Mahashivaratri Puja, Surrender

New Delhi (India)

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Mahashivaratri Puja. Delhi (India), 14 March 1994.

It’s a great pleasure that from all over the world people have gathered to worship Shiva. Actually we should say it is Sadashiva that we are going to worship today. As you know the difference between Sadashiva and Shri Shiva. Sadashiva is the God Almighty and He is a witness of the play of the Primordial Mother.

The combination between Sadashiva and the Primordial Mother Adi Shakti is just like a moon and the moonlight or the sun or the sunlight. We cannot understand such relationship in human being, among human marriages or among human relationships. So whatever the Adi Shakti’s creating, which is the desire of Sadashiva, is being witnessed by Him. And when He is watching this creation He is witnessing all of it into all details. He witnesses the whole universe and He also witnesses this Mother Earth, all the creation that is done by the Adi Shakti. His power is of witnessing and the power of Adi Shakti is this all pervading power of love.

So the God Almighty, the Father, the Primordial Father we can say, expresses His desire, His Iccha Shakti as the Primordial Mother and She expresses Her power as love. So the relationship between the two is extremely understanding, very deep, and whatever She’s creating, if She finds, if He finds there is some problem or there are people, human beings specially who are trying to obstruct Her work, or even the Gods who are not the deities are trying to express their egos, He is the one who brings forth their destruction. So He is the one who is responsible for the destructive power.

He is reflected in the hearts of human beings, among all the creations He pulsates. But that pulses, pulsation is the energy of the Primordial Mother. And He can destroy anything that goes against the plans of the Adi Shakti. Adi Shakti is love, She forgives and She loves. She loves her creation. She wants the creation to prosper, to go up to the same level for which it was created. She wants human beings to go to that level where they enter into the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Sadashiva where there is bliss, there is forgiveness, there’s joy.

All this is only possible if you have seeking, that you have also a innate desire to be there. This desire within us is reflected as the reflection of the Primordial Mother. Now this desire is there and other mundane desires are also there which stop the progress of your ascent.

In Sahaja Yoga we have never tried to overcome the desires by taking sanyasa or running away from the house or for all kinds of things that has been suggested. The first thing that is done is that you get the light of your Spirit. Spirit is the reflection of Sadashiva. In that light He shows, He is just showing the path. The spirit is just like a light which is burning and which is showing the path. In that path you yourself become so wise that you walk in the light of wisdom, that you walk in the light of righteousness, because whatever is destructive is seen through the light of your Spirit. You start giving up all that is destructive. Nobody has to tell you that: “Give up this, give up that.” You yourself realize that: “This is wrong and we should give up.” This was, I should say, my own understanding of human beings. Because these are the days where people are in complete illusions. They are in a conflict all the time struggling even to exist. Under these circumstances, everything would have failed if you had started with taking a sanyasa and then going to Himalayas and all that.
If you have to do this for the masses, something has to be done radical and luckily I’ve been able to find out a way by which you can get your sprouting, your Realization.

Now some people who get Realization have to understand certain things because as you know there are many people who have got Realization. I don’t know how many, I don’t keep count. But what is lacking in them is surrendering. It’s embarrassing to say but is a fact. This is the only condition of modern Sahaja Yoga that you have to really surrender. If you start using your brain, if you start using other methods to understand Sahaja Yoga, you cannot. You must surrender and – as Islam is nothing but surrender, Islam means surrender – and if that surrender is not there it is impossible to establish anyone in the Kingdom of God.

Surrender is not that you should give up your family, give up your children, or give up your houses and homes and your properties. Surrendering is here: give up your ego to begin with and then give up your conditionings.
For example, the other day I met one gentleman and he is suffering a lot. So I asked him: “Who is your Guru?”, so he gave Me one name of a guru. I said: “He’s not done any good to you, will you give him up?” He said: “Tomorrow.” I said: “Why not today?” He said: “Today, but I have to throw away all his things. So tomorrow morning I will do it.” I said: “All right, do it.” “What should I throw away Mother?” I said: “Then all the things with which you worshipped him, throw away, throw away.”
Then he went around the whole house, found out whatever was there which was used for worshipping him, everything he gathered together, threw in the sea. And then he told the sea that: “I am sorry. I have suffered a lot because of this man, now you please don’t suffer.”
So this kind of a very penetrating intelligence if you don’t have, you cannot give up. One sticks to that.

