An Ancient Knowledge

Sydney Town Hall, Sydney (Australia)

1994-04-06 An Ancient Knowledge, Sydney, Australia, 62'
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Public Program. Sydney (Australia), 6 April 1994.

I bow to all seeks of the Truth
I very thank full to Mr Henry Sank for addressing you and introducing me to you, that’s very kind of him it is the one the very rare occasions where I have seen people in authority have understood my work and have tried to help me. Whatever he said is really very remarkable that all these greater people like say lao-Tse who started Taoism, Buddha who was teaching buddhaism all of them talked about the oneness of human being with the nature…. and if you cannot combine nature with yourself then you cannot be called as a evolved soul in that thing I was telling him about yengsie river where he comes from same state Yengsie that yengise river I travelled through with my husband and it’s the one Lao-Tse has used for describing a human accent it’s a river which goes different angles and makes lots of currents and its very dangerous to ply through that but they are having an now a tourist arrangement to go through that and my husband was in marine time they invited us to see them so in that the message was that you see you are passing through a very beautiful land you see across the banks beautiful trees and very beautiful mountains which you see in the paintings of Chinese they are really like that but you should not get lost you have to go further you can watch these.. all these beautiful scenes sit down there enjoy yourself but still you have to go with the steam then you go further and further is described very well in his Tao Tao means that it is and it started showing in such beautiful scenes sometimes that I really felt that I should get out of the boat and sit down there but he was meaning that in your meditation when you are moving you should not get tempted by this outward fascination of nature also but you enjoy be one with it you just see it enjoy it and then he says that river flows closer to the sea that is the ultimate aim of the river then she becomes absolutely silent and she spreads out and then gradually she moves towards the sea ,, it’s such a beautiful description and I have seen it myself and I can understand the poet how he wanted to communicate that how the nature should teach us and how to be meditative within ourselves.
Buddha always talked about the central path and also he always said that our character is the main (Unclear) if you don’t have good character then it’s very difficult to ascent these were the days when really this was the position in India there were horrible cruel kings and then they were killing people just for land or something, this was so much in India that Buddha if he had not come it would have not stopped and gradually when the awakening came within them,, that this is something wrong they are doing… they should not kill human beings for just getting some land ,, what is the use of these things ultimately one came .. saw the blood flowing through one river and he got such a repentance about what he has done that he went to Buddha and told him that sir please save me and I am very guilty about what I have been doing and I don’t think I can leave any longer with this guilt, so Buddha pacified him and he became a Buddhist.
Now in Sahaja Yoga we have a way by which we become one with reality one with this all-pervading power so the first point is the truth is this that you are not this body this mind or this ego or your conditionings but what you are,,,, you are pure spirit which is said by Chirst said by all these great prophets everybody has said that and then second truth is that there is a all-pervading power of divine love you see the flowers of Sydney is so beautiful one better than the other see how they have grown we never think that there is something miracle about them it is a miracle the way they have grown out of the mother earth in such a beauty after all we cannot do that mother earth has done it and we take all those leaving works for granted we don’t even think who runs our heart we don’t even think who digest our food what is that energy which does all these things which controls our heights and everything else which is leaving so there is a power of all pervading love and that is the one which really has created us and that is the one which is going to give us our realization. This energy that is within us is what we call as the kundalini he must have told you about it,,is the reflection of this all pervading power which is settled in our sacrum bone,,, sacrum as u know is called secret by the people who were Greeks, they were not Indians and they called this as secret bone I asked the curator why you call it as sacrum he said we were told its secret bone and there is a energy of the mother inside it ,, I was amazed that these Greeks knew about its so surprising that for ancient times we knew about in India about this energy within us .. but somehow or other it was tradition not to not to talk about it or give self-realization people a mass …like one teacher will have only one student one guru will have one disciple that all and he would just select one out of thousands and give realization to one and tell him the secret of kundalini ,, it was going on for ages together till the 12th Century there was big poet we had a very great poet who at the age of 31 years wrote tremendous secrets about the spiritual life I mean it’s unbelievable at this young age because he died after that and then he is one who wrote in his book after taking permission from his guru that this kundalini is one she does all the job but people who were in charge of Hindu religion at the time were just like priest every where they said this chapter is no good this is nischit we are not deal with this it is to be avoided so no body paid attention to that fact but in the 16th century we had lots of poets in our country who has sang the praise of this kundalini also in bible there is that I will appear before you like ton of flames and these chakars look like that.
