Guru Puja: Mature and Achieve the State of A Guru

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Guru Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 24 July 1994.

Just sit down. Ask them to sit down on the ground. Please. You, two ladies, sit down because they cannot see from the back. Today you all have gathered here to worship Me as your Guru.

I must say that I lack many qualities that a guru should have, in the sense I cannot be strict with you, I cannot be stern with you, and I really don’t know how to punish you for doing wrong things. This may be because, normally I think the gurus have problems with their disciples, who are mostly not realized souls. As they are not realized souls, the gurus find it difficult to communicate or talk to them about the subtle problems that they have. I know of many gurus even in modern times who’ve been really very, very strict. And also they told Me that they have achieved their realization by working very hard and by suffering under the strictness of the gurus. Sometimes I was really filled with great compassion for such disciples who haven’t yet received their realization. They had gurus who were really realized souls and they never had their realization, and the guru was extremely strict with them.

There was one gentleman I met in Kolhapur, and he got realization in one minute. So he told Me that his guru had “told me to go for fast every month at least for eight days.” All right. “Then he asked me to build a temple of Dattatreya in his village.” And every day he must go and worship Dattatreya in the morning time and in the evening time. He spent so much money, and still he didn’t get realization. “And while You hardly took two minutes to give me realization, Mother. What is this? How You have been so gracious to me?” So, I didn’t know what to answer him I didn’t want to talk against his guru because I know he is a realized soul. Actually, most of these gurus and incarnations were very helpless with human beings. Perhaps they didn’t have such beautiful disciples as I have. Perhaps at this time all the good people who were seeking Divinity are born, and they are here as Sahaja yogis. I never had to work very hard on them. Of course once in a while you do get a person who tries to trouble us, or who tries to create problems. But modern times are so special, I think, that it’s very easy to give realization to people.

At the time of Moses, He had made laws because of the decadent society of the Jews at that time. And that one was very hard, very, very hard, which we know today as shariat – was taken over by the Muslims. And even now the punishments according to so-called Koran are so hard that you can’t believe it. And most of the pressure of all their dharmic laws are on the women. Whatever it is, even in the Bible if you read Christ, He has said that all those Ten Commandments are nothing, you have to go beyond them. And He says if your one eye is mischievous, is committing sin, take it out. What’s the use of the whole body getting contaminated by that? Or if your one arm is doing something that is wrong, you better remove it. Because of one arm, the whole body will suffer. He said that, it is said that you should not be adulterous. But I would say that you should not have eyes in which for any woman you have desire- you have committed the great sin; and you’ll all go to hell, all those people who will do it. So you should not have adulterous eyes.

Another thing He has said, that if somebody slaps you on one face, you should turn another cheek towards that person. When I knew about these laws I said, How can you have such people in this world? It’s a very subtle thing. And the last of all which was very, very good was that you should be righteous, righteous more than all the scribes and all the Pharisees – means the priest and all this with the – you have to be much more righteous than them. I mean, in early age when I read it I thought, where can you find such people who can be called anywhere near Christ’s description? It was inconceivable at that time.

India is one place as I told you, people are dharmic by their own, we can say, their own genes you can call them, or you can say they are extremely dharmic because of traditions – brought up like that. In My time, in the South India and Maharashtra, I think we were very dharmic family, and it was very dharmic atmosphere. Still, these things that Christ has described was not there. For example, anger was regarded as a great asset. People used to boast, “I am very angry with that person!” they used to say. Very common. Of course I don’t think in India anybody can say “I hate you” because is regarded something sinful and stupid, because to hate somebody is being adharmic. But of course they did say so many things that were not at all permissible by the laws of Christ.

And then came Mohammed Sahib, who just found that nothing works out. So I think they adopted shariat – but not Mohammed Sahib – but they had adopted already the shariat. He accepted. He said, “All right, this shariat can be worked out.” But it is so inhuman and has no balance, because only the women have to suffer; no, nothing to men. If a woman did adultery then she was punished, but not the man. Even, I don’t know what is the law here, but in India if a woman who is married does adultery, such a man has to be punished, but if the married man does adultery there is no punishment. All these things, I know, cannot be forced on anyone. Whatever Christ must have said, He must have said in His own meditative mood. He was surrounded by people who tried to kill Him, and they killed Him ultimately. And the kind of people they were, specially at that time the Romans – extremely cruel. So how can He say that if you, somebody slaps you on one cheek, you turn another cheek to that person? Very angry, hot-tempered people were there.