I know of so many who find it so difficult to get rid of their conditionings. That’s more difficult than ego. Mundane conditionings and condition schemes that you have. We have first conditioning that supposing you are born in India or England or any place. After Sahaja Yoga I’ve seen most of the people they suddenly start seeing what’s wrong with their countrymen, what’s wrong with their country, what’s wrong with their religion, what’s wrong with the books they were reading. Immediately they start seeing it clearly, that this was the mistake, this is wrong. They all make fun of them. I’ve seen people all over the world.

Nobody says that ‘No, no, no, no, because we are English we are the best, we are Russians so we are the best, or we are Indians we are the best’. Immediately they find out what’s wrong with them and why these people are not getting Realization.
On the other hand they feel such compassion that ‘Mother so many people haven’t got their Realization. Why shouldn’t we try to give them Realization?’ This is the double action of this light. Firstly you know that there is light and that you have become the light. So wherever your attention goes you start seeing the reality and then you understand that this has been the conditioning of our country, of our society. And then they abhor all that is wrong, they never identify with it.

But first thing as I said, is surrendering. In surrendering actually, you develop a kind of a state where I would say, you become a sanyasi from within. That means nothing can dominate you, what is a sanyasi is a person who is above everything else. Nothing can stick to him. He just, looks at things and he knows what it is. He may not say, he knows everything and he doesn’t do whatever is wrong. He’s so detached, that in that detachment only he can see what’s the problem. He starts seeing his family people, he starts seeing other surroundings, everywhere he starts seeing what’s wrong. And he does not identify with them, is very surprising.

I have seen it, I mean, I went to Turkey. In Turkey I met one gentleman who was running a big Swiss hotel and he came himself to Me and said Mother give me Realization. I was surprised because I didn’t see this in Switzerland such a anxious personality would ask for Realization, very surprising that in Turkey he should ask for Realization. And I gave him Realization and immediately he said, “I am not going to go back to Switzerland.” Just imagine!

It’s, you see, it is so clear-cut that this light definitely gives you tremendous wisdom and balance. Supposing you are walking and you can’t see the road, you may fall down. But if there’s little light also you can see it. And this is what Sahaja Yoga has done, is given you very little light. That little light itself has been sufficient for you to give up so many things.

Now the other side of it is the ego part. Ego is very subtle stuff with human beings. I don’t know how they gather it, but they do and some of them have such a gullible ego that with the slightest thing it shoots off. And they get very angry for small things or if they find somebody whom they can dominate, they can dominate also that person. Now this ego when you start seeing it, you just start laughing at yourself and think that, what’s wrong with me.

Ego is not like conditioning which is coming from outside but ego is something that comes from within. It can come from anything. Human beings have ego of all kinds of nonsensical things. One day I met one lady and she was very proud and was not even smiling. I said, “What’s the matter with this lady, what is she?” So they told Me, “She knows how to make dolls that’s why she’s so proud.” I said, “Eh, to make dolls, she’s so proud!” “Yes, you know, she can make dolls, so she’s so proud.” I said, “What is there, anybody can make dolls, so what is so great?” “No, but she thinks she is very great because she makes dolls.”

So a man becomes stupid and stupid. That is first sign of a egoistical person. He is so stupid that when you are talking to him, you just get flabbergasted that without paying anything you have got a buffoon before you who is showing all joke, jokes of his buffoonery. Is, eh, something very surprising, I mean, you meet any egoistical person and you just watch him: “I did this, I am, I, I, I …”

Then you start seeing the person, what’s the matter, he’s not even ashamed to say things that should not be said. Then it goes even to the sinful life they lead. They lead a very sinful life, they fond of women, they drink and this and that. Then they start boasting about that also: “I drank that day so much; I had five women around me.” They start boasting of that also. So, for a egoistical man there is nothing like shame. He’ll go on telling about his nonsensical things and everybody will say ‘My God with whom are we talking?’

