Talk to Sahaja Yogis: About Christians habits

Perth (Australia)


Informal Talk Perth (Australia), 28 March 1994.

Yesterday I was really enamored there are so many people you see and all very deep and sensible people.  First time I see such a group, all of them, and none of them was making any fun or funny remarks, nothing.  Except for all those who came on the stage most of them had agnya.  I was quite surprised because when I asked them they said we are Christians and I said how can you have agnya, I said to have agnya for Christians?

But maybe after thinking I feel that when we do against the teachings of Christ and claim to be Christians then Christ himself gets angry with us, thats very important to understand for him character was the biggest “Shila”(*).

“Shila” as they call it in Buddhas philosophy it was called as “Shila” and also we have Mahavira on the same level who talked about it, so at this level what is the level of tapasia, the level where you have to go through penance, this area important thing is “Shila” is your character how you build it, your moral sense how you develop it.  This is very important to understand that Christ stood for moral sense much more than all the prophets.  They talked about dharma, they said you must have, you shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that, all those things, but Christ made it subtler, and he said you must have innately built in “Shila” is character, and when you find that is missing or something going wrong with you on that point then I think this agnya catches though they are Christians.  I mean in India Hindus are not Christians, they’ll catch on nabhis, they catch on other things but they never catch on agnya, I see this is very surprising they follow Christ in a way better, and you follow Moses in a way because Moses didn’t talk so much about “Shila” as Character but don’t do this, don’t do that.  His style was created out of the franticness he had, he saw the people were so decadent absolutely ruined, so he had to take a very strong measure and he is the one who has given this Shariat.

Now this Shariat surprisingly is followed by Muslims and not by Christians, or who we can say the Jews for whom it was given, it is the Muslims who are following the Shariat.  So it shows that Muslims also took over many things from others, and the worst is that they have taken this from Paul which is responsible for todays fanaticism everywhere.  I met a Muslim from Bosnia and I asked him why are you mad?  Why are you trying to kill yourself like this, forget about the land, your life is more important.  He said “no it is written in Koran”  I don’t think is written but he said so, today I have not seen that, that if you die in the name of God then you get your resurrection, same the Hindus follow the same, same the Jews follow and the same the Christians follow.  I don’t know if St Paul has done this question that if you die in the name of your religion and buried, not burnt, buried, then after your body comes out 500 years or 1000 years and that gets resurrection what comes out of the grave,  after 500 years what comes out of the grave is nothing but what you can say some bones maybe some skull if everything is not eaten up by the worms. So how can you give resurrection to these bones.  But in the “?????” Indian philosophy you can call it given up a much better explanation.  That all those souls which are searching God in the hills and dales will be born again with others because a last judgement will come and people will get their resurrection. They will find God.

The soul is alright because the soul never dies, but the body can be buried just because out of the body, the, I don’t know what will come out which will get resurrection.  But this kind of a nonsensical idea started by I think Paul must have been taken over by Muslims and might be the Jews have also said something of this kind because they had no idea of what happens when a person dies and you bury him.  This is the reason so many people think that they must die in the name of God so that they get resurrection, never, how can they get it, nothing will be left out of their body.  What they have to have is the soul and that is what Christ has very clearly said, that the soul must be saved.  Mohammed Sahib has said it much more clearly.  I should say because he came later and they explain more and more.  Like after Mohammed Sahib came Guru Nanaka, he talked actually about Kundalini, he gave the name of the Kundalini, he said there are three channels, everything.

So they started saying more elaborating, explaining because people had improved a lot in their understanding.  And now today what we find people are much more easy so you can talk to them about this subtle subject in a very clear cut manner.  Its very very clear cut, you don’t have to sort of go into explanations and things, you just see clearly and everything is tangible and whatever we say in Sahaja Yoga is tangible.  This is a very big thing.  And yesterday the experience I felt that we always try to follow the religion in the opposite way, for example now yesterdays stage showed that they are not following Christ at all they have caught agnyas.  Now the Hindus are told that in everybody resides the spirit then how can you have a caste system?  This is something, it is so surprising like the Jains were told that clothes you should not pay so much attention to, but in India cloth merchants are also and their women are very particular about their dress, their matching and all that.  So I cant understand all that.  Same about Buddhists, Buddhists were told to be non violent and to have character, now if you go to Japan you will be shocked, they don’t have character and they are absolutely joyless people by nature.  Even Chinese are, I wouldn’t call them anywhere near Buddhists, so this shows that people instead of following the religion they just move in the opposite direction, so in the same way Sahaja Yoga should not.

In Sahaja Yoga you have to be Sahaja, everything should be done in a Sahaja manner, not to force something, not to be hasty, not to be you can say expecting something, whatever happens happens for good because you are in the kingdom of God.  This faith must be completely embedded in your heart that now you are in the Kingdom of God.  Of course you can’t do anything wrong, you cannot do anything bad, that goes without saying because now that Gods religion has been enlightened within you, but at the same time you have to be very compassionate and relaxed and give up all this greedy atmosphere that we have created in the West.  The culture, the Sahaja culture is very beautiful, and I see now how you people have taken to it so easily, because it is very akin very close to our nature, and Sahaja Yogis are so happy so joyous that shows that there is something about this Sahaja Culture.  You don’t have to be so externally alert but internally alert it is better,  gradually I am sure we will work out for the better.  So I wish luck for this place to be built, I don’t know, we miscalculated or something like this, but it is alright in Sahaja Way it will all come out I am sure, we will be able to do something. So thank you very much for organizing this and I am very happy to see yesterdays response.  But you look after them in a Sahaja manner means you don’t tell them ‘don’t do this, don’t do, you are a bhoot, you are this, nothing of the kind, we were all bhoots before we entered into the Kingdom of God.  But you should not shock them by any chance but sooth them, Sahaja means sooth, and speak to them very sweetly, smilingly and they should know you that you are very happy people and they can also become very happy.

Thank you very much for everything, whats that?  (Yogi handing Shri Mataji a present)  Oh he’s going to…..? Its my birthday or what?  (Problem with a candle or something)  I am sorry it has burnt out or something, Oh whats that, Oh my God, Its so sweet, alright you can keep it with me and should I see it now? (yogi says something inaudible),  I’ll go and see them nicely because your artists are to be respected, (muffled next bit) I had a very big birthday already, and in one year how many birthdays you can have?

(*)Shila=शील (śīla) good conduct