Inside they are very mild tangs of flames so all these things though little bit described in the bible, described in the Quran everywhere but there was no proper intelligible knowledge about kundalini I would say, though in India they have, there was a kind of a …you can call religious experiments which were called as NathPanthis these people are the same who had only one disciple one guru sort of things but on later on it just spread out and we had lots of people in the 16th century who started talking about kundalini and saying about it that’s how we have this knowledge in that county since long, but after the British came it all became nonsense and nobody bothered for 300 hundred years and all these knowledge has gone into kind of a cupboard from where it came out know I knew about it myself but I wanted to find out a method by which we could give realization a mass not to one person if you give to one person everybody will get after or crucify him or kill him or give poison or get out now the time also has also come this time that we say in the bible is the judgement the last judgement but in Quran it very clearly written see how all the truths are the same everywhere the Quran it is written that at this time is they call as Qiama the resurrection time you hands will speak and they will witness against you so actually when get your realization you start feeling energy in your hand and you can verify,, you can verify what centres are catching and its tangible as you know that in Delhi there 3 doctors who have already got MD for curing in curable diseases through Sahaja Yoga.
Now for diagnosis you don’t have to go in to that horrible curling experiences of diagnosis just you feel it on your fingertips you can know what wrong you and its absolutely curable I tell you frankly that definitely people have been cured of blood cancers, they have been cured about 9-10 years back they are still living and they quite hale and hearty. We have seen that people who are suffering from all kind of incurable diseases are curable, but they have to enter into a new state of awareness that is what we call as Sahaja Yoga state where you become one with this divine power then this power starts flowing through you. Most of the world’s problems, if you see come from human beings not from nature more from human beings and nature, reacts to it. Now when you get these problems you start running about hear and there and trying to find out solutions, the solution is within, within our centres when these centres are jeopardy you get all these physical, mental & emotional problems for your self and for the whole society for the whole world. So now what should we do? Is to correct these centers, by the awakening of this Kundalini which passes through six centers these centres get enlightened and that enlightenment cures them nourishes them and integrates them then you are completely one with this all-pervading power and the correction becomes permanent at that time they say that it starts flowing through you, you can feel it on your fingertips and by that you develop all your potential powers which are so many so many that in this small lecture I am not able to tell you the whole, but some of them I will be able to tell you that the first thing happens to you that you achieve a state of peace. You are thinking of tomorrow or of yesterday past and future but present we not there. Present is not known to us and reality is in the present so when you are thinking of the past and future you are jumping on the cusp of those thoughts in between these thoughts there is space which we call as Vilamb in Sanskrit is the pause and that is the time when you are in present which is very short and that’s why you can never be in the present.
So, when the kundalini raises your attention is driven inside and these thoughts expand in the sense that they elongate and there is the space in between is quite big thus you establish yourself into a new state new dimension of your awareness which we call as thoughtless awareness that is the meditation. You cannot do meditation you have to be in meditation is a state then there is no thought but you are fully aware. Whatever you see is recorded like a picture in your mind and such tremendous changes take place in human beings they are surprised like very ordinary person who was playing once a instrument before me was very boring to begin with and suddenly I don’t know what happened to him his kundalini was awakened and he was playing such beautiful music and today he is world famous man. There are very powerful Sahaja Yogis in the world now and I am so very happy that this has happened to people that they have felt their own energy and they have felt their own peace. The second state which you achieve what we call, this is the thoughtless awareness and the second one is called the doubtless awareness. Patanjali in his yoga as said called them as Nirvichar samadhi and Nirvikalap Samadhi now these two states if you have achieved then all your powers you know what you have you know all your inner being you know your chakras and you know all three. autonomous nerves system like para-sympathetic, sympathetic systems everything you know, and you know how to control them how to improve them how to work them, so you become your own master.
