Birthday Felicitations Talk

Kolkata (India)

Birthday Felicitations Talk

So much has been said about me that I really start wondering what is all going on. Actually, I am not at all aware how things are working out. How Sahaja Yoga is spreading all over the world? How you people have come to Sahaja Yoga? It is a very special time. It is the blossom time and I was happy that in the beginning, the ‘Shuddha Vasanta’  was played, suggesting this is the blossom time. And in this blossom time, it is all organised that this should happen. I am just a medium I think and not aware as to how things are working out? Only thing, my heart was filled with such feeling of gratitude to you that you have taken to Sahaja Yoga. It’s very difficult because it’s a very subtle knowledge (Sookshma) and in this gross world where it has become worse during modern times (Kaliyuga) I never hoped that I will create even twelve Sahaja Yogis. I know this is the time but I didn’t know that it will be such a time that people all over the world will take to truth and truth will prevail. So much falsehood all around in every walk of life, in every dimension of our personality. We accept all kinds of illusions. In this condition of illusory expectations that there should be so many people who want to know the truth is the most remarkable thing. To me it’s a surprise. In Calcutta, first time when I came I must tell you, in a big hall, only one person was sitting. Only one! And also he knew me. So he came. Just to oblige me. And the road was all crowded. When I inquired, “What’s going on?” I was informed that there is one tantrik who is beating himself with a big hunter and people were thronging to that place. I was so disappointed. I said in this place of the Goddess, why people were taking, specially Kali’s worshipers, how could they take to this ‘Pret vidyas’, ‘mashan vidya’? And all kinds of tantrik nonsense. The very intelligent people, very artistic, extremely loving, what has happened to them? I couldn’t understand.

Then second time I came. Everybody who came, said, I am already ‘dikkhit’, means ‘dikshit’ means they had already been blessed by some sort of a guru. Most of these were tantrikas, most of the ideas were so wrong. I could not open my mouth at that time and tell them that it was all wrong. I said all of them put together will throw me out permanently. I don’t know how the change started moving one after another.l used to think, who will look after Bengal. It was very important. Bengal is the place from where the greatest patriots, greatest writers, greatest artists have come out. It’s a proud place for all of us. The whole country is proud of Bengal. And what has happened is, that it’s
full of ‘Kali vidya’, about which Nanaka had written so clearly against it one full chapter is there in ‘Grantha Sahib1. And when I saw this being so much, amass spread out,I felt, somebody must come up. Somebody who should really shoulder the responsibility of Bengal.

And then, I found, I must say Jalan, who is from Rajasthan, but he is out and out a Bengali, in every way. And he told me, Mother, they will all change, you come again and again. And really it is something very surprising how Bengal, how Calcutta has changed. Two years they waited for me, I know. But the amount of change and transformation that has taken place in Bengal is remarkable. Wherever there is this black art, there will be poverty.Like Kerala has black art, here it is black art. As soon as this black art goes away, because not only that they do something to you physically, mentally, but to your Kundalini also they harm and also they harm you very much, financially. They take money and really people have become very poor. But then somehow this love for the Mother, these Bengalis have. Here a little girl is also a ‘Ma’. Once a minister came to see me, who was a communist. He said, “Mother I am sorry. I got delayed because I had to go to the Kali temple to worship.” I said you are a communist, why do you worship at the Kali temple. He said, “How can I forget my mother, (Kya ma ko bhool jayenge), because I am a communist? I will better give up communism. My mother is everything.” I was surprised at him. Though he was a communist he believed in Mother. So the motherhood is very much worshiped in Bengal and that is the basis of their very loving nature and they are extremely tolerant people. Moreover when I was born, my mother said a Bengali girl has been born in our family. I looked very much like a Bengali. And any where, even now, I go, if there is an Indian they ask me, are you from Bengal. But I can look like anyone. But somehow or the other it works out. You don’t know, how a mother feels proud of her children. It’s not easy to express. It’s a very deep feeling of your own growth, your own achievements that your children have come up so much. I mean all those people, who today spoke I never heard them, some of them before. But I can tell you about Rajesh, who never used to step on, to the stage. One day we were in a big mess and this whole program had started, and the minister had come, and this had come and nobody was there to compere. So I pushed him and said, you better start now, immediately. And now look at him, how he has mastered it. So many poets, so many orators, so many musicians and all areas of human endeavor, businessmen, and every area, bureaucrats, I am surprised that how they have accepted Sahaja Yoga so well, surrendered completely, and have shown such results, such results as if somebody has sparked them. Recently one of my nieces had come. Her husband was suffering from arthritis, and he got well. So when they went back, they told their son about it. So he started worshiping me. They told me, our son is no good in studies, what to do with him and all that? And you will be surprised, that within one year he has topped the list of U.R boys in matriculation. The one who was not a good student.

