Shri Raja Rajeshwari Puja: The aspect of Adi Shakti at Nabhi chakra

Hyderabad (India)

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Shri Raja Rajeshwari Puja (Hindi). Hyderabad (India), 21 January 1994.

[Translation from Hindi to English]

Today we are going to perform the Puja of Shri Raja Rajeshwari. Especially in the south of India, the Devi is recognized in many forms. The reason is that here there were many Devi bhaktas (devotees of the Goddess), like Adi Shankaracharya, and they established the religion of Shakta Dharma. Shakta Dharma means the religion of Shakti (God’s power). Two kinds of religions started simultaneously. Ramanujacharya established the Vaishnav religion, and while following two kinds of religions, people got separated. The one who is truly Vaishnav (following the Vaishnav religion), his work is of Mahalakshmi. And Mahalakshmi ji who has many forms, assimilates all those forms within Herself; like Dharma, establishing the Dharma and being in the middle path, going neither to the left nor to the right, but being in the center. Such people are called Vaishnavas.

As time passed, Vaishnava Dharma spread in Gujarat and other (states of India). When one goes through the Vaishnav path, through Kundalini, then at the end you reach Sahasrara, but at Sahasrara, at the Brahmarandra, is the seat of Sadashiva. So by following Vaishnava Dharma, at the end, one reaches Sadashiva, who is also the goal of Shakta Dharma. But one must understand that the power of Kundalini, Kundalini Shakti, passes through the central path. So how can you separate the two (Shakta and Vaishnava Dharma)?

The path of Shakti is the central path. Both the things which were interwoven together were separated, the reason being that in those days the ascent of Kundalini didn’t take place. In Maharashtra, in Kolhapur there is a temple of Mahalakshmi, where She is awakened. There people sing, “Uday uday Ambe.” Amba is the Shakti. Kundalini is called Amba. So in that temple of Mahalakshmi they sing about awakening the Shakti. They don’t know why they sing this (bhajan). So the Vaishnavas make their path (of evolution), make the route, the path, and when that path is ready, then the Kundalini rises through it.

We also do the same in Sahaja Yoga. When you all put your hands towards Me, then slowly all your seven chakras get all right, which means that you become a Vaishnav. From extremes you come to the central path, and your chakras settle down properly. When your chakras are corrected, only then Kundalini is awakened. So that’s why initially you become Vaishnav and then you become Shakta. So, both of them are one (Vaishnav and Shakta religion). But in the south (of India) many aspects of the Devi are recognized, and out of these (aspects), Raj Rajeshwari is worshipped a lot. The Lakshmi is on the Vaishnav path, on the path of Vishnu, wife of Vishnu, and that’s why this aspect of Lakshmi was explained, which is an aspect of Shakti itself.

Raja Rajeshwari means that Kundalini comes to Nabhi. When Kundalini reaches the Nabhi chakra, it acquires the form of Lakshmi, or gets the reflection of Lakshmi on it. When this Kundalini reaches the Nabhi chakra, then She takes the form of Lakshmi, It takes the form of many kinds of Lakshmi: Gruha Lakshmi, Raja Lakshmi. There are many Lakshmis, but Lakshmi takes these forms when it gets the Shakti of Kundalini. They are enlightened only through the union with Kundalini Shakti. So though Raj Rajeshwari is the power of Kundalini only, it takes this form when Kundalini reaches Nabhi chakra. Then Kundalini itself is recognized as Raj Rajeshwari. Or we can say that the aspect of Adi Shakti at Nabhi chakra is called Raja Rajeshwari. Now the person who has at Nabhi chakra the principle of Raja Rajeshwari established, means that he has Gruha Lakshmi established on the left side and Raj Rajeshwari on the right side. The highest state of Raja Lakshmi is considered to be Raja Rajeshwari.

Now at the last stage of Raj Rajeshwari, how should a Sahaj Yogi be? The blessings of Lakshmi have to be there, at this stage. After Kundalini awakening, a person receives the blessings of Lakshmi. They have to come definitely. All the Sahaj Yogis receive the blessings of Lakshmi, and sometimes this Lakshmi can increase a lot, unexpectedly. And even if it does not increase, such a man gets the attiutude of a king. Until your attitude becomes like that (attitude of a king), you must understand that the Kundalini is still lost at Nabhi. The temperament changes! The biggest miracle which happens after coming to Sahaj Yoga is that a person’s temperament changes, his nature changes.