Firstly, when you are awakened firstly what you get is all your talents for example: I see Australians are great artist I have seen people who have come to Sahaja Yoga become such deep artist and such beautiful artist aesthetically so rich. It is because whatever you know is very little and whole dynamism of your creativity just explodes and you start producing things which are very soothing which are very beautiful which makes every one so happen its not some sort of nonsensical thing you do some choir thing just to please the people and show off that you are a great designer this and that no, you do it natural, honest reproduction of what you feel and that feeling is absolutely divine and thus you produce really classical beautiful things which is very surprising how modern these children have taken to, normally the modern art as you know is mostly understood by the artist himself nobody else can understand there, because they just go mad and do all kinds of things. In this also you may do modern art means in the sense that you break all the lines and everything, but what you find that whatever you do is extremely soothing and natural and one with the nature and anybody who sees that will say who has made this sort of an expression of the true feeling from within nothing artificial nothing vulgar nothing nonsensical. In the same way the musicians than other things in every art I was I have been really amazed how Sahaja Yoga, I have this Sydney Sahaja Yogis singing to you this Marathi and Sanskrit songs and Hindi songs which not even Indians can sing they cannot sing so well I mean if you hear them from outside nobody will know that they are people from Australia they are Australians as if some Indians are singing very difficult its very India singing is extremely difficult people practice for years together to achieve this. Not only that they know it but also so many of them know it by heart and I don’t know how they have picked it up this I just don’t understand then they come and sing in India even so many artists have said now we are ashamed the way these people are doing at such young age how they have picked it so well they sing in such beautiful unique all these things happen to you. Secondly it happens that so-called religions that you have you follow somebody will say I Buddhist, somebody will say I am Christian and I am Hindu Muslim anything they can commit any sins its outward its just the label like one girl met me and she was saying I am born again I said you not you just label yourself as born again you not unless or until you get your realization you cannot be born again and once you are born again you get the quality of a personality who is born again has so many powers so compassionate so peaceful you not I said you are in a deluge she asked me are born again I said of course I am and you can be also if you want but if you want to carry on with artificial levels what can you do what would have they done to anyone so the artificial drops out so the real personality starts expressing itself as far as the religion is concerned you become absolutely righteous. The other day I was reading about the genes and I was amazed to hear that the Asians have the two genes to protect them but the western people have none. Now the two genes are that within us one is I would say comes mother may be with the father or the society or whatever it is but one we call in Sahaja sin against the mother or sin against the father out of which the left side when we are there we are sinning against the mother means we become immoral we don’t know what is morality we start playing with things which we should not then we get in trouble we get diseases this that all sorts of problems because there is no protection so we are very vulnerable all kinds of indulgences and all kinds of habits that we form which are self-destructive is sin against mother the another gene is the one that protects you against the sin against the father and sin against the father is to be dishonest to be corrupt not to believe that god is your father why should you do all these thing so this kind of sin also we start doing both these genes that are protective are created after Sahaja Yoga within and you just don’t do wrong things i have seen people from west how they were they give up all kinds of nonsense we never have the problems of somebodies wife running with somebody and somebodies daughter running away with somebody some rape and all that its out of question they have thousands and thousands of Sahaja Yogis and they come together many times I have never seen them quarrelling, fighting have any violence or anything so this is the sin against father and sin against the mother just is sort of establish that they just don’t do it they dress up properly they live properly they don’t take to drugs they don’t take all these things now you know the progeny how it is facing the effects of this modern life like see the children are left to dogs they become so horrible I have seen Miami with my own eyes children who are only 12 years of age carrying revolvers and were selling drugs because the law is such that do not punish 12 years old children in the jail so people are taking advantage these children and they are behaving like this there are children’s killing their parents there are parents who are killing their children this kind of violence is the sin against the father so both ways you see if there is sort of a attack what will happen to such (unclear 23.15) is important one has to take to spiritual life and the spiritual life of not outside that you just go to church sing some hymn numbers this and that and come home this is no that this has to be innate within yourself you have to be honest you have to integrated with yourself and then this innate religion will tell you that you belong