So this power of Kundalini is within you. It is there. Only we must utilize it. As I told you in Shiv Puja, what covers it is your ego or your conditioning. Allow it to grow and it will really show you how great and glorious you are. It is not me who is doing it. It is your Kundalini which is working it out. One thing, she knows me. That’s all. And the way this transformation has taken place, also shows your ‘poorva janma’s punyas’ and your intelligence, the way you have accepted, it is too subtle and even Kabira got lost and he said ‘Kaise samjhaun sab jag andha’. All of them got fed up and they
said, better take a samadhi because these people are not going to take to this ‘sukshma’  knowledge. But today, what do you find it spreading. This is the blossom time. And to me, it’s the pleasure of the mother, the joy of the mother, of seeing this world changing. So many people think about it, that they want to have this kind of world.

Buddha said the same, Mahavira said the same, Christ said the same, Krishna said the same, Rama said the same, Lao-tse, you find everyone,the Zen, everybody said the same thing that we have to achieve that world, that we have to enter into the Kingdom of God. And how it has happened to yourself, I am really surprised myself, very much surprised and also so much gratified that you people have taken to it, so seriously and you are working it out in every country. If I could do it alone, why should I convert you to Sahaja Yoga. It has to have channels. And channels as pure as yourself. Otherwise it cannot work out. That’s how it’s spreading. You have all the powers. Please try to assume those powers. This I have been saying. Like a beggar is made a king, suppose. Then he sits on the throne and is still begging. Then what’s the use of making him the king. It’s like this. Now you have entered into the kingdom of God. Have faith in that. And that you are all capable of transforming this world. You are the people who are really chosen. So responsibility is great, and for that you don’t have to do in Sahaja Yoga, you dont have to do anything. You don’t have to pay, you don’t have to stand on your head, you don’t have to fast, you dont have to give up your family. Nothing. Only thing you must have is pure desire. ‘Pure Desire’, which is the power of Kundalini and keeps your connection intact, be collective and always think of others who haven’t got it. Have mercy on them. Don’t get angry with them. You must have patience. Have mercy on them and with that mercy you will be surprised you can get so many people to Sahaja Yoga. I mean this hall is already not sufficient. I don’t know, next birthday what’s going to happen.

Another surprising thing is that in the West, the people have become so innocent. Phillip, who is a German. We used to hear the name of German and used to run away. He is the gentlest person you could think of. Extremely gentle. I am surprised, all this gentleness in Germans, if it is awakened then what will happen. You will establish the Kingdom of God on this earth. There are people who are really surprisingly have become so sweet, so mild, so beautiful, so dynamic, so affectionate, at the same time such compassion, such understanding. They are all of such a high quality, angel-like people that I look them and I wonder how this has happened. This was all there, it was all there, only they got it. So, I have to congratulate you, instead of you saying this to me because whatever I am, I have been for ages now. Whatever you are, if you are that, what is so great. Nothing great. I have not achieved anything. You have achieved it and that’s why I congratulate you all, and I am very much thankful to you, Sir (General Joshi, Chief of the Army Staff), for coming over to this function because you are placed in such a position where people can see that a man of this calibre also can understand, then this is something very great. As Rai Sahib has also said that he wants to do something in holistic medicine and in Delhi we are thinking of starting a research center where I hope, we will be able to prove many diseases which we have cured no doubt we have cured; blood cancer, madness, Aids, heart – that is the biggest One fellow had a bypass about ten years back. Then the doctors said, your bypass had gone old, you have to change it. So they were making him ready for the thing. He went and prayed and said, “Mother please I don’t want to have an operation.” When the next he went to the hospital, they found that his old ‘aorta’ which was clogged, had opened out and he had become a normal person. I didn’t know myself that he was cured. But when I went to his house, I found that he was doing gardening. I said, “what are you doing? You are not so well.” He said “Mother, I am now normal. I am playing tennis.” I said, Oh! My God. Sahaja Yoga is such a surprise. Our third doctor is getting a M.D. I came to know very recently. I didn’t know that she has got it. She is not a Sahaja Yogini. Even Dr. Sethi is not a Sahaja Yogi. Otherwise they will say, you are giving false reports. You see these days, everything is false so they think that we are also false. But it is happening everywhere. People are getting cured, their mental health is better, their family life is better, their jobs are better, their business is better, relationships are very good. But one thing is always there. We must keep ‘Shuddha ichchha’. Means we must meditate. Very important. Really I have no words, as I said what you are telling about me reminds me, once, Ravindra Nath Tagore, our great Gurudev, wrote a poem. The poem was so good that everybody sent comments about it. So he read it and said, “I never knew all this I wrote. People are sending me all these reports, and I don’t know. But this is it. It’s not that what I do is not so important, it is how you receive it and how you reciprocate, that is important. And that has happened in this Kali Yuga. I have to thank you again and again and I thank you very much for all this. Moreover, I must say that I have never known that Bengalis are so systematic and so organised, I never knew. If this organizing capacity has come through Sahaja Yoga, then my hats off to Sahaja Yoga. Whatever I knew about Bengalis was that they were never organised, they were this and they were that, but I was surprised that such arrangements they have made, and what nice beautiful cards and things. Impossible You cannot believe it that such things can happen in this Calcutta. And has happened, that means that you are in for a very prosperous and beautiful life in Bengal.

May God Bless You!