A man who is full of a-Lakshmi, within whom Lakshmi is not visible, – means there are many rich people also, who are miserly. So they cannot be called as Lakshmi-pati. There is no form of Lakshmi visible in them. They live like beggars, all the time crying for money. It’s very difficult for them to give some money to others. In such miserly people, Kundalini has not yet awakened. They die of miserliness. They are so miserly, and think so much about money that their liver can also get destroyed. Their face will be just like a beggar. So just to achieve the Lakshmi (material wellbeing) is not the work of Kundalini. To establish the essence of Lakshmi within is the work of Kundalini.

So Raja Rajeshwari is that power of Kundalini which establishes within you. The essence of Lakshmi-pati is Raja Rajeshwari. It doesn’t mean that you should get lots of money, but should become generous, as if you are a king. Raja Rajeshwari means that you develop the temperament of a king. Here even the kings are like beggars, and they are miserly, they are liars, they take bribes, and do all such things. But here we are talking about the pure form. The one who worships Raj Rajeshwari, and the one who has achieves it, has so many qualities that they maybe cannot be described in today’s lecture. But the biggest thing which happens is that one develops generosity, he becomes generous, knowing that he is nourished by the power of Raj Rajeshwari. “I will never have any shortage of money or anything else. So why not just enjoy! Why not make myself happy by giving to others?”

In olden times, when kings were pleased, then they would give the most precious things to those near them. The man who does not have generosity, his (life’s) meaning is incomplete. The most important thing is that no king begs in front of anyone, ever! He might get poor, and maybe even his entire property is lost, but he will not go and beg in front of anyone. He might die, but he will not beg.

So Sahaja Yogis develop a temperament of a king. Even their lifestyle is king’s like. He does not go about wearing torn clothes, like these people from Hare Rama. They take the name of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna, and Krishna is Himself Kubera, but as people of His kingdom, they roam about like beggars. By no means they know the essence of Krishna.

But Sahaja Yogis should know that according to your temperament, Paramchaitanya will create your situation. A man who is always crying for money will be in such a situation only – a man who is always calculating the money and who is always busy to make more money. There are even people who want to make money out of Sahaja Yoga. These people are completely gone cases! No one is worse than them. Once King Akbar asked Birbal (his minister), “Who are the most downtrodden people?” So he said, “Those who beg from people in the temple of God”. When God is sitting here, why are you begging from people? Similarly, there are such people also in Sahaja Yoga – very few, but there are some – who think that they have to make money somehow in Sahaja Yoga. Someone told me that in Ganapatipule Sahaja Yogis brought some things and were selling them. There was one person who took My permission and sold things, and whatever profit he had, he gave it to Sahaja Yoga. But even this shouldn’t be done. But they say that it’s convenient for people to get sarees and so on. But such a person who only wants to earn money in Sahaja Yoga, is not worthy of being called Sahaja Yogi. You cannot understand the power of Raja Rajeshwari through him.

With Raja Rajeshwari power, whether a man has money or not, there is no fear in him. There is no feeling of any shortage, that, “I have a scarcity of this”. He feels, “I am totally complete. What else should I do? What else do I need? Why should I be scared? Wherever I am, I will have prosperity. I can achieve everything there.” And such a man lives his life in a very majestical way. His temperament is like a very magnificent and great human being. He enjoys only giving, not accepting. If someone is rich, then he is rich only for himself, and if someone is poor, then also he is poor only for himself. But for a Sahaja Yogi, whether a person is rich or poor, for him it’s (not important), he will be completely ready to help that person.

There are also such people in Sahaja Yoga who do a lot for asahaj people, but if some poor Sahaja Yogi come, they don’t even offer him a chair to sit on. So by looking at the exterior grandeur (of people) many people give them a lot of importance. “He is very great”, “he has so many cars”, or “he is a very famous actor”, or “a famous doctor”, “architect”, “a very great man”. These titles are very outward things, and they are given importance. But if someone thinks that, “The power is flowing through this man, such powerful vibrations are flowing through him. Who is this great saint?” Such a person possess a temperament like a king, we can say.

There are many such people in our country. We have the special example of Shivaji Maharaj. He was a great saint, a realized soul and a very ideal person, but his behavior towards saints was extremely beautiful and polite. Once his guru, Shri Ramdas arrived and he called on Shivaji. Shivaji Maharaj wrote a letter and put it in his bag. In that letter it was written, “Guru, O my Guru, All of my power, my kingdom everything, I am giving to you.” After reading that letter, Guru Ramdas laughed and said, “Son, I am an ascetic. What will I do with your kingdom? You are the king, and this is your duty (to rule the kingdom). But yes, if you think, that you should rule this kingdom with bhakti, then you can make its flag, triangular and the same color as my robe. With that flag, people will understand that you are ruling with a saintly attitude. You don’t have any attraction or attachment for it. You are the king, but still you do not have the consciousness of this fact.”