Krishna, of course, said it very clearly that “krodhat bhijayati sammoha” – is krodh is the worst thing, anger is the worst sin according to Him, from – only from anger everything comes out. But He didn’t say how the anger comes in. He didn’t talk about it that the source of anger was your liver, and also your upbringing. These two things give you horrible anger. Unless and until you witness yourself, your realization has no meaning. You should separate yourself from yourself, and see for yourself what is really wrong with you. Now supposing somebody is a very hot-tempered person, instead of taking pride in it or using that temper to control others, he should try to control himself. How? First is the krodha. Anybody who wants to be a saint should know that anger, this krodha, should have no place. And how do you do it? You first of all witness yourself how you behave. For example, I would say artificially you become angry, artificially, and stand before the mirror. See your face, how you look like. You’ll be surprised, looks like a face of a monkey or a tiger, or I don’t know what animal you must have been in last life. And then you are amazed that you are still carrying the traces of that previous life that was whatever was the animal. Then the second thing would be, take out the anger upon yourself. As we have in Sahaja Yoga, we write down our own names and beat it.

But it is, should be that if you get angry with yourself, then you will see that you have won over your anger. Because angry people only torture others, they don’t torture themselves. Of course sometimes they feel bad, later on they feel “I should not have done this,” they develop a left Vishuddhi. But, mainly if you start getting angry with yourself – “Why should I have done this? Why did I do this?” “Why should I get tempted to this?” – you’ll be surprised, your temper will go down. And also physically you should see you have a liver problem. With that you just face yourself and tell that “I’m going to get rid of this liver problem. How dare it become my enemy and stop my ascent in spirituality.” So the first, the witness state has to be developed. For a Sahaja yogi is very important to develop a witness state. But normally what happens that Sahaja yogis develop a witness state for others. Now you know in Sahaja Yoga the door is open to everyone; and some mad people also walk in, some funny people also walk in, some very bad-charactered people also walk in, all kinds of things happen. So now you should see, what are you worried about? Are you worried about people who have problems, who are no good, for whom you cannot say that they’ll be Sahaja yogis; or you are enjoying the people who have got Sahaja Yoga? This temper sometimes has made people really mad, I tell you, can go into your head and can make you mad; and we have some mad people in Sahaja Yoga, we have still. But they have become so mad that now they are no more angry, they are no more troublesome, they are just mad, that’s all. For such people you shouldn’t worry. There’s no need to witness others – witness yourself.

And I sometimes feel that anger comes through too much austerity, too much of extreme nature also. Some Sahaja yogis are extremely austere, austere about everything. It’s maddening. In Sahaja Yoga there is, everything is Sahaj, it’s spontaneous. You are not to be austere. You should not be particular. Now, I said now it’s not better, not to wear a black sari or something, if I say so – then it doesn’t become a sentence from Brahma! Supposing then somebody is wearing a black sari and coming, you will all run away from that person – or black clothes. It’s not that. You are gurus yourself; why should you be afraid of any kind of person who comes to you, whether it is black, white, or any type? Why should you have any fear? The another side of temper is fear. A man who is hot-tempered always have fear because he sees himself in others. He sees that “another person also must be having the same kind of temper, and he’ll attack me,” so he’s always on the protective. In a Sahaj manner what we do is to live without fear. It’s said that wages of sin is fear, but I would say wages of anger. Those people who were very aggressive, say for example, develop frights, all kinds of frights. Those countries who have invaded other countries and rule other countries, and have got the experience of their ego, of their anger, become extremely frightened people. Specially the soldiers who go on the war, kill so many people and come back, and they are frightened. I asked one of them in America, I said, “What are you frightened of?” He said, “I feel that I have killed so many people, now so many will kill me.” But I said, “Why do you think like that?” “Why should anybody kill you?” He says, “Because, why did I kill others?” “Why did I kill others? Because I killed others, so anybody can kill me, isn’t it, without rhyme and reason.” Logically I agreed. But his fear was so much that when he came in My presence he was just shaking, the whole body was shaking with fear.

So, whatever aggression we do boomerangs on us, and we become very frightened about everything. In Sahaj you witness yourself as a separate identity. All your past is finished, gone, you are not bothered, and you remain in a state which is fearless. This state has to be achieved through Sahaja Yoga. Very easy, once you know that you are protected you’ll have no fear, and as you’ll have no fear you will not have also temper. It works vice versa sometimes. It’s a very common thing I have seen, a very aggressive person will be described by a psychologist as a man of insecurity. It’s nice to say that, but it’s not true. He makes everybody insecured, then how can he be insecure? If another person feels insecure with that person, that means this man is not insecured, but he is over-secured. If you tell him that, then only he will improve. But if you say, “You have insecurity,” then he thinks, “Yes, my condition is pitiable.” “Even if I kill somebody is all right, because my condition is pitiable.” Such arguments work out in such a manner, that you become convinced about yourself. But if you see as a witness you see, “What have I done so far?” “Have I been able to conquer myself?”

