Talk After Birthday Felicitations

Kolkata (India)


After Birthday Felicitations, Calcutta (India), 20 March 1994.

This was a song composed by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, so many years back, when he had a vision of our Ganapatipule seminars, where he describes that people from all the world will come, from different countries will come. Also, the Hindus, the Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and all kinds of communities will get their awakening on the bank of the sea, ‘sagar’. ‘Sagar’ is the sea.

So beautifully every detail he has described. He was a seer and he could see the future where many people, who are seekers, to become ‘mahamanav’ they come. And it’s very surprising how these seers have seen the future. Like, as you know, C. S. Lewis is there and also we have got William Blake, so many others. And I feel today, in Bengal, when I have come here in Calcutta, that his dreams are fulfilled. His Spirit would be so happy to know- [applause].

So, as you know that we get all kinds of people, all races, all religions together in Ganapatipule and where you all enjoy the bliss of God, where you feel that there’s an awakening. Also, he says that the great Mother has now risen, and She is awakened and She is going to awaken you. So, clearly, he has seen the whole thing. It’s remarkable how these seers can see things and reveal, to our amazement.

I am very happy that we have such nice company of Baba Zaheer and his other brothers, who are qawwals, and his sons also, who are qawwals. So, this is such a great thing to understand that these people have felt the same awakening within them as you have, and that they have really become Sahaja Yogis now and they sing from their heart. Some of these poems, I think they made later on, after going from Bombay. Because I see that they are all new songs. And, they are singing what you would like to say; they are singing what you would like to express. And that’s why you feel so joyous and happy that you are saying what we wanted to say all these days.

It’s remarkable how in the collectivity the though– [Hindi]. Tongue works in a very different manner – that we all want to say the same thing. For everyone, that is the truth and you all feel so joyous about it and so happy about it. It is something, a kind of a rapport between one Realized soul and another Realized soul. Only a Realized soul can understand the bliss and the joy of this expression.

Of course, so many things have been said about Me, that’s quite embarrassing. I don’t know what I do. I really, I don’t think I do anything. It’s all working out, it’s all grace of the, this All-pervading Power which is working out everything so well.

Today is the concluding day for us and to have such a nice program of qawwali here was really remarkable. I am sorry that half of the people have left because they didn’t know there was a program. Today we had to make some arrangements, in that it was lost. Doesn’t matter. Those who are lucky have listened to them and have enjoyed them thoroughly.


I bless those qawwals from my heart, and I always think there will be more people who will appreciate their music and understand and so many Muslims- as yesterday, Ilal said, “Mother, when will the Muslims know about You?” So, these are the people who can spread the news all over and can tell that now the time has come of ‘Qiyama’ where you will have to get your Self-realization.

They’re very important, I am so concerned about the Muslims now. Because they are in quite darkness, and the way they are killing people because they are Muslims and they are killed in so many places, while they also kill. It’s a very violent, nonsensical thing, which was never preached by Mohammed Sahib. He was the one who was for love and love and love. He is the one who had to fight because they were so aggressive on Him.

But otherwise, if you read Koran you’ll be surprised how much He has praised the love of God. And that’s what is so misleading these days that we don’t understand. I am happy at least the Sahaja Yogis understand Koran and understand Mohammed Sahib and are in devotion to Mohammed Sahib as they are to any other Guru. It’s very creditable for you people to accept. Because you have seen on your vibrations that Mohammed Sahib was an Incarnation of a Master – so you cannot deny it. And these conditionings have gone into complete negligence now, and most of the Sahaja Yogis have such a respect for Mohammed Sahib and for Koran.

I wish all the luck to these people that they propagate this idea and try to bring peace on this earth by telling people that what Mohammed Sahib has said and what are we doing. In the same way, for all of us – to whatever religion we may belong – we have so many conditionings and wrong ideas. So, we should try to correct them and see for ourselves that all of them came to spread spirituality. As I always said, they were like flowers on a tree – same tree of spirituality they came. And whatever they had to do at that time, “samayachar”, they did it. But we have plucked the flowers, and now fighting with the dead flowers.

So, as Sahaja Yogis, when you are awakened in knowledge, and you know what knowledge is, then you have to really understand that we are all on the same path of spirituality. There’s no difference at all.
May God bless you all for enjoying this qawwali and for coming all the way to Calcutta.

It has been really a tremendous task, I must say. All My thanks are to these great organizers who have organized such a big thing in this place and we had, yesterday, the whole thing filled up, you see. And the way it was conducted and worked out was so remarkable. All the leaders who came here were amazed at their organizing capacity. And they told Me, “Mother, we have to learn a lot from them. We can, of course, not surpass them. But whatever they have done is such a eye-opener that we have to now dedicate ourselves fully to proper understanding of Sahaja Yoga, its spreading and all the organizing should be our first priority. Unless and until people take interest in that, we cannot achieve what these people have achieved.”

The collectivity of the Bengali people and Marwaris and all types of people who are here from every part of our country, is so remarkable. There’s no quarrelling, no discussion, no argument, it’s done so beautifully. Unbelievable how they have worked it out! So, we have to remember that we are one part and parcel of one being. And once we really realize that, we’ll enjoy each other’s company very much. All Sahaja Yogis enjoy each other’s company. And also, all of you from the whole world, who have come here, have seen how marvellously they have organized everything.

I am thankful to you for coming here to celebrate My birthday, and I don’t know what to say now because every birthday you discover such nice things and such nice people. This birthday was really remarkable for its all organization and the way it was worked out so smoothly. I wish we all learn from this. We are all thankful to the organization of Calcutta, for organizing this so well. Give them a hand.


[Cut in the video]

I know it’s so overwhelming that we cannot even stop clapping. Also, we have to again and again thank these qawwals,


And now the way they feel confident about life, as you people all feel confident. In the kingdom of God, there’s nothing to worry [cut] last, but to enjoy the present. And that’s what they are doing and you were doing too. I enjoyed, I enjoyed the rapport that existed between you. Thank you very much.

May God bless you.