Those people who are boasting that they are the king and go about madly saying this, that “I am this”, actually they are not that. And those who are, they never say so. You will see many such people. Once I was traveling in London. There was a gentlemen sitting far who started talking to Me. (Men) usually don’t talk to women, they talk amongst themselves. But he asked a lot about India. “How is this? How is that?” So I asked, “Did you go to India?” He said, “Yes, I was in India for many years.” And he did not say anything about himself, who he was. Then he disembarked and left and I also left. Later, one day, I was traveling with My husband and we met him again in the train. So he invited us to his house to discuss about India. So when we reached, we found that he had a very big house. We found out he was the Viceroy in India! But he never said it himself! We didn’t even know that he was the Viceroy. In earlier times, people could not even meet the Viceroy. And he talked to us with so much humility, “If you have any problem, let me know”. Being a lady, I was thinking, “Why is he giving Me so much importance?” “Are You having any problem? People here are a bit stubborn”, all these kind of talks! “They are not like Indians. They are not dharmic.” All these kind of talks. But he never said that he was a Viceroy! And he had so much respect for Indians. He was talking about them with so much love. In our country, if someone is a minister’s assistant, even that makes him crazy.

There is a story that when some people went to meet the minister, there was a man who was shouting a lot. So they asked, “Why are you so angry?” He said, “Don’t you know? I am the P.A. (drunk in Hindi)”. If people get even a little bit, their minds get damaged, and this is not a symptom of a king. The first quality of a king is that he is extremely polite. Arrogance comes in a man because he thinks, “I am so wealthy. I can scold everyone, shout at everyone”. Or if he is highly educated, has a high position, or is the son of an important father, he gets more arrogant. You can’t even talk to him!

I have noticed that even common men – like in My husband’s office, they would answer rudely on the phone. So once he asked, “Who is speaking?” and he found it was Me. He was very scared! “In the beginning why did you talk so rudely?” He said, “Don’t tell Sir about it. Please forgive me!” I said, “Why would I tell him? But why did you talk like this in the beginning?”

Water always spills out from a vessel which is half full. The person who is complete is extremely polite and simple. You will understand that. Until you are complete, you will have a false ego, false anger, and you acquire a strange type of personality, so that anyone who hears your name runs away! One type are like beggars. When they come, you know they have come to ask for something. “This has happened to me, my father, my mother. I don’t have money. I want this”. Always like a beggar! And another type are always shouting. So first we have to become Vaishnav, to come to the center. You can gain the power of Raja Rajeshwari only coming to the center. Otherwise it will not work within you! Like there is no point in watering a plastic plant. Similarly, in these people there is a kind of false show.

Recently I was coming from London. There was a lady with Me. She was wearing many diamonds, in her ears, nose, hands, everywhere. So she said, “I believe in simple living and high thinking. Live with simplicity and have high thoughts.” So I said, “Good, very good. Have a seat, please”. She said, “I don’t wear this kind of colored clothes. So, I am very simple.” I said, “Very good!” Before arriving to India, she came to Me, “I have a problem. Please help me out. The customs officers respect you a lot, and I am wearing 650,0000 Rupees worth of jewelries, so please take me through customs.” So I said, “You believe in simple living. So why don’t you tell customs that you believe in simple living? They will release you, just like that!” She came behind Me, and the customs people did namaskar to Me and also to her, and she passed through.

Another thing in a man is greed. Greed is a very dirty and bad thing. Very low people have greed for others’ things. As soon as they come from someone’s house they start, “Let’s also get the thing which was in their house”. Bring this thing, then another thing. There is no end to that! And greed continues. What is the antidote to this greed? The antidote is to know what a headache is to own something. For example, here is a nice carpet, and I start having greed for it, “I want to get this carpet”. I can even steal it, and if I don’t steel it, then all the time the thoughts will be, “Where did this carpet come from? When?” and so on. So Puja is on one side, and if that carpet is brought and it’s laid down here, you’ll think, “Oh, this carpet will be spoilt. This will happen to it” and so on. It’s better if you understand that this is not your carpet. “It belongs to someone else. God save me!” That’s all. No more trouble! “If it belongs to someone else, then why should I have the headache, get it insured, do this, go to the bank. Why should I do it? It doesn’t belong to Me. Leave it. Do you want to take it? Take it! Do you want more? There is more. Very good!” This way, the madness of greed is completely destroyed. And it’s a very big problem for Sahaja Yogis because on one side they are Sahaja Yogis, and on the other side their foot is in the mouth of a crocodile called greed. So how will they come into the boat? Their foot is stuck there. If we have greed for anything then we must realize that Raja Rajeshwari has left us. And those who have a temperament of Raj Rajeshwari start enjoying even small things! They never have a shortage of anything.