to the religion which is universal religion which encompass all the religions which respects all the great incarnations all the prophets every one every religion is a flower on the tree of life of spirituality but you have taken away that flower and you are fighting with dead flower this mine this mine you have no claims and is the dead flower which is now petrify and that’s how you see in every religion what problems are coming how people are suffering how they are fighting all kinds of things are happen so people become they say we don’t believe in god they become atheist when they become atheist also they doing wrong and those who believe in god in such a way are also wrong it’s a blind faith with Sahaja Yoga I must tell you one thing you shouldn’t have blind faith if you feel the experience of realization then of course as honest people you must accept respect it and go-ahead with it and grow but if you don’t feel the experience you shouldn’t tell lies you should come again and again see that you get your realization there are so many things as I told you I could tell you but only the attention part I told you that attention gets Enlighted and where you put you attention it works it helps so in a way you start living collectively you start feeling that you are part and parcel of one whole being the microcosm becomes macrocosm a drops becomes the ocean and that’s how the whole world can become one one day and all these problems and things will go away because through Sahaja Yoga you know absolute truth everybody knows the same truth no quarrel as you are watching me I am sitting down hear all of you feel the same about everything so there are no discussions no arguments no fighting’s nothing and really you become a peaceful personality you emit peace as I told you so the highest thing is that you enter into to the kingdom of the god somebody told me today mother they people don’t know what is kingdom of god so I said they have to enter in to see unless and until I enter into this hall how will I know what this hall is like so once they enter into it they write to me that mother we are now in the kingdom of god because you start drowned into you feel you are drowned into the ocean of joy and joy is not double like happiness and unhappiness supposing you have your ego is pampered you feel very happy that I am such and such I have got this and if any is punctured you feel unhappy but joy is singular in that state from where you witness your life in a one lecture program I don’t think I will able tell you all about it must have give four thousand lectures in only English language so I have to tell one thing that today whatever is happening in Sahaja Yoga is the culmination of your evolution culmination of all spiritual work that people have done on the same prophets and incarnations and is the last judgement for you so that you enter into the kingdom of god Sahaja means born with you saha is with Ja born with you is the right to become united which means yoga with these all-pervading power it is your birth right because you are born at this time and this should happen but after that please remember that you might feel very great about it and you may just enjoy it individually but it’s not an individual growth you have come to our centers you don’t have to pay for it some people think that this is an introduction letter so there no payment so you cannot pay for living thing how can you pay how can pay for the seed which is planted in the mother earth how can you pay to the mother earth or to the seed its all built in in the same as built in you of course for formally I use to come Australia with my own money and all that but now we have so many Sahaja Yogis that they want pay for my travel may be for this hall they might have paid but you don’t have pay for your self-realization and all the knowledge of your being inner being your powers and everything for that you don’t have to pay all these little expense which is very little partly I should say are taken over by so many Sahaja Yogis that you have in Sydney itself you have lots of Sahaja Yogis they told me there 22 centers in Sydney so you all can take full advantage of it but you must respect yourself you must respect your self-realization after all you must be something special to get it so please don’t neglect it there is no mesmerism to keep you attached to Sahaja Yoga there is no other temptation but one that you have to be one with this all pervading power and this Kundalini is the pure desire the power of pure desire you are aware of if it or you may not be aware of it that you have only one pure desire is to be one with all these pervading power because all other desires if you see once they are fulfilled they are of no importance to you so its said that in general wants are not satiable you never feel satisfied but after this complete satisfaction comes in to you and you start enjoying everything enjoying other people enjoying your own relations enjoying the whole world this is such a blissful time that you are born take full advantage of it and take full attention to yourself and understand that just by leveling yourself as something you don’t become that do not fight for something that is artificial but achieve something that is real. Thank you very much I hope after one year again I will back come back here and meet you by that time all of you will grow like big trees of spirituality giving such vibration and realization that power will have you can give realization you can cure people you can help people some people who have never been orators have become great orators of Sahaja Yoga and all over the world you have brother and sisters who are sincerely yours,,, May God Bless you. Thank you very much (Clapping from audience) can you ask them to put off the light so that I can see the people.