Sahaja Yoga is not to conquer others or to control others, but to conquer yourself. If you have not done that, you can be self-certified – “Oh, I have been a Sahaja yogi, I have been so great, I have been this, I am -” that makes no difference. Have you completely transformed yourself, changed yourself, and now in your presence do people feel secured? If they feel insecure, then something wrong with you. Or if you feel insecure, also there’s something wrong with you. Now this excuse to give, that “Mother, I am insecure” – then you are not a Sahaja yogi, as simple as that. Giving explanation like that shows you are not even a Sahaja yogi. So now to become the guru, first of all, you should have a great sense of forgiveness. So much so like Buddha’s. Once Buddha was giving a lecture in a village and suddenly somebody came in and started abusing Him, saying all kinds of things and all that. Then somebody told him, “What are you doing? He is Buddha, the one who’s Enlightened One. He’s trying to help us to become good, and you came and shouted at Him?” So he was repentant. He went to see Buddha, but Buddha had gone to another village. So he went to another village, second day, and he went and fell at the feet of Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha said, “What’s the matter?” “Why are you falling at My feet?” He said, “Sir, I must say that I was, really I didn’t know You were the Enlightened One. I just shouted at You, said things, I don’t know what happened to me. So please forgive me.” He said, “When did you say this to Me?” “Yesterday.” “Where?” “In such place.” He said, “Yesterday is finished now.” “What is there to forgive?” Now, he came begging of His forgiveness, repenting. Immediately He said, “Yesterday is over.” That is one of the greatest qualities Sahaja yogis should have.

To call yourself a guru you must also have maturity. And the maturity part is sometimes very – Like yesterday in the drama. I was surprised when the – it took some time, some people came in, went. They were giggling just like children. It shows no maturity, no respect. Hah, anything laughable is there of course one can laugh, or any enjoyment is there – but shows such childishness. They are doing some drama, making fun of them. Very common with Sahaja yogis I have seen, specially ladies. They laugh at things where they should never laugh. I am sitting there and you are watching something, what is there to laugh? Shows complete immaturity! Another thing I have seen is in small, small things, specially in money matters, it’s very funny. I have to tell you this: Turkish people, our Sahaja yogis have no money, everything was stolen away from them. So I said, “All right, you send some shirts here and we’ll sell those shirts, and extra money you can take it,” because they would not take money from Me. So when they sent the shirt here, it was – they said that “Mother, I don’t know marketing,” they said, “Mother, it should be twenty-one dollars, twenty-two dollars.” Many of them said it is expensive. Then I said, “All right, collect money from everyone, twenty-two dollars each without giving any shirt, finished – for Turkey.” But a false guru takes money from you, you don’t mind.

Sahaja Yoga is free of course, no doubt. Sahaja Yoga is free. But you have to contribute. How are we to run this Sahaja Yoga? There’s no sense of donation in you, at all. For a guru, one must know how to donate. I am surprised sometimes, there is no sense of donation. We got something, say, terracotta from India, to help those people; and I was surprised that these Belgian women are so funny that they were telling everybody it is expensive. If they don’t want to buy, they need not buy. Others were willing to buy but they, these women were telling that these things are expensive. Where do you contribute for Sahaja Yoga?

Now we had to have this pendal. We had to have all kinds of things. What do you contribute? This attachment to money can never be good for a guru. I have no attachment at all. If you ask anyone they’ll tell you, even My husband will tell that, that from inside I am absolutely detached. I don’t know also, I don’t know banking, I don’t know how to keep accounts, somebody keep accounts, somebody does that. But this attachment to money in Sahaja Yoga – I won’t say like Christ that you’ll all go to hell, but you won’t rise much higher. You have come for your spiritual ascent. I don’t say you go to Himalayas, stand in the cold, stand on your heads, nothing of the kind. But the another defect they call in Me is that I never tell them that “you must contribute.” It is to be done with pleasure, with happiness, that you can contribute something to Sahaja Yoga. In any case, whether you give it or not, I’ll have to contribute for Turkey, no doubt. I’ll do that.

Now this kind of a thing as a market is there – “It’s very expensive. This is cheap, this, that” – this is just an excuse because I know you can never contribute even twenty dollars for anything. So I bring their clothes, all right. They have stitched the shirts, sent it here, and now – I’m surprised. But if the free presents are given, it’s very much acceptable, and nobody sees how expensive it is.

So now I would say that on money matters a guru has to be absolutely detached and giving, and generous. You’ll enjoy your generosity but the problem is, you are not generous at all. You think Sahaja Yoga is another market-place where you have come. So the generosity part is so much missing, and it is very surprising. They asked Me that “Mother, please, we need some chiffon skirts and blouses for this summer.” You stitch them for them, bring all the way; nobody wants to buy, it’s all lying there. There’s no shopping here. So I’m going to tell you that as long as all these things are exhausted, I am not going to ask any country to send anything here for sale. To believe that you are Sahaja yogis, you are sadly mistaken. Your attention so much – you’ll go to hairdressers, you’ll do all kinds of things, but for Sahaja Yoga you have no money. Today, as everybody has said, “Mother, you should be little stern, You must tell,” I’m telling you this. Your progress will be very slow.