Once I went to Palitana. It’s a two and a half hour climb journey. There, outside, was a temple made of sangamarmar, what we call as marble. So all those people who were with Me, laid down. When I saw what was above, I said, “Look up. So many elephants carved and they all have their tails made in a different way.” They said, “Mummy, we are so tired. How can You see tails of elephants?” I said, “See there. You are not looking at them”. They said, “Aren’t You tired?” I said, “No, after seeing this art, all My tiredness ran away!”

So we start to enjoy small, small things start to enjoy them and feel the satisfaction. Like, Shri Ram was so satisfied after eating the berries of Shabri. When you start to understand this thing, then you can say that you are nourished by the power of Raj Rajeshwari. If someone gives a small thing with love, even a small thing like a betel nut given with love, even if I don’t eat betel nut usually, that one I will surely eat, to make that other person happy. He doesn’t know that I don’t eat betel nut. It means that for any object in this world, if you put on, for example on the glass, if you put mercury, any ordinary glass which is transparent, if you put mercury, then it becomes a mirror in which you can see your reflection. On any object, if you add love that object becomes so beautiful. Then you want to give it to someone.

Like when you go to the market, you will feel that, “Yes, this is good for him, this is good for her”. What is good for yourself, this thought shouldn’t even come. If this thought comes, “What do I want? What do I like?”, finished! It means that the All-pervading Power has not yet come within you. If the All-pervading Power comes within you, then you will become very wise and will know what is the need of everybody. Like if you go somewhere and you see that there is a very beautiful lamp, you think, “Yes, I stayed in their house and they didn’t have this lamp. So I should get it for them.”

You start to understand everyone’s needs, when your own needs disappear. You remember everyone’s problems. Someone is sick, someone needs something, someone doesn’t have a tape recorder and he wants to hear My speech, all this you know. And when you give him that thing, he says, “Mother, how did you find out that I need it?” What do you mean? I don’t know how. That’s why love is called knowledge. Knowledge is only pure love, because when you have pure love for anybody, then you have all the knowledge about him, and it happens. Even if She is Mahamaya, you can know, but you must have pure love.

The pure love gives you all the knowledge – any kind of knowledge, any type. For example, if you look with pure love to something – like in Madras I have seen a lot of poverty and suffering. So the thought arose in my mind that in this heat there are small small children, old people, everyone standing and waiting for the bus for a long time and I am sitting in a nice car moving around. So I started worrying. “What should I do about it?” I said, “Why don’t they arrange a private transport? At least some of their misery will be lessened.” And this is what is staying in My mind, that somehow this transport should be organized. So when you get Realization, then you are bound by the brotherhood of the entire world. It’s such a great work of Shri Raja Rajeshwari, that you can think about everybody!  Like the queen of a king will look at the problems of her people and will remove their problems. She will not sit down counting how many jewelries she has, how many diamonds she has. She will see, “How many people in my kingdom are suffering? What small things even do they need?” Similarly, your temperament also becomes like this. Until you raise to a higher state, how can you be a worshipper of Vishwa Nirmal Dharma? And Vishwa Nirmal Dharma is not something outward, like, “I am Hindu, or Muslim or Christian.” It’s not like this. This is an internal light, and in this light a human being comes out with a very majestic personality. He doesn’t think, “What am I getting? What have I achieved?” He only thinks, “What can I do for others? I have done very less. Oh Mother! I could give Realization to only 100 people. I couldn’t do anything more!” When one starts thinking like this, then he must understand that the power of Raja Rajeshwari is overflowing within him. It’s shining. It’s troubling him that, “What are you doing? You have so much power. Why are you not giving it to others?” This cannot be measured by money or anything else.

Like today I was late. There was a phone call from Russia so I was delayed. So on the way I asked, “Where is everyone sitting?” They said, “In the open.” So I said, “Did you put up some shade for them?” They didn’t know. They said, “Mother, may not be a roof, but cool breeze is blowing!” I said, “But a roof should be there. I won’t like to have a roof only above Me and not above others.” So they said, “It’s like this, with roof only above You.” “This is not correct”. Finally when I saw they all had a roof above them, I was very happy. Similarly, in Chinddwara also it was very hot and everyone was sitting in the open. All the time I was worried about what was happening, and everyone was saying, “Mother, we were feeling cold from inside”. Although they were sitting in so much heat, they were feeling cold!

This power of Raja Rajeshwari is benevolent for everyone, everywhere. It is much more than benevolence, it gives everyone rest, it gives everyone happiness and joy. And the same power you have within yourself. If you want, you can take it to a very high level. The work which can be accomplished with just one paisa cannot be accomplished with 1000 rupees. But the power of giving should be great. I will say again that Shri Krishna went to Vidura’s house and ate with him, and didn’t eat the delicacies of Duryodhana. There is a very important message and the message is that, if something is filled with love, you cannot measure its worth.

So firstly, Vaishnavas need to clean their Lakshmi chakra. “First of all I don’t have any needs. Others have needs, and that’s why I have come to Sahaja Yoga.” You should come with such thoughts. You will be surprised that yesterday, so many people came after the program, and I was very happy. But suddenly, My right heart was caught up. I didn’t understand why right heart catches so much here. It has never happened before. Then this power gave some indication. Then I asked, “What is the position of Gruha Lakshmis here? How do people treat Gruha Lakshmis in Hyderabad?” So I found out that they treat them very badly. There is no respect for them at all, and they are scolding them all the time. They respect their mother but don’t respect their wife at all. And they said, “This is the Muslim influence here”.

You don’t know, even Muslims how much they talked about respecting the women in Koran, but they don’t do it. It’s a stupidity! Respect for women is written there (in Koran) but is nowhere else. Then I understood. Where women are worshipped, there reside the Devtas. Where the women of the house are not respected, there the Devtas never rule. Of course, the simple idea is that if you respect you wife completely, then children will also respect you and respect themselves. This is true. But if the woman herself is not worthy of being worshipped, and she does such things which are not worthy of being worshipped, then she must be corrected. But if she is a good woman, and she takes care of the children of the house and takes care of the household with love, this kind of a woman should be respected, not only in the house but also in the society.

But think about that My entire right heart got caught up, and for half an hour I was suffering. All the suffering which you give to your wives, all that suffering came inside Me! Now, it’s possible that a woman may not understand Sahaja Yoga very well with her mind, but with her heart she understands. A woman understands things with her heart, and a man understands with his mind. But it’s a very big thing to understand with one’s heart, and women are always considered as a form of Shakti. In a house where a woman is not respected, nothing will work out properly. The reason is, if woman only is the power – for example, if this does not have power, then what is the use of My talking? This big thing is kept here, but it’s of no use if it does not have electricity. If you suppress the woman of the house like this, and she is not respected, the power cannot work within you. This is a very big fault.

I don’t know why, it never happened before but yesterday, after the program, the entire right heart was caught up so badly. I used to think that these things happen more in North India, but I see they are more in South India. North Indians don’t do it so much. If Indians have a shortcoming, it’s only this one, that they don’t give respect for the women’s power. The biggest shortcoming! On one side they will worship the Goddess, will recognize Her as innocent Goddess, will recognize Her in all Her forms, but not as Gruha Lakshmi.

That’s why today I want to say clearly that if you are Sahaja Yogis, then keep your respect towards your women. I have heard that openly you are scolding them. Then openly you will also be insulted. A man has no right to insult a woman, for no reason. I think that if this thing can get right, then the powers of Raja Rajeshwari will be definitely activated.

You should understand completely that husband and wife are the two wheels of a chariot, one on the left, and the other on the right. Left one cannot come to the right, right cannot come to the left. Both have to keep their place. Both of them are similar but their places are different. It means no place is higher or lower. If one wheel gets lower, the chariot will not move forward. It will keep rotating in one place. Children also learn these things from you. If children cannot respect their mother, what can they do then in this world? How can they respect Me?

That’s why I have a request from everybody, that from today don’t insult anymore the women in your house. Don’t make them look smaller in any way. Their power is very important for you. Similarly, women should also go deeper in Sahaj and should assume their powers, should achieve their powers.

Today, so many people have come for the Puja. They have come from the whole of India. I did not expect that. Now Sahaja Yoga is indeed getting very integrated and things are happening with so much love. Everywhere, wherever I look, it looks like Sahaja Yoga is spreading with great speed. But we must understand one thing, how deep we have gone. It is very important. The number is increasing, but there is no advantage in a big quantity. Until the time the values of Sahaja Yoga come within you, the quality will not be achieved. If you respect Raja Rajeshwari, then Her powers increase within you. Its manifestation should be within you. If not, then it’s all right also. You have taken off one robe and put on another one. It’s all outward thing. Nothing happened inside. This is an innate power and it should be visible in your behavior, conversation, everything.

Unlimited blessings to you all.