There is one thing more that I cannot force self-realization on you all of you can get must just have confidence all can get it but if you don’t want have it I cannot force on you I respect your freedom and I have to request people if they don’t want to have it they should the hall that’s much better and otherwise I am sure it will work out for all of you. (Unclear 31:50)
Again, I would request those who want go should leave will be good idea it takes 10-15 minutes not more than that but its… you go beyond your mind you go on think about it that these then it won’t work out …………………. (Unclear 33:43)
So, before we start I have to tell you there are three conditions which very simple conditions first one is that you have to be fully confident that you all will get your self-realization, so it follows the second condition that you should in no way feel guilty about anything ……. it’s a fashion also to feel guilty all the time saying sorry sorry sorry even on the phone we use say I beg your pardon but people say sorry sorry sorry it’s a fashion to feel guilty its really a fashion if you have done anything wrong just face it that moment and just leave it but you carry with it and that works on left Vishuddhi here which is very very important thing because if your left Vishuddhi is caught up then you can get spondylitis which is a very horrible disease or another one which is called angina or you may get very lethargic organs so this is such an important center which you are spoiling just with you your imaginary haa imaginary style of thinking that you are guilty that you done this wrong you should not done that wrong and you feel guilty, of course everybody has right to feel guilty I cannot challenge that they can feel everybody has right event to cut their throat but as mother I am saying better not why to do something which is injures to us which is good for nothing and at this moment when you are about get your realization you miss the point this is the greatest thing that you are going to you have all your powers are going to express themselves all you glory you are going to know at this time what is the use of feel guilty and condemning yourself so just what you have to say in your heart is that mother I am not guilty at all that’s all you don’t have to do anything but in your heart please say just now in your heart that mother I am not guilty at all second point so now two conditions I have told you.
The third condition is very simple the third condition is that you have to forgive everyone according to some people its very difficult they cannot forgive but logically try to understand if you forgive or don’t forgive what do you do nothing both ways you do nothing you just think I cannot forgive I cannot forgive but if you don’t forgive then you play in to wrong hands if you don’t forgive then you play in to wrong hands definitely because the person who has harmed you or troubled you will always try to deviate the matter he wont bother to see that I have trouble that person or anything but you are one the one who will be troubling yourself and all the time torching yourself all the time saying that I cannot forgive this man I cannot forgive man that person might have even forgotten you all so there is no logic in it but who ever when you do not forgive then center Agnya which is the on optic chiasma is like this constructed like this absolutely like this and to open this you have to forgive otherwise how will the kundalini pass it has to open only by forgiving every one you don’t have to think about whom you have to forgive what they have given how to forgive how to do it just say that I forgive everyone in general don’t have to think about them at this moment if you say that you feel much lighter these are the three conditions we have and I think it’s not difficult to do it if you see the logic behind it………….. now as I told it take about 10-15 minutes that’s all…. All those who want to do it can do it those who don’t want it I cannot force so they should leave they are very simple things for which people object now I don’t know if it’s too much to do but if you can take out your shoes it helps a lot this mother earth helps us she is leaving body and she sucks in our problems she sucks in our heat so I will be thank full if could take out your shoes and keep them away even this could be a too much of condition for the western people sometime in