Attention should be on collective things

The Peninsula Hong Kong, Hong Kong (China)

1994-04-24 Talk To Sahaja Yogis, Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong, DP-RAW, 52' Download subtitles: EN,RU,TRView subtitles: Add subtitles:
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Talk to yogis. Peninsular Hotel in Hong Kong (China), 24 April 1994.

So lever should be treated. And next time when you come to India we are going to get you all the medicines of liver. If they are very fat then they are left sided. Try to bring them to the center with the three candle treatment. But first of all test it what is the situation. Sometime they developed the puffy fat that is alright. They will become alright. That is how you should look after their health. Then also look after their behavior. Tell them how to behave. So I have seen in west the children are not properly brought up because parents neglect them. I want blame the children. Parents neglect them it should be loving, kind and at the same time you should must tell them what is discipline is. It is very important.

Then Keep a watch on them. How they are? What they are doing? Of course we have school but it has limited seats there. Whatever it is, they are going to adjust as a many as possible. Even then supposing you have any problem, do not go arbitrarily in to it. You many ask your leader or you may write to me and inform me. Among you somebody might become very ego oriented, may start his own organization, I will do this. Let him say you get out and he will suffer. You do not have to worry. Alright you get out. Anybody who is arbitrary will not work out. Suppose one finger start working more than other means it is cancer that is malignancy. We can not have malignancy. All of you should work together with understanding, before others as well among yourselves. It is very important to understand.

Now, Sahajayoga has worked out in so many countries. In such a big way in some and in such a small way in some. But wherever, Sahajayogi have to be something special. Even the Children have to be something special. You have any other problems which do not want to discuss, you say with your leader and then you can write to me directly, no harm. Either If I answer well and good and if I do not answer also well and good, it will work out. But attention should not be all the time about yourself. Me, my family, my children, my house, my job, No. As soon as your attention on another people it works fast. It helps, very much. But on your self, I am sick; I have this problem that problem, nothing. You are now at the stage when you can absolutely solve all the problem but first and foremost thing is if your attention on yourself it want work out. Attention should be on others. And if it has to be on yourself, attention then just find what is wrong with me. But some people in that also go too far. Mother my Agyna is caching, Mother my this is caching, it is nonsense. May be you are caching from other people, possible.

There are some nice books, now already in Sahajayoga translated in Chinese luckily and also my tapes could be translated also. But you have to keep my voice as I told you because that is mantra, isn’t it? And you can have subtitle would be better if you could do it. That is a very good idea that you can have subtitles, really. Specially, for Russian if they could do in Russia.

Now if you have any question you can ask me.

So it should be always like, if you are Chinese, then you should not only deal with Chinese. They should all come to the collective. Supposing you are Indians, you should not only deal with the Indians, but they should come to the collective. Because unless and until they come to the collective they will not know what the problem is? It is not that you can organize separately a group, another group separately. It has to be one group. Of course you could have two ashrams or three ashrams, makes no difference.

Any other question?

Sahajayogi: is the Camphor treatment is for left side?
Shri Mataji: What?
Sahajayogi: camphor treatment? The Camphor treatment?

Shri Mataji: What?

Sahajayogi: he is asking if the camphor treatment is good for left side.
Shri Mataji: what?

Shri Mataji: No no no no. No need. Camphor, only once in a while. Do not do camphor. But you have done all mixed up thing, you see. Just do left side treatment and you will be alright, just mixed up. And you can not earn money on the name of GOD or divine work that is one thing. You can not organize like that. No Never. Because once you start getting like this left sided Bhoot will come into it. That is the part of Sahajayog. We can not. Also if you have any guru’s photograph and all that it is better to put them in the sea. Because this keeping any photograph, any book about them creates problems. So religiously search out and put them in the sea.

[Shri Mataji looked at something]

“No no no no no no no”.” No no no” Don’t do all that. They will work on the photograph. If you want to help somebody, you see some other people who have come, who want to raise, do not touch them. Take a bandhan yourself and give them a bandhan. Put them before the photograph and you just raise the Kundalini. But be careful. Because you are still, you see, not that sort of thing that you cannot catch. You Might catch. So Among yourselves also you should not do that. Do not touch. If somebody says I have this problem alright. Put him on the photograph. Take a bandhan yourself. Ask them to take a bandhan. You also give a bandhan and then raise the Kundalini. Be careful. Even if there is somebody who has came now, who is sick man. So you can give them a photograph, it is alright if they are willing to do it. But somebody in his family is willing to take Sahajayoga, who is a healthy person he should bring. Otherwise don’t get after sick person. You will have many sick, in thousand, to begin with. Do not worry about sick. If they are sick tell them to take the photograph and work it out if they are left sided or right sided. Then the faith grows it improves. But you do not touch the sick. No no. Not at all. You are not here to cure sick. But we are here to give realisation. May God bless you.

Sahajayogi: For technique, if you have a problem on one side, you have balance in left side is weak [Not clear], Do you raise Kundalini on this side and give bandhan to the other side.

Shri Mataji: Supposing you are right sided then you have to put down the right side, remember that way it is much much better. Then you raise your left side and put on right side if you have right side problem. If you have left side problem so you have to put down the left side. It is easier to remember this way. So there is no confusion. But tying of Kundalini you should be done after you have moved out left to right or right to left, which ever way and then raise your Kundalini and tie up and take a bandhan, it is the best way.

I would request you all of you to take photograph of yours and make an album, write it down below that what is your name, date of birth and of self realisation. Send it over to me because I go on seeing that sometimes. So, I know you better and also I will allow my attention on you, of children and as well as of bigger people.

So I will talk to you and talk to him because you have little individual problem, both of you. So what about you? Are you reconcile? Ha? ..I am going to get her. [Not clear] He came here to do Sahajayoga and not to disturb a family. He is been very wrong. I am going to be very angry with him. He is an old Sahajayogi, he should have behaved himself. [Not clear] You have such sweet beautiful children. I will never support you in nonsense, i must tell you. And your husband is very good man and if you behave alright he will come round to Sahajayoga. I am sure. You can not be a Sahajayogi if you have no dharma [Not clear]. “Shield”. As Buddha has called. As we called As the Your character, your morality is the most important in Sahajayoga. If you are not moral it has no meaning at all. What you need is morality. This is happening everywhere, nonsense. We have to imbibe it in ourselves and we have to generate it for others also. Whole world is full of immoral people. Very very few who are standing for morality? It was the greatest ornament we have, Alright? Don’t go after. This will never help you? It was very wrong of you and also for your children. Now go back and behave yourself properly otherwise you cannot be in Sahajayoga. Ha, If there is something wrong then it is alright. We have divorce in Sahajayoga. We allow divorce in Sahajayoga. But there should be substantial reason for that. “Or to sub thik hai”. What we do?

May God Bless you all. I am sorry you had to come so late in the night.

(Further talk with Sahajayogis)