Secondly, you have to introspect to find out, what have you done for Sahaja Yoga? How many people you have given realization? You have powers. These gurus never had powers, though they were realized souls; you have powers to give realization, how many of you have done it? And once you start doing that, you get about ten people, twenty people from somewhere, you become great masters and you start talking about your great mastery and that you know everything, that you are the guru, you are the Adi Shakti. This is at the Agnya level. As soon as you reach the Agnya level you get this into your heads. So many, of course, have done so much for Sahaja Yoga, otherwise it would not have been possible to see this today.

For all those who have not done anything, I must tell you that you are just standing at the same steps. Your kundalini has risen but you have done nothing, nothing to give it to others. Unless and until you give it, you cannot grow. There are many I know who don’t want to give because they think “we’ll catch.” Don’t want to look after others because they think they’ll get egos. This is not the way to be in Sahaja Yoga. You have to do something which is very important, to spread Sahaja Yoga. We are talking of global peace, of global transformation, and what are we doing for it? First improve your quality. And that improvement can only come through sincere, honest introspection, and also witnessing yourself every moment, how you behave.

I must tell you about Myself, that from My very childhood I was like a grandmother. I would not tolerate anything nonsense, any stupid jokes, anything, like a grandmother. And now I am a grandmother also. And this maturity has to come in you. To talk cheaply is all right, some people have that habit – they are no Sahaja yogis. But the ones who follow them and talk like that, shows that they have no maturity. If they were matured they would change all these people. Whenever there are matured people, they definitely transform others. And their own behaviour, people are surprised how they are. This may be exceptional, may be very few like that. But only thing why I am pointing it out to you, that when you find somebody like that, then please try not to listen to such a person, not to follow such a person. But such a person is extremely forward type and everybody becomes sort of a follower of such a useless Sahaja yogi, so-called.

So we have to mature. Now how do we mature? Many ask Me this question. We mature by meditation, by nirvicharita. You have to be in thoughtless awareness to grow, otherwise you cannot grow. Now, you should practice this thoughtless awareness otherwise also. Say you are walking on the road, suddenly you see a beautiful tree, you should become thoughtless. Creation of Divine – how beautiful it is! You should become thoughtless.

In thoughtless Sahaj works, otherwise it does not work. You plan everything, you do everything, it won’t work out. If you leave it to Sahaj, it will work out. But that never means that you should be lazy about it, or also unsystematic – no. You have to be alert, extremely alert, because if you are not alert you will not see how the Sahaj is helping you. I’ll give an example. Supposing you want to meet somebody. Now that person has said, “I’ll meet you at eleven o’clock,” say for example. You have to be alert. He said he’ll meet you at eleven. By some chance you are late, supposing. So you should be alert that you are late for the gentleman. At that time, you should give a bandhan or raise your kundalini, do something, so that you meet that person in any case, whether you are late or not. But normally you should not be late. If you just give a bandhan and say, “I must be there at eleven o’clock,” you’ll be there. Sahaj will help you. But you even forget to give bandhans, you even forget to raise your kundalini, you even forget to give vibrations.

So to mature, first of all you should know you are now Sahaja yogis, and that you can control the whole situation if you are one with this all-pervading Power. It’s very simple. It was very hot, everybody was saying it’s very hot. All right. I got up, I said, “I’ll make it,” within fifteen minutes I made it cool. I say, “I made it” – “I,” but it’s not “I.” My connection with this all-pervading Power has done the job. But the connection has to be sincere, strong, honest, and all the time in your mind you should know that you are connected. This situation is very simple to achieve, this state where you all the time feel “I am one with the Divine”. Because you are not alert, you don’t want to see the miracles of this great Power which you are in connection. You are busy with other things, your attention is somewhere else, you’re looking at other things. And then suddenly you say, “Mother, how is it I am such a Sahaja yogi, I could not do this and that?” What’s going on there? Even when I am speaking I see people are busy with something else.

So what you call, is to mature through your meditation in nirvicharita – in thoughtless awareness. Unless and until you enlarge the state of thoughtless awareness you cannot mature, because only in the present you can mature, and present is thoughtless awareness. And I have seen what is happening, that people are only expecting all kinds of miracles from Sahaja Yoga, all kinds of help from Sahaja Yoga, but they never think “what help are we doing?” “What are we achieving?” “Where are we?