England……. it’s no so cold also you can keep your socks on now,,,, you are quite comfortable and sit comfortably you don’t stand on your heads you don’t have to go to the Himalayas nothing no starvation no fasting nothing its something inside it has nothing to do your outside behaviour and surprisingly it’s all there intact if of Couse if you are suffering from some diseases may be you have been to some guru who has harmed you something then maybe it may not work but that’s 1% but even those who do not get realization can get it later on and there Sahaja yogis who can give realization there is no problem on that … you are here means you have already entered in to kingdom of the god that you desire to have your self-realization is the biggest thing now what we have do is to put both the hands like this towards me comfortably again very comfortably you can if you have the hand rest you can put it on the rest or like this both hands towards me now these are two powers alright now (Shri Mataji to Sahaja Yogi – will you go ahead a little bit there and show them because everybody should see I think looks unclear 40:57 )
Can you see him all of you? Alright, So ha …better ha better,,, now you put both hands like this as these two powers are different we have put both the feet apart from each other ….now please put your right hand on your heart …now we will show you what you will have to do.. In the heart resides the spirit that’s the reflection of god almighty if you become the spirit you become your own master so take down you right hand on lower portion of the abdomen on the left hand side we are just working on the left hand side and here is the center of your mastery which is created by great masters and prophets which you have to awaken now pls take your right hand the lower portion of your abdomen on the left side again surprisingly this the center of pure divine knowledge will later know how it works its very interesting now raise your hand again in the upper portion of your abdomen please and then raise your right hand on your heart again now put right your hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn head to the your right this is the center I have told when you are guilt it is caught and how it is in dangerous now take your right hand on top of your forehead across put down your head this is the center for forgiving others now please take your right hand on back of your head push back your head these are all the centers now this center very important without feeling guilty without counting your mistakes for your satisfaction you will have to ask forgiveness from this all-pervading power then please stretch your palms fully stretch your palms fully this is the last center which is on the fontanel bone area so put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area which may be hot which may be cool now push back your fingers this is important please push back your fingers so there is good pressure on your scalp please bend your head as far as possible and now move your right hand fully moving the scalp with the pressure seven times please bend your heads that’s important hhmmm that’s all we have to do now again please close your eyes and you will have to open them till I tell you but before that see that your both the legs are feet are apart from each other left hand is on your lap or comfortably put toward me like this now put your right hand on your heart you can take out your spectacles it will help you moreover till I tell you please don’t open your eyes now close your eyes slowly not with pressure but slowly delicately now don’t worry about where your thoughts are what you have to do concentrate nothing kundalini will do all the job you just leave it alone ……………
Now here is the centre of your spirt so here you have to ask a fundamental question about yourself to me you can call me mother you can call me Shri Mataji so please ask a question “Mother am I the Spirit” please ask the question in your heart “Mother am I the Spirit” three times ….. I have told that if you become the spirit you become your master because in the light of your spirit you know what is to be done your spirit guides now please take you right hand on the left-hand side of your abdomen in the upper part and press it…. here you ask me another question three times in your heart “Mother am I my own master” mother am I my own master “ mother am I’m my own master “………………….
