Innately are we righteous?

Canberra (Australia)

1994-04-08 Innately are we righteous? Canberra, Australia, 91' Chapters: Introduction with bhajans, Talk, Self-Realization, Bhajan after programDownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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1994-04-08 Innately Are We Righteous? Canberra NITL-RAW, 91'
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Public Program. Canberra (Australia), 8 April 1994.

I think you can go down, there lots of seats still vacant.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.  At the very outset I have to tell you that truth is what it is.  You cannot transform it, change it and unfortunately at this human awareness you cannot know it. Now whatever I am going to tell you today,  you need not believe blind folded,  you have already suffered a lot because of blind faith.  But if it is proved,  then as honest people you have to accept it.  Because it is for the benevolence of your being,  for the benevolence of your society,  your city,  your country and the world at large.  

So one has to understand that we have not known so far the absolute truth.  If we had known the absolute truth,  there would not have been any problems whatsoever.  Because everybody would seethe same truth.  There cannot be so many types,  dogmas,  so many discussions, arguments whys and whats. If everybody sees the same point then who will fight? For example I am sitting before you,  you all see it clearly and you know it. You are not going to fight that I am here or not.  For that we need the last breakthrough of our evolution.  As human beings, still, we have freedom to think whatever we like but we haven’t got capacity to know the absolute truth.  If that is so and if there is a way out,  why not we try for it? They have been already told about this, this instrument that is within you.

I never see such a big one today [unclear]. In Australia everything is big I tell you. Very nice. I mean it can cover a very big hall as we had yesterday a day before we had three thousand three hundred people and this would have been better there.

All right, as it is this is the subtle instrument that is within us, is created through our evolutionary process.  As we learn, say, science and other things from western countries from Australia, from all Japanese countries and all that. We can see the civilization has grown so big and we do not know our roots. That’s why, what is happening is, people are waiting for a shock.Already they are very much upset. What has gone wrong with us that we should know our roots. Now if these roots are coming from East or from India why should we abhor it, why should we condemn it? Because it’s very important that we have to seek our roots and this is the knowledge of the roots.

The human problems actually cover all the global problems, most of it. And to solve them we have to see to this inner subtle instrument within us. When these centers are in jeopardy,then we get physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, political, all problems. Because, problems are caused by human beings and human beings are in trouble because of these centers. So if by chance, you know how to correct your centers and then to correct others centers also, you solve the problem.

Now this power that is being told as Kundalini, is called Kundalini because ‘Kundal’ means coils, it is coiled three and a half times. It has some mathematical calculations. Now this Kundalini when She is awakened She passes through these centers and She enlightens them. She nourishes them and She integrates. Ultimately She pierces through your fontanel bone area. In Sanskrit we call it Brahmarandra, pierces through and becomes one with this all pervading power. So you achieve two results.

So the truth about you is that you are not this body, mind, your ego, your conditionings. Because you say this is my ego, it is my conditioning, this is my house, this is my wife, my husband. So this ’my’, who is the ‘my’ there? So you become the ‘I’, the‘self’, that is the Spirit which you are! And the second truth is that there is all pervading power which does all the living work. Look at these beautiful flowers; it’s a miracle, if you see. There are different flowers from different seeds of certain heights, certain shapes, certain colour. And you take it for granted. You don’t even think about them how they have come out like that. Who runs our heart? The doctors will say autonomous nervous system. But who is the ‘auto’? So we never question anything about living process, because we can’t answer.

This living process is done by a very subtle energy, which you can call by any name, is the divine power of love. You can call it as ‘Ruah’ as in Quran, you can call it as ‘Brahma Chaitanya’ as in Sanskrit and as ‘Ritambhara PrAgnya’ by Patanjali. You can give it any name to it, is different but, it is a power which we have never felt before which is a subtle power which does all living work. So, as if, if you have not reached that source of energy, the whole development outside is collapsing. Also, supposing this instrument is not connected to the mains,then, it has no identity, it has no meaning. Why was it created? And everywhere these days I find the seekers are trying to find out their identity. So what is your identity, is that you are the Spirit, you are the Spirit and this Spirit is the ultimate that you have to become.

Once you become the Spirit, in the light of the Spirit you see the Truth. First of all on your fingertips you start feeling this cool breeze,‘Cool breeze of the Holy Ghost’, you can call it or this ‘all pervading power of divine love’. And when you start feeling that power, is… your body acts like a computer. You ask any question. There are many people who don’t believe, there is no God. I think it is very unscientific to say there is no God, because you have not found out. Without finding out how can you say there is no God? They have all kinds of funny stories even about Christ. They say He was not the son of God. How do you say? You are not at that point where you can decide, what is true, what is not. Just mental projections, they go on condemning all the great incarnations, and all the great prophets, and seers and sages because they are all blind. Kabira says that,”O God, how am I to explain to all these people who are blind in this world”. ”Kaise samajhaavu, sab jagah andha.”

So, Sahaja means, ‘Saha” means born, ‘saha’ means ‘with’, ‘ja’ ’born’. Born with you is the right to become a yogi, to have this union, yoga, with the divine. And it is very simple now. In the modern times it’s very simple. In the olden days there were people who were trying to give realization, self-realization. But they would have one or two disciples only. And will… they would not reveal the secrets about the Kundalini, so clearly. In the twelfth century [ie. 1200s] one great poet called Gyaneshwara, he asked permission from his master, his own brother was his master, that  ”allow me to talk about it and I will not do anything but I’ll just talk about it in my book, Gyaneshwari”. In the sixth chapter He wrote very clearly about it. In Sanskrit we had, fourteen thousand years back a great Markandeya who had written about it. Sixth century [ie. 600s] also Adi Shankaracharya wrote about it. But it was all in Sanskrit, was not available to common people. After this, after the twelfth century [1200s] many [when he] wrote it, the people who were in charge of religion said that this is a ‘nisiddha’, means is something not to be read by anyone. It’s not,because they didn’t know what to do about it. They had no idea, they had no knowledge. They had no knowledge about the divine and they were in charge religion, maybe making money.

So the second… Lot of people, saints came up in India. In the sixteenth century who have talked about it, all over the country, about this Kundalini. In the Bible also it is written that I will appear before you like ‘tongues of flames’, and these look like tongues of flames,very silent, beautiful. In these colours I’ve shown here, they look like. And some people have described them, those who have been moving around the circle.But, to enter into it … to be… Supposing I see the light, I am not the light. This is the point many people have missed, that you have to be not tos ee something. And once you become then you have so many powers within you that you start manifesting them. The other day there were some these ‘born again’people were just… like mad, were there shouting, shouting. I said you ”are not born again, what are you doing?”  They just call themselves ‘born again’,is not the way. As we call ourselves Hindus, Muslims, Christians, this, we are not! We are really not because anybody can commit any mistake can commit any sin. You may belong to any religion.

So there’s something missing within you and your religion. It is not innately manifesting within you. And that’s the point we have to be honest about it. That our religion and ourselves’ are not one with ourselves. As we can see some things, are we righteous? Innately are we righteous? We are not. And there are temptations and temptations, so what’s wrong? They do all kinds of things and as far as the religion is concerned, still what you find that the religion is not one with us. And so many bad things are happening, you see these Muslims being killed here, these Israelis are being killed and this, I mean it is really I can’t understand how can you do it in the name of God. Now this Bosnia problem is there and people are dying and eating each other’s body, that sort of thing, I mean, can you imagine in modern times such things are happening all over the world and it disturbs you completely.

That’s why is it they don’t want to see the point? There’s something missing. With all that we have to understand that if we have to solve the problem of religion, one thing we must know that all these religions were born on the same tree of spirituality. Only we have plucked the flowers. and now we are fighting with the dead flowers.Then where is the religion? Religion is this part that is shown as the green colour. You see the ten petals, the Ten commandments, ten petals and this is tobe awakened. That’s only possible if this Kundalini rises. She is your own power. She’s your own individual mother. She has recorded everything within Herself, what you have been doing,what was your past and what are your problems and what are your conditionings. All your ventures She knows. It’s like a tape recorder.

But She’s your mother and She is anxious to give you your second birth, very anxious, because these are some special times. I call them blossom time. In the Bible they say it is a ‘last judgment’ and in the Koran it is called ‘Khayyama’, is the resurrection time.Whatever you may call it. This is a special time when you are born and you are all seekers, you are born to seek the truth. Be honest about it that we have not yet achieved what we wanted. Out of whatever religion we follow, whatever way we worship God. Some people have some sort of satisfaction that, no, no Mother, we are very happy we have got this know … No that’s not so. With this happening, the first thing happens to you that you develop a new dimension in your, your awareness. Just now you are not even conscious of your centers. Then you know your centers on your fingertips, you can feel them also inside.

Like somebody will come and tell me  ”Mother, my Agnya is caught, please clear it out.” Meaning what? I am very egoistic. My ego is troubling me. Nobody would say that normally. Nobody will even think he has ego. But with this, you get separated from yourself and you see yourself and your problems. So the first thing happens to you, that you have self-knowledge. And the second thing that happens to you, that you have the knowledge of others. That is the collective consciousness in which sitting down here you can find out whose chakras are catching where. What’s happening where? What’s wrong with somebody? But you don’t talk the language as we talk about, oh this one is a corrupt man or he is just like that or he has this problem. No, we talk on chakras. This is what the Disciples of Christ were talking, the language of chakras. You say that this person has this problem,this person has this problem. And you start not criticizing, telling him anything.

But if you know how to correct your chakras, you can correct yours and you can correct others. This is the power you get which I call it is a collective consciousness. Because who is the other? Is what we say, the microcosm becomes the macrocosm. The one drop becomes the ocean. The consciousness of the ocean comes within. This is what is just getting at your threshold. You can get it. It’s very easy because it’s your own power and it manifests. So that you discover how glorious you are. How powerful you are. When this power starts flowing through you it corrects your chakras no doubt. But also in the light of your spirit your attention becomes very innocent. Christ had said ”thou shall not have adulteress eyes”. I would like to see any Christian nation where they don’t have people of this kind. So your attention becomes innocent and wherever you put your attention on, then what happens, it acts, it works. It works very well.

So you become a global personality, universal personality. You can spread your attention. But you become so compassionate, so compassionate that you never think of harming anyone. But anything that is harming;you just put your attention and correct it in your own life and the lives of others. It is unbelievable for people to think that they can be that dynamic and they can show those results, but they can. Is all these powers are within you. Please understand that I have nothing to do with it. It’s a living process. Like in the Mother Earth if you put one seed it sprouts by itself.Because the seed has the capacity to sprout and the Mother also has the capacity to sprout. It’s a built-in capacity. And when the built-in capacity is there, it just acts as a living process.

So far, at a human level we have all limited memories, limited energies, limited, we can call, intelligence and projection of mind. And they are mostly artificial. So you jump into reality and you understand what is realities. Yet you have not known the reality. So confused. What is reality? And the reality is that you are the Spirit. And that this all pervading power is flowing through you as realized souls. As you know the absolute truth, you can find out about anyone who comes and says, all right this is religion, this is God, or say this is correct in every area, in every part of your activities. Who is the correct man? How will you know? Who is the one who is telling you the lies and who the one who is just deceiving you? As it is, I am ashamed to say, say that from my country so many have come to loot you, take advantage of your ignorance.

But even there was one realized soul he would have pointed out that these are all thieves, don’t go near them. So this all pervading power is the ocean of knowledge. I’ve seen people who were very ordinary artists have become great artists, even Australia;musicians have become great musicians, talented. But those who were government servants, as most of you might be, who had nothing to do with art, maybe,suddenly become artists, poets. I was myself surprised because I have always… as you know my husband has been a hard-boiled bureaucrat and I’ve seen it,people transforming themselves into such beautiful personalities and doing good work now, working out everything so well.

So what happens, that supposing you are standing in the water in the sea and you are getting drowned because of the waves, but somehow you come on a boat, then you can see the waves and enjoy them. But in case you know how to swim, if you know how to swim you can save others. This is exactly what happens to you. It is also true that most of the diseases get cured, or if you are getting into any diseases, immediately know that you are getting into this trouble. Immediately, is not difficult, because on the centers you can feel it. What center is going out of gear and immediately you know, if you know how to correct it you are cured. You don’t have to pay any medicine .. for medicine or anything. Specially for diagnosis, I mean, normally a patient is killed before he is diagnosed, isn’t it? But in this the diagnosis is so easy, on your finger tips you can say what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with others.

And you become a very dynamic personality. You must be knowing, I am 71 years of age. A practically I am travelling every day. Tomorrow I am going to New Zealand early in the morning,having a program in the evening. This morning I came, I have a program. It is working out all right; I mean nothing wrong with Me. But I never think I am travelling, I think I am there as I’m sitting here on a chair, I am sitting inside aeroplane.

So the first thing that happens to you really is a new state of your mind which we call as thoughtless awareness. That happens, say, if you are thinking, you are thinking about the future or the past. If I tell you stand in your present, you cannot. Present,you cannot, you cannot. You are either thinking of the future or of the past.And the thought comes like that, rises, falls, again comes up, falls, like that. Now we are jumping on the cusps of these thoughts. But with the Kundalini awakening, these thoughts elongate and in between them is what we call is the pause, the vilamba where there is no thought. And you are absolutely aware, no thought, you are absolutely aware. You are without any thought, in your peace.That is how you achieve your peace.

It’s no use having peace foundations which I’ve seen. Many people who have peace foundations, peace awards, they are so hot-tempered that if you have to talk to them better have a barge pole in between. They get awards for peace and peace and peace. Such a lot of money they have collected for peace, but where is the peace, there is no peace within. So first you achieve your peace and you watch. As I said when you get onto a boat you watch. And when you see the problem you solve it better and if you are in it, you cannot.

So also one must know that this all pervading power is the source of all the blessings. So many blessings are showered on you. People are writing to Me every day, at least hundred letters saying „this has happened Mother”. „You know … this is My blessings”.”This was a miracle, that was a miracle”. Now miracle has lost, it’s power in Sahaja Yoga. „This happened to me, this happened to my health, this happened to my writings, this happened to my….” I was going in the plane and what, how I was saved and how in the accident I was saved”, so many of them. They can’t explain. So that we talk of God who blesses us. We never felt that way so directly as we feel it now. So much so that… I was ….I told somebody that ”you better compile them”. Within month’s time he said “Mother they haven’t come up to my head, now you tell me what to compile”. I said ”forget it”. Because, the ocean of blessings, believe Me, is ocean of blessings. It’s the ocean of compassion and love. It forgives. Above all it is the ocean of forgiveness, and it forgives. So, such a great power which is itself so powerful. They say that it starts flowing through. And it is everything is tangible.

Now if I say that diseases are cured. We have four doctors now in Delhi University who have got their MD [Doctor of Medicine] in Sahaja Yoga. It does cure also cancer. It cures so many diseases that I cannot in this short lecture tell you. But one should come as a seeker of truth. Not just to get yourself cured. Because you will be cured today, again you will have another disease. Best is to get yourself-realization fully and establish yourself. Sometimes these connections are loose so you have to establish.

And most evident is that you cannot pay. You cannot pay for living work. How much do you pay to Mother Earth? So you cannot pay. Everybody thinks that God has a bank or something and He, He earns money out of us. That’s your headache, money is your headache not His. So you don’t have to pay anything. It’s not like an introductory lecture here and then you go back and start paying somewhere else, not that. You cannot pay for self-realization. Ah! You can pay for this hall, maybe. But you can’t pay for this self-realization. And once you realize that what is your worth and value, you really give up nonsensical things. Like you belong to this group,you belong to that group and you follow this type of methodology or that. But what have you got? Now face it up. What power have you got? Tomorrow you can get cancer, you can get anything. One can become mad. I mean they are saying in America within ten years 65 per cent will be schizophrenic. Can you imagine?Already I think they are very immature people. And if they become schizophrenic, what will happen to this one,[world] and they are so important.So there’s something going wrong, we have to understand and we have to correct it.

The greatest thing that happen to you that you enter into the kingdom of God. No more in the kingdom of any country, but in the kingdom of God where you are drowned in joy, you are swimming in joy. What is joy? Joy is not like happiness or unhappiness. If your ego is pampered you feel happy and if your ego is punctured you feel unhappy.But joy is singular. You just enjoy, anything, anything nice, beautiful without desiring to have it.

Now this power that is within you is the primordial Mother who is being reflected in you as Kundalini. Surprisingly in many religions they have not talked of the primordial Mother, like they have the father, the son and the Holy Ghost. They have never said a word about the Mother, the feminine part of it, I don’t know. Especially with Bible, I think Mr Paul must have done it. Cause I don’t know why he is in the Bible. He never saw even Christ. All such things have happened. Woman is the shakti, she’s the power and if you treat her like that then she becomes something else. She is no more a woman. Is a saying in Sanskrit, ”Yatranaryastu pujynte, tatra ramante devanta”. „Where the women are respectable or respected, respectable- they have lost the sense of respectability, of chastity- there resides Gods.”

 So all these things also, these ideas of condemning men or women or this and that and making divisions and divisions against divisions, it is never there. It’s the synthesis, internal synthesis of the whole human beings, is the whole world is going to take place. As you know Sahaja Yoga is now working in sixty nations. Of course India, it is all right,because we in India we have this tradition. They know what is self-realization.But in Russia where they never knew who is God. You won’t believe that I can’t hold a program on such a small scale there, minimum of minimum, sixteen to eighteen thousand people, a very learned, very learned people. See, there are scientists, there are doctors. And the scientist I started on science, they said ”Mother, we know science everything, now we don’t want to know anymore science. You tell us why are we on this earth and you tell us about divine laws. We don’t want to hear any more about science, had enough of it”.

Can you imagine they have bestowed a very great honour on Me. St. Petersburg University, I don’t know if he has told you or not. But surprisingly, it’s one of the oldest universities and there are having only ten members so far been and Einstein is one of them,you see. I said how, I felt very, [unclear] I felt very shy with the whole thing. They said why Einstein? Einstein only worked on matter, you are working on human beings. I said I am not working; it is their own desire is working,their own power is… So they are so sensitive, I can’t understand. Seventy percent of Russians are extremely sensitive to spirituality, all eastern bloc. We have been busy with our materialism, with our choices this …. where are we landed? And when they had the coup I was there, and I asked them aren’t you worried. Aren’t you worried about this coup? They said, ‘Why? Why should we worry? We are in the kingdom of God, why should we worry?’ Simple answer. Such lovely people they are! They had never known Me, they… They were seeing me, I mean, and no other guru could stay there. You will be surprised,throughout,[they threw out] all of them.

So this sensitivity comes I don’t know from where. How they have understood that reality is the thing you have to achieve now. That we have to become the Spirit, the Soul, and not anything else. I was amazed the way these people have reacted! I don’t want to put a sort of a competition for you or a challenge for you. But definitely there’s something. Despite their very bad government and everything, how they have maintained themselves, so introspective.

I wish people all over the world understand that there are problems. Your children have problems. Other day I was reading that you cannot avoid small children, teenage children who are not taking drugs. Why do they take drugs? They are seeking something. They can’t find it out, out of frustration. But with Sahaja Yoga people have given up drugs overnight. I assure you, there are some sitting here like that.Overnight they gave up drugs and whatever damage it had caused them on their brains, they have been recovered.

All these indulgences that have suffered, because of the genes, I think genes, must rid off… The other day I read about the genes that there are two protective genes within us.Surprisingly they said that Asians have them all the time. So they take time to take to something like that. One gene protects you from being violent, angry,hot tempered, cruel, corrupt, all kinds of things. We can call it the father,the sin against the father. And the another gene protects you from indulging into destructive things, sex, too much of it, I mean this all kinds of rapes… and so many…, horrible things that we have never heard of such things that are going on in these countries, where are… they are supposed to be developed. And also indulging into drugs and alcohol and all that. This protective gene is being absolutely awakened again I have seen after realization. Whether you are an Asian or not, makes no difference. But also look these Germans. They say that they are the highest race, you know they feel.They are the ones who killed small little children in the gas chamber and they saw them suffering, how could they do it? And they are supposed to be a very,what you call them, higher races. Max Muller says that they came to India and wrote vedas. How can they write vedas, these people? They are not afraid of God, the way they have behaved… But now Sahaja Yogis, Sahaja Yogis Germans,you should say, the gentlest people [unclear], gentlest. They won’t hurt you, I mean, they are so beautiful.

So this Kundalini is the one,She cleanses all that, makes you peaceful, joyous and collective. Now I hope you all get your realization tonight. Have faith in yourself, that’s the main thing,you must have faith that you will all get realization. I know there are people who have some questions also. These questions now I can answer, for the last twenty four years I have been doing this kind of work all over the world. So I can answer, because it’s just a mental acrobat, I have become quite an expert.But this is of no use. By that thing you are not going to get to your realization. What you have to ask really is your self-realization. This powers the power of pure desire. All other desires, as you know, in economics, that in general that they are not satiable. You may be aware, may not be aware, but this desire is within you, is to become the Spirit, to become one with all this pervading power and that acts, works and helps you. Everything is tangible. You will be amazed how it works! How it helps you!

Second thing I have to tell you that it is not an individual thing. It is not that, you can say oh! First day you may feel very happy and very relaxed, on the top of the world. That’snot important. You have to come to the collective. You must understand the whole knowledge about your internal being and you have to be with the collective to grow. Like if I take out one, say nail out of my fingers, it will never grow. So it’s the whole being, is a living organism. Only thing, you have to pay sometime time, as time … for it. They will tell you how to be in meditation, not to do meditation, how to be in meditation. So first you get the state of thoughtless awareness, we call it as Nirvichar Samadhi. And then the state, you get is called as Nirvikalp Samadhi where you get all the powers of raising others Kundalini, giving them realization, curing … everything. Those who have never come to the stage become orators. See these musicians singing Indian songs. Can you imagine these, I mean, English speaking people, so hard for an Indian music, I tell you, especially for Indian words. But when they sing, ask Indians they will tell you they sing like Indians… It was so difficult to teach even one word to the Englishman in India, one word, and nou-nouț see this. What has happened to them? How suddenly they have picked up all the rhythm, all the things. Which is very difficult.

So… all these powers which are within you, you have to manifest and enjoy your virtues, enjoy your virtues. You don’t become proud, but you enjoy them. You enjoy your generosity,enjoy your compassion, never feel that you are taking too much trouble, you are doing this and that, nothing. You think of others all the time and you live in peace and create peace all around. We have these people from sixty nations;they come to India once a year. I’ve never seen them quarreling, fighting,doing anything against each other, never. How do they live from all different countries, from Chinese to Africans, from Africans to English and from English to Americans and Australians, so many of them? In Sydney we have twenty two centers. I must say Australia is one of our very great country which has really very  enthusiastically has taken to Sahaja Yoga. And I am sure also you all will. We have a great story in our Puranas about Australia which sometimes I’ll tell you. So May God Bless you! And you be confident that you will have your realization just now. You don’t have to do much, just it will take ten minutes more. But, of course I respect your freedom. If you don’t want to have your realization, you should leave the hall. I cannot force on you. It is something that cannot be forced. I respect your freedom out and out. So, if you want togo, you can go.

All of you want realization,it’s very good. Now one thing that should not upset you, because I’ve seen people getting upset if I tell them that you have to take out your shoes. I hope you won’t be upset with that. You need not takeout your socks but your shoes. I does, sometimes. Don’t have to say any mantras nothing. And you don’t have to concentrate also. Please don’t try to concentrate. Just keep yourself open. Don’t force yourself into anything. As I have said, telling you that Thassos become so easy now, you don’t have to go to Himalayas and stand on your head or anything. You have to be very comfortable and also you should be very much pleasantly placed toward yourself. Because as I said, you are human beings, you are at the epitome of evolution. And you are …  have a right to have this, because you are born at this time with a special purpose. So in no way you should condemn yourself. This is the first condition. Have full confidence.

The another thing is you shouldn’t feel guilty at this time; please don’t feel guilty for anything. It has become a fashion now to feel guilty for anything. I mean, even, if supposing you spill some coffee you go on feeling guilty all your life. And what’s this going on? You must value yourself. This life is not meant for feeling bad for small, small things. It is very great, it’s very precious. So please don’t have any guilt. But if you have, you catch on this center here. And this is such a dangerous thing because it gives you what we call as Angina. It may give you spondylitis. It may give you very lethargic organs. So very dangerous is to feel guilt, so why feel guilty unnecessarily. I tell you if you were guilty,you would have been in jail. Now you are sitting here, so don’t feel guilty about anything whatsoever. I assure you, you are not guilty.

So, you have to really forgive yourself. Now, the most simple condition is this that you have to forgive everyone. People might say it’s very difficult to forgive. But, whether you forgive or not, I’ve telling the logic. Now think about it, whether you forgive or not what do you do? I don’t do anything. But when don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. Those who have troubled you, tortured you, are not feeling bad. But you are the one who is torturing yourself. But at this time,the problem is that this centre of Agnya which is like this, absolutely constructed like this, like a cross. It is on the optic chiasma. And if you don’t forgive,it won’t open at all. But if you forgive it will definitely open and the Kundalini will pass. So, at this juncture you have as it is troubled yourself so much. At this juncture please, please forgive everyone in general. Don’t even think about them because it is a headache. It’s a real headache even to think of these people. So you just forgive in general. Of course we’ll tell you how to do it. It’s very simple. Now to begin with you keep your eyes open. I’ll show you how you have to yourself enrich your own centers, very simple.

So please put your left hand towards Me like this comfortably. You have to be comfortable. That’s very important. Please both the feet apart from each other because these are two powers, left and right. Put your left hand towards me on your lap. Just like this. And now we have to use our left side with our right hand. Now please put your right hand on your heart. This is the center where the Spirit resides. If you become the Spirit, you become your own master in the light of the Spirit.So please take your right hand the upper portion of your abdomen on the liver.All of you should do it, please do. This is the center of your mastery which is created by great prophets and seers and sages. Surprisingly the center of pure knowledge is lower here on the left hand side in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Whatever you have done, forget it, forget it.Now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, yeah, now on your heart, now in the corner of your neck and shoulders, as I have read-only you when this center catches what is the problem. Turn your head to your right, please. It’s very catching today. Please don’t feel guilty for anything. You must … There.

Please take your right hand onto of your forehead across and bend your head slowly. We have to be humble about it, you see. So here you have to forgive everyone in general. Now take back your right hand on the backside of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Here, without counting your mistakes, without feeling guilty,just for your satisfaction, you will have to ask forgiveness from this all pervading power.

Now please stretch your hand or palm fully. Now we go to the last center, so please put the centre of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood.Now please put down your head. Now push back your fingers nicely so that there’s a good pressure on your scalp. Now put down your head and you have to move the scalp seven times clockwise very slowly. That’s all we have to do actually. But remember you have to push back your fingers. Now you can take out your spectacles because you have to close your eyes. It might help also your eyesight.Please, before closing I must tell you again that please put both the legs apart from each other and the left hand towards Me on your lap comfortably in any way that you like.

And then now place your right hand on your heart. Here I’ve told you resides the Spirit. You have to ask Me a very fundamental question about yourself in your heart. So please, ask in your heart, three times. You can call me Mother or Shri Mataji whatever you like. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times in your … heart, ”Mother, am I the Spirit?”

Now I’ve told you if you become the Spirit, you become your own master. So now take down your right hand to the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Here, you have task another fundamental question. “Mother, am I my master?” Ask this question three times.

I have already told you that I respect your freedom. And I cannot force divine pure knowledge on you. So now please take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Here, you have to ask six times because this center has got six petals. “Mother, please give me pure knowledge”, or you can say “Mother, please give me divine pure knowledge”. Whatever is divine is pure. Six times. As soon as you start asking for pure divine knowledge, the Kundalini starts rising like a primule.

Now we have to open our higher centers by our self-confidence for the Kundalini to pass through. Now, take your right hand, you are working only on the left hand side, in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Press it hard. Now, here with full confidence, please say ten times “Mother, I am my own master”. The Kundalini wants you to show your self-confidence. Please say it ten times.

At the very outset, I’ve told you that the truth is that you are not this body, this mind, this ego these feelings, these emotions, these conditionings, but you are the Pure Spirit. So,now raise your right hand on top of your heart. And here you have to say again with full self-confidence, “Mother, I am the Pure Spirit”. Please say it.Please say twelve times. “Mother, I am the Pure Spirit”.

I have already told you that this all-pervading power is the ocean of knowledge, ocean of compassion, ocean of blessings, but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. And whatever mistakes you might have committed, are easily dissolved by this ocean of forgiveness. So forgive yourself. And put your right hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to your right. Here, with full confidence again,you have to say sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty at all”, “Mother, I am not guilty at all”, please say this, is very important because this center is catching very much tonight here.

Now I have told you whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands and torture yourself. Especially at this moment, you should forgive all of them without thinking about them, in general, so that your center opens out. Otherwise at this important moment, you may miss your self-realization. It’s very important to forgive all of them from your heart. Not how many times, is not the point, how you are. So now please put your right hand on you forehead across and bend your head as much as you can.And here, you have to say, not how many times, but from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone in general”, from your heart, please say from your heart.

 And now please put your right hand on the backside of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Here without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction, you have to say, not how many times, but from your heart. “O Divine Power, if I have done any mistake, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me”. Just say it from your heart. “O Divine Power, if I have done anything wrong, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me”.

Now please stretch your palms.Put the center of your palm on top of your fontanel bone area which is a soft bone in your childhood. Here again, I cannot force self-realization on you. You have to ask for it. So now push back your fingers, that’s important. And please put down your head. Now move your scalp with this pressure seven times saying,seven times, “Mother, please give me my self-realization”, because I cannot force it on you. Please push back your fingers. Bend your heads; please push back your fingers. Keep your eyes shut till I tell you. Please keep them shut.

Please take down your hands and try to open your eyes slowly. Push both the hands towards me. Now, put the left hand towards me like this, bend your head and then see with the right hand if there is a cool or a warm breeze-like energy is coming out of your fontanel bone area. Now don’t doubt, because air conditioning is not in your head. So just see for yourself. Some people think it is air conditioning. Some people get it hot. Some people get it far. Some closer but don’t put your hand on top of your head, away from it. See for yourself, and if it is hot, that means you have not yet forgiven. So please forgive also. Now please put your right hand,now bend your head nicely and see for yourself with the left hand if there’s a cool or a hot breeze-like energy is coming out of your fontanel bone area. You have to move your hand up and down, sideways also, all right. Now do it with the left hand again, little further. Some people get it further. Bend your heads that is important, bend your heads.

Now, please put both your hands towards the sky. Push back your head and ask anyone of these three questions, three times, any one of them. You can say, ”Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost”, or ”Mother, is this the all pervading power of divine love”, or ”Mother, is this the Ruh or Paramchaitanya”. Ask any one of these questions, three times. Now, just … come down. Now please put your hands like this and watch Me without thinking. Just watch Me without thinking. All those who have felt hot or cold breeze on their fingertips, on their palms or out of their fontanel bone area,please raise both your hands.

My God! Look at that. I mean most of you. May God bless you! It’s tremendous. Some didn’t get it, very few.But most of you have got it. In any case all of you should get it. And those who haven’t got should please later on come to the stage and they will do it.But in the meanwhile we’ll try something else for realization and may be that might help a little bit. [hindhi/marathi]. See this might help. This will be only five minutes experiment. Let’s see. Konsa gaana gaye? Which song will be sung? [hindhi/marathi]. [hindhi/marathi].

This is a song they are going to sing, was written… Namadeva, by Namadeva in the sixteenth century who went then to Punjab and Guru Nanak Sab, you see, knew who he was and He asked him to write poems in Punjabi language. And he has done such big compilation, I know that. This guru was … He was just a tailor. And he went to see .. meet another realized soul who was a potter. And when he went and saw the potter kneading the clay with his feet, he just stood there, watching. The potter’s name was Gora Kumar. Looked at him and what does he say, in Marathi says that but meaning that I came to see here the formless, but it is in the form. I see it in the form. I mean only a saint can say it to another saint. That’s what happened that he went up to Punjab where Guru Nanak Sahab called him, looked after him and asked him and they made beautiful, I mean such beautiful songs there are and they are in Granth Sahab They are all in Granth Sahab. [unclear].

This is the folk song which was written which says, “O mother, give me my realization. ‘Jogwa’ means Yoga,means give me that. All that they sang, all the time they have been singing, even now, they don’t know what it is. And they are saying ’O Ambe’ means the Kundalini please rise, rise. And with you can also clap. It will help a lot, I am sure.This will definitely consolidate your self-realization. It is a village song.It’s a… rustic.

Now you feel, just try to feel now, let’s see, you might feel more, just see. All right. Now again, let us see how many of you have really felt on your finger tips or from your fontanel bone area or on your palms. Raise your both the hands. Oh! So, who didn’t feel before, I’ve felt it, so many of you. Thank you very much. May God look after and also have wisdom to respect to your freedom. Respect your new status. The real freedom is now. So you respect your self-realization and become a fully self-realized personality. That will help everywhere. May God bless you all! Thank you very much, it was wonderful.

You all have paper to know where the centers are and I hope… What’s it? … and where you are going to have a follow-on program. [unclear]. Please, please come. [unclear]. What’s it? They haven’t got paper already?

Sahaja Yogi – [Unclear], Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji – You all have. Where are you having follow on? Yes, yes, but when are having the follow and where. You don’t know.

Sahaja Yogi -As you go on out there are leaflets there which will tell you… all you need to know about follow-up programs I [unclear] got here finally. There’s a series of seven programs beginning on Monday 11th of April then for six consecutive Thursdays commencing Thursday 14th of April at seven thirty to nine thirty [unclear]place room, German House [unclear] Center on [unclear] Avenue, Brighton. And is a little bracket here, and we will provide light refreshment to follow.

Again remaind you that all Sahaja Yoga programs are completely free. There, if you have any questions you want to ask about that there’s a… two phone numbers here that will tell you where to ring it really tells you everything you want to know, and you can pick up one of these up as you go up the door. Now thev’e got a big supply there.

One other thing, if is anybody here who soon as Shri Mataji’s left because anybody here who has not felt anything tonight I would like to try that’s probably very good reasons, as we explained to you earlier. You have these centers, you can also have blocked centers and maybe, quite easily to… maybe quite easy to clear and then


Before you leave here tonight if are any of you didn’t feel anything we’ll do our best to make sure you do.

Shri Mataji-Thank you.

Sahaja Yogi- I’m… we having first series of seven follow up programs at Gorman House.