And then, whatever they do they justify. I asked one fellow, “You had such a bad heart attack why do you drink now, give up drinking.” He said, “But even this person Kirloskar” – we have one in Poona who is now, I think, 95 – “he drinks”. So I said, “You are not Kirloskar, and even if he drinks, what’s the use, what is he gaining by that?” “No, no, you see he’s very good, because, see, he drinks and he’s so successful.” “Is he successful without, because of drinking?”

But even ordinary reasoning is not there, ordinary reasoning. And in the general way if you see, even if you see the greatest drunkard countries, I have never seen a statue of a man who died of drinking, never. I’ve not seen in any country people are praising a man because he had ten women or he died of drinking. So far! I don’t know how far human beings can go in their ego.

Now this ego is spreading very much in modern times where they start saying, “I like this, I don’t like this”. “What, what you don’t like?” “I don’t like this kind of a sari, I don’t like this kind of clothes, I don’t like this.” But who are you, you are not going to see yourself, others are going to see. So what difference does it make whether you like it or not? But is very common with young people, to talk like that “I like.” And this is a sign of complete destruction.

Because ego is not only, is, makes you stupid, you see all these days the way people dress up and we find they are very stupid because “I like it, so what?” Anything they like it, you know, if they want to walk on their heads “I like it, what’s wrong?” All kinds of stupidity can be explained through ego. So those who get Realization somehow or other, thank God, see it: This is my ego talking. Then they start laughing at themselves, making fun of themselves: This was my ego.

But also in Sahaja Yoga there are people, I said, “Why don’t you go and organize?” “Mother because my ego will come up.” I said, “What’s this?” “My ego will come up so I don’t want to organize.” How can your ego come up? If you see your ego, supposing you see, er, something is burning, you see it there. How can you get that burning onto yourself? But this is a very subtle type of, er, avoiding work of Sahaja Yoga to say that “No, I’ll get into ego.” I said, “All right you get into ego, I’ll see to it, get in, what happens.”

So all kinds of things there are which makes a person quite idiotic and stupid. I mean, I don’t know how many things I can tell you today. But also I’ve seen in marriages this is very common. They’ll say that, ‘Mother, I married this girl at that time but now I don’t think I should have been married.’ Bah, bah, what, that time, what had happened to you, why didn’t you marry at that time? I have to tell you these things because I’ve been facing all kinds of problems of this stupid, idiotic ego. One has to see it clearly, how this ego is working in me and how it is keeping me down.

So when we talk of ascent, we talk of a higher life. We have to become sanyasi like the lotus that comes out of the pond and no water can stay on them. Even the leaves of lotus, no water can stay on them. Just like that we have to become. We don’t have to wear Sanyasis dresses, nothing of that. But from inside, a kind of a detached attention is there which immediately locates the problem, within you and without.

And also in Sahaja Yoga, you know how to overcome that. It’s a very effective, efficient system. But for that again, to achieve that you have to become Shiva within, means detached. As Shiva is completely detached, you have to be detached. And that detachment will give you the same wisdom as Shiva has. Shiva sees, we should say, Sadashiva sees the work of Adi Shakti, silently. He doesn’t get proud, he doesn’t develop a kind of a ego ‘Let me see now what my Iccha Shakti is doing’, nothing, he’s just watching. But when it comes to destruction, he sees that this part is going to destroy the work, immediately he destroys, removes that portion. In the same way we have to be, we have to see our life itself is a big field. How do we consider ourselves to be? I have seen people talk, “Oh, so what, I am a Sahaja Yogi!” You can’t talk like that if you are a Sahaja Yogi. With folded hands you have to say, “I am a Sahaja Yogi”. In your behavior, in your talk, in everything, you have to be a person who is extremely humble. If that is not so that means Sahaja Yoga has given you double ego. As it is you know that Shiva is known for his innocence, for his simplicity, his forgiveness. He forgives. He forgives rakshasas; he’ll forgive everyone that is his quality. But anybody who goes against the Primordial Mother, he doesn’t spare.

