Be aware of your pure desire

Vienna (Austria)

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Public Program. Vienna (Austria), 19 July 1994.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset, I have to say that truth is what it is. You cannot change it, you cannot transform it, and it cannot compromise with you. It is, it has been, it will be the same. Whatever I have to tell you tonight you need not accept it blindfolded. We have had already very big problems with these blind faiths. You should have an open mind like a scientist and treat this talk as a hypothesis. But if it is proved then you have to accept as honest people. Because it is for your benevolence, it is for the benevolence of your country, it is for the benevolence of the whole world. The truth is that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, intelligence, ego or your conditionings, but you are the pure Spirit. We see beautiful flowers around us, it’s actually a miracle. But we take it for granted. If we ask a doctor, “Who runs our heart?” he will say, “The autonomous nervous system.” But who is this ‘auto’? This they cannot answer. And who does all this living work? Who brought forth our evolution? There is no answer.

The second truth is that there is a All-Pervading Power of Divine Love. It is a subtle energy which does all this living work. Now, unless and until we evolve more than what we are today, it’s not possible with this human awareness to feel the existence of this All-Pervading Power. And if you have to have this ascent, then you have to just have pure desire for it. The pure desire is a desire from our mundane desire is very different. According to economics, wants are not satiable in general. Today we want to have a house, then a car, then a helicopter, goes on like that. But the pure desire of which you are not aware is this that you want to evolve and to feel this union with this All-Pervading Power. To feel this All-Pervading Power, to be in union with it is the yoga, spiritual yoga.

Sahaja means ‘born with you’. Is this right to get this union, this yoga. So, the time has come for all of us to use this right. So when this Kundalini, this power, from the sacrum bone rises like a primule of a seed, it passes through six centers. Most of the global problems come from human beings, and most of the human problems come from their centers. By any chance, by any method if we could improve or nourish these centers, all our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problems will be solved. It’s a fact that through Sahaja Yoga many diseases have been cured. Cancer, also many incurable diseases have been cured. It’s your own power. It is waiting for this moment, is your Mother, anxious to give you your Second Birth. So when you say you are born again you have to have powers with it. For example, in Sanskrit language we call a bird as Dwijaha and a Realized soul also Dwijaha, meaning twice born. That means you are completely transformed – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

When this Kundalini rises, and She pierces through the sixth center, becomes one with this All-Pervading Subtle Power, you also become subtler. On your fingertips you start feeling your centers. And if you know how to correct your centers you are all right, problems are solved. But also you can feel the centers of others. It’s like microcosm becoming macrocosm, it’s like a drop becoming an ocean. It sounds fantastic, but you don’t know how glorious you are, how fantastic you are. You don’t know yourself at all. You have no knowledge of your inner being. So you feel sometimes frustrated as if you have no identity. But once you start feeling this All-Pervading Power then you understand that you have many powers. You can cure yourself, you can cure others. You can raise others’ Kundalini, give them Realization.

When the Kundalini comes in this part (ed: green area of Void), She enlightens within you your religion which is innate. That means you become righteous. Like people who are, they may be Christians, Hindu, Muslims, anything – it’s just a brand, they can commit any sin they want. But after this happening you become really a righteous person. Christ has described it in the second chapter Mathews. He says, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” Means innocent eyes without any greed, without any lust in the eye. Actually your eyes become like that. Innocence cannot be lost. It is covered with clouds because of our wrong doings, but it cannot be lost. It cannot be destroyed. And you become so powerful that even a glance of such a person can create beautiful peaceful atmosphere.

Then, when your Spirit comes into your attention, you know the absolute truth – about everything. Supposing you have ten children who are Realized souls and tie up their eyes and ask them, “What’s wrong with this gentleman?” And all the children will say – take out one finger, say this finger supposing. You ask that gentleman, “Have you got heart trouble?” He’ll say, “Yes of course, but how do you know?” You get the diagnosis on your fingertips. You can say what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with others, and you speak the language of centers, chakras. Absolute truth means everybody sees the same truth.

