Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Carla's House in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

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Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 26th, 1994

So today we had so many people there and I’m sure there’ll be many who would be coming, maybe many, many more. That’s a very good beginning, I think but as I told you before that you have to be yourself so dedicated that they understand it.

The first question somebody asked Me, what about going to temple. It’s all right going to masjid or temple, it’s all right. But problem is, you see these are all money-oriented or power-oriented places. In the temple what these pandits are sitting there and taking money and doing all these things, what do you get there? And the statues are also, those are there are not swayambhu, means they’ve not come out of the Mother Earth. So made by somebody just to make some money. So best is to make your heart a temple and when it works out then you’ll be amazed you’ll rise. But going to these temples is just, I don’t understand, it’s very ritualistic. It has no atmosphere for meditation, nothing.

So the first thing to do is to meditate; if you do not meditate, you are not with Me. If you’re meditating you’re with Me. Meditation means morning for at least for five to ten minutes; you stand before the photograph, you put both the hands towards the photograph and then see what chakras are catching. There you can say, “Mother come in my heart, come in my head,” whatever is the problem. And also then you have to take a bandhan. Before going out you must take a bandhan. In the night try to find out what sort of a personality you are. Are you right-sided or left-sided, or you are in the middle. If you’re right-sided, say, for example, then you have to take the right side treatment which you know very well all of you, how to take it. Especially here it’s so hot it is very easy to take because you have to put ice on your liver, right hand towards the photograph and ice here. That will cool you down. And then you have to go for a liver diet and take sugar which is vibrated. Also I hope we’ll be able to send you some medicines after Ganapatipule, from India. Thus you try to cure your liver, that’s very important.

And when you have to put down something, say you have a right side, then you have to put down the right. If you remember like that then you’ll remember that you raise the left and put down the right, seven times. Now supposing you have to put down the left then you raise the right and put down the left. Then before sleeping if you do meditation according to whatever is needed then you must also understand that give a bandhan to yourself; put your attention to your Sahasrara and sleep. That’s the best way you will be doing for the…

So when you start going you’ll be surprised there are so many letters have come, “I have this problem, I have that problem.” All these can be corrected very easily. If you take to Sahaja Yoga and meditation gradually they all improve and benefit. But if you’re not sincere, if you’re not coming to collective and if you’re not doing meditation you will carry on with your problems, then how can I help you? So you have to be in the collective and you have to be meditating; that’s the only way we can have connections with the Divine. And gradually you’ll be surprised so many problems of the people have been solved completely.

I didn’t even meet them, I didn’t even talk to them but they write to Me that, “This problem was solved, Mother you did this for me, you did this for me, thank you very much.” If you ask them, “What did you do?” They just have been meditating morning and evening, that’s all. Takes ten minutes in the night before sleeping, about five minutes in the morning time. And always whenever you are in trouble try to become thoughtless. That time the mantra is Nirvichara, “Mother you are Nirvichara.” You’ll become absolutely Nirvichara, your Agnya will be solved.

So that is important to be in Nirvichara, means thoughtless awareness as many times as you can. Whenever you see something nice, witness something or there is some sort of a problem, then you just get into Nirvichara. Gradually you’ll find yourself so beautifully equipped with vibrations, knowing everything how to do it, how to correct it, how to work it out. And it is so simple, so very simple.

I was very happy because so many people came today. Again and again I’ve to tell you that you have to tell them in such a way, “We were also like you.” They will say, “I have this problem,” first they’ll have money problem, mainly. Money problem is eternal everywhere, to begin with, because money is so important. Whether you are rich or poor they all have money problems. I would say that if you don’t pay attention to your money problem it will be solved. But if you have some serious problem you should let Me know and if you don’t tell Me also you can tell the photograph. So whatever such problems you have which are useless. You see money is something whatever is necessary you’ll always get it, never a problem with that, it is always solved. But if you’re all the time thinking, “I have no money,” problem, even if have, say hundred dollars you’ll have money problem, you’ll have five thousand dollars, still money problem and even ten thousand dollars still money problem. So that problem you should completely neglect and don’t think of it at all.

So the second problem is of health. You know that with Sahaja Yoga health can be improved. So you should find out what is your problem as far as the health is concerned and then it will work out; it’s a modern world, problem we never used to use for this kind of thing, health problem. Problem was only used in geometry when we were young, you see but now when we have gone old everybody has a problem. “This is the problem, that is the problem.” So all this can work out, please meditate. I’m only responsible when you meditate, otherwise I’m not and you have to be collective. If you’re not collective I’m not responsible because you’re not in connection.

So don’t go to wrong things. There are some people who have gurus, have gurus, this thing, somebody who has, say Satya Sai Baba, they can’t give up, not easy. Please know that he is a gangster, he’s a horrible fellow. I wouldn’t say this for Shirdi Sainath or anybody else but the one who is a gangster has been found out now, people have noticed, I’ve a tape that how he used to mesmerize people but there were four cameras, they could mesmerize, so the cameras have got everything. So you don’t run after all such things; what you have to know is to be in Sahaja Yoga.

Also don’t allow anybody to touch your forehead because your Agnya will be ruined. Like in a temple they put something on your forehead, don’t take it. Don’t allow anybody to touch your forehead at any cost, specially Indians, be very careful. And you are now people who have become Brahma. This is all Paramachaitanya, you have become one with that, you’re saints. So you must know how to talk, how to behave. The whole thing should change. It will transform you, no doubt, but take it easy, have confidence, don’t get angry with yourself and you’ll be amazed how things will work out.

Questions, any you have? You have any questions?

(Question inaudible.)

I didn’t follow, just a minute. Of course, meditation is the greatest; medication can be stopped. If it is some mild sort of thing, it’s all right, but not severe type. What is it? For heart you don’t take any meditation please, medication, no no no no. What work you do? Advertisements. It was a massive heart attack? Or angina? That means you have a liver problem, means you’re right-sided. So you treat your right side, heart will be all right. The right side will feel very much better once you’ve done right side all right, see the whole heat will go away. You had it after Sahaja Yoga or before?

Any other question?

(Question inaudible.)

Better not. They’re so stupid, one stupid idea. One fellow who came from this Bosnia Muslim… , he came, he met Me. So I asked him, “Why are you doing all this nonsense, why are you killing yourself for this land, people are eating your body, why are you doing like this? So what he old Me is true for Christians and Jews, they all follow the same. Is that he says according to him in Koran, but it’s not in Koran, I know that, that if you die then you must bury your body because when this resurrection time will come, this is today that is there, that time your body will come out and you’ll get resurrected. But you must die in the name of God, “So that’s why it is going to help us, because we are dying in the name of God in jihad, so our body will come out.” Imagine after five hundred years which body is going to come out. So they believe in it still. So I said, “What will come out after five hundred years, supposing.” He said, “Whatever comes out will get resurrection.” But that way, you see, Indian philosophy is much more sensible because it is coming from sages. It says that the souls will be born, souls will be born and there will be a population growth and with a population growth there will be this last judgment which is very sensible, that souls cannot get destroyed. It’s the body that gets destroyed. But I don’t know from where did they get this idea of burying the body, dying in the name of God, burying the body and the body coming out after five hundred years.

Luckily we have now somebody, a very important man as I told you. He says he will go and talk to them, let him manage. I don’t know why they’re so fanatic, they can’t see the point. Of course we have many Muslims now in Paris, we have many in Iran also, in America, also we have Austria we have Muslims. But they are not telling anybody that, “We’re Sahaja Yogis.” They said, “Our throats will be cut if we say that we’re Sahaja Yogis.” So with such fanatic people why should we meet and why should talk to them about it? Some of them will come to Sahaja Yoga but they’ll be quite in danger all the time, poor things, you know. They’ll have to leave this country just like that, it’s very bad, situation is very bad. Gradually after seeing you they might… I think there were one or two Muslims today in the group, is there anyone here? No, very difficult.

(Question inaudible.)

All nonsense. Radha Swami we call them “badha swami” because they give heart attacks to everyone. Anybody who is going to Radha Swami must get a heart attack, very severe type. You know they have big, big , this fellow doesn’t talk. He has big, big boxes, sewa, you see, you have to go on putting money there and he sits on a, with a seven steps up there, he doesn’t talk, only people go and put money, that’s all. Radha Swami is a place they’ve created for liaison, you see, like if you have to have a bribe then you go to Radha Swami. There another fellow will also go on give you the bribe, liaison office, Radha Swami.

And these Bahais, they talk that Bahai was an incarnation and all that. They’re only money-oriented, extremely money-oriented, always worried about money, making money, this, that. All of them. I have yet to come across anybody who is really doing good work like Sahaja Yoga. There some who I think will come round maybe Sufis might come round. But they too have funny ideas. You see, if they are realized souls then only it will work out. There’re so very few realized souls even for Sufis to guide them. So those Sufis who are without a guru sort of, they have a guru who is not a realized soul, so they atre going astray.

Nobody knows much but in Sahaja Yoga the amount of knowledge which you have about yourself is tremendous, is complete and intangible. Only people who are sensitive can feel it. Russia, you see, in St. Petersburg is the oldest university, they gave Me a very big award that I’m one of the ten members of that university, royal member of that university. One of them is Einstein. I asked them, “Why are you giving Me this, I’m not Einstein.” They said, “What is Einstein? He just worked with matter, you are working with human beings, who is he?” To them, you see, this is sensitivity to understand the importance of worth and that award was given to Me and the application for that was so beautiful that they said that there has never been such a philosopher, such a great scientist, such as this thing, praising to the highest. Because Sahaja Yoga is tangible, whatever we say can be proved. I must learn to smile also, not to be serious all the time, all right. Nothing to be serious, it’s all a play, maya.

(Question inaudible.)

Horrible. Ours is akriya. You don’t have to do anything. Now, you see, supposing your car has to be started. As soon as you start the car all the machinery starts working, built-in like that. Theirs is the other way round, you first move the wheels, then you move the steering wheel, don’t start the car. They cut the tongues of people. Earlier there was a self-realization organization and so many doctors from Bombay had their tongues cut, wagging like dogs, they couldn’t talk even. Because they said, “We have to move this center, for that we have to do an exercise which push back this tongue here.” This is supposed to be Kriya Yoga.

You should know from the disciples what have they got. Have they got any powers? Can they raise the Kundalini? Do they know about Sahaja Yoga? Anything, even not Sahaja Yoga, Kundalini. They talk of Kundalini Yoga is nothing, another money making. They don’t know a word about Kundalini. Some of them did record My lectures and all that, they talk but they can’t raise the Kundalini, that’s the point. They may say the same thing what we’re saying that we are looking after the chakras, we’re doing this, but they can’t raise the Kundalini. The proof is this that you can raise the Kundalini.

(Question inaudible.)

This is a very multi-racial society, you must understand, very multi-racial. People even from India, from different, different places, everybody from different… Now there are Buddhists, they would like to know what Buddha has to say. They’re Christians, they would like to know what Christ has to say. Like that it goes on. So to bring them round, you see, you must know how to deal with each type of a person. Supposing there’s a Buddhist. So they have to ask a question on the photograph, “Mother, are you Maitreya?? Is the future Buddha. “Ma,” “Treya,” three mothers together. Then it works out. Because problem is that they are born in that, conditioned like that and, you see, racialism is there, all these things are there.

And the whole thing looks so contrasting and some people believe in many gods, some people believe in one god. And Buddhists don’t believe in God, so how to make these three things combine is this. Firstly Buddha did not believe in God because he said, “First of all let us have self-realization.” If you start talking about God people will become all of them, “I’m God.” I also didn’t talk about God for four years, that’s one thing. Second thing is that some say there’s one God. Of course there’s one God but He has many aspects. He’s not like Rock of Gibraltar, only standing there, but He has many aspects and these aspects are described, so that’s how we have many gods.

So we should try to explain to them. They haven’t seen one God, two gods, nothing they’ve seen. But somebody’s told them from childhood there’s one God, so finished, there’s one God. And so many misunderstandings about Muslims also. They said that Mohamad Sahib said that, “I’m the seal.” Seal means the stamp, seal doesn’t mean that he’s sealed, now nobody can come after that. So this is how they also try to avoid but who is the loser? They’re the losers because they cannot get their self-realization. So many Muslims have died, they will also die. What will happen, what will they gain? They’re not going to gain anything with that kind of fanaticism. And then if He was the seal why did He say that, “I’ll send send the twelfth Mahdi and there will be resurrection,” why did He say so? If He was the last why did He talk of the future?

Same about Christ. If He was the last why did He say, “I’ll send you the Holy Ghost.” Thus you can ask them questions but these fanatics, very difficult people, don’t argue with anyone, it’s not mental, you have to have the experience. If you go on arguing they’ll make you mad. It’s no use because they’re not seekers of truth, if they’re seekers of truth then one question if you ask, “Have you found out the truth?” “No,” then all right, “I have found it. Would you like to listen to me?” If they want to listen to you, well and good, otherwise forget it. You cannot, you see, argue with it because you’ll say something, they’ll say something. In Gita this is said, somebody will say, “I’m Brahma, I’m this,” what can you say? They start talking like that, what can you say to such stupid people? They’re stupid, that’s all.

You see, that’s the unfortunate thing about this judgment is that, that yourself you will choose right or wrong. But we are quite a lot, I think here and there will be quite a lot and if you can ever come to Ganapatipule you can see there’s quite a lot. You’ll enjoy the collectivities, they’re from all countries and later on also Russia. We went to Russia, we, it was such a lot of crowd there, I should say. Only one village has got twenty-one thousand Sahaja Yogis so we had our puja, very dedicated, very dedicated. We had our puja in jungle, we couldn’t find any hall for all of us. So we have so many of us, we don’t have to worry about stupid people. I have everyday experience of that, I don’t know what to do, I can’t even control My laughter, so difficult.

So now, best of luck, I hope to come next year again, yes?

(Question inaudible.)

I didn’t follow. All bhoot energy, it’s bhoot energy. First of all you should know. See, supposing you’re a doctor, it’s all right because you know the thing and you can operate but you are not a doctor, don’t know anything about it and if you’re doing like that, that means you’re doing just at random. But Sahaja Yoga is not like that. Sahaja Yoga, you know exactly where is the problem is, you know what is to be done, how to correct it. It’s not just holding somebody’s hands. You see, if you do like that, what happens, these are the bhoots, they make you cure on one side and they make you something else. They try to show that we are there because they want to possess you, not a very good thing to do and it’s very troublesome later on in life also.

(Question inaudible.)

What I’m saying, you cured your finger, which finger you cured? Which one was cured, the finger, but what does that denote? What was the problem? What is it due to? You don’t know? It’s a left nabhi, all right? It’s a left nabhi problem. By holding it you have absorbed left nabhi, she’s cured. There’s a bhoot in her left nabhi, you got it into you because you don’t know what you are doing, you don’t know how to protect yourself, you don’t know what is to be done, whether you should touch her or not or how you should cure her. You don’t know anything. You have to know it, you have to be an expert, you should know everything whatever you are doing, it’s not like blind person holding somebody’s hand and gets cured. Maybe you’re getting the trouble into yourself, all right?

So whenever you try to do something you must know what you’re doing, you must protect yourself, you must know what you’re doing, what you’re supposed to do. You just don’t do like a blind person. Maybe you might develop this arthritis tomorrow, how can you say. You might have absorbed it. It’s a bhoot, left hand. So what I’m saying, unless and until you know everything why should you try to cure anyone? You’re not a doctor. Even doctors can’t cure as we can cure because we know what exactly we’re doing, we know what’s the problem is, exactly; what is to be done exactly and how to protect yourself. It’s not just at random or somebody says, “Say this mantra,” you go on saying, you don’t know what mantra it is, is meant for you or not; it’s all a big science, just don’t do it, like that, don’t listen to people.

You’re Sahaja Yogis, you’ve to protect yourselves. You’ve not come here to cure people but to give realization, to be very frank, all right? Because curing is what? I’ve met so many , what you call them, wrestlers, they come and tell Me that, “Mother give us realization.” So what’s the use of getting the whole world, health, anything, wealth. Still you want realization. So one should not do anything haphazardly. Like somebody was telling Me that this Satya Sai Baba’s photograph, there is some vibhuti is falling. I said this is bhootavidya. How? Because the other day I was in Taiwan, Taipeh. One boy came after the program, very much shaken up and he said, “Mother I’m shaking,” this thing. “What happened.” So he said, “Three of us have caught up with the bhoots, spirits and they tell us that we are actually gods.” “Where did you catch them?” They said, “We had gone for a ceremony to the cemetery, there we caught it. And since then we are so upset because they’re telling all kinds of things and three of us try to commit suicide.” I said, “What else do they do?” “They said, ‘Now you sit down here, we’ll show you,’ they’ll take the glass from here to here and put it like that, we don’t see them and they try to impress us. But we can’t sleep, we have such bad headaches, this, that, and we don’t know what to do.” But those are Shinto people, so they worship their ancestors. So their ancestors must have caught them because that boy was hardly twenty years of age, twenty years and the two others are even younger to him studying in the college. Poor things and they were caught up with these bhoots.

So one should know each and everything, what is it, what is left side is, what is right side is, how the left side works. Left side is very dangerous, it gives you all psychosomatic troubles. So please first of all learn everything with humility because you don’t know yet what is it. You have to be humble. Learn everything properly, understand it and then you will know that it’s absolutely correct and tangible; then you won’t doubt it. So all these tricks one should not fall to because you’re special people, you’re seekers of truth, you don’t want to be guided by something nonsensical.

(Question inaudible.)

No, no, you take a bandhan, that’s all, they’ll run away from you, they always run away. We had three great Sahaja Yogis, they used to on in the night after program on their motorbikes in a village. There were some bhoots who were sitting on the trees there, so they entered into some lady and started telling that, “Tell these three persons not to go from there, why are they disturbing us, we are not disturbing you,” all kinds of these things. So they started going from there. So they said, “All right now they should not come to this side, we’re going to go to another side, they should not go from this side.” So it’s a marvellous thing that happens with these bhoots also.

(Question inaudible.)

You see, they have no connection with the ancestors, this is just a story but if you go in the cemetery be careful, take yourself into bandhans. Ancestors you must respect, no doubt but the way they worship, it is I don’t know from where this idea has come into their heads, is to worship their ancestors because the ancestors might have become bhoots. Like this boy, you know he told Me the story. They want to keep them satisfied so that they do not become bhoots, that’s the point is, is the reason they do it. Because supposing they’re not satisfied they might become bhoots and come on this earth. So that’s why they go on doing pleasing them.

In India also we have a custom that after the death of a person we always have a music playing while going to the cemetery also because no bhoot should come, they don’t like good music, so… And after tenth day we give a big dinner to everyone; so the fellow feels satisfied there that we have been generous. You see, Indians are very proud that they are generous, so we try to show that, “All right, we’ll do this.” Even when you burn the body and all that, three four days, I think, later, they will go to the cemetery and put some rice there and they think that the crows are the messengers of Yama, is the god of death. So they will ask him, “Now please what are you worried about, please tell us,” to the crow. “You want your diughter to be married, all right we’ll marry her.” Or something, and at certain point that crow will come and eat it, so that is the point they think they have said, “Yes.” So they have to take it, you see, thing that keep them pleased otherwise they might come to us as bhoots, that’s the point is. What they do is, there is some sense but to go to such an extent if you are afraid of them then they’ll catch hold of you.

(Question inaudible.)

They have to come to Sahaj, there’s no way out. You see, everybody has this problem. I think Christians also will go to the cemetery, women will go to the cemetery, Christians also, Jews also, Chinese. But only the Indians I think know more about bhoots, their women don’t go, children don’t go. They come back they have to have a bath and they will not even cook food in the house, somebody else will cook and send it. So the bhoots will not get into the food also. Like a lady came to London and she went to a church, very beautiful it is, so she said, “You also come with me.” I said, “All right,” I went with them. So she was walking like this, I said, “What are you doing?” She said, “What, there are graves everywhere, how can you walk over the graves?” So Indians are that way very sensible. They’ll never have cemeteries, first of all, only for the saints, only saints are buried and non-saints are all burnt. And they’re burnt in a very far off place, it is never near. People even if they see some cemetery they close their eyes. Indians, I think must have known this because they’re ancient people who must have been possessed many atimes, I think. So they know how to be cautious with these horrible people.

(Question inaudible.)

This putting the bindi, all married women have to put it, now the modern women don’t put it but we are all supposed to put. No, no, that you should not allow. You wash it off and put a proper kum-kum, all right? It also looks after your Agnya, it’s good. If you have vibrated good kum-kum then those people who don’t sleep I tell them that put it on and they can sleep, in the night. Good for the protection of the Agnya. Formerly everybody used to put in India but now they have become very modern so they don’t put anything.

(Question inaudible.)

In Sahaja Yoga we do, we don’t accept widowhood in Sahaja Yoga, nobody’s a widow in Sahaja Yoga, neither men nor women. This is all just to suppress women, they started widowhood. Shri Rama married the wife of Ravana to Vibishana; she was a widow. So this was not a custom, this was started later on just to suppressed women.

(Question inaudible.)

Raja Yoga, that’s right-sided, that’s why you’re so thin. So now do bhakti yoga; just sing songs of Mother and finished, you don’t need anymore.

(Question inaudible.)

Of course, why not? Ashram is a very good way. In Sydney city we have twenty-two ashrams, in one city, twenty-two ashrams. Even house they’ll take, about ten prople will live there, call it an ashram. So that there is some regularity of meditation, some discipline. In Sahaja Yoga you have to have discipline of meditation, very important. It’s good and…, but I think Indians are not good for ashram, they… We made a big ashram in Delhi, nobody was willing to stay there. So we paid somebody, “Baba, you stay,” they ran away! Because they want to have their own house, dominate the wife, special cooking… They can’t get out of it, even in Sahaja Yoga. But ashram is the greatest blessing, they can live in ashram.

(Question inaudible.)

Why don’t you bring them to Sahaj? It’s very surprising, mostly I’ve seen Chinese, the men will be more in Sahaja Yoga but in India we find ladies are more in Sahaj. They’re much more sensible than Indian men, I think so. Here also see, more Indian ladies are there. But Chinese ladies are not so good for Sahaj; they always stop their husbands. Chinese, English; English are big problems. Now it’s working out slowly.

(Question inaudible.)

But not so much like the north, I was surprised. These people, all the time, “Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Hari, Hari,” and when comes Shiva there they don’t recognize, you see. That’s surprising about south Indians really but in north, they don’t have all this but really they have taken to Sahaja Yoga just like fire, so fast you won’t believe, in thousands and thousands and thousands. In no program less than sixteen, seventeen thousand, in no program. It’s surprising, because here they’re conditioned, south Indians so conditioned, morning till evening they’re going on like this, isn’t it? It’s too much, it’s too much of conditioning. Then they’ll cut the hair of women, drop water on them, they’ll go round the temple and you can’t even see that, all stupid things. You just go and stand outside the temple, see what things are happening. You see people are so faithful, they’re doing faithfully everything very seriously and the pujaris are horrible people there, horrible.

They used to have , this, that, in the south. Also that was a ritual. Even a prostitute had to go to a temple, can you imagine such a place. You don’t know, a prostitute had to first initiate herself in the temple. Then a procession was taken, then she becomes a prostitute. Even now system is still on, how can it be, how can you combine something which is unchaste with God. And the worst is your this new thing that and I heard about it that they wear black dresses and go up that, in Kerala, what’s the god? How can that be? Absurd, how can that be? How can Shiva and they put together, produce a child. Are they mad? Homosexuals they are, isn’t it? Such an insult of God and they all go mad, I tell you we had two persons from there, they were all mad and they’re cured now, thank God. Thank God they’re cured. He was a bank owner, he lost all his money, everything, now he’s come to normal. There’s another fellow like that. They were holding big posts, they lost all the posts, they were going to that place.

(Question inaudible.)

That’s why you got the heart. After the heart? How can you do such a thing? How can you say such a thing? About God; He’s God Almighty you must understand. It will come as curse on people and that is one of the curses, I think. In Malayalam, Malayalee people they have this curse all right.

(Question inaudible.)

I didn’t hear. More Madrasis than Malayalees but Malayalees bury their dead in the house so the bhoots are just there inside. I went down to Travancore and I was in that place where near the sea they have a sea resort. So this tourist department invited Me. For the foreigners. And I said I must also go to the villages. I said, “What is this? So many bhoots here, what sort of a village is this?” Then they said that they bury their bhoots there in the house only. Can you imagine? You’re from where? You don’t know that? No, no, every house, every house. I don’t know about that part, I’ve never been to Bali but could be, anything possible with Indians. You can’t say what they will do.

Like in Maharashtra we have that Pandharpur, you see where Shri Krishna is there and they all eat tambaku, you know tambaku is tobacco and go to Krishna’s temple singing, “Vithala, Vithala,” and all the time eating that tambaku which is against, absolutely anti-Shri Krishna. And they wear these torn clothes, crying like that, this Hare Rama style. So what can you do? And another group is, who go to where Gyaneshwara was born. They take a big pot of tulsi with all the clay, everything, on the head and walk for one month, it’s madness. Why will Gyaneshwara ask you to do such a nonsense? Such a sensible man like that.

(Question inaudible.)

Please put your hand up and I can hear. You know these are all bhootish things, they’ll hang themselves by the tree and also they will walk on the wall of fire. All these tricks, you see because there’s not one book for Hindus. They can do what they like, they can worship a bhoot, they can anything. And those who have one book are fanatics, which one to choose? Those who have one book like Bible, Christians are the worst, worst fanatics. They are intellectually fanatical. Then another is Muslims, one need not say anything about them. Anybody who has one book, Sikhs, another is Jews, they all are fanatics. If you’ve one book, finished. If you have many books everybody is a Brahma. Too much freedom but ritualism is too much in the south, too much. And the women are the ones who are observing all that ritualism, too much. I’ve seen very well-educated, even men, they just become stupid, absolutely stupid when it comes to ritualism, absolutely stupid. You ask them, “What do you do?” “Why? Why are you asking me such a question? We’re doing but why?” They don’t know why they’re doing it. You should be logical. So now you have come out of all that ignorance and now you have come to light it takes to absorb truth. Truth is underlined in every religion, absolutely. No religion has taught anything nonsensical but human beings have made all this on top of that so you just don’t worry, just keep to yourself and to collectivity.

Very nice meeting you all. May God bless you.

I’ve to make one request now that all of you should take out small photographs, write it down your date of birth, your name, date of realization and please send it over in an album to Me. For Ganapatipule you can bring it if you like because I would like to go through that, I always do it in the morning time, sit down and I’ll have attention on you people.