So this is his, the quality one has to understand, surrendering doesn’t mean outside things to be surrendered. What is there, these are all stones, what are you surrendering? Surrendering means cleansing yourself completely, getting completely detached. Detachment is the only way you can rise. Some people get sick, they make such an ado out of it: “I am sick, the whole world should know I am sick, sick, sick, sick, sick.” But if you are a Sahaja Yogi, if you just watch, how so, I am sick, all right, let’s see. Just like a sport. Just watch. I am sick. So, what’s happening now? The temperature is coming nicely, now is going down, just sort of a playful, mirthful attention. Ah, when I came I had temperature, but nobody believes I had temperature. I was so tired in the marriage they said, “You don’t look tired.” I said, “All right, I’m not tired.” In the same way, life also is to be played. It’s just a play, and that play has to be seen through the light of wisdom. Nothing is so serious, for Sahaja Yogis nothing is so serious. But he becomes very serious and he makes too much ado about himself.

There are lots of things which we have to learn. When we worship Shiva, we praise him. You are this you are that, you are that. When you worship Me also you praise Me, you are this. I am not aware of all that that you say. But you say all right, if you say so, it’s all right. You are this you are that, the thousand names of Shiva, thousand name of the Goddess, thousand name of Vishnu. These are their names you are worshipping, what about you people, how many names you can have? Actually in the puja when you take the names of these Shaktis they also get awakened within, no doubt. After puja you do feel that way but you don’t utilize them. So many people I’ve seen have come in the puja and they have got that power within themselves, same powers. But by the time they are out, it’s finished, it’s gone.

So, surrendering has another side: assumption. Assumption that I am a Sahaja Yogi and I can absorb all these powers within myself. So one side is surrendering. Why to surrender? To absorb. Automatically when you are surrendered you absorb. But once you have absorbed, then you should retain and assume within yourself, know that you have these powers. There, where Sahaja Yogis fail more. First time it happened, no Sahaja Yogi would touch anybody raise anybody’s Kundalini, this thing, that thing. We had at least fifty Sahaja Yogis by then. I said, “Now what to do, I have prepared these channels and nobody is even raising their fingers. How am I going to work it out?” Very difficult!

But once it happened we had a program in Nasik Road and I was staying in Nasik. It’s about, I think, thirty miles from there. So, we reached halfway and our car failed and nobody no other car was coming, nothing, no support, nothing. I didn’t know what to do. But these, all the Sahaja Yogis had arrived there, and such a big crowd. They started saying, “When is Mataji coming? When is Mataji coming?” Such a pressure! So they said, “It’s all right, we’ll give you Realization, sit down.” And they gave Realization. That’s the first time the Sahaja Yogis started knowing that they can give Realization, they can do this, they can do that. They all started after that. So assumption should be there, that I have these powers, I am not going to waste them, I am going to use them, I am going to look after others, I am not going to just keep to myself. This assumption has to come.

Once I was traveling by ship and one fellow got caught up in the freeze room and he got pneumonia. So the captain came to Me ‘That see this boy has got pneumonia, we have to get some doctor by helicopter.’ I said, “Captain, I’ve given you Realization, you are a doctor.” He said “Who, I?” “Yes, you.” “If you want, I can go down.” “No, no, no, but tell me what to be done.” I said “Just go and put your hand on his heart, finished.” “I?” he said. “Yes, you!” Went down and put his hand and the fellow got all right. He was amazed. He met Me now in the wedding – and he was amazed at himself. “This I can do to anyone?” “Yes, yes, you can!”
But if you do not assume, and just sit down meditating, meditating, surrendering … what’s the use? So, you have to do, now after achieving Shiva state you have to start doing the work of Adi Shakti. You should get this desire that we should spread Sahaja Yoga, we have to work it out. But be careful sometimes you might be conditioned, you might be egotistical, watch yourself.
With watching you can, I’m sure, you can achieve a lot. We have done, some people who have taken it upon themselves have done it, everywhere, in every country.

So the first thing of surrendering is important to reach the state of your Spirit, of Shiva and Sadashiva. But the second state is that you have to now think of others. First it is as they say in Sanskrit is vyashti [success; individiality], means individual gain, you get the individual gain. And then it becomes samashti [attainment;collectiveness] , means the collective.
You have to work it out on collective. People who never even got Realization, nothing of the kind, have been doing so much organization and this and that. While you have got it, so now it is important that you should now extend this light to others.