” So at the Agnya again, you people have to be extremely, extremely careful. Now this is for men. If you have not crossed your Agnya and you start spreading Sahaja Yoga, then you can become really a funny person, not a Sahaja yogi. This leadership business is a myth, and this myth must be seen as a myth. Whether you are leader or not leader makes no difference. But the maturity has to come.

Now I am telling all this because I have decided not to punish anybody in this lifetime. So that you see for yourself, yourself you understand, yourself you realize. I know you very well, all of you, somehow. But I want you to realize yourself, “What are we doing wrong?” “Where are we doing right?” and don’t judge Sahaja Yoga on what merits you get out of it. If you are not getting merits, there’s something wrong with you. If you can really understand this, then you will become subtler and subtler and all your gross attachments will become absolutely negligible. You may have concern, but you won’t have attachment. From inside, this complete detachment has to come in. And that can come, as I told you, getting rid of your anger, first. Secondly, getting rid of attachments to material things, by generosity. It’s nice to give something to somebody, you enjoy your generosity, you really enjoy. Generosity is to be enjoyed. And once you start enjoying your generosity, then you realize that you, your love, your compassion, it has now started flowing to others. Little, little things are there. I have seen you all love Me and you do want always to give Me presents, presents, presents, presents, all right. But this love must spread to everybody else. You must know about others also, what they need and what you have to do. If somebody needs something, can you get it for that person? Can you love that person? Can you give it to the children of other people, something that you have? If this generosity could be just, maybe, I don’t know, because I don’t have to force Myself to be generous. Everybody says, “Mother, You are too generous” – in My family everybody thinks I am very generous and a gone case – but I don’t have to generate. But perhaps you people through introspection will definitely become generous, and this generosity will start flowing. I’ve known people who have lots of money, lots of things, but not one single pai they’ll give to Sahaja Yoga, not one single pai.

This sense of generosity comes when you understand what is your purpose of life, why you are here. Just to fulfil yourself with Sahaja Yoga, or to be able to do something about it without feeling that you have done something? In this Christ has said very nicely – I mean that He has said it, but where do you find this? – that your left hand should not know what your right hand has given, should never trumpet, “I, I, I, I, I.” What Christ has said, to achieve that you had to have realization, no doubt. But I would say fifth chapter of Matthews you read. Such things, so subtle He did that you’ll be surprised that how this religion in the name of Christ has gone on the other side of it.

Now people want to be gurus because they think you have powers; that you can overpower others, you can say whatever you like to others, you can torture anyone you feel like. That has been before, I know. Gurus have been very, very … very, very cruel to their disciples also, I know that. Once I went to Ambarnath, and one gentleman came to see Me, his name was Swami Jagannath, and he said that “My guru has told me that Adi Shakti is going to come to Ambarnath, and I will try to come at that time.” I said, “Who is your guru?” So he told Me some name. He was a realized soul, no doubt. So he came down. He said, “Mother, should he come to You, or You will go to him?” I said, “See, I am a Mother. I am not a guru.” The gurus don’t leave their places, can you imagine? They call it takiya. The guru should not leave his place, should sit there and everybody must come to him. I said, “I am the Mother, I will go and meet him.” So I met him and the fellow who had come, this Jagannath fellow – I said, “What’s the matter with you? Why don’t you open his Agnya? He’s in so much pain.” He said, “Who opened my Agnya? Why should I open his Agnya?” I said, “You are the guru, you are the master.” “So what? My guru never opened my Agnya. I had to fight my ego all the time and that’s how I have got everything all right.” So I said, “It’s so easy to open the Agnya. Why can’t you open?” So I turned his Agnya and opened it, he was very happy. He said, “You are a mother, You do what You like. We are not going to do this. If you don’t make them work hard for their realization, if you don’t make them work hard for their development, they will never be all right. These human beings are like this.” I said, “Not for Me.” He said, “All right, You are a mother, You forgive them, You do what You like, You try to transform them, help them. But not me.” I said, “All right.” But you know, he came at My feet and all that, and he said that “You must praise. She is Adi Shakti. You must praise Her now.” He was there for a short time. Then we were coming home, then this Baba Jagannath tells Me, “Mother, thank God You have opened my Agnya.” So I said, “What happened?” “My guru when I came, he gave me two slaps on the face. I was running his ashram, supposed to be the guru. Two slaps, and put me upside down on the well. And all the time my feet were tied up to the rope which he used to lower down, again bring me up. So he put me again and again into the water seven times, then he pulled me out.” I said, “Baba, why did he do that?” He said, “I must tell You that I have been smoking sometimes.” For that. But I said, “He never gave you realization? You would be smoking in any case, that’s it.” “He wants me to give up all these bad habits with my Agnya on. Now You have opened my Agnya, I’m all right.” So I felt that the behaviour of that guru was very surprising. He says, “He beats us. He always beats us for anything and we have to work very hard.” I also know of the, some gurus of the music also do that, and I met so many of such people who have been to very great gurus and the way I got the report was so shocking to Me, that why don’t they tell them directly that “See, this is wrong with you, and this is how you should be”? But the gurus say that if you tell them like that, they’ll never listen. “They only know the beating.” I said, “Ba! What do you say? They only know beatings?” “Yes.” So the whole attitude towards the disciple is not of compassion, in fact. There are of course other gurus also who take a terrible test of their disciples. Like as you see, Shri Ramdas. This was nothing compared to what Raja Janaka did. They will test the person and then only give realization, and out of thousands, to one only. That is how we’ve got so many false gurus also, because they were all discarded by these realized souls, so. At this point we have people who have got realization, when the real gurus are like this. I met another one, he asked Me, “Why are You giving realization to all these useless people?” I said, “Why?” And there were some Sahaja yogis, he said, “How many can give life for Shri Mataji?” I said, “Why do you want to ask for their life? I don’t want their life.” He said, “This is the first question,” he said, “those – I have many who will give life for me.” And he has not given them realization. So now at this juncture, when we have people who are seeking, who are going to these gurus – of course false gurus you forget, but even real gurus – they do not get their realization. Now, you are capable of giving them realization – just imagine. They have big, big ashrams and things like that, they cannot give realization. While you can, all of you can give.