I have already told I respect your freedom and this pure knowledge cannot be given to you with force so you have to ask for it, so please take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and ask six times because this center has got six petals mother please give me pure divine knowledge you have to ask for it I cannot force on you please ask six times ,,,, as soon as you ask for pure knowledge the kundalini starts raising like a premoule (48:12) in seat and is going upward now so we have to help the higher chakras with our self confidence so now please put your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and here you have to say with full confidence because this is the center for your mastery “Mother I am my own master” please say ten times “Mother I am my own master” now please raise your right hand on the heart I have already told that your are the pure spirit you are not this body this mind this conditioning this egos this emotions but you are the pure spirit so now here you ask twelve times you have to say with full confidence twelve times “Mother I am the pure spirit” “Mother I am the pure spirit” I have already told you that if you feel guilty and if you don’t forgive yourself you develop a problem for your left Vishuddhi which is very dangerous for your health as well as for your self-realization so at this moment you have to forgive yourself fully so now raise your right hand in the left corner of your neck and shoulder and put your head to your right here you have to say sixteen times with full confidence in yourself “Mother I am not guilty at all” please say it sixteen times have faith in yourself just say I tell you are not guilty you are human beings and human beings can commit mistakes you are not gods so please say it with full confidence sixteen times ……most intricate part is that you have to forgive every one without thinking about them in general if you don’t forgive then this chakara will be completely constricted and the kundalini won’t raise all your life you have torched yourself by not forgiving others and now at this moment if you don’t forgive this center wont open at all so you will miss again your self-realization you have to ask forgiveness from this all pervading power just for your satisfaction don’t count your mistake please don’t feel guilty in now way now put your right hand on your back side of you head and push back your head as far as possible and here you have to say,,,,,, ho divine power if have done anything knowingly or unknowingly something that is wrong please forgive me this also you have to say from your heart not how many times counting or anything from you heart you have to say ,,,,,,,,some people find it difficult to forgive themselves and some people find it difficult to forgive others now stretch your palms fully put the center of your palms on top of your fontanel bone area and push back your fingers now please bend your head again at this center I cannot force self-realization on you ,,, you have ask for it so please move you hands seven times please put down your head please put down your head please move your scalp with your hand with pressure because you have push back your fingers seven time slowly clock wise saying “Mother please give me self-realization” you have to say it unless or until you ask for it I cannot force it on you please say it.

Now please take down your hands please open your eyes slowly put both the hands towards me like this now put your right hand towards me like this and with the left hand you bend your head and see for yourself if there is cool or hot breeze coming out of your head could be hot if you are not forgiven don’t put the hand on top of your head its away from it and move the hand sometimes it can be very close or it can be far away so please bend your head and see for yourself there is a cool or hot breeze like sensation coming from the fontanel bone area and don’t doubt may be you might think its air conditioning and all but that there is no air conditioning in your head so see it if for yourself nicely now please put your left hand towards me and put the right hand now to see if there is cool breeze or a hot breeze like a sensation coming out of your head now turn your hand on all the sides you can also see if some people get it very far some people get it like a jet out some it is closes to the head it depends on the personality of a person alright now have another one right one right hand last lastly please put your left hand now bend your head and see for yourself there is cool or hot breeze coming out of your head its little further all you can see clearly if there is ,,,, now please put the both hands towards the sky and push back your head and here you have ask you a question any one of these questions you can ask three times the first question is you can see say is this the all-pervading power of divine love? Mother is this is the all-pervading power of the divine love the second question could be is this the cool breeze of the holy ghost? third question could be mother is the bramachaitinya? Ask any one of these questions three times now bring down the hands and put both hands towards me and watch me without thinking
All those who have felt the cool or hot breeze on their fingertips or on their palms or out of their fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in the childhood please raise both your hands to… every one of you may god bless you Sydney people I am so happy may god bless you now keep it down you have to come to the collective and keep it up to know the knowledge all over can I see this side all of you go it .. ho my god, it’s remarkable, this is side also …. (laughs) it’s really remarkable may god bless you its tremendous some didn’t get very very few one here one there so they can also come later on the stage and Sahaja yogis will give them realization no problem but we will have one song just before I leave I hope you will keep sitting till then and you can also clap so your hands become more active some songs that will give you nice clapping rhythm which one ha ? Hindi & Marathi conservation with Sahaja Yogis……………you put your hand like this it will increase with the song it will definitely increase with the songs ………….now just feel your vibrations just feel with this clapping how they have improved or not ……alright its much better the flow also you can see on your head much better as the lady had seen the one describe by lord may you can see on others head also if it is there or not with the desires you can see is there no on top here little it’s ok …………
Jai Shri Mataji…