[Shri Mataji speaks now in Hindi.]

Translation from Hindi:

Forgive Me.  I had to speak in English.  Many  people have come from outside for the puja to Shivji.  This has never happened before.  You people know a lot about Shiva, and you also know lots of stories connected with Shiva.  But what is the essence, what is the tattwa (basic principle).  What is Shivji’s principle.  That is what we have got to know.  So this deity Shivji, nothing touches Him.  If anyone says something wrong to Him, and then goes and asks for forgiveness, He just forgives.  Things like respect and disrespect, happiness and sorrow – nothing affects Him.  That is Shivji.  Far removed from such things.  Free.

It was about Him that Shankaracharya sang Shivoham! Shivoham! (I am Shiva!  I am Shiva!).  Once during the lifetime of Shankaracharya, the topic of Shiva came up.  It was being discussed that it is alright to say I Am Shiva. It is a state.  But to attain this state, this becomes possible only with conscious effort and exertion.  And after that, there is a second state, like where Adi Shakti is effective and operative.  That is the way you have to function.  Otherwise, if these two states do not function side by side, then what is the use of achieving the state of Shiva.  He is just sitting.

If Shiva could do everything, then why did He create Adi Shakti.  And why did He tell Adi Shakti that You accomplish the entire creation.  Do this. Do that.  He would have done it Himself.  But no.  He said that one state is Shiv padh (state).  After reaching and achieving that state, we become completely Niricchh (desireless).  After that you go into the second stage or state.

Now in Sahaja Yoga some say that Shree Mataji there is one person who is eating money.  I could not understand this.  After coming into Sahaj, how is he eating money.  He is eating money?  Some one is showing his ego, another is showing off his intelligence or qualifications.  Everyone is indulging into some madness or the other.  And all this, after coming into Sahaja Yoga!  So something must be still sticking on to them.  It happens.  Only then this kind of thing can happen to them.  But this should be got rid of.  All these things.

Because, if you have come into Sahaja Yoga, then first of all you should achieve the Shiva Padh (state).  Means a state in which you are in complete desirelessness.  For that there should be complete samarpan (dedication). Dedication and surrender in every possible thing.

Only after that you come into the state of Shiva-Shakti.  The Shakti (energy) of Shiva is that He is completely without desire.  Nothing affects or disturbs Him.  Neither does He have aham (ego), nor is there any kind of samskara (conditioning) in Him.

Now, He came for His own wedding, sitting on a bull, with both legs spread on either side of the bull.  The bull moved at will, and at his own speed, and somehow He held on and rode him.  And when He reached, even Shree Parvati was feeling shy, that what is this aspect in which My Bridegroom has arrived for the wedding.  Because He was absolutely centred within Himself.  What is there for Him to be conscious of.  Not for Him the formal Baraat (Bridegroom’s procession), sitting on a horse, accompanied by a band playing music, and bridegroom’s party.  His attendants were people with missing limbs, some with one eye, some without teeth.  All these people were welcome to join, and  constituted the Bridegroom’s party.  He came, accompanied by all of them, and never felt conscious that who was who, what they wore, whether one had one eye or two; whether they were in proper dress, or whether the whole thing looked crazy, or whether it appeared that some stupid people were in that procession.  Because He is just not conscious or bothered about these outward things.  These things just don’t matter to Him. He is just sitting in desireless state.  His principle is that whatever you are, in whatever state you are, come in and join.  Who ever He met along the way, He welcomed them to join the party.

Now as far as we are concerned if we are going to be part of a marriage party, we have to have a certain kind of dress, we have to look like this, or like that; we have to go mounted on a caparisoned horse; like this, like that.  And if there is any shortcoming in the arrangements, then there is a lot of distress.

It was not like this.  He just went as He was.  Whatever the condition, He just went.  This is the mark of Niricchita (state of no desire).  He was also Bhole (simple).  Simple and innocent in this way, that unimportant and unnecessary things never entered His attention.  Any man who is simple, such things do not enter his head.