Now, it’s like this, that if you put little light in a lamp and it is just giving light to itself, nothing else, supposing. Now you have to give light to others. You have powers, you can do it. You can really change people, you can cure them – but, you will not. You will bring all these sick people to Me, “Mother, You cure.” Even for realization I’ve seen they bring people to Me. What is the need? You all know how to give realization, how to cure a person. All of you know. Now why is it that you people cannot do it? Firstly, you may not be matured enough. But even if you are mature, you are not assuming your own powers, you don’t believe in it. Humility is all right, but you must know what power it is. Supposing somebody is a king, say, and you put him on the throne. Now if people are coming and instead of they touching his feet, he goes and touches each and everybody’s feet – this is no humility. This is nonsense. Whatever position you have, you should try to do with humility, means through compassion. The maturity is this, that you should know that you have these powers, you should know how to preserve these powers, you should know how to grow in peace, and then when you meet people you should assume, inside. I may be a housewife cooking for My grandchildren, doing this, doing that. But once I am sitting on the chair, I know what I am. You may be anything – you may be a clerk, you may be dishwasher, you may be anything, that makes no difference. But once you are a Sahaja yogi, you are a Sahaja yogi. Then you must show your dignity and not thrive on your weaknesses. You are much better than all these realized souls who have achieved their realization in thousands of years, because you have so many powers. But their self-confidence and assumption is not with you. Some people say, “We are afraid of ego.” How can you have ego? It’s finished. Even if you do some mistakes, doesn’t matter. “Mother, I touched my left foot, I touched my right” – makes no difference. Because of no self-confidence you become austere in Sahaja Yoga. If you are self-confident, then why should you be austere? It all goes together. First you must mature, with that you must have self-confidence, and without fear you should spread Sahaja Yoga. Some have fear about themselves and some have fear about others. Also it comes from your conditionings, from your upbringing. So today’s Guru Puja is in a way very important, because everybody said, “Mother, You should be stern, You must tell them and You must – ” I said, “All right, I’ll tell them.” But in no way to put you down, no way; but to tell you what you can achieve. To tell you how far you can go. You, so many are more than sufficient to transform at least ten globes, ten worlds, more than sufficient. But you are still involved in yourself, worried about yourself, only your children, your husband, this, that – doesn’t work out. As much as you want to grow, this power can give you that power. But problem that lies with us is that we don’t know ourselves, and we don’t want to know ourselves. Today’s Guru Puja should give you the state of guru. If you want, it can work out. The all-pervading divine Power of Love is absolutely working it out. More than you, the Divine wants this world to change, wants to transform the whole universe. Now you are the instruments, and if you try to cheat yourself, who can stop it? Just to enjoy music, or to enjoy the company, or belonging to some club, or to feel that it’s a nice festival; or at the most you seek the security of your children and family and all that – it is not satisfying. It will never satisfy you. It will only satisfy you when you will become the lights to give it to others, to work for others. And you have these powers, what I’m trying to tell again and again, you have these powers by which you can introspect yourself, you can witness yourself, and you can surrender. Because mentally now you are convinced about Sahaja Yoga. Emotionally you are convinced that Sahaja Yoga has given you such sense of love and compassion. Physically you are convinced that Sahaja Yoga has given you good health and confidence about your health. Now spiritually you should be convinced, spiritually, that you are really spiritual people selected by the Divine; that your last lives have been of great seeking, that’s why you are born now, and you are getting all these blessings. So assume. assumption of your personality is important. You must meditate, you should go into thoughtless awareness, and all the time keep your attention alert. That is very important. When, what is the need, when something will come, how we have to react – all these things come to you when you are alert and aware of this all-pervading Power all the time, every moment. I don’t worry at all, never . Everybody is surprised at Me. I don’t worry. Why? My worry is taken over. People say, “You travel, travel.” I never travel. I’m sitting here or I’m sitting there, what is it? Where am I travelling? So you don’t think on those lines.

