Kundalini: The Feminine Divine Power is within you

Royal Albert Hall, London (England)

1994-06-05 Kundalini: The Feminine Divine Power is within you, London, England (longer), 87' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization, Bhajans after program
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1994-06-05 Kundalini: The Feminine Divine Power is within you, London, England, NITL-RAW, 40'
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1994-0605 Public Program Royal Albert Hall, London UK – H.H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Hello! [Taps mic]  Alright?

“I bow to all the seekers of truth”

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. You cannot change it, you cannot describe it and you cannot say you know the truth. Unless and until you now it, it is not truth. It is a very big problem that people believe they know the truth, they know the truth which they have understood through their mental capacity, but if [Shri Mataji clears throat] the truth was known to everyone there would be no problems, no quarrels, no discussions no arguments and no wars! We have to know the absolute truth, when we know the absolute truth there is no question of getting into discussion or taking another point of view.

I am sitting her before you, you all know I am sitting before you, nobody can say I am not sitting before you because you can see it, but the absolute truth is to be felt on your central nervous system.

[Shri Mataji clears throat]

This knowledge has been known in our country, in your country and every country – but by very few people. The knowledge, which is earned through your evolutionary process, is the knowledge.

When you evolve to a human state you have not yet completed your evolution is visible the way you are fighting, quarreling and behaving in the worst manner that I don’t know how to describe it.

So what is the truth? The truth is that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this intelligence, these conditionings, your ego, but you are the pure spirit. It’s a fact!

Every religion has talk, talked and talked about transformation. That you should follow a religion so that you get your transformation – There’s no religion: which has said that you follow the religion for religion sake, but we have deviated from that path taking to transformation! Unless and until you transform yourself, unless and until [Shri Mataji clears throat] – this breakthrough in your awareness through evolutionary process takes place, you will not know the truth on your central nervous system. For example I feel this place I know it is cold, I can feel something I can feel it is hot – it, it cannot be challenged, it cannot be disputed – for that we have to know our creator has done such a lot for us.

Within us lies all these centres as you see them – There is another truth we have to understand, you see these beautiful flowers around? And we take them for granted, we never even think how these different flowers have come out of little little seeds, what the mother earth has done, whatever is living work we take it for granted – who runs our our heart if you ask the doctors they will say this is autonomous nervous system, but who is the auto? Who runs the whole? They can’t answer! – Science cannot answer that question, science cannot answer many questions one of them is ‘Why are you on this earth?’ ‘Why am I on this earth?’

We have no identity we have no purpose. This can be answered very easily if you know that another truth is that there is an all pervading power of Divine love which does all these living works, this we all never felt before it can be called as ‘Param Chaitanya’ – it can be called as ‘Ru’ – it can be called as Ritambhara PrAgnya, it is called as various names, others they called it Nirakar All kinds of words can be used to describe this all pervading (…) all the living work 5:58 – 6:07 —— All pervading — and we do not know about it. So we have to really feel it and this can be easily—— awakening —–. Own —- the mother earth in the same way ……. .6:47

This power is your own kundalini is your own and like a seed is having a little primule, this also has that primule type of existence and as it rises out of the mother earth in the same way primule the kundalini rises within you and passes through six centres, pierces through your fontanelle bone area and connects you to this all pervading power, it’s as simple as that. It is spontaneous. When we sow a seed in the mother earth what do we do? Nothing we sow it because the mother earth has a built in power to germinate and the seed has the built in power to get germinated. So this is your own power within you in the sacrum bone surprisingly Greeks knew that it was a sacred bone so they called it sacrum, and it rises very  smoothly without troubling you all these books that describe that kundalini awakening is a horrible experience I have never seen that before –  It is not so – She is your mother that is the what you call the feminine Divine power, she is your individual mother and she knows everything about you, she is like a tape that has taped everything you have been doing whatever you are aspiring. This is a gift we have that we have to be connected to this all pervading power. Like this instrument if it is not connected to the mains it cannot be used, in the same way we have to be connected to that great power so that we know ourselves and also know others as well as we know what Divine love is. So what happens [Shri Mataji clears throat] when we are connected? Firstly you get your self knowledge, all these centres get enlightened and you start feeling what’s wrong with you, then you start feeling what’s wrong with others, you become collective, you become collective in the sense that you can feel others and who is the other then? You can feel the centres of others. Now supposing you know how to improve your centres and improve the centres of others? you can solve the problem because most of the problems of this world come from human beings and most of the human problems come from these centres: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, all these problems even political, economical, social all of them come from the centres which are energy abiding, if somehow you manage to cure these centres you get that transformation stage which we call as self realisation or call it as a evolved soul.

In every religion we have had evolved souls but they were all discarded and were never respected. The other day I was reading a book about Gnostics and their bible. It’s very surprising that throughout they have talked about nothing but Sahaja Yoga – Sahaj means ‘with’ ja means ‘born’ – born with you is this power this right to become a evolved personality. This is a very very simple spontaneous method because it’s a living process and all living processes are spontaneous. It’s very amazing that it works so spontaneously in those days which are supposed to be the worst Kali Yuga the modern times the twentieth century regarded as the worst for human beings, because they’ll be in illusions (Branthi) but this was necessary so that people seek. William Blake * has described them as Men of God who’ll be seeking godliness will get their realisation, will become godly and Divine and will make others Divine. That’s what it is happening today and has to happen everywhere in the whole world. If you have to save the world from all the calamities and solve the problem of uh world affairs one should try to become the self, we talk like this, this is my house, this is my husband, this is my wife, these are my children, we say ‘my’ all the time but who is this ‘my’ which has all those things? That is the self and the self is reflected within you in your heart that’s that spirit which is the refection of God Almighty. Now in these modern times of science it’s very difficult to talk of God or Divine love nobody believes because they have lost all these faiths but Sahaja Yoga is absolutely tangible. You can feel on your fingertips your own centres and centres of others, nobody has to convince you nobody has to tell you that that’s wrong with you anybody even children small children say about 10 children are there you tie up their eyes and ask them what’s wrong with this gentleman? Now they can’t see the gentleman, they put up 1 finger you ask him ‘Have you got heart trouble?’ ‘Yes yes! but how do you know?’ We know it on fingertips it’s a very nice phrase used in English language, to know on your fingertips you do know on your fingertips and when you know on your fingertips you have to just know how to correct it, how to correct your centres and how to correct the centres of others.

I am talking of love and compasssion. Truth is love and love is truth, if it is not so then it is not truth. This compassion is so beautifully felt when you get your self realisation, the first thing that happens that you become extremely dynamic and extremely compassionate, automatically! because these all qualities are within you. They are supressed, they are challenged, they are denied, but they are there, and if you just get your self realisation you are amazed at yourself that how it is suddenly you are become so dynamic?. Now these are mostly English who are singing, my father used to tell that never try to teach Hindu language to any English man, always, is very difficult, they can never pronounce Indian words properly, but see here spontaneously they can sing sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi which is a very difficult language, all kinds of languages they can sing, I am amazed at them, this is nothing, but what happens that you get the power to give the realisation to others like one enlightened candle can enlighten many others in the same way. I can’t go to every corner of every country but everywhere even in Siberia we have got so many sahaja yogis. It is spreading like a wind spreads the seeds and everywhere I am surprised that how people are taking to Sahaja Yoga because it solves your physical problem which has been proved, there are three doctors in India who have got M.D in Sahaja Yoga and the fourth one is coming in epilepsy. Cancer has been definitely cured by Sahaja Yoga, definitely! so many diseases have been cured, don’t come here for curing, come here for your self realisation, you must have pure desire to become your self. The second thing happens is that your attention becomes enlightened, when your attention is enlightened wherever you put the attention it works, surprisingly it works. You can know through your attention about anybody whether he is dead, living or whether he is far away. You can, it’s like a communication established, actually you are a beautiful computer which just starts working and answers all the questions you want to know. We have no idea about ourselves what we are. Now when I say like this people don’t believe because that’s one thing they starve “No no no, not possible, how can that be? Now how to convince such people who don’t want to believe into anything which is so good so benevolent?

But those who are real seekers, those who really are honest and who are not just for criticism do get this benevolence, they understand and they get this realisation, once they get it I tell you such beautiful people, such beautiful people they have become unbelievable, they have come from that drug addiction, alcoholism from lunatic asylums from everywhere and they have changed, I am telling you the truth that’s what is happening, no credit to me, there’s no credit to me! But the credit goes to the creator [Shri Mataji clears throat]  who has put this power there! [Shri Mataji clears throat] This work has been done in our country in India since long, but it was a secret, kept a secret for years together because that was the tradition that one person should get realisation. It was so difficult in those days for people to get realisation, but in modern times I think it’s a blossom time, because it is working en-masse. If I have done any work is this, that I have found out the method how to give realisation en-masse. Now another point is very important that you cannot put in any effort for it, it just works spontaneously, and the second thing is you can’t pay for it, [Shri Mataji clears throat]  one must understand that God does not understand money or he does’nt understand bank, you see it is your headache, you cannot pay for it! If you have to pay for things then that is not Divine, anything that is Divine you cannot pay for it, you can pay for this hall of course sahaja yogis have paid for this this time for this hall is alright, but you cannot pay for your self realisation, that is something spontaneous living, as we don’t pay anything to this mother earth, who gives us such beautiful flowers in the same way you cannot pay for it and you cannot purchase. Of course you must have known of many gurus who have come and have spoiled the name of Divine and Divinity, their interest is in money, how can there be an interest in money if they are Divine? – because you cannot think of money when you are Divine, we’re not bothered, This is one thing I have to tell you that your attention moves from materialism to spiritualism or we should call not ‘ism’ but spirituality. You become a spiritual person and automatically things work out, you don’t have to worry because if the whole Divine power is with you. If you are in the realm of God’s kingdom it just works, everything works out from small to big, you are amazed how things work, it is really surprising the way Sahaja Yoga has worked out, I have no secretary, I have nothing I am very bad at banking or money, we’re extremely hopeless but somehow everything has worked out, it’s just because the Divine power of love is working it with love and affection. We have forgotten that our hearts are closed, we have had very bad experiences I know, we have not known love, we have not known compassion, and we have not been able to develop that in our heart, but it is the compassion and love which is bubbling in you which is about to express itself and that it is not only words or action but, it is something that works so your attention becomes full of compassion.

Then, the second thing that happens to you that you become ‘thoughtlessly aware’, for example if I say you pay attention to yourself, you cannot, or if I say that you stand in the present you cannot, either you live in the past or the future you are all the time jumping on the cusps of these thoughts which rise fall, rise fall, but we cannot be in the present when you are in the present there is no thought and there when you grow that gives you the peace that people are talking about, not by forming great organisations of peace that  you cannot achieve peace, but peace within ourselves, if you achieve that state of peace there is no need to have any organisation anything, just the peace establishes itself.

It’s the fountain of peace that you are, but you have to achieve that state of peaceful existence within yourself which comes through thoughtless awareness. In Sanskrit we call it ‘Nirvichar Samadhi’ – Then the second stage when it comes you become ‘Doubtlessly aware’, when you becomes doubtlessly aware so there is no doubt like Dr Spiro, he has no doubt about it, he is a doctor, we have seven doctors or eight doctors here who are recording all the cures of Sahaja Yoga, nobody has doubts about it you go beyond doubts and that is the time your powers start working and you can give realisation to people you can do so much that you are amazed at your own powers, but they are all there in a dormant state. The last but not the least is that, we jump into the ocean of joy, nothing but joy. Joy is a state where you don’t have unhappiness and happiness, if your ego is pampered you feel happy, if it is punctured you feel unhappy, but joy is a state where you become a witness start seeing the whole thing like a drama and this witness state gives you such tremendous joy. You have never experienced joy so far which cannot be destroyed by anything and this joy when you give it to others when you give them realisation.

You work it out in such a manner that you are not yourself aware, you talk like a third person, you say “Mother it is working, Mother it is not working, Mother it is not going here, Mother it is not working!’ Can you imagine somebody who does’nt feel he is doing anything, because your work becomes non work as you call ‘akarma’, where you do not do any work, you are doing it but you are not doing any work. You don’t feel it, as you know I am very old, quite an old woman maybe I am the oldest here! But I travel, I do all kinds of things, and people say ‘How do you know so much mother?’ but I don’t do anything that’s why, if I am travelling I am not travelling, I am just sitting down there as I am sitting at home. If you do not feel that you are doing anything then you cannot feel tired and that’s how you become extremely dynamic. We have so many examples I don’t know what doctor has told you of so many people becoming great artist, great musicians and they have now, they are world famous, so many of them will tell you that they have come to Sahaja Yoga and they have gained so much, but it is not like the television people use, put the mic on everybody’s face and ask them ‘now what do you think?, what do you think?, what do you think? It’s not like that, it’s an actualisation of the experience, you actualise the experience, you don’t have to ask anybody, you can feel this all pervading power as cool breeze like feeling.

Adi Shankaracharya calls it as ‘Saleelam Saleelam, is cool and cool and cool, you can feel it on your fingertips, you can feel it out of your fontanelle bone area, you can feel it. This is the first time you are feeling this all pervading power of God’s love. This world was not created for wars, nor for hatred nor for killing and violence, it was not created for vulgarity that we taking to. It was created for a beautiful moral life, for a beautiful peaceful enjoyment and that’s what we have to be. Its your birthright to be that , you must use that birthright and get to it. I must tell you that in those days it used to be an individual working it out, but in these modern times it is the collective that works out. We don’t take any money as I said we really don’t take any money from who is not a sahaj yogi cannot even contribute for this hall but, you have to come in a humble way to the collective. I see when I come there are thousands and when I go away they don’t go to the collective, and then they say ‘mother I have developed cancer, I have developed this because it’s a humble place where you have to go, we don’t have huge big places and, if you humble down in your heart and if you come to these places where they will teach you everything all the knowledge about yourself everything you can ask, and you will be amazed as to what powers you have got and what are the powers of the Divine, how far it can go to help you. Now the time has come for a special blossom time as I call it, but this is the time of judgement if you want to go to hell is very easy, but if you want go to heaven also is very easy now.

So why not we try then? I know in England there are so many seekers or truth has been misled also does’nt matter, what ever might have happened has happened, but just now you should decide you will have your realisation. It cannot be forced on you, I am sorry to say it cannot be forced because you have to judge, do you want to have it or not?

So it is your pure desire that will work, because this kundalini is the power of pure desire is the desire of God Almighty is the feminine the mother we can call the Primordial Mother who is reflected in your kundalini. Of course people don’t believe in it, because in the bible it is not mentioned maybe Paul just tried to eradicate it. In many scriptures they have not described about the feminine power of God, it has to be, when we talk of trinity we talk of God Almighty then we talk of the son and then we talk of the holy ghost which is absurd. So there has to be the Primordial Mother, I was surprised to read this book about the Gnostics who really talked about Her all the time and talked how She was placed within us, everything that I have been saying is there, is surprising they were Gnostics. ‘Gn’ ‘Gn’ in sanskrit means there ‘to know’ ‘to know’– and they were the people who acknowledged but they were pestered and troubled by the people who were in charge of religion. So no use running after something that your forefathers did and then they did or you join some club or you are with some cult or something. You have to be individual to be collective, that means you have to be the self to be collective because self is reflection of one God Almighty in everyone he is this reflected, he has created us so beautifully and we have no business to ruin ourselves, this comes through our ignorance, complete ignorance in the darkness. Now supposing there’s complete darkness you will trample on others, there might be a stampede you can do anything! But when there is little light you see what’s wrong with it. I give always an example of a snake in the hand. Supposing it is all dark, you can’t see there is a snake in your hand, and you are obstinate or I am very obstinate, I’ll say ‘Alright it is not a snake it is a rope!’ Til that snake bites me I’ll go on holding on to it, but if there is little light you just leave it, on your own nobody has to tell you, in the same way after realisation I don’t have to tell ‘don’t do this!’ I never say don’t because if you say don’t half of you will go. It just happens to you that in your own light you become your own masters and you see for yourself what’s wrong with you, what is destructive, how destructive things we are doing, then you do not want to do that, you want to construct yourself fully and to construct others, then you will respect humanity, then you respect yourself as a human being and a glorious personality comes in. That personality is within you which is at hand, and can be easily be achieved without any difficulty. Of course there are people who are talking nonsense about Sahaja Yoga. The other day somebody told me that ‘uh you remove children uh from their parents!’ I mean nonsense it is, you see here are many people who are Sahaja Yogis thought that the atmosphere in the West is not good for children because they take to drugs and all that. They forced us to start a school in India in a very beautiful place in the Himalayas and for that people started saying that ‘They are snatching children from the parents’ – parents themselves go and leave them there, and they are very happy the way children are growing up, but if from India a child comes to England it’s alright, but if a child from England goes to India it becomes a criminal thing! This I can’t understand this. I think that science has come to us from West, alright? one has to accept, but beyond science, meta-science, if it comes from say India is it something wrong in it? So we have to understand that whatever is good for us we must take, we must accept whatever is benevolent for us and for others. We have to become global people, our religion has to be a global religion which is awakened within us, it’s not just a faith but awakened within us. For example if there is a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, anybody can commit any crime, but a Sahaja Yogi cannot because his religion is awakened within him, he just cannot. This is what we have to achieve, the greatest thing is that you know the absolute truth on your fingertips. Many people who didn’t believe in God, I said alright ask a question ‘Is there God or not?’ Immediately they started feeling the cool breeze in their hands. So you get answers on your fingertips, whatever is your belief or faith is still mental, you believe into this another believes into that! But have you met the reality? You have to know the reality, which is very easy to achieve it. But, again I would say humbly you must have the pure desire to know it, it’s all your own, I am not doing anything, you are not obliged to me in no way, it’s your own and that’s what you have to have, and once you have it can grow into then you can give it to it to others also.

“May God Bless You!”

We are going to have the experience. Dr Spiro has told me that  “Mother you give them experience of Sahaja Yoga”  – It’s very simple I tell you, it will hardly take 10 to 15 minutes.

But it cannot happen to people who are arrogant, to people who are here just to criticise, or to idiots of course it cannot happen.

So.. [Shri Mataji clears throat] before I start it I have to tell you that there are 3 conditions which are to be fulfilled: The first condition is, that you have to have full faith in yourself that you will get your self realisation. You shouldn’t doubt yourself, after all you are human-being you are at the epitomy of evolution you don’t understand that.

So the second condition follows, that you are not to feel guilty at all.

What’s the use of feeling guilty? I don’t understand, it’s a myth! If you have done some mistakes alright correct it and finish it off, but what’s the use of carrying this myth with you? I have to tell you [Shri Mataji clears throat] that if you feel guilty this left side of this centre catches very badly and you can get spondylitis, you can get angina, also lethargic organs with it, or else if you are following a wrong person and saying wrong mantras or something also you might catch. So whatever has happened is happened, but at this moment I tell you, I assure you, you have done nothing wrong to feel guilty, please believe me. If you were really guilty you would have been in jail, you would not have been here! Alright.

The second condition is, that you as you have to forgive yourself you have to forgive  others.

Now many people tell me ‘It is very difficult to forgive!’ It’s a myth again! Whether you forgive or you don’t forgive you don’t do anything, what do you do? If you don’t forgive you don’t do anything, but if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands, those who have harmed you, those who have troubled you or deceived you, whatever it is are quite happy, while you are playing into their hands and torturing yourself.

So, you have to forgive, you just have to say “I forgive everyone”, you need not even think about them because if you think about them,  then again headache, please don’t think about then, in general you have to just feel “I forgive all of them” at this moment please, you have to forgive.     

It’s very easy to say that isn’t it? Just to say that ‘I forgive all of them in general”

It’s very simple it’s a child’s play. If you just decide to forgive. So these are the three conditions we have. Is very simple conditions which I hope you will fulfil before we proceed with self realisation process which is very simple.

First of all if I request you to take out your shoes I hope you don’t mind?

In the beginning people used to walk out when I requested them to take out their shoes.

So I would say if you feel bad then you need not.. [[Shri Mataji speaks Marathi ] Aah! – and you have to be in a very Aah!… as they say “Prasand a chit” means you have to be in a very pleasant mood, in English coming closer to that. Just be happy with yourself that you are hear, that’s sufficient.. No way you should put you down yourself, if I have said something that is causing some sort of a ring in your brain, please forget it! Is nothing important, what important  is the happening and that takes place when you are at peace with yourself. So now as I have told you the three conditions. Please put both your feet also away from each other, I don’t know how far Dr has told you about these two sympathetic systems on the left and right, but these are two powers left and right. Left is for emotions for your past, and the right is for your physical and mental intellectual. Mental English word is different but mental it means intelligence or whatever you do with your brain. So these two powers are on the left and the right, and the central path is for your ascent. Now, so please keep these two feet, means the two powers apart from each other. The first power on the left hand side is the power of desire, as you have desire to have self realisation you have to just put your left hand towards me like this, that is suggestive, symbolic that you all want to have your self realisation. I have already told you I cannot force on you, I cannot. So please put the left hand towards me just symbolising that you want to have your self realisation. This is very important. Now we have to use our right hand to give encouragement to our centres on the left hand side.

[Long pause]

Before closing your eyes, I would like to show you how you have to touch your centres yourself.

[Shri Mataji asks “Can somebody come and talk? who is coming? Alright! ‘Please come along”]

We are so many doctors here, I am so proud of them.

Alright! Now first put your right hand on your heart where resides, where resides the Spirit! Now put your hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side.

If you become the Spirit, you become your own guide, you become your own guru, your own master. This is the centre of your mastery, mastery of the laws of the Divine! Now you move your hand, the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. This is the centre for the Divine laws, is surprising it is so low as that and the knowledge of it is the pure knowledge, is the pure knowledge, all other knowledge are impure. The pure knowledge is the knowledge about the Divine laws. Then you move this right hand again  upward on to the…. upper part of your abdomen, press it hard, then on your heart again, then in the angle of your shoulder and your neck and put your head to your right, today I feel that is the worst, worst centre you have so this comes when you feel guilty and all the problem starts with that I described to you. So what’s the use of feeling guilty? Then you take your right hand on to your forehead across and please put down your head, this is the centre for forgiving others. Now take back your right hand on the back side of your head and push back your head. This is the centre for your own sake, just to satisfy yourself, to ask forgiveness from the Divine power. Now the last centre you have to stretch your palm fully and put the centre of your palm on top of the fontanelle bone area, and now put down your head, put down your head and you have to move your scalp slowly, make a pressure, clockwise, seven times, slowly. Please put down your head, stretch back your fingers so you can put a good pressure, stretch back, that’s all you have to do, that’s all.

Now we have to close our eyes, don’t close them tightly or lightly but in a normal way. [Clears throat] Now remember to put left hand towards me, and put both the feet apart from each other,  and now put the right hand on the heart. In the heart resides the Spirit, now you have to ask questions, very fundamental questions about yourself. You can call me ‘Mother or Shri Mataji’ whatever you like. Mother! You can ask the questions three times in your heart, not loudly. “Mother! Am I the Spirit?” ask this question three times.

“Mother! Am I the Spirit?” I have told you that if you become the spirit, you become your own guide.

I have told you that if you become the Spirit you become your own guide, your own master. So now please take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen and, ask another fundamental question about yourself, little bit press it with your fingers.

“Mother! Am I my own master?” ask this question three times, “Mother! Am I my own master?” Please ask this question three times. [Shri Mataji clears throat]

Now please take down your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen and press it hard.

I cannot force pure knowledge on you, you have to ask for it. This centre has got six petals, so you have to ask six times “Mother please give me pure knowledge!”, unless until you ask I cannot force on you, six times, please ask. Now as soon as you ask this question the Kundalini starts rising and when she starts rising we have to support our centres with our self confidence. So now raise your right hand on the upper portion of the abdomen on the left hand side, and here you have to say with full self confidence “Mother I am my own master!” This centre is created by great masters for us to be enlightened.

Now, I have already told you at the very outset that you are not this body, this mind, this ego, these conditionings, these emotions, this intelligence, but you are the pure Spirit.

So now raise your right hand on your heart and again say with full confidence “Mother I am the pure spirit!”

Please say it twelve times. “Mother I am the pure spirit!”

Now raise your right hand into the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to your right. Here you have to say with full confidence “Mother I am not guilty at all!”  Say it sixteen times, because this all – pervading power of Divine love is the ocean of knowledge, bliss and compassion, but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness and whatever mistakes you commit are dissolved by this ocean of forgiveness.

[Mother rubs Her hands]

So now raise your right hand on top of your forehead across and please put down your heads it’s important. Here you have to say with full confidence, not how many times. “Mother I forgive everyone in general.” I have already told you, whether you forgive or don’t forgive. You don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive you play into your wrong, into wrong hands. Apart from this, at this moment, if you don’t forgive then this centre won’t open it’s a very constricted centre. You have always tortured yourself by not forgiving and at this important mo, time if you don’t forgive the Kundalini cannot pierce through. So please forgive please forgive everyone, don’t think about them, but please forgive. Is very important.

Now please take your right hand the backside of your head and push back your head. Push back fully, here for your satisfaction, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, you have to ask forgiveness by saying “O Divine Power, if I have done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me!”… “O Divine Power! if I have done any mistake knowingly or unknowingly please forgive me! “This you have to say 3 times or times are not important, say it from your heart, please say it from your heart. Even said once is alright from your heart, say anything from your heart will work out faster than anything else. Now the last centre is on top of your head where it was soft bone in your childhood. Is called as a fontanelle bone area. Please touch your head fully and put your centre of your palm on top of this ‘Talu’, or the fontanelle bone area. Now push back your fingers. This is very important to have a pressure. Push back your fingers and put down your head. At this juncture again I have to say I cannot force self realisation on you, you have to ask for it. So please move your scalp slowly, very slowly, seven times saying “Mother please give me self realization!.” It cannot be forced, I am sorry to say. So please put down your head and say it.

[Shri Mataji blows into the mic]

Now please open your eyes very slowly, put on your glasses. Put both the hands towards me like this. Now watch me without thinking. You can do it. Please watch me without thinking. Now put the right hand towards me like this, put down your head and see for yourself only, you have to verify yourself. See for yourself if there is a cool breeze like or hot breeze also can come. Is coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Bend your head is easier to see. Now don’t put your hand on top of the head but away from it, not very much away. Just see for yourself, because some people get it far away, some people get it close by, depends on so please adjust and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Now please put your left hand towards me. Now again bend your head and see for yourself. This is your kundalini is awakened. See now for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Now if you have not forgiven it will be hot. So please forgive now! Doesn’t matter. It will cool down after sometime don’t get upset with it. Now put right hand towards me and see with the left hand if there is a cool breeze coming out, or a hot breeze like thing. Now put both the hands up like this. Push back your head and ask a question. Any one of these questions you can ask three times. “Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” three times in your heart or “Mother is this the Ru?” or “Mother is this the Parama Chaitanya?” Ask any one of these questions three times.

Now please put down your hands.  Put your hands like this. You will feel on your fingertips. All those who felt cool or hot breeze coming out of their fingertips, towards fingertips or on top of their palms or out of their fontanelle bone area, please raise both your hands. See! I bow to you all. May God Bless You! I bow to you. Now your saintly life has started. Please believe me. But you have to grow into it. Your have to grow. For that you have to come to collective. – Nobody will charge you any money or anything but you have to pay attention to your self realisation and with little understanding within one month’s time you can become a master of this Sahaja Yoga, no doubt maximum. But you have to come to our collective, they I don’t know where they have it just now Dr will tell you and after this I think there will be some music for which I would like you to clap little bit that will open out your hands more. I am very happy practically everybody got it.

And those who have not got it should not worry. They should come to our centres.

They will, can get all the information about yourself, everything about Sahaja Yoga, Absolutely. And, for the first time you will be surprised at yourself that all those dreams you have built which was troubling you so much are finished and you are in reality. This is what has to happen to this world so that we finish all the turmoil, all the problems, by emancipation of human beings. May God bless you!

[Audience clapping]

They will sing a Marathi song, which was written I think in the 16th century by Namadeva. Namadeva was a great poet who was a tailor, and once he went to meet one potter who was another saint. When he saw the potter kneading the clay he just stood up and he wrote a beautiful couplet about it. He says that ‘I came here to meet the vibrations of a saint, but here you are in person.” It’s in Marathi like this “Nirgunachya bheti alo sagunashee.” Only a saint can say this kind of a thing for another saint. Such a beautiful appreciation only a saint can do. Apart from that this Namadeva went down to Punjab where Guru Nanaka very much understood him, and he has written such a big book in punjabi language you will be surprised, and is included in Granth-Sahab, Granth-Sahab was written by Guru Nanaka for great thing that they were all saints and the sayings of the saints just put there. So we have Namadeva in Granth Sahab and this is a song, which is sung in every village in Maharashtra, but they don’t know what it is. Here it is saying that “Oh Mother, give me my yoga, give me my realization.” That’s the song of a village, and see these English singing it is from Kolhapur they went and learnt it from villagers in their own style.

This is really the raising of the Kundalini!!

[Sahaja Yogis sings “Jog.Wa”- ] – Marathi song

[Mother stands up and Bows and leaves]

[Announcement by Dr David Spiro about where follow-up meetings are held and centres where they are held in London and around the country]

[Sahaja Yogis sings “Ap.Ne Dil Me”] – Hindi song

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