I have seen many people, when they go visiting anyone’s home, they will click their tongue and say, What a kind of carpet they had spread on the floor”.  Did you come to meet their carpet, or to meet the people.  If they see any lady, they will comment, “What a funny kind of saree she was wearing”.  If you have come to meet a person, you must come into their essence.  Come into their tattwa (core).  Try to experience the nature of the person. That is left aside, and the attention is only on what kind of clothes they were wearing, or what things they had in their house, and what did they have, and what did they not.  It is like that.  The vision is so superficial.

This way of looking at things and judging, is not the style of Shiva.  His style is to be completely detached, and go and sit in the Himalayas.  He is not bothered about anything, that what will people say about Me, or what is the proper style in which I should live.  I should have this, I should have that.  Nothing of the kind.

When His first wife died, He just picked up Her body and put it over His shoulder and went.  Who will do such a thing?  No one.  But He did.  All His ways are unique and unprecedented.  Because He is unique.  In any situation He is not particular that it has to be done in this way or that way.  Or it has to be like that.  But when you look at the essence of it, whatever He thinks is right, He considers that to be right. And whatever He feels is wrong, then that for Him is wrong.  His steadfastness does not change.

At one time He gave His Wife to Ravana.  Now people will say is this some kind of joke?  He handed His Wife over to Ravana.  He was well aware that His Wife is verily the Devi Herself.  What could Ravana do to Her!  She could be given to anyone.  She is sakshat (verily) the Devi.  She will put Ravana in his place.

But this tendency within us is to look at all outward things.  As this outward vision reduces, the inner eye will open. Whatever the kind of human being, we should see that we are in a good state, and should keep ourselves in good condition, and whosoever we come in to contact with, we should speak nicely to them and be good to them.  Whatever kind of person we meet, we should try and feel his tattwa (essence), to understand what state he is from within.

Now there are some rustic people who may speak roughly.  Some people’s language is like this, some are like that; and we get upset and angry with them.  We should tell ourselves that this is how he is, and this is his way of speaking.  We should not get upset with him.

Sometimes very cultured and educated people will come, and in their artificial behaviour we get carried away by their superficiality.  Later we discover that we have lost everything to them.  So anything that looks beautiful superficially, is done to deceive us.  That is why it is not advisable to get impressed with outward appearances.

Nowadays we can see what kind of superficiality is prevalent.  Especially in our country all the culture which has come to us from outside, we can see how much the expression and impression is there, of superficiality.  If it were not so, our condition would not be what it is.

Gandhiji who, was a simple person; he reached the outside world dressed in a dhoti (single cloth to gird the loins).  Now people will say that in London you have to be dressed in a three-piece suit.  How did he manage. He managed!  Let anyone say what they wished.  Now the motive for this can be, that some people do it for sensationalism.  But when a person is completely detached, from within, he does not pay attention or give importance to what people think.  He is standing on the truth. He is so genuine. And this is the tattwa (essence) of Shivji that we need to achieve.

Only when you reach the state of Shivji, you can  start functioning for Adi Shakti.  Now you have started Her work, but you have not attained Shiva Tattwa, so who is going to get impressed with you.  When you are verily Shiva, then how much beauty will shine through your work!

If anyone says anything, does anything, even abuses you, so what!  For the person, whose description and state, in the words of Shri Krishna, is Stith Pragya (firm and resolute), the State of Shiva, whatever is happening, let it happen. What does it matter what anyone says.  But the tattwa (essence) that is inside, that should be clean.  The tattwa inside should not be spoiled.  And if it is spoiled within others, does not matter.  You can correct them.  If you call others bad, but do not see yourself as bad; then you can never become alright.  The meaning of becoming Sharanagat, (under divine protection), is that all the things within you that are bad, you should start renouncing them, one by one.  Renounce. Renounce.  In the end, the clean, pure form that remains, is your Atma, and just by beholding it, you will experience joy.  And that will make you so completely, completely Samarth (adequate, capable).  So Samarth that you will be amazed that how did so much capacity come within me.

Today we should have the puja of Shivji, and it is going to be performed.  All of you should be fully Samarth, and sit in that state to perform the Puja.  And the other part of it is Samarpan (dedication), that I have received this great gift  that I am a realised soul.  I am one in a million.  This has been bestowed on me, a blessing has been bestowed, and how much yogdaan (expressing gratitude) do I give back.  How much do I do.  We should take stock of this also.