So thoughtless awareness is the first beautiful state you have to achieve. That will give you peace and a witness state to enjoy the drama of life, to enjoy the different varieties of people, while you will be growing within yourself. For a Sahaja yogi is important not to see the faults of others but your own faults, and correct them. I get so many letters regarding some lady or some leader or somebody like that. That “Mother, this leader is troubling me, that leader is troubling me, this, that.” I’m surprised. I will change the leader as soon as I’ll find something wrong, I’ve always done – who is not suitable, who is in problem, is always done. But the way you put your attention to the leader is perhaps the jealousy part. If the leader says something wrong with you, you should thank him. Who is there to tell you? I’m very proud of you, I’m very happy, that never such disciples existed for any guru. If I’m a guru, I should say, I should say now done, finished, – overjoyed. But when I see that you people don’t realize what you have achieved, and you don’t want to work it out, then I think of the parable of Christ that some seeds fell on the rock. All your affection, all your love, I know it is impossible to express what I feel about it. But you don’t know why you got realization, why you are here, what is your speciality, what you have to get. You don’t know that. And that is what you have to know. I don’t say like Christ that take out one eye or take out one, cut out your hand – nothing of the kind. You’ll be intact, your body should be intact, nothing is to be taken out. We need this body. But, in a subtle way what He was saying, that whatever part of your body is doing wrong, you should try to negate it – in a subtle way. In the same way in Sahaja Yoga also, if there is jealousy try to find out why you are a jealous, why are you against the leader? The leader says a word to somebody, they immediately write to Me. Why is he leader, if he has not to tell anything?

Today I think for the first time I have been able to tell something to you which I was hesitating always, that “Let it be, just now they are still little babies, it’s all right.” But now, after this you have to grow, grow in every way.

I just can’t understand. Those who got realization without the power of raising the kundalini are doing such a lot of work. And while you all have this power to raise the kundalini, to cure people, and also to talk about Sahaja Yoga, you are so sensible. Still where is your attention, I don’t understand. Today’s lecture should not really in any way hurt you, because I don’t want to hurt you at all. Whatever is the situation, I accept. But if you don’t want to accept that situation, what you should do I have told you. This will definitely suddenly raise your spiritual height – definitely. No doubt about it. It’s very important to see for yourself what’s wrong. After all, you are all seekers of truth for ages, and now you’ve come, you have found the truth. So try to identify yourself with truth, that’s all. And with reality. If you identify yourself with truth and with reality, your Sahasrara is absolutely open. No problem. Truth is in your Sahasrara. And when the truth comes in, you are surprised that truth is love and love is truth – pure love. It’s very, very joy-giving, and all the niranandas you want to have, you can have, if you understand this simple equation that absolute truth is absolute love. I have no expectations. I must tell you I am oversatisfied. As far as I am concerned, I think I have done My job. But now this has to be taken over, you have to be responsible. You have to work it out. I was so happy, this time every place I went to, all the leaders said that “Mother, You need not travel, now we take the responsibility. We’ll work it out.” But all of you must support your leaders and do something about it. Sometimes leaders are really, they can’t understand why people are having their own ideas about everything. You must go all out. For example, in our country when we wanted to remove the slavery, everyone joined together to achieve it. While there are people who are trying to cut down the leaders, put them down, make fun of them, form groups. Is this the way we are going to work it out? You all should support the leader. You should all go all out to do what the leader is telling you. If something is wrong with the leader I’ll talk to him, then I’ll put him right, I promise you. But you don’t try to find faults. As it is all the leaders ask Me before doing something. So you just try to follow the leaders, whatever the leader is saying, absolutely put all your effort. Because the complaints are that you people don’t listen to them – I’m really surprised.

Yesterday you saw he was playing sitar. You should have asked him, what about his guru? His own father was his guru and he used to beat him, and then his grandfather also. But with such desire to learn something, to be something that they didn’t mind anything, “Beat me, do what you like, put me in jail, but make me a good artist.” In the same way is Sahaja Yoga. Because there is, if you may call it a defect, Sahaja Yoga is not a military thing, it’s just plain, simple, Mother’s love. And of course every mother wants her child to be great, to have all her powers – she wants that, no doubt. How she does it, how she works it out is her own problem. But how you take it and how you use it is your own problem.

I always bow to you people who have got realization, because I think so many saints were never there on this earth. But the saintliness has to be complete. Without that you cannot help even your family, leave alone your country, and no question of the whole world. So what is needed now is to raise your awakening, to raise your spirituality, to go into a realm of complete support and surrender to the movement of this spontaneous movement of Sahaja Yoga.

May God bless you all.

In short, you must worship yourself – in short. All right. Hymns to Shri Guru Dakshinamurti by Shri Adi Shankaracharya – please don’t take pictures now and meditate –
Salutations to Sakshat Shri Guru Dakshinamurti, Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who gives the Self Realization and Enlightenment, that is the Spirit, which is everywhere and the universe within, like the reflection of a town would be in a mirror, but which appears outside like a dream seen in a sleep.
Salutation to Sakshat Shri Guru Dakshinamurti, Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who like a mandarin or a maha yogi creates through her maya at her own free will this universe which was within her like a tree is in the seed.
Salutation to Sakshat Shri Guru Dakshinamurti, Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, whose presence is felt as the pulsation everywhere in this illusöry universe, who gives enlightenment of “Thou Are That” to those who surrender and whose realization would obviate repeated birth in the ocean of illusion.
Salutation to Sakshat Shri Guru Dakshinamurti, Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, whose knowledge pulsates from our own being like the light of a lamp being placed into a pitcher having numerous holes and thereby reveals the true nature of all that is there in the universe.
Salutation to Sakshat Shri Guru Dakshinamurti, Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who by Her Grace removes the ocean of illusion that has come into existence due to the imagination and play of Maya and because of which people go into the state of “branthi” and forget their spirit.
Salutation to Sakshat Shri Guru Dakshinamurti, Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, by whose Grace one receives the realization of ones spirit which is until then overcast by Maya like the moon is overshadowed by the planet rahu.
Salutation to Sakshat Shri Guru Dakshinamurti, Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, whose manifestations are the five elements, the sun, the moon and the spirit and whose presence is felt everywhere in the universe by enlightened souls.
Salutation to Sakshat Shri Guru Dakshinamurti, Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the Guru and Lord of the three locas, who is alert to remove the ??grids of birth and death, who is seated on the ground at the basis of the banyan tree, that is the tree of life and is enlightening all the saints and sages. The guru is silent – is silent, but disciples of the guru become doubtless. The guru looks young and the disciples old.
Salutation again and again to Sakshat Shri Guru Dakshinamurti, Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who manifests herself before her devotees in ??bhandra mudra – the posture conferring benevolence and enlightens them with realization of their spirit, pulsating through their being, in all the three states of childhood, young age and old age – wakefulness, dreams and deep sleep. Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namaha.

The international present for this Puja. Steven Taylor from Australia is asking Shri Mataji to bless posters that he will distribute for each countries here present. This picture has been taken at Easter Puja in Australia. Now this is also the weekend in which the greatest fragment of the comet was hitting Jupiter, and Jupiter has absorbed this aggression in itself, symbolizing the wholesomeness of Dharma. So on behalf of Africa, I’d like to ask our sister Al Ga’ to present to Shri Mataji a present which symbolizes the wholesomeness of Jupiter and the wholesomeness of Dharma. This is a collection of miracle pictures which is a gift of the Italian Sahaja yogis to everybody who participated in this Puja and it will be distributed afterwards. And now this is a present to commemorate this very auspicious day that the Italian sahaja yogis are presenting to Sir C.P. Shrivastava. And all the countries who have a sari for Shri Mataji should gather these at this end of the stage and they will present the sari to Shri Mataji – all the small countries, who did not have an opportunity to offer sari to Shri Mataji before. Also Taiwan, please, take back your sari and present it again now. Taiwan. Mai sunt țări care au sariuri de oferit? And this from Vigevano an Italian city. The next present is from Cameroon. The next is Russia and Ukraine together. Dr. Voronov is presenting the present from Russia. Professor Voronov is the head of the academy of arts and sciences in Saint Petersburg. Greatest Woman of our planet, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, you have a good sputnik, satellite in Sir Shrivastava. Prominent government figura, one of the best sons of India. I am from my family and my friends, with open heart and good wish – one order Russia for you, “Great Patriotic War”. It is order second mundial war. With pure, deep gratitude and sense from Russia I give you, Sir Shrivastava this order of the second mundial war, which was given my uncle in war. I hope that this kind of orders we’ll prevent again be given for war – never! Can you escort him? Can you escort him? So professor Voronov presented Sir C.P.Shrivastava with a decoration that was in his family, which was a distinction given in war with the wish that never there should be war again. Please sit down. This is a present from Rome and it represents a castle in crystal. You will have a copy of this picture, where you can see Shri Mataji in the middle of the vibrations.

In short, you must worship yourself.