you mad? What is it, all the time asking, and should we go into the kitchen? The children were really mad, the way they were tortured, couldn’t even study or do anything, all the time busy, should we touch this or not? Should we sit on this or not? With all these restrictions what did she achieve? And there was no joy. No joy in her life, no joy in the life of the children. She never made anyone happy and I was very sorry for her. I mean all this in the name of God, where is she?

So, this kind of ritualism is very much in the south, while in the north, they are absolutely, they don’t know anything. They don’t know who’s Dattatreya. Ganesha they know little bit; I mean here and there. They don’t know Kartikeya at all, they don’t know who was Kartikeya is, they don’t know. (Unclear…………….) Quite abandoned! But I was surprised when I started Sahaja Yoga, it spread like fire. It spread like fire, with all this knowledge it would not work out in Madras or in Bangalore and I don’t know about (unclear) there’s another mad place where they bury their own forefathers in their own houses.

Then when I went, we had another type of people, intellectuals and communist and they wrote against me saying that this lady, I was invited by these tourist people. And in their hotel, I was addressing them, they said there was a carpet, a wall to wall carpet, it was not mine by any chance and that she was sitting in a sofa, that was not mine either. All kinds of things they said about me were so stupid. I said what stupid superficial intellectuals these are. I am going to tell them about something so deep and they are just judging me on these kinds of things. So, they lack superficiality? Completely kills them, they lack complete understanding about spirituality. It was a beautiful carpet, this was very nicely done and she was wearing a watch, after all I’m a married woman. They expect me to dress up like a sanyasi baba. Otherwise for intellectuals, so on one side there are intellectuals of the south who expect every woman who thinks she has something to do with spirituality should not wear any ornaments, I mean I’m a married woman. She should not even wear bangles; she should have no relationship with her husband. All kinds of absurd things they have made out of a lady who has to do something in Sahaja Yoga or you can call it spirituality.

Another side are ritualistic. I know Sahaja Yogis are the ones who are in the center. They have to be in the center and these Sahaja Yogis can see clearly that what is needed to achieve your realisation is pure desire. Not all this nonsense, neither this way or that way. Pure desire, achieve your realisation.

Maharastra is another gone case now because suddenly they have started doing (unclear) during the reign of Indra Ghandi they were given lots of alcohol for free I think, so now they are only drinking. We had three public meetings in Puna, I have seen the way they drink in front of Ganesha and do all kinds of dirty things and use very abusive language. The women also drink and they dance with disco and all kinds of things. I have seen it; I was so shocked. So, I told them. You’re doing this in the presents of Shi Ganesha, for 14 days they do like that. But do you know that this deity is such a powerful deity (unclear) and if you go on like this, it will definitely create problems for you and will combust, means earthquakes. I told them. In three public meetings it is on my tape and fourth time (unclear). Whether you believe it or not, if you do all kinds of nonsensical things like this in these modern times, it will have an effect.

Apart from that the other influences are of false Gurus. Madras is full of them, everybody seems to be some sort of Guru slave. But worse than you is Calcutta. Everybody is a dikhit somebody sitting in the corner there (19.33) (got diksha from a guru) and tantrikas, very much more in Calcutta of course here also you have. When you have these bad Gurus, they create such negativity that you cannot prosper. The Laxmi Tattwa goes out. Because of that the poverty will never go. Unless and until you get rid of all these horrible Gurus. We have them everywhere in India. But here the people are too simple and hero worshippers.

The other day we were in Bangor and there is some birthday of some cinema actor. Thousands of them were sitting on the road, sitting somewhere, I said what’s the matter? So today is the birthday of such and such artist, cinema artist and so they are garlanding the figure of that man. Garlanding him, so many were there to see, so I said no where in the world will people do like that. This is idiotic, absolutely idiotic. You can say Americans and equally the same. Because like that lady Elizabeth Taylor, she got married 8th time, 9th time. Imagine we would not even see such an inauspicious face. There were 4-5000 people, when she was going for her honeymoon, 5000 people were there to see her off, and she had married some carpenter or somebody much lower than her and much younger than her. To see her there were at least 4000 people, can you imagine. And then on top of that there were these helicopters hovering who were dropping people with their cameras to take a photograph. This is only possible in America, even this will not be possible in Madras or even in Bangalore, even if you drop off someone who is a cinema actor. This I can’t understand.