Actually you all have gone beyond My imagination, because I never thought that so much change and transformation can come in a human being.  Never thought that this would be possible.  Taking that into consideration, so much has been accomplished in the whole world, that I am amazed.  And it is a matter for deep appreciation, that people who were standing on a very wrong path, who were heading towards destruction, they have arisen and they are with Me today.  It is such a wonderful happening that the gift bestowed on us by Shiva, which is within us as His Reflection in the form of Atma, is His blessing on us.  And you are immersed and drenched in those blessings.

Now you have to make this grow.  With dedication you have to expand it, and distribute it to others.  This is not for one human being.  It is not for one, single, ascent.  It is for a Collective ascent.  Today the world is standing on the brink of destruction, and we have to rescue it from that.  We have to save the complete world, and this is your responsibility.  Those who are Sahaja Yogis.  Who should be able to see Sahaja Yoga in every part of himself, and his blessings.

My eternal blessings to all.

Translation from Hindi:

Forgive Me, I had to speak in English here. Many people have come from outside for Shivji puja, it has never happened before. And about Shivji – you people know a lot. And all His stories also, you all know. But what is the substance? What is the essence? What is the essence of Shivji – you should know.

About Shivji, nothing touches Him. If someone says anything to Him and then apologizes to Him, He’ll say, “Alright go, you are forgiven”. Nothing touches Him. Praise/insult, happiness/ sorrow – nothing touches Him. He is Shivji, completely detached from everything – free.

Like Adi Shankaracharya has told, ‘Shivoham, Shivoham’ [I am Shiva, I am Shiva]. So first during the time of Adi Shankaracharya ‘Shivoham’ [I am Shiva] was talked about. It was being said, ‘I am Shiva’, alright. To reach that state, it happens through individual endeavor. And after that the other state – the way Adi Shakti is working, like that you have to work. Otherwise if these two things don’t take place simultaneously, then what is the use of attaining Shiva’s state?

They are sitting. If Shiva could do everything, then why did He create Adi Shakti? Why did He tell Adi Shakti, ‘You create everything. You do that, you do this’? He could do everything, but no. He told, ‘there is one state – ‘Shiva’s state’. On reaching the Shiva’s state you become completely desire less’. Then whatever you do; now I see that some people say, “Mother there is one person in Sahaja Yoga and he is laundering money”. I don’t understand, “After coming to Sahaja Yoga, how are they laundering money?” Someone is there who is showing his ego, his position. Some or the other crazy things, even after coming to Sahaja Yoga, they are continue doing. Something must be stuck to them, it’s possible. But they should get rid of it.

So when you have come to Sahaja Yoga first you attain Shiva’s state. Meaning in which you are completely desire less. For that surrender, after complete surrendering you can come in Shiva Shakti. Shiva’s Shakti is that He is absolutely detached. Nothing influences Him. He neither has ego, nor does He have refinement.

He came for His wedding sitting on a Bull. He is spreading His legs and sitting and the Bull is running and He is just holding one to it somehow and coming. On reaching there, even Parvathi was feeling shy, ‘What is this? My Groom is arriving like this?’ Because He is joyous. What difference does it make to Him? He doesn’t want that He sits on a horse and goes in a ‘Baraat’ [marriage procession] proceeding Him. In the ‘Baraat’ [marriage procession of the groom] someone has one eye, someone’s teeth have fallen. He is taking such people and going. For Him, he doesn’t even realize these things – who is what? Who is wearing what clothes? Whose eye is where? How a person is accompanying dumbly, some stupid person is accompanying, some half-naked person is walking along – these things don’t matter to Him. He is desire less, however you are come along. Whoever is coming along can.

Otherwise when we go in a ‘baraat’ we have to wear such and such clothes, we have to go like this, have to sit on a horse etc. etc. And if there is ever a small short fall, then it causes lot of unpleasantness. He’s not like that. He is going in His Baraat accompanied by people however they are. Because this is the sign of desirelessness and He is innocent.