Now, we are human beings, we have freedom to think the way we want to think. So one thinks like that, another thinks like that, another thinks like that, and that’s why the problem. Some think they are correct, another think they are correct, some think this is the best, and they fight. If you know the absolute truth, there’s no question of fight, quarrel, of course no war. Now, we have this Sahaja Yoga working in 65 Nations, and I’ve not seen – even if they are 5’000 together from different countries – ever fighting, quarrelling, even using a bad word. They just enjoy each other. The families in Sahaja Yoga are really excellent families, and so many Realized souls are born to them. It’s a new race of angels I feel. For all this you don’t have to pay a single pai. It’s a living process. When we put one seed in the Mother Earth, how much do we pay to the Mother Earth? She sprouts the seed because the seed has the built-in mechanism to sprout, and the Mother Earth has the power to germinate. So the first thing we have to know that, you cannot pay for your spirituality. I know there have been many who tried to exploit all over the world, but they are mostly now exposed. I would say it was your mistake because how much did you pay to Christ?

Now, one has to understand that I’m talking about Divine love. They all talk of love, all right, but it’s the actualization of that Divine love. It is the becoming which is important, not just talking about it. There has been lot of talk, we are this, we are that. So you become extremely dynamic with this power, at the same time extremely compassionate. You don’t have to suggest, you don’t have to think, you just – you become compassionate. The compassion just works. Then another thing is that we think about future and past. The thought rises, falls, another thought rises and falls, and we are jumping on the cusp of future and past. We cannot be in the present, which is the reality. Present is the reality. The past is finished, and the future doesn’t exist. When the Kundalini rises She elongates those thoughts and establishes in the center where there is complete thoughtless awareness. And spiritually you grow in that thoughtless awareness which in Sanskrit we call as Nirvichaar Samadhi.

The second state we call as Nirvikalpa Samadhi means doubtless awareness, when you become your own master. Because in the light of the Spirit you know what is the truth is. What is destructive for you and what is constructive for you. And you just disregard all that is destructive. I don’t have to tell you, “Don’t do this, don’t – no.” If I say that, half of you will go away. It’s like this, supposing I have a snake in My hand, and I am very adamant and it’s darkness and somebody says that, “There’s a snake in your hand.” I will say, “No, it is a rope.” Until the snake bites Me I will say, “It’s a rope.” But if there is little light immediately I will throw away the snake. Nobody has to tell you. This is how your attention becomes enlightened, and you become a very wise and sane personality. And then you understand your value, your identity. Then you know you have become the instrument of this Divine love. It’s a pure love. Like a sap rises in a tree, it gives whatever is needed for every part of the tree – ultimately it evaporates. But supposing it likes one flower, gets attached. Then the tree will die and the flower will die also.

So this detachment comes from within. It’s not to wear these dresses of renouncing or to shave your head, that’s not needed. It’s an inner happening. You don’t have to give up your families, you don’t have to give up your jobs, you have to be absolutely normal. But when you become thoughtlessly aware, the peace is established within. I have known many people who have got peace awards, this award, that award – they have no peace within, I don’t know how they got it. Actually most of them are very hot tempered. If you have to reach them you have to take a barge pole, somehow. You establish your peace within and then the whole world becomes like a drama. You get out of your problems and see them clearly. Like if you are standing in the water you are afraid of the waves, but if you get into the boat you can see the waves. But if you know how to swim you can jump in and save many others. This is how Sahaja Yoga works.

Your attention can go to any limit, you can find out about anyone dead or alive in any country. When we see television, we know about the ether. But I am talking about the subtle of the ether, which is so efficient, which is so fast, which is so active, and which is so loving. You find your life so blissful. People write to Me about the miracles they have had. I asked somebody to compile them, and in one month he told Me, “They have come up to my head like that, now what am I to do?” They said, “You better sort it out, Mother.” I said, “I have no time, all right, forget it.” Then you realize how glorified you are, what great thing you are.

Now, you are at the epitome of evolution. Little more advancement and you are there in the Kingdom of God, absolutely protected and loved. The time has come, this is a special time. I call it the Blossom Time. In Indian prophecies, they have described this time very clearly that, “So many souls will take birth and there will be increase in the population and they will find themselves, they will know the self-knowledge.” It’s not that the body will come out of the grave, after 500 years what is left of the body in the grave? Muslims believe, Christians believe, Jews believe – I think there is something wrong. It’s the soul which is going to take birth. Above all you jump into the ocean of joy. Joy is singular. When our ego is happy we become happy, when it is punctured we feel unhappy. So we move from happiness to unhappiness and happiness to unhappiness. But joy is an experience – which has no alternative. You can enjoy everything, and you can find solutions to everything.

Today as it is you know, world has come to a point of great shock. They are talking about breaking families, they are killing children, I mean, unbelievable things are happening. But at this time it is predicted that, “You will be seeking the truth and you’ll find it.” Only thing I have to tell you that if you don’t have desire I cannot force on you, I respect your freedom. The experience is not mental, it is beyond mental.

So if you don’t want to have it’s better you leave the hall. But it’s your right to have it if you desire. In this short lecture I cannot tell you everything about it. Also lecturing is also a mental acrobat. So it will take hardly ten minutes to get your Self-Realization. So those who don’t want to have should leave the hall first.

All right.

There are three conditions. First one is that you have to be absolutely self-confident that you are going to get your Self-Realization. That means you should not condemn yourself for anything. You should not feel guilty. Guilty at all about anything that has happened in the past. At this moment the past is finished. Unfortunately if you feel guilty, then this center catches very badly and you get disease called angina, also spondylitis, and also lethargic organs. It’s a fashion to feel guilty. I mean, some people feel guilty for their forefathers, some feel guilty, say for Rwanda people, you can’t help these things. It’s a myth. And at this moment it’s important that please don’t feel guilty, because the Kundalini will stop at this center. All your life you have tortured yourself and now at this important moment you should not feel guilty, so the Kundalini doesn’t rise and you miss your Self-Realization. In short you should be presently pleasantly placed towards yourself. As I respect you, you must respect yourself. As I love you, you must love yourself. That’s all I want.

The second condition is that you have to forgive everyone in general, that means you don’t even have to think about whom you have to forgive, because that’s a headache. Logically, whether you forgive or you don’t forgive you don’t do anything. It’s a myth. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands, and the center on the optic chiasma is like this – constricted. At this moment, if you don’t forgive it won’t open like this and you will miss your chance, such an important thing of Self-Realization. So please forgive – in general I say.

Now, the third condition is you have to take out your shoes. Because this Mother Earth helps us. Many people don’t like the third condition sometimes. (Laughter) In England, first time when I asked them to take out their shoes, half of them walked off (Laughter) – very seriously.

Now, somebody will show you. First you should see what we are going to do. He must have told you that we have two channels, left and right which are opposite to each other but are complimentary. They look after the sympathetic nervous systems, left and right. So the left one is for the power of desire, by which we desire, mundane desire, and in the right we have the power of action. So you have to put your both feet apart from each other. And put your left hand on your left lap like this very comfortably. This is suggestive and symbolic of your desire to have Self-Realization. So we use our right hand for the action. Please be seated, we have room here for you. All of you have to sit down, please, be comfortable. You don’t have to go to Himalaya, stand on your head, shave off your hair, nothing of the kind. (Laughter) Be comfortable.

So, now we put our right hand on our heart. In the heart resides the Spirit. Now if you become the Spirit, you become your own guide and your own master. Now take down your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. We are working only on the left hand side. Here is the center for your mastery. Mastery over yourself and mastery over the knowledge, the pure Divine knowledge. It’s created by great prophets and seers, which is to be enlightened. Now take down your hand into the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Surprisingly this is the center for pure Divine knowledge. Now raise your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen. Then on your heart. Then in the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to your right. Oh. It is there, that means you are feeling guilty. Please don’t feel guilty.

Now, you have to ask for forgiveness or forgive everyone. In general without thinking about them. Now take back your right hand on the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible. This is the center where without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes for your own satisfaction you have to ask forgiveness from the All-Pervading Power of Divine love. Now, the last center is very important, stretch your palm fully. Now put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now push back your fingers, it’s very important, so that there’s a good pressure on your scalp. Now put down your head and move your scalp slowly – 7 times, 7 times, clockwise.

Now, that’s all we have to do. But please remember to push back your fingers. All right.

Now again, see that your both legs are apart from each other, and the left hand is on your left lap. You can close your eyes and take out your spectacles, please don’t open your eyes till I tell you.

So now, put your right hand on your heart and close your eyes. Here you have to ask Me a very fundamental question about yourself – you can call Me Shri Mataji or Mother. Please say three times, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Say in your heart.

As I told you, when you are the Spirit you become your own guide, your own master. So now please bring your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and here you ask another fundamental question about yourself, three times in your heart, “Mother, am I my own master?”

I have already told you that I respect your freedom and I cannot force Self-Realization or pure Divine knowledge on you – so you have to ask for it. So now, please take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen and ask six times, because this center has got six petals, “Mother, please give me pure Divine knowledge.”

As soon as you ask for the pure divine knowledge the Kundalini starts rising within you. So we have to nourish our upper centers with our full self-confidence. So now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Here you have to say with full confidence ten times, “Mother, I am my own master.”

At the very outset, I told you that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this intelligence, these conditionings, and the ego, but you are the pure Spirit. So raise your right hand on your heart and say with full confidence again, twelve times, “Mother, I am the pure Spirit.”

This All-Pervading Divine Power of Love is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of bliss and compassion, but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So whatever mistakes you might have committed can be easily dissolved by this ocean of forgiveness at this moment. So please forgive yourself and raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to your right. Here you have to say 16 times, “Mother I am not guilty at all.” Say it with full confidence.

I have already told you that logically, whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. It is a myth, but you are playing into wrong hands and torturing yourself. At this moment, if you do not forgive, the center of Agnya won’t open and the Kundalini won’t rise. So please, please forgive, forgive everyone in general. By raising your hand on top of your forehead, put down your head. And here you say, “Mother, I forgive everyone in general.”

Now without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes for your satisfaction you have to ask forgiveness from the All-Pervading Divine Power. So please take your right hand on the back side of your head and push back your head. Here you have to say, “Oh Divine power, please forgive me, if I have done any mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly.” Please say it in your heart, not how many times.

Now the last center you have to stretch your palm fully, put the center of your palm on top of your fontanel bone area and put down your head. Here again, I cannot force Self-Realization on you, you have to ask for it. Now, push back your fingers, put a pressure on your scalp and move it seven times saying, “Mother, please give me my Self-Realization”, clockwise you have to move. (Shri Mataji is blowing into the microphone)

Push back your fingers and move the scalp clockwise. Please bend your heads, bend your heads.

Now, take down your hands and please open your eyes slowly. Put both the hands towards Me and watch Me without thinking. Now put the right hand towards Me and put the left hand on top of the fontanel bone area and see for yourself if there’s a cool, or a hot, breeze-like vibrations are coming out of your own fontanel bone area. Bend your heads, bend your heads. Sometimes it comes very close and sometimes far away.

Now please put your left hand towards Me. And now see with the right hand if there is a cool or a hot breeze-like vibrations coming from your own fontanel bone area. If it is hot means you have not forgiven. Please forgive now, at this moment.

Now, again with the right hand once again. Please bend your head.

Now raise both your hands towards the sky, push back your head. Here you have to ask one of these three questions three times. First one is, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Second is, “Mother is this the All-Pervading Power of Divine Love, is this the Ruh?” The third is, “Mother, is this the Paramachaitanya?” Ask anyone of these questions three times.

Now, take down your hands. Please put your hands to Me. All those who have felt the cool breeze on the fingertips or on the palm or through their fontanel bone area, cool breeze or hot breeze, raise both your hands.

My God! May God bless you all, you all have become saints now, I bow to you.

Now respect your Self-Realization. Still you have to grow. We have to understand that this is a collective process. You cannot do it alone anyway. So you have to come to collective. Of course, you don’t have to pay at all for anything. But you have to give some time, some importance to your Self-Realization. So please, make it a point to come to the collective. Very surprising, you don’t know Me, I am not an Austrian, but when I come always the halls are full, but when I go away they don’t follow up, I don’t know why. Only in Russia, I have seen people have gone very deep, they are so deep people, very deep people. Once they get Realization they just get to it. It’s very surprising.

So I have to make a request to you that though you have got it everything so easily you have to grow into it. You have to have the whole knowledge. I must have spoken only in English language at least – there must be 4’000, 5’000 lectures. But they are only indications to know what you are and to experience it. Sahaja Yoga is an experience. In Sanskrit, we have a word called Budha or Vida that means to know the knowledge on your central nervous system. From Budha the word Buddha has come. From Vida the word Vedas has come.

So this knowledge is your own. It was the ancient treasure, but now is available to all of us. So please try to understand the importance of your being. I always come after one year and I hope to come back to see you all.

May God bless you! (Applause)

Thank you very much! May God bless you all!