If somebody acts like a cinema actor, say he acts like Sri Rama, he becomes Sri Rama even, what is happening to the intelligence of people? He may drink, he may smoke, he may have ten wives, doesn’t matter, he acted as Sri Rama and Sri Rama is to be worshipped. Even in the picture or cinema star screen. This is going too far with your simplicity.

And it’s not only the religious that do it but there were all kinds of people standing. I was once going to and the same fellows car passed through, I was standing on the street, so they took the dust of the street, where the mark of the car of this gentleman’s car had been and put it on their heads. I was just…what is this idiocy, and continuous it was. Very serious, very serious. They’ll shave their hair, go near a temple, somebody will pour water on a woman, she’s poor thing rolling around. Very seriously. I feel like crying really. How can they torture a woman like this?

All kinds of stupid things we do, and in the temple, in the name of God. I think it’s the same as the Muslims are having Jehad, we are having Jehad against ourselves. They are having against others. We are killing ourselves, don’t eat food, don’t do this, do that all the time after our lives. God has created this world for your comfort and enjoyment. Why did he create this world if you had to go through such hell?

In Sahaj Yoga you know your identity. You understand how glorious you are once you are connected to the mains you know what powers you have. How beautiful you are within and you start respecting yourself. You don’t have ego but you have a right idea about yourself. I’m so happy, I see so many people here from Madras who are willing to take to Sahaj Yoga, who are in Sahaj yoga. Of course, it cures people, it has cured many people. Apart from that it also gives you mental peace, complete peace. Emotionally you become a very balanced person, but above all you get the power to give realization to others. 

First you get your Nirvichar samadhi and then you get your Nirvikalpa samadhi. You all get it as soon as you are connected to the mains. It’s a very remarkable thing. A Sahaja Yogi in Bangalore told me he was doing tissue culture. Only 50% is successful. But I am a Sahaja Yogi. I just stand here and give vibrations; they pass through the bottles and my success is 100%. He is a farmer he does not know even English but he says, ‘Mother, there is such knowledge within myself I can feel it’. This is what one has to know that what you are not today, you will be by this evening. You have to become the spirit.

This is very important to understand that we are not ordinary human beings. First of all, you have come to this programme because you are seekers. You are special human beings. Then you get your realization. You get all your powers. You need not be a P.H.D. etc. You need not be a big successful person. Those who think they are very successful will never get realization, because they are lost to normal common sense, like bureaucrats, ministers, are very difficult or impossible. So how do they get it? They get it when they have from inside innately this desire to achieve it. Just to feel that way. It is a such a remarkable thing that everything is tangible. Even the small children can tell you what’s wrong with you, which chakra is bad. It’s such a great discovery which we don’t realize, may be because we have no sense of our spirituality.

When I went to Russia, the oldest University in Leningrad, St. Petersburg University gave me a big award. They made me one of the 10 members of the University – I looked at the award and said ‘I’m just a housewife I’m not a Scientist’. One of the recipients of this award was Einstein. They said ‘What has Einstein done. He has just managed the material side. He worked on matter, while you have worked on human beings’

Things are going to work out. You should all move out from all this kind of darkness and get into the light. See for yourself. What you are. First of all, to be born in this country means you have really something special. Such a blessing, it is you have no idea. This mother earth, nowhere you will find such a mother earth in the whole world. But you have to have your realisation otherwise you cannot value it. That is why I want you to understand that even if you get your realisation, try to understand that you have achieved something exceptionally in life which you could not have had. Its tangible, you can find out on your finger tips about anyone, or yourself, theirs and your chakras.

Such a big gift is there and I would request that you should utilize this gift by gifting it to others who have not received it. That’s the greatest thing you are to do and you will be joining into a very very big global group which is the living organisation of Sahaj Yoga. All over the world you will have friends. All over the World they will know you. There is so much I can say about Sahaja Yoga but in this short time whatever was possible I have tried to bring to your notice what Sahaja Yoga can do for you. Only thing is that you should attend our programmes they have for you. Very important, without that you will never grow. Like if a nail is cut it has to grow with the help of the body. In the same way you have to belong, you have to be a member, you have to be there, otherwise you’ll not grow. 

As you know we have no membership, we have no higher, we have no priest, nothing, we don’t believe because you all have to become your own masters. Now as you are here in Sahaj Yoga you have to understand that all your customs, relations anything is respected. Nobody will say don’t do this or don’t do that. But you yourself will become your own Guru, because there is light in your attention.

May God Bless You.