Innocent because unwanted things don’t come in His head. A person who is innocent doesn’t understand these things. I have seen that many people when they go to someone’s place – ‘what carpet has been laid?’ Have you gone to meet the carpet or the person? Some lady comes – ‘what saree was she wearing?’ You have come to meet the person, you go to the substance, go to the essence and understand what the person is. That part is ignored. Just what they were wearing? What is in their house? It was like this, like that. This kind of sight – just looking at things superficially is not Shiva’s way.

Now just see Him in His own life – He went and sat in the Himalaya. He is not bothered about anything – ‘What if someone says something, I have to be like this, I have to have this thing or that thing’ – nothing. When His first wife died, He carried Her body on His back and went. Who will do that? No one will do that. All His methods are special, exceptional. Because He is exceptional.

About anything He doesn’t have a fixed criteria that it has to be like this only or like that only. But if you look at the essence then what according to Him is right, only that He feels is right. What according to Him is wrong, is wrong. These convictions of His does not change.

He even gave His wife to Ravana. Now people will say, ‘What is this drama – giving away His wife to Ravana?’ He knows His wife is a Devi, what can Ravana do? To whomever He gives, She is Sakshat Devi. She will set Him right – Ravan.

Our character of seeing everything externally; as the external ‘eye’ [seeing] decreases, the inner ‘eye’ [seeing] opens. However the person is. For ourselves it is alright that we behave properly, that we talk properly. But however is the other person, understand his essence. How is the inside of the person?

Some rural people are there, while talking they talk roughly. Someone’s speech is like, someone is like this. We get angry on them. We should think ‘that is his way, alright that is also fine, there is nothing to feel bad about’. When civilized people come and you get carried away by etiquette and realize we have lost everything with them.

So whatever is made beautiful on the outside is only for cheating. That’s why regarding any exterior stuff, getting attached to it, seeing it, is wrong. Now the kind of things happening in the world, especially in our country. The outside culture that is coming in, so much of external appearance. If it was not there, people would not be like this.

Gandhiji was there – poor man, he wore a dhoti and went to London. Now someone tells him ‘in London you have to wear 3 piece suit and go, how did you come like this?’  He went. Let people say whatever they want to. Only thing you need to pay attention is that if someone is dressing up like that for fun then it’s something else. But once the person is free from inside, then he does not find anything significant other than the reality. He will accept the reality – this is essence of Shivji you should first achieve. Only when you achieve Shivji’s essence, only then you can do the work of Adi Shakti. Now you start working out but have not achieved Shivji’s essence. Then who will be influenced by it?

You yourself are ‘Shiva’ and then the work being done by you, it can be so wonderful. Someone says something, even hurls abuses, did something – so what? The word for this is as told by Shri Krishna – ‘Sthita Pragya’ [steady in awareness]. Whatever is happening, let it happen. Just because someone says something, so what?

But the essence that is within, has to be clean. The essence inside should not be spoilt. And in others if it is spoilt, it’s not a problem, it can be set right. If you tell bad things about others but not about yourself, then you cannot become alright. The meaning of surrendering is that whatever such things are there within us – forsake them, forsake them, forsake them. In the end the cleanliness and purity within you which is your Spirit, just by seeing it you will be joyous. And that will make you completely capable that you will be astonished, ‘from where did I get this ability?’

Today Shivji’s puja has to take place and it is taking place and you people are also completely surrendered. The other side of surrendering is that the way we have received it, we are Self-Realized. We are one in a million who have been given this blessing. ‘How much can we work towards it? How much can we achieve?” – you should think like that.

As it is you people are beyond My imagination. I had never thought so much of change can come in people. Never had I thought. As per that, so much of work has happened in the whole world that I am surprised.

And it needs to be understood that people who were in the wrong path, who were going towards their destruction, they have come up and today they are with us. It’s such a big thing that the reflection of Shiva in you which is in the form of Atma, this is a great blessing of it.

All of you are flooded with this blessing, you just have to spread it. Spread it by surrendering and collectively spread it. It is not for one person, nor for one rising but for everyone’s upliftment. The brink at which our world is standing now, we have to save it. We have to save it completely and this is your responsibility – those who are Sahaja Yogis. Who in their life, within them, in their behavior, in everything, should know how to look for ‘Sahaja’.

Many blessings to all of you.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi