If you are a seeker of truth, then you must find out the truth Kanda Pensee hall, Tokyo (Japan)

1994-0418 Public Program, Tokyo Japan

Shri Mataji: What?

Yogi: I was telling Sahaja Yoga, how simple and how you have to be your own master.

Shri Mataji: You told them about Chakras?

Yogi: Yes, I stopped in Nabhi.

Shri Mataji: That’s alright.


Shri Mataji: Take it in front. Would be better. [UNCLEAR].

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, I have to tell you, that truth is what it is. […]

Arrival Tokyo (Japan)

(Yogi: they came to help. ?)

Shri Mataji:
So very happy, that you are all here, extremly happy. Thank you.

Shri Mataji recieves flowers:
Thank you.
I brought flowers for you, from Australia
They offered it to me, but now they are alright
The thought we are smuggling something.

Yogini: Thank you

Shri Mtataji:
So far away
It is a good thing I fly.

Yogi: Yeah, It will take one and a half hour to drive there (inaudible)

Shri Mataji:
All right. […]