Maroondah Dam, Melbourne (Australia)

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Picnic , Maroondah Dam, Melbourne (Australia) 31-3-1994

That time I used to be so happy that you people all have joined together, the collectivity is good and that you are helping the leader, who is very capable, I must say, you are so lucky to have such a leader who is so capable, educated, wise and I can’t understand how people do not enjoy his leadership.

If you have any problems, tell Me – no harm. You see, from Australia I get such thick letters always [UNCLEAR – WHEN THEY WRITE?] but the main thing they never write. Like, I never wanted them to go to America because America is a Hell, you see. I didn’t want them, they’ll lose their vibrations – I mean, it’s not a place to go to and without asking Me they all went. Otherwise for a small thing like putting a WC somewhere, they’ll write to Me but for going to America no body wrote, I never knew, I was surprised to see thirty five people coming on top of these few four, five sahaja yogis there. And the way they talked to these people also shocked [ASIDE – Paani Dena (Give Water)] They are actually very, very good sahaja yogis; They are few, very few but one better than the other – wonderful people they are! And gradually they are spreading sahaja yoga in a very good way. So, they told Me that some of the sahaja yogis who went from America, they said, “You are not supposed, you see, have a common room for television. You can have your own television and you can sit in your room.

We even cook separately but it’s supposed to be an ashram,” and the Americans were surprised. They said, “Mother, how can that be?” I said, “Maybe, I can’t say, I’ve not heard of it.” I asked Steven. Steven said, “I’ve never heard of such a thing that they have a separate room of their own and they cook food there and they have their television, they don’t even talk to each other for days together.” I said, “This is something Australian style. I don’t know how they have got it this in their head.” So you have to be collective – it’s very important. There’s nothing to sacrifice. Actually, those who try to have separate houses are writing to Me, “Mother, please tell the ashrams to take us back because we are suffering.”

Their wives are pregnant and they can’t drive, they can’t do anything and these are Indians who are good for nothing. They don’t know anything to work it out. They don’t know how to cook, they don’t know how to even have a gardener how – nothing – so they said that, “Mother, we want to go back to the ashram because these are useless people here and they are making us do every work and now we are pregnant we can’t do it so, can’t You arrange that we go back?” The ashramites said, “There is no room for them.” Poor girls are suffering so, no use having separate houses. The second point was brought out that they all are studying here. They come for sahaja yoga. Some gentleman is studying for ten years and his wife is earning – that’s not proper. Studying, he didn’t come here to study and because of studies he has no time for sahaja yoga or anything. He’s taking advantage of something so great, so that one should not do.

Of course you can study also but first thing is sahaja yog. You have come all the way, you have to first of all, spread sahaja yog otherwise you’ll be failing God, you’ll be failing Me and every way it shows a very mediocre effort for anything and whatever success you might get also will be very limited and will not give you real pleasure while if you’re doing sahaja yoga, you can achieve a lot even in your studies. I know of a child, whose father was sick, who came to see Me and I cured him. When he went back he told his son about his cure so the son started meditating and when he was meditating, the son gradually – he was supposed to be a bad student – and when he started meditating, you won’t believe, he stood first in the whole of U.P. that is, a, I don’t know, how many million people live in that Province; In the whole, in Matriculation. It has not happened in My family with anybody – I was surprised how this boy could be so highly placed. We had first class and all that but never the one who can top the whole list of millions of students. And this boy just, he had never met Me, just meditated – who was supposed to be a bad student – has done so well. So, your faith in meditation should not be lost, firstly and also correcting yourself every time you find something wrong – please be humble about it – try to find out. Rather worried about these children you see going down there – stream.

Is it a very big stream or an ordinary? – Very small. – Is it very deep? – It’s not very deep, Mother – Shri Mataji – Shallow, it’s alright. But somebody should be with them. A little child going that side. – Can somebody go? – There’s somebody with them. – Mother, unka parivaar hai. (Their family is with them) – Go from that side, I think.

Their mummy is there. – Unka parivaar hai,[ THEIR FAMILY IS THERE] Shri Mataji. – Is it their family or our? – Unka parivaar hai [THEIR FAMILY IS THERE] [HINDI – Sab unka nahin kuch apna bhi hai Mere khayal se] Not all theirs, some of ours is also there, I think. There’s a lady with them, haan. I think, if you all manage your own children, there won’t be problem. Every time I see a child going; Look at that girl. – Unka parivaar hai? [ Is it their family?] – Ji Shri Mataji, sab unhi ka hai.

Yeh moti waali ja rahin peeche [Yes Shri Mataji, all their family. That fat lady going behind] Annh The elder brother has to look after the little baby – that’s good, that’s very good. So, to come to a very happy note we have to say that with all this happening, I’m sure, you all sahaja yogis will move very fast and develop your sensitivity. This time also another problem came up because Baba mama made a very big program for you to come down to India. Until the last minute nothing had happened and I didn’t know what to do also. It was a very, very interesting program. Have you been through the whole program any one of you, annh? [UNCLEAR] you’ve been through? How did you enjoy? It’s such a nice thing and we got it on a concession also – whole thing – and people saw tigers and they also saw that river.

It was very nice. You also came to Chhindwara? Good. So with, see, you should understand that if you have to come, you should decide beforehand – last minute is a big problem. And we know exactly how many are coming – I’m just giving you a practical difficulty – but we have to inform the Railways, we have to inform the buses, we have to cook, I mean, everything has to be done – the food and every way. If we don’t know how many people are coming, it’s very difficult. And you don’t have to do anything, you just have to pay money but the rest of the people who have to receive you, the rest of the people who have to organize everything, it’s very difficult. Still I don’t know how, this time, we managed everything. I was quite apprehensive because we couldn’t understand how many were coming, how they’ll be arriving; Some came directly from Bombay to Chhindwara, some came up to only to Poona – they stayed only in Poona. So all these haphazard things despite uh.. all kinds of miscalculations, it all worked out.

But still, it not so good as it should have been because it’s better to have a peaceful, proper, thorough working out of these outside things so at least, then you are much more peaceful within yourself and to enjoy the whole thing. But all the time if everybody is trying to put you up there and put you up there, it’s very difficult. When you don’t have to do anything – is the point – you see, you have to just arrive so, it’s better that you decide beforehand. But this time I don’t know, what has happened about the mess of the whole thing – is the money part and all that. It’s very difficult. We’ve been trying to calculate it and – some people brought the money recently in Calcutta about half the amount they paid. I mean, this sort of, so, you see, actually what I feel is that at least you should know what you’re going to do, what you want to do. How can it be last minute you decide? That I can’t understand the person. You know, I don’t have a secretariat or I don’t even have a secretary.

Under these circumstances, you are all people who are the secretaries, you are the ones who are organizing. It’s not that you are just coming there like guests and the rest are just looking after you. This time I would like you all come and help the Indians when they are organizing, when they are doing anything – you must help them. That would be much better than to just come like great guests there and at the last minute to arrive, “Now, here we are – now do what you like.” [UNCLEAR – IT’S TYPICAL?] And you are getting shocks after shocks. This time specially, I don’t know, what had gone wrong, maybe the American trip might have clicked otherwise, the best are the Australians, as far as, coming is concerned. They are very systematic but this time it was so difficult to organize because they came at random, absolutely at random. So, I have to make a request on that point, that a month ahead means a beginning of November, if you could deposit the money and let us know that you are coming, it’s alright but otherwise we’ll have to say no, which you should understand, that’s very difficult to manage things there. Specially in London, they are very fed up with the people who are sending money, like this, in a haphazard way.

So, they, Dr. Spiro wrote a very strong letter for all the leaders that, “What are you doing, why can’t you organize it properly and all,” but I told him “It’s too strong, better not write like this, they’ll be alright.” “The next time Mother we will not do all this banking business.” I said, “I don’t know any accounting, how can I do it. You have to do the banking.” He said, “But this is not the way, they should come, we don’t know how to manage.” So, you see, that part also one should see that one has to be more practical, you see. If you are Divine, you cannot live in some cloudy atmosphere. You must understand what you have to do. Now, we have covered most of the things but I’m also worried about the children here. We had a very nice school which was finished without telling Me arbitrarily.

I wish that school was here but your leader has kindly accepted that he will see that the school is established for children because you are going for work and the children are left at home sometimes or in schools where they can get spoilt and they may not have the same culture that you have in sahaja yoga. So, if such a school – all of you should support and help and you can all build it up also; Some labour is to be given and you can work it out. So, if it works out well, I’m sure, your children will have a proper place to go. Another thing is about our school in India. We’re trying to do our level best to make the school absolutely streamlined but we have one problem. There are some children, very few, they are very dull; Most of the children are very intelligent, very good and the standard in India is much higher. Now these dull children are left behind and we really don’t know how to cope with them, what to do because we don’t want them to suffer also. Now, if you send them back, there will be a problem. But in India the system is like this – say, in the fourth class the children fail, then they are sent according to their aptitude to, some sort of a, farmer school or something. If they fail in a higher class, then again they are taken out – like that.Till the matriculation they go on diverting all such children – so they have some place in life.

But I don’t know how to do because our school is only academic and I don’t know how to put these children into various other schools where they can learn some sort of a craft or maybe, something else. So, is a very, very big problem and I don’t know how to solve it with the children who are dull. But I think, the parents are responsible for that and please see to it that your children are studying alright. You can see their books and see how much they have achieved in their education or not. Because individually you cannot pay attention to a person who is very low in understanding. This is the job of the parents here. Whatever you say, we are willing to do. We can put them in some other schools in India or we can work out something else for them but if they are dull, we don’t know what to force them on them, how to work it out and that, wish the blame should not come on our schools but more on the upbringing of the child, perhaps, maybe or maybe, some sort of circumstances which has made him like that. We have to be sympathetic about these children but we should find out something which is very, very congenial to them and which they can work it out better. This is another concern I have about our children there.

Maximum number of children come from Australia. This time we had to increase the fees – it’s not much. It’s thousand rupees is hardly fifty dollars. Fifty dollars is nothing here. I mean, for a shoe you pay much more than that. So, one should not object because if you want us to improve the teaching, you want us to improve all kinds of things like we are going to have music, we’re going to teach them horse-riding, uh.. house building so many other things they are being taught and we are getting six specialist teachers now from this year – they are going to work it out very much with them, children then you must understand, if you want to educate them very well, then you need more money. To think that India is cheap, is also wrong idea, absolutely wrong idea because this time I was surprised how the prices have gone up. About the same as your country. They are about the same. Apart from that, you see, the education in English schools – like My grandson is going to one English school there.

He’s paying seven thousand rupees, seven thousand rupees as a day scholar; So the school doesn’t pay for his food or anything. He’s paying seven thousand as a day scholar and seventy-five thousand for admission. So compared to that, it’s much cheaper for you just but if you send somebody to a very ordinary school in India, it might be cheaper. But for a special school or a school where English or a Cambridge University is interested, it’s very, very expensive. So, Cambridge University has accepted that they will allow our children to appear for Cambridge education also. If they want, they can study further. So all these things I have to communicate to all of you. They are working very hard to see that the whole thing is streamlined and they are provided with everything, very artistic things around them. Only problem which is between the parents and the teachers, is this that lot of home-work is given to the children to go home and study. One of the reasons is that, if you allow three months the children complete abandoned life, as you have in the West, they will go into problems – they cannot come back to normal then.

So, there should be some uh.. some way that you put them for studying something so their mind is in the studies because once they come here – you see, the children are like that that they’re not so career oriented, so they don’t want to study. They say, the first thing I met the children, they said, “Mother, we don’t want to study, ” so I said, “Then why are you here?” With Me they are very frank. “We don’t want to study, Mother, ” so but then, “What are you going to do here?” “We are going to play.” [LAUGHTER] “Can you imagine, so very frank!” But that’s what I say that the tendency of the Western children, is not career oriented while our children, if you tell them that, “We are going to stop your school,” – finished, I mean, they’ll be so disturbed so they’ll have to work very hard. The, on the contrary, the, here the tendency is to be playful and to be enjoying everything. So that has to change also; You have to tell them the value of their life. Mostly they are realized souls and very intelligent but they are sometimes too intelligent and they want to outwit even the teachers.

So, I’ve brought everything to your notice now that you can see for yourself how you’ll work it out with the children, how you’ll explain and also try to spend some time with them teaching them because they must come up to the same level – it’s very difficult, it’s a very, very big problem for us and if you can find a solution, please let Me know. Now, we are having a, again a program, this time, of Ganapatipule and all these people who want to marry, should really, give the forms and things much before time so that your leaders can read it and find out. Some of the marriages, very few, have utterly failed. i would there blame the leaders also that they should have studied the person what sort of person that is, what is the temperament, how it will work out. Say, the temperament is not alright or their professions are diagonally against each other, then it will not work out and this is where, I sometimes tell the leaders that they should scan completely the nature and the whole attitude of the candidates who want to get married and they should do at least for two years of sahaja yoga. If you have a very dominating woman who wants to marry, it’s better is not to have her or a dominating husband, better not have him. It’s not important how many numbers we have for the marriage. What is important, how many marriages are successful quality-wise. So, from that angle you should give a complete idea about the girl and a complete idea about the boy. It’s done in one month’s time, it’s such a vast work, I should say but despite that so many marriages are successful, luckily because of vibrations, but sometimes, you see, in a hurry and scurry, you can’t just feel any vibrations and it’s too difficult.

So, it’s the duty of the leader, no doubt, but also if you know something about the person, you should come and tell the leader that this is the situation is and that just now such a, the person is feeling like doing it but may not be able to carry on because temperamently such a person is not fit at all. So that advice will be nice. Specially also, just before getting married, if anybody thinks that has heard something from the boy or from the girl, which shows less confidence, you should come and tell on your own that, “Mother, there’s such and such problem, You just verify,” because this is eternal relationship for which there should not be any problem, I think and people should know that it is very important. So, if you know or if you find something, you must let us know about that couple that, “Mother, this was or whatever the problem is or they are talking, like this, among themselves.” That will solve the problem because when the marriages fail, it has a very, very I [UNCLEAR], very, very deep damage done to children, done to them, done to the name of sahaja yoga. So, I wish all the luck for the marriages but still I would say, that whatever is done should be done with clear-cut understanding. Definitely we are working out well because out of all these marriages one in a while fails, so there’s nothing wrong. May God bless you! [HINDI – Ghar pe hi khana khayeinge] Will eat food at home only. – Ji Shri Mataji.

[HINDI- Thoda sa kuch dena chahte hain] Would like to give something. – [HINDI- Yeh kya hai] What is it? Every time [UNCLEAR] – [UNCLEAR] – Annh? – [UNCLEAR] – You’ve already given Me. – [UNCLEAR] Ohh, very good! – [UNCLEAR] – Beautiful! – [UNCLEAR – LIKE THAT?] – Absolutely, You may have seen but – The other way round, I think – [UNCLEAR] Ahhh! So many [UNCLEAR – CUPS?] So thoughtful of you!

You see, I wanted to buy for that – should not have wasted so much money. I hope this is made in Australia [LAUGHTER] – A lot of it [UNCLEAR] Australia – Is it? – Yes – Then it’s nice. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. So sweet of you but I don’t think there’s any need to do all that. Oh, I’m sorry, I should have helped her. It’s good. You bring it along. Thank you very much.

From your this thing? – Yes. You don’t get as sweet as [UNCLEAR] in Melbourne. – Had You been here a little later, they would have been sweeter still – It’s quite good. – Thank You. – It has a special taste – very – [HINDI – Khatta hai] It’s sour – [UNCLEAR] – Annh? Little sour. Thank you so. – Well – [UNCLEAR] – Where? – I [UNCLEAR] in the Pooja – [UNCLEAR] Shri Ganesha’s little hand after the pooja – Then there are eyes – The last of few moments after they sing aarti, then this just came.

Shri Ganesha is always protecting you. – This is His form – This is His form. His tusk is here, His head is [UNCLEAR] Beautiful! – Shri Mother, we need to [UNCLEAR] – It’s nice. – [UNCLEAR] So, how many are for marriages this time [LAUGHTER] If we could get the list, ahead of time, would be better – isn’t it? At least we start our this thing in the end of, say, end of November So, in October if you can get this and also money should start in October so that by the time – last time till the 15th of November there was no money so, – it created a problem for us quite a lot – We can make [UNCLEAR] in the beginning of November Mother – Ah, better is beginning of the November but the marriage list also should follow because then we can the sit down and do it. Last minute when you are running from one place to another, you have to do it – that’s not the way to do. – We go now. – Ji, Shri Mataji – Now enjoy your picnic. – [Hindi – Kaise ho?

]How are you? – [UNCLEAR] Wow! Which one is this? – Annh! – [Hindi – Bole jaise hi Aap aaye woh phoolne laga season mein] They’re saying as soon as You came, it started flowering. Thank you. – Annh? – [INAUDIBLE] – Can’t hear. – [ Hindi – Batein karna chahti hain Aapse. ]She wants to talk to You.

[UNCLEAR N INAUDIBLE] – Tonight, I’ll see them. Busy. Ah! – [UNCLEAR – AVI?] Swaroop? – She’s very good Shri Mataji – She’s here? – She’s here. – Isabel you’re going? She’s, Elizabeth hai nahin? You’re going to.. – To?

Sydney – Sydney? – Sydney. Yes Shri Mataji. May God bless you. [MARATHI] [MARATHI CONVERSATION]] [MARATHI CONVERSATION] [MARATHI CONVERSATION] [MARATHI CONVERSATION] You come. I would love to see people who are really in problem and have some [UNCLEAR]. Nice, is it? Different taste – isn’t it? – [UNCLEAR] – Jai Shri Mataji You didn’t do this, it’s just This one? But even the ears You are a sahaja yogi, that’s why – remarkable!

This, this thing is [UNCLEAR] quite a lot Unnh? [UNCLEAR] They will never believe if you tell them. It’s a fact there, it’s reality; Difficult for people to understand this but it’s a fact. Done it very well with such a feeling. Only in this photograph it has come? Only? [HINDI – Dekho yeh sar ke upar aur yeh kaan mein] See this above the head and in the ears. – Sahaja yoga is so remarkable! – Yes. – Surprised.

May God bless you! Must ask for miraculous photographs all of you – that’s very important. I don’t know, if it is convincing to other people but at least [UNCLEAR] What’s the matter? – What happened to you? Annh? Kya keh rahe? – Cancer hai. – Cancer. Of what? Cancer of?

bone? Backbone? Backbone has got the cancer? Where? On the back side? They removed it? -[UNCLEAR] – Annh? -[UNCLEAR] – [UNCLEAR] – there breast cancer to begin. Hmm. You have to give a three candle treatment – let’s see how it works out.

She might feel better. Did you feel the cool breeze in the hand? What were you doing before you were a house-wife? What work you were doing? Hunh? – [UNCLEAR] – Accountant? – [UNCLEAR] in a shop Very right problem is there. Doesn’t matter. You try three candle to begin with and then we’ll see. The doctors are saying it’s gone in the backbone?

The whole of it? [UNCLEAR] – Just see on her head. Take a bandhan and see on her head. Take a bandhan – You should take a bandhan first and then see – Felt. – On her head? – On her head. – Hot? One hand towards Me. Hot? – Quite hot?

Very hot. – Center heart Hold you breath, hold your breath. Leave it. Please hold your breath again. Now, leave it. Once again hold your breath Leave it. – What? – Very sorry [UNCLEAR] but as soon as [UNCLEAR] situation and I can get it and she will be better. – [HINDI – Kya cheez?] Which thing?

[HINDI – Homeopathic ki davai milti hai, usse theek hoti hain. ]She gets better with homeopathic medicine. – That’s not [UNCLEAR] – To get it there at the system but… – It’s very much deep in her. – Yeah. – Better try three candle plus homeopathic you want to. – Yeah. Starts with the center heart, that’s why. Alright, May God bless you! [HINDI – Saara sir garam kar diya] Whole head has become hot. – Yeah – [UNCLEAR] – What?

[UNCLEAR] – she’s had an accident and she’s in hospital [UNCLEAR] – What are you telling? – She’s a sahaja yogi and she fell from a horse and she has [UNCLEAR] – Fell from the horse? – Yeah – from the horse – and she has a weak [UNCLEAR] – She’s also sahaja yogini? – No and she was [UNCLEAR] realization – Annh? – We gave her vibrations, all the yogis – [UNCLEAR] we could felt the Kundalini, Mother – See, how she’s dressed – Yes – so, she’s not very respectable woman – [UNCLEAR] gave her realization, we the sahaja yogis – Left Nabhi she has – Yes, left Nabhi, left Swadishthan also – Fell down? – Yes, she fell down on the left side that’s why it is come – but Kundalini is – Annh? – Kundalini is up. She [UNCLEAR] Kundalini trying to – She’s in coma? – Yes. Let’s see.

I don’t know What’s the need of a such a big woman to sit on a horse? [LAUGHTER] She did not understand, mad – she’s a grown up woman with children, everything – and she didn’t even know how to ride a horse – Annh? – First time – She didn’t even know how to ride the horse – She did not know at this age she started – No – At this age she started – First time Stupidity personified at this age! Her husband should have told her – extrovert! Alright. May God bless you! There’s no wisdom in this kind of thing. I know of a lady – some Lord’s wife – and she was 83 years of age. We had dinner with her previous night. Second day we read in the newspaper, she’s fallen from the horse and dead.

83 years – what was the need for this 83 year old woman to jump on the horse. They don’t mature – cheapish, childish people. I mean, there should be some dignity of age, of some understanding. – Not understandable, Mother. – Can’t help it, forget it. There’s no wisdom – but this is an English lady I’m telling you about. American ladies, the worst; There’s nothing in their heads, I think. They don’t understand value of their life. Alright, May God bless you! They do it After sahaja yoga, one can see the wisdom of all this nonsense.

May God bless you! Hello! She’s going [LAUGHTER] So, you all have to sing a song for Me – all the little children. Alright? – Mother, this is about [UNCLEAR] photos – Alright, thank you. – You’re [UNCLEAR] London. You were there? – India last year for your birthday, Shri Mataji. – Ahh! [UNCLEAR] Are you feeling better?

Bolo Shri Adishakti Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai! Ki Jai! Ki